Zhejiang Young Man’s Suicide Jump Broadcast By News

From Mop:

What was troubling him?~ Why did he have to commit suicide? Life is precious. Please value your life.

Another thing, isn’t the television channel [Qilu Television Channel] too inhuman for doing this? Can we avoid broadcasting the scene of him jumping off the building just for ratings? Did we consider how the victim’s family would feel? Simply despicable.

This video was uploaded yesterday on Youku by Qilu Television Channel (I think from Shandong). 09/02/21 UPDATE: The video on Youku has been deleted. The above video is now the Zhejiang news broadcast mentioned below from

On Sohu is a video from Ku6 of a Zhejiang news broadcast that also show the same scene.

Comments from Mop:


After seeing this scene, I have begun to rethink my own suicide plan…


And so, a life ends. Truly regrettable, what could not be solved that forced him to use this kind of method to end his own life.


When a person dies, everyone will say disgusting, KB, frightening. When an animal dies, people will say pitiful, innocent, cruel, etc…


All because of a little bit of money, sigh.


So sad, little guy, rest in peace.


This piece of news should be investigated.
A young life cannot meaninglessly end like this.


Sigh~~he must have experienced a very big grievance to have done this ~ However, if you want to die, you should at least be like Yang Jia and kill a few to accompany you!


Be reborn as a rich person!!! River crab [pun for “harmonious”] society!!!


The feeling must have been relatively great at that moment of jumping off the building, jumping with his head downwards so he will not accidentally survive and bring trouble to his family. His will to die was strong. Although, when deciding whether or not to go die, consider for a moment whether it would be even better to bring one or two pieces of rubbish [bad people] with you.


There was no body left, it all became sauce.
Doing this all because of some wages. Poverty, it can make people crazy.
If others do not give you your wages, you should vent your anger on your enemy, why kill yourself?


The filming is relatively talented, knew to change focal length when this person changed positions, very professional! I recommend the cameraman make a domestic blockbuster movie.
Pity the location is not so good.
There is a question.  After the guy fell, there was a lot of red that appears to be orange color and appears to have been there already. The sound of the impact was delayed around a few milliseconds. The jumping was indeed real, but the splatter of blood was not revealed. If it was, it probably could not have been put up here.
The filming location is not so good. If you filmed from directly below, it would have had a better effect.


Where is the ethics? Where is the social responsibility?


Did you also consider the family’s feelings when you posted the video letting even more people see it?


It is fake, a harmonious society would not have this kind of thing!


I was shocked when I watched this during the evening news broadcast…
The television channel should not have broadcast it out.

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