Patriotic Parade of Peugeot Badges on Chinese Car, Reactions


From Sina Weibo:

@巩段黑石关站: Taken by my wife while driving home, 100% original photo, not PS‘d at all, and this 26-year-old microblog user says the owner of this car in the photo is the most bored dork he has ever seen in his 26 years of life.

[Attached image above]

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Cover up their license plate, man.


Here we have the Peugeot team. [Note: This is trying to sound like the Olympic Opening Ceremony when each country’s team/delegation is presented around the track.]


26 years old and you already have a wife. So jealous.


Did you not blur out their license plate to prove that it is 100% the original photo without any PS’ing?


Here we have the Year 3 class 2 students! They’re filled with competitive spirit! They’re filled with boundless enthusiasm! They~ they~ they~


Next we have the China team/delegation! They’re unrivaled in their youth! They are of differing heights! They fear nothing! They’re filled with competitive spirit! They defend the Diaoyu Islands! They defend the Huangyan Island! They do not forget their national humiliation [the humiliations suffered by China in modern history]!


The car owner has been roadside judged as the most bored person in Henan.


The car owner who is taking the photo is the most uninteresting stupid cunt I have ever seen in my 27 years of life, taking the patriotism of the car owner in front as being a dork. This country truly has lost its mind.


An OCD sufferer decries the lack of discipline/order! Line them up again!


I saw someone below say that since the license plate is available, he might as well human flesh search the car owner… Microblog owner, when you uploaded this, you should have remembered to blur out the person’s license plate, man… This is too…


Say, shouldn’t you cover up their license plate…?


Ready, sing: Forward! Forward! Forward! Our army soars towards the Heavens, stepping on the earth of Motherland… [Note: Lyrics from the PLA military anthem]


Those who don’t know what’s funny about this, upvote me!!


Next, we have the Chinese delegation entering the stadium! Hahahahahahaha


Can you please blur the license plate?


The flag raising ceremony commences.


Our army soars towards the Heavens.


The license plate profoundly lays bare the car owner’s character: Look! I’m 2 [stupid]!


The first time I saw this image, I was still attending primary school.

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