Patriotic Parade of Peugeot Badges on Chinese Car, Reactions


From Sina Weibo:

@巩段黑石关站: Taken by my wife while driving home, 100% original photo, not PS‘d at all, and this 26-year-old microblog user says the owner of this car in the photo is the most bored dork he has ever seen in his 26 years of life.

[Attached image above]

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Cover up their license plate, man.


Here we have the Peugeot team. [Note: This is trying to sound like the Olympic Opening Ceremony when each country’s team/delegation is presented around the track.]


26 years old and you already have a wife. So jealous.


Did you not blur out their license plate to prove that it is 100% the original photo without any PS’ing?


Here we have the Year 3 class 2 students! They’re filled with competitive spirit! They’re filled with boundless enthusiasm! They~ they~ they~


Next we have the China team/delegation! They’re unrivaled in their youth! They are of differing heights! They fear nothing! They’re filled with competitive spirit! They defend the Diaoyu Islands! They defend the Huangyan Island! They do not forget their national humiliation [the humiliations suffered by China in modern history]!


The car owner has been roadside judged as the most bored person in Henan.


The car owner who is taking the photo is the most uninteresting stupid cunt I have ever seen in my 27 years of life, taking the patriotism of the car owner in front as being a dork. This country truly has lost its mind.


An OCD sufferer decries the lack of discipline/order! Line them up again!


I saw someone below say that since the license plate is available, he might as well human flesh search the car owner… Microblog owner, when you uploaded this, you should have remembered to blur out the person’s license plate, man… This is too…


Say, shouldn’t you cover up their license plate…?


Ready, sing: Forward! Forward! Forward! Our army soars towards the Heavens, stepping on the earth of Motherland… [Note: Lyrics from the PLA military anthem]


Those who don’t know what’s funny about this, upvote me!!


Next, we have the Chinese delegation entering the stadium! Hahahahahahaha


Can you please blur the license plate?


The flag raising ceremony commences.


Our army soars towards the Heavens.


The license plate profoundly lays bare the car owner’s character: Look! I’m 2 [stupid]!


The first time I saw this image, I was still attending primary school.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Amused

    These netizens are an easily amused lot.

  • Mighty曹

    Kai, this raises a question. I understand CS translates the most trending ‘news stories’. Does that honor go to the number one trending story or do you (can you) select the second or next best article down the list, bypassing dull ones such as this?

    • mr.wiener

      The most interesting thing about china is the often purile things they argue about… and how it is a mirror of the west’s own often insular thinking.
      (posted , fat and happy on a beach somewhere in indo~china)

      • Mighty曹

        Fat and heavy.

    • Kocakola

      Oh please like Kim Kardashian isn’t trending on any given week on the Internet in America. Westerners exacerbate their differences with others.

      • Mighty曹

        Oh please, you completely missed the point here. There’s no denying of endless Kardashian news stories abound here in the States. I was asking if CS can skip such utter craps and provide more interesting ones.

      • Gordon Gogodancer


    • 宋易


      You must understand, the absolute one hundred and ten thousand percent most important thing on chinasmack is upvotes and mindless popularity.

      Except when you point that out…. then it temporarily becomes unimportant.

      • Mighty曹

        Time to buck that trend.

        • 宋易

          Or just continue to deny it.

          • Mighty曹

            That would be easiest.

    • Vance

      While I am still trying to figure out why the Chinese netizens are so fascinated by this, I am accomplishing something in my own mission to learn something of China and the Chinese. Lesson for the day is that, as Amused said above, they are easily amused.

      • Alex Dương

        Does that make them different from us, or similar?

  • 宋易

    ” is the most bored dork he has ever seen in his 26 years of life.”

    Even Chinasmack screws up bored/boring.

    • Mighty曹

      That statement in itself rather subjective. By ‘bored’ it can be meant that this person’s mood was uninspired by his surrounding/environment. By ‘boring’, he is an uninteresting person to interact with.
      But judging by the written verse in Chinese, ‘boring’ seems to be the right choice of word. So………. yeah, you’re right.

      • 宋易

        Well, Im refering to Chinese always saying ‘teacher, Im so boring.’ No matter how fervently I teach this (Should say Im bored, the thing that makes you bored is boring) they still say it wrong. Who knows why they learn it wrong in the first place. In any case, it seems unlikely anyone would comment on another person feeling boredom, but likely they would call him boring. So even chinasmack makes this absurd and easily relearnable error. Kind of silly for what are otherwise pretty decent translations.

        • Dax

          Same thing with fun/funny

        • Bing

          i have to admit i have to pay extra attention towards things like ing/ed, she/he, verb+s/no s, singular…….all the time.
          engrish is hardo!!

          • 宋易

            It doesn’t bother me that it gives students a hard time, but its like throwing effort in the toilet when they simply don’t give a shit and keep saying it wrong no matter what, and sound like retards telling everyone “I am so boring because I do the exercise, it is so tired.”

          • Bing

            you so fun. :))))

        • Teacher in China

          Or talking about how they want a “happiness life” because that would be so inTREsting.

          • Alex Dương

            Do you (and possibly Canadians in general) say it as “in-ter-esting”? I think a lot of Americans do blur it as in”tre”sting.

          • Teacher in China

            In general most people say it with 3 syllables not 4. Sometimes people say with 4 just in a fun way. My big thing here in China is the students get the word stress wrong. Should be stressed on the first syllable (INteresting) not the second (inTREsting) (I know I spelled them differently – just wanted to make it more clear).

          • Alex Dương

            Oh, I see. I never notice stuff like this until it gets pointed out to me.

          • Teacher in China

            Yeah if I weren’t a teacher, I doubt I would notice either.

          • 宋易

            ah, my students want a colorful, sunshine life… but ill be sure to let them know happiness life is on the table.

        • Mighty曹

          I think they are so tuned into “ed” as past tense and “ing” as present that when they say “I’m boring” they mean they are bored at this moment (presently).

          This calls for a more drastic approach. To demonstrate how ‘ed’ and ‘ing’ changes the meaning completely, tell them to replace ‘bored/boring’ with ‘fucked/fucking’. eg: “I’m fucked” and “I’m fucking”.

          They should see that one is a negative state of being and the other a desirable activity.

          • 宋易

            Well, but, as university students, most of them have the emotional maturity of middle schoolers, so if you talk about having or wanting sex or to get fucked, they just giggle uncontrollably, and then say “no, thats bad, I don’t want that.”

            A desire for sex can only be expressed with some kind of reference to “going to a hotel.”

            What it boils down to is that they can only change the habit their awful grade school teachers gave them by thinking about what they are saying. But asking them to give a shit about proclaiming to the world how bored they make everyone feel is just too much.

  • FYIADragoon

    26 years old with a 20 year old wife, I’d assume.

    • Paul Schoe

      Why is this important?
      What is wrong with a 27 year old wife? or a 20 year old one?

      • Alex Dương

        First thing that popped into my head was the “half your age plus seven” rule-of-thumb, but I dunno if that’s what FYIA had in mind.

        • Paul Schoe


      • 十月码

        It’s just for emphasis.

  • takasar1

    just wait til they get a dose of that infamous ‘political correctness’ over in china. soon you won’t be able to put a flag on your car, if you do, instead of displaying patriotism, you will be deemed to be the chinese version of a ‘redneck, sister-f*cking, kkk-inspired, white trash’.

    • Eric Hill

      Calm down, idiot – it’s just a funny picture.

      • takasar1

        never said it wasn’t…

    • Vance

      Lots of people put flags on their cars here in Indiana and Ohio, the two states I haunt.

      • Mighty曹

        Depending on what type of flags. Stars & Stripes or sports team flags, not a problem. Confederate flag will get lots of attention but even white supremacists would not drive around with a swastika flag.

        • Vance

          Here I was talking of Stars and Stripes. Although we see plenty of sports flags also. Here there are lots of Colts and Purdue U banners out. That is understandable as this is Indiana. I can tolerate that. Michigan, however, is another thing. As a man from Ohio, I’ve gotta have some standards! The Confederate flag is displayed mostly in the South after some idiot politician pulls out the race card.

          • Mighty曹

            If you maintain a level of standard I’m betting that you’re from the Cincy area and not Cleveland. LOL

          • Vance

            Well I actually am from Cleveland, but grew up in Canton OHio about an hour south of Cleveland where sanity begins to return. But you are right. I think there may be more Ohio State fans here in NE Indiana than in Cleveland. There were a number of heretics there that would be wearing U. of Michigan gear…in Ohio! Disgusting!! lol It is somewhat undrstandable that about one forth of the people in Cleveland follow Pittsburg in football. I mean look at the Browns. I’m a fan but they just don’t give you much to cheer about. But Ohio State? There’s no excuse!

          • Mighty曹

            You’re right about that (Browns)! Interesting that people follow the Steelers and not the Bengals. I guess proximity has a lot to do with it. But then Detroit is just as close so why aren’t they following the Lions? LOL
            Hey, you’re just about the only person I get to talk (American) football with here on cS. So I might as well continue.

            Look at all that’s connected to the conversation. Last year Carlos Hyde was a rookie coming out of Ohio State who eventually replaced my favorite player, Frank Gore, who is now with Indianapolis, IN. Our beloved head coach Jim Harbaugh was born in Toledo, OH and is now with University of Michigan.

          • gregblandino

            Born and bred in the Burgh, and I was also shocked to find Browns fans in Cleveland when I went. The reverse would be unthinkable. I think the franchise lost alot of support when the Browns shuffled themselves off to Baltimore in order to make a quick buck. Sure it got replaced quickly enough, but it still left a bad taste in alot of peoples’ mouths. If you want to talk about how bad the Browns are, you could argue the successes of the Ravens belong to the Brown’s organization. The widespread popularity of Pittsburgh sports teams still confuses me, but I can’t argue with a good thing I guess.

          • Mighty曹

            I think you meant ‘Steelers fans in Cleveland’ but yeah, it’d be shocking to find Browns fans in Burgh. The Browns had some good teams through the years and losing the team to Baltimore was unfortunate. I just wish they didn’t have to retain the name ‘Browns’ for the new team. It’s the most boring name in all of sports. Granted, Paul Brown, the team’s namesake, was a phenomenal coach and Jim Brown was of another world at the time, the name and color is just not appealing. FedEx trucks look more interesting than UPS’s. LOL

            San Fran is currently enjoying successful sports teams. The Warriors are the best in the NBA at the moment but we may be seeing the decline of the 49ers with what’s been going on so far in the off season.

            Btw, I hope you’re not a Pirates fan. hehe… (single game wildcard playoff vs Giants).

          • gregblandino

            Gotta be a ‘guins, bucs, and Steelers fan if your from the Burgh. While the Giants did whup us last time, it’s good to see the Bucs play decently. They hadn’t been good since Barry Bonds looked like this:

            Plus I went to high school with Niel Walker, it’s kind of a given I have to like the Pirates even when they were spending their 40 years in the desert.

            I mean, you get to keep the Super Bowl trophies from back in the day. I think they took the “Browns” name and logo just as a final ineffectual fuck you to Art Modell. . Isn’t there some video of a Browns fan pissing on Art Modell’s grave (stay classy Cleveland)?

          • Mighty曹

            That’s awesome! I’m a big fan of players playing for the home town in which he was born/grew up in. I think that’s the coolest way to represent the city with a level of loyalty. But, as we all know, loyalty means little these days as players follow where the big money is.

            When the Browns moved there was a stipulation that the new team must use the same name. As I said, it’s the most boring name and color. Remember how the ‘updated’ the team logo (basically just the color brown)? If there are 50 shades of brown they went 2 shades off.

            Btw, did you (and @Vance) see this April Fool’s prank yesterday? LOL

          • Vance

            Yes I think I have run across those names occasionally in my leisure time watching football. I remember hearing about Hyde as he had some trouble a couple years ago while playing for Ohio State. He was suspended for a few games, but otherwise had very good junior and senior years. The 49ers seem to be very deep in that position so he’ll have to stay on his toes there. I think, if I remember correctly, the Colts have struggled as much as the Browns recently. The Browns actually showed some promise last season, but like every season, they get so many injuries that it just brings them down. I don’t know why injuries seem to be such a problem with them. This seems like every year. Of course, Harbaugh is a factor in the Big Game when his team plays the Buckeyes. This is football country here around Ohio so I think there are alot of football characters beginning their careers here. Yes, talking here it is a struggle for me to always put the qualifier “American” before “football”. I forget that here “football” is a game where they kick a round ball around for 90 minutes and then they seemingly add on a random number of minutes to the clock and then kick the ball around some more. The Arabs perfected the zero, and the Chinese invented gun powder, but we Americans did our part to help the world by moving that game indoors on a smaller field. Soccer is much more interesting in that way IMHO.

          • Mighty曹

            Some teams are just cursed. The Niners are definitely cursed this year so I’m not looking forward to the season.

            Moving football indoor to be played in a hockey rink with a smaller line up is actually brilliant as it utilizes existing arenas most cities have. Capitalism at its best! You can’t pay me to go watch a game though.

  • Toasty

    Actually I quite like it, it made me chuckle.

    On another note, is this a Chinese person actually doing something creative? It can’t be……….. can it?

    • Edward Kay

      One on top of the other followed by 3 smaller ones. The one in front bears a white flag.

    • Bing

      i think the ideology behind this is copycat: see 4 fake logos overwhelmed the real one……….and the biggest is holding the nation flag.

  • vincent_t

    let’s just say he is a guy with fun way of decorating his car, nothing more nothing less.

  • Foreign Devil

    In a land of conformists I suppose something as mundane as putting a flag on your car ornament is seen as incredibly exciting…

  • Mighty曹

    Wow!! Kai/Fauna, ignore my previous post about skipping crappy news stories. Please continue providing whatever is top trending. It’s been a week since we have anything new.
    EDIT: :-) LOL :D

  • WghUk

    How are lions considered patriotic? For the UK maybe.