Japanese Invaders? Shameless Promotion?

Chinese actors pretend to be WW2 Japanese soldiers in Henan.

From NetEase:

Look at this group of people, putting aside national dignity in order to gain attention from people. November 4th after 11am, near the public security bureau on Construction Road at Weihui city in Henan, a donkey meat store hired 4 men, dressed up as “devils” [Japanese soldiers who invaded China in World War 2], riding donkeys, wearing the devil’s uniform and devil’s cap; guns slung over their backs, on top stuck out a Japanese flag. On the main streets, they parading around in a triumphant show of power and pride.

They pulled along 10 or so donkeys, therefore the group was 20-30 meters long. At the front of the procession, there a truck that even had a small band on top, playing instruments and beating drums in a lively manner. On the truck hung a banner that reads “In heaven there is dragon meat, on earth there is donkey meat.” It turned out this was a bunch of donkey meat sellers.

What does selling donkey meat have to do with dressing up as devils? A person with the surname Su was found to be the donkey meat store owner. With regards to this method of publicity, Owner Su said, nowadays donkey meat business is very competitive, the key to the survival of a store depends on finding new means of gaining publicity, let more people know your own store brand. Oh great, now everyone in the nation will know about his donkey meat store. As to the origin of this big force of men and their getup, Owner Su said, two days ago he imported a pack of donkeys from Gansu province and it just happened that one of his friend’s theatrical troupe had a couple of sets of Japanese uniforms, thus giving him this idea.

Actors in Henan, China dress up like Japanese soldiers from WWII for donkey meat publicity stunt.

'Japanese soldiers' ride donkeys through Henan advertising a donkey meat store.

A store that sells donkey meat organizes a publicity stunt in China.

This publicity stunt involved Chinese actors pretending to be World War 2 Japanese soldiers riding donkeys through the public streets of China.

The owner of a donkey meat store tries to increase business using a controversial advertising method.

The shocking advertising stunt used fake Japanese soldiers to get attention from Chinese in Henan.

This is the Public Security Bureau building.
This is the Public Security Bureau building.

Two fake Japanese soldiers ride on top of two donkeys through the city streets.

A small truck with a band playing music leads a pack of donkeys with Japanese soldiers on public road.

The donkeys and Japanese soldiers were part of a promotion activity by a donkey meat seller.

Comments from NetEase:

I’m pissed!
Shameless to this degree,
No wonder foreigners laugh at us!angry

Makes Chinese people lose face.

Fuck“, shoot these bastards. [狗日的 can mean someone who was fucked by a dog or born from a mother fucked by a dog, but maybe “bastard” is a good simple translation.” – Fauna]

Human flesh search him, let’s see who the owner is?

Come on, this is only a method of promotion/advertising. Looking at you guys saying such terrible things, don’t your women also take their clothes off for the sake of advertising?

Make them drink a bag of Sanlu milk powder every day.

Such sickening appearances, I on the contrary feel this is meant to satirize/ridicule the Japanese.

Donkey meat store owner’s mother must have been fucked by a donkey, or fucked by the devils. Oh…must have been fucked by a donkey, this donkey fuck!!! [also actually “person fucked by donkey” or “child of mother fucked by donkey.”]

Henan people, stop losing face for your ancestors…

Where did all the people at the public security bureau go? Right on their doorstep and still they did not see?
I’m furious…

Why didn’t the people on the street put an end to these devils?! angry

Why is it Henan people again? Henan people are born bad.

Henan people: not only are there a lot of swindlers, there are even more shameless scums of the nation!!! Henan people are equivalent to hanjian [Chinese traitors]!!!

Hurry and send the PLA [People’s Liberation Army] to capture these Japanese soldiers.

Motherfuckers, they really will do anything for money.

The more economically undeveloped an area is, the more low quality people like these exist, who will do anything for money. We must rapidly expand our economy and standard of living. With more people receiving higher education, people like this will become less and less.

This happening in Henan is not weird. Other than swindlers, there are shameless people!

Yoshi! Yoshi [Japanese for good: よし]

Chinese people, when will we grow up?

The fake Japanese soldiers wore World War II uniforms, carried rifles, and had Japanese flags.

Comments from Tianya, “November 4th Japanese troops shockingly appear in Mainland town“:

These actors are really brave,
not afraid of being beaten on the street.

This is meant to vilify Japanese devils. This was exactly how revolting Japanese soldier were. This owner is very smart!

I’m pissed as hell…that store owner must be a Japanese right-wing extremist.

They are doing donkey meat advertising, no need to be this sensitive. These days making money is not easy, much less they were only playing negative roles. They definitely knew going onto the streets to perform would result in being beaten, so they were only trying to make a living.

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK [日 = “Japan” and “fuck.]

The devils are coming!!! Hurry and get the guns…

The forest is big, all sorts of birds are present [meaning there are all kinds of people in this world.]

The parade of donkeys and Japanese soldiers also carried banners and posters advertising the donkey meat store.

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