Young Woman Commits Suicide After Photoshoot Scam

October 26th, Xiao Wei (a 20 years old girl from Guiyang) left the world disappointed. Her family is devastated and knowing the reason just made things worse.

Having a nice photoshoot to capture youth is a popular trend amongst young Chinese girls. However, many would share with you their unpleasant encounters with photo studios. Xiao Wei purchased a photo package for CNY 2299 and had her photoshoot on October 17th at a local photo studio. She went in again on October 19th to select her photos and was shocked by the price she saw on the bill:

She had a total of 103 photos which 22 of them were edited, and including a makeup gift box, 12” magazine book with a 36” painting frame, etc. The total price became CNY 18,299, which was almost 8 times more than the agreed price. According to the local studio’s staff, Xiao Wei’s original package only included 22 pictures. The photographer took over 100 photos during the shoot and told her it would be such a pity to delete them. Xiao Wei was persuaded but only to find out later the total price had gone up to almost CNY 20k.

Xiao Wei went back again on October 24th to negotiate a better price with the help of one of her relatives, sadly things didn’t go as she expected. On that evening, one of the studio staff Ni had a voice call with Xiao Wei, and that according to Xiao Wei’s mom Ms. Jin trigger the whole heartbreaking event.

After the call, Xiao Wei exchanged some messages with Ni through chatting software, which has already shown a bit of suicidal tendency:

Xiao Wei: Why do I have to witness such unspeakable things? Ah? You really want to push me this far? I suffer from serious depression and just had a heart attack; Do you really want to scam me? I have already bought sleeping pills; Do you want to keep pushing me?

Ni: Sister, many young people now has depression, I do too, only the stages and reactions might be different. When I can’t sleep I use BY-HEALTH’s Melatonin, it helps with my sleep, much safer than sleeping pills. Plus sleeping pills have side effects and may damage your health. So don’t eat sleeping pills.

October 25th, Xiao Wei visited the studio again to negotiate and was told by the salesperson that even if she doesn’t want the pictures anymore, she must pay 30% liquidated damages. The next day Xiao Wei posted on her social media: “ I want to end my life again, every day is torture to me. I had to put on a smiley face with tons of patience, so I don’t affect other people’s moods.” Around 30 minutes later, Xiao Wei posted a message on her social media which is suspected her last cry for help to save her life: “Help me.” Later that day Xiao Wei’s parents found their young girl laying on her bed already passed away.

Xiao Wei’s family believes that the voice chat between Xiao Wei and the studio’s staff Ni was the direct cause of their daughter’s death. However, the local police office is having technical difficulty to confirm their conversation. This case is still under investigation.



Many photo studios are like this, they first offer you a low-priced package with limited photos and charge you later for the extras.

Yes yes, it is obviously a sales trap, however, this can’t prove the studio is responsible for her death. She could have agreed to the 22 pictures and pay her original price. If she likes more pictures, isn’t it normal to pay more money?


Depression or not we have to view the whole thing with logic. But on the other hand, the studio is really pulling the numbers out of their ass, isn’t it?


I want to know how this case is being dealt with. I am currently being blackmailed by a studio myself and I would like to know more information about where I can seek justice.


I ordered a package CNY 2200 ended up paying CNY 8800. They shouldn’t have forced her to pay when she can’t afford it. Definitely the studio’s fault!


My experience was from CNY 99 to CNY 6000. Emptied my bank account in one go.

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