Microsoft Ends Support for Windows XP, Chinese Reactions

Windows XP

Windows XP

The following microblog post by state-broadcaster CCTV is the 6th “hottest” of the day, and the #Say Goodbye to XP# hashtag is currently the second most popular…

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻: Tomorrow, Support for XP Will Officially End! — Tomorrow, April 8th, Windows XP will be officially retired, with Microsoft to stop offering customer support. When the time comes, although XP will continue working, it will be even more susceptible to Trojan horse attacks! Many domestic companies have declared they will continue “providing for the elderly” XP, but in a recent private “attack and defense exercise”, many third-party protection software were “instantaneously” compromised by hackers, so XP “is old” now. On this last day, those who have used [XP] before, raise your hands and #Say Goodbye to XP#!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Those who agree with me that XP is better than Windows 7, click upvote.


Are you thinking you won’t be able to use it anymore once it exits the market? What do the two have to do with each other? Go ahead and continue using it, do you think they’re going to go to your home and uninstall it? It’s just that they’re no longer going to give you software patches. Just how many people are actually using authentic/genuine versions anyway? How many have turned on automatic updates? Actually, after all these years, you not having their support is irrelevant!


Those who agree with me that Win7 is better than XP, click upvote 32 times.


At first glance, I read it as “raise your hand for Maoming PX. [哈哈]


The computer in my home is garbage, used only by my father to play Dou Dizhu or whatever. If it is attacked, then great, he plays so much everyday that he doesn’t even make dinner anymore.


Nowadays mobile phones are used as computers, computers are used as televisions, and televisions are used as decoration. People like this, click upvote~ [互粉]


Almost cheered, thought they were ending the PX project too. [哈哈]


I suggest all hackers abandon attacks on the XP system. For the honor and self-respect of hackers as well as the XP that has accompanied us for so long, we need to reach a tacit agreement! Hacker knights, spare aging senile Win XP, let us use action to tell Microsoft that they may have abandoned XP but we will never abandon it! I’m still fantasizing about XP being a defenseless system but still becoming an eternal classic. [拜拜]


Retired, your mother, are they stupid cunts? 70% of users in China are all using XP, so you think it is retired just because you say it is? You stupid cunt.


Microsoft, please slow down, wait for us old users who can’t afford Win8. [泪]


XP dies on Qingming Festival


If only computer operating systems could be like iPhone’s iOS or Android, pushed and seamlessly upgraded. Otherwise, having to reinstall software and restore data or whatever to upgrade is what is most troublesome for people. If these problems could be resolved, then many people would be very happy to upgrade [to newer versions of Windows].


I think XP is easiest operating system to use.


Microsoft, you motherfucking should’ve first stopped sales then provide a buffer/grace period of a continued service.


I only know how to use XP…


I don’t understand, what is the domestic media is trying to do announcing this in this way? The words “service will be ended” [服务 can be interpreted as “support” or “service”] is inappropriate. Microsoft is just stopping their service of providing updates and patches for the XP operating system. After April 8th, the XP operating system can still be used normally.


What are the users using XP supposed to do now?


My computer happens to be XP, so what am I supposed to do now? Who can tell me?


Hehe, what is everyone who has pirated versions of XP installed getting all fucking upset about?


For next year’s Qingming Festival, I’ll sweep your tomb for you, ol’ XP…


My computer is XP, can I no longer use it? Or do I have to go to a computer repair place and re-download/re-install some software? I don’t understand.


I’m afraid to turn on my computer tomorrow, what am I supposed to do?


Windows XP as the longest working operating system in IT history, I must say is indeed a miracle/wonder. It fully influenced a generation of gold prospectors, dreamers, thinkers, innovators. If it weren’t for XP’s success, we may still be in the X86 32-bit operations era. If it weren’t for XP’s success, we may still be in the 9x GUI era. If it weren’t for XP’s support, we wouldn’t have been able to popularize the SATA serial port high capacity hard disks.


A bunch of ridiculous people who use pirated versions discussing what to do now that Microsoft has stopped customer support… there was never any support for pirated versions in the first place, okay?


To know each other is easy, to protect each other is not, XP, to be cherished.

55.67% of visitors to chinaSMACK over the last year use Windows operating systems. 18.65% of those visitors use Windows XP.


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