Yiwu, China – World’s Largest Christmas Decorations Factory


From NetEase:

A Visit to China’s Christmas Village

There are still over a dozen days until Christmas, but at the world’s largest Christmas decorations manufacturing center in Yiwu, and even if most of the factories making Christmas decorations have completed this year’s orders and ceased production, there are still small numbers of factories busy finishing their last few domestic orders. Meanwhile, at the “Christmas Village” located in Futian District 2, the markets are filled with Christmas products, businesses are busy packing and shipping orders, with vehicles lining the streets, an endless streams of customers, and some foreign customers busy making last minute orders.


December 4th in Zhejiang Yiwu, some Christmas product factory workers were still busy completing the last domestic orders.


December 4th in Zhejiang Yiwu. After school, kids got excited after seeing Santa Claus.



December 4th in Zhejiang Yiwu, heads of Santa Claus figurines manufactured by the factory.




December 4th in Zhejiang Yiwu, in Futian District 2, businesses were busy taking photos of products to upload it online to sell.




December 5th in Zhejiang Yiwu. Foreign clients busy making the last minute orders.



December 4th in Zhejiang Yiwu, Christmas banners hung in the “Christmas Village” at Futian District 2.


December 4th in Zhejiang Yiwu, in the “Christmas Village” at Futian District 2, businesses were busy packing and shipping products.

Comments on NetEase:

周三爷2TV7 [网易江苏省苏州市手机网友]:

Is China’s Spring Festival [Chinese New Year] taken so seriously [have as much importance attached to it by these workers]? We don’t even get [Chinese] New Year’s Eve off, so we can only celebrate foreign holidays, for the children!


Have you seen foreign countries’ selling things to China during Spring Festival?


China, all it can do is seize this kind of low-profit margin manufacturing. The ground is covered in red paint, I worry for the health of the workers, but how else can he feed his family? If he doesn’t do it, then Vietnam and India will come and take our jobs.


The backbone of the Chinese economy.

我要专家 [网易天津市网友]:

Zhejiang people really are capable of making any sort of money! Chinese people [seem to be] even more excited about celebrating Christmas than foreigners.

耍猴有风险女人的炮友 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

I used in work in a trading company, and we specialized in foreign holiday gift orders! Many of the factories are located in Zhejiang and Jiangsu.


Christmas is a foreign holiday, so why are Chinese people celebrating it! What’s wrong with you!

163就是屌丝的乐园 [网易广东省惠州市网友]:

The success of cultural invasion, nowadays celebrating foreign holidays begins in kindergarten, like Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. Sigh, our economy and culture are completely defeated.

2014along [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Bring joy to foreigners, leave pollution to ourselves!

人微言輕Zz [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

An all business and no culture Chinese Christmas.

lbg224522 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

Those who celebrate Christmas don’t make Christmas trees, while those who don’t celebrate Christmas make Christmas trees, just for a bit of money, and as they bring joy to the West, they also leave pollution to their descednents. Disgusting…

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • Raymond

    Even Santa has outsourced to China.

    • vincent_t

      sorry mate, it is worse than what you thought

  • Xia

    US worried about China “stealing our jobs”, China worried about how Vietnam and India “will come and take our jobs”. Every people has its own worries.

    • Ken Morgan

      I’m not so sure. In that if you’ve ever been to Japan or Hong Kong everything seems to be overstaffed. Hong Kong for instance the MTR they have people holding signs at busy periods when a block of concrete will do.

      In that keeping people in jobs = less unrest.
      Less unrest = CCP stays in power.

      • Xia

        That’s exactly why you have unrest in HK.

  • Ruaraidh

    Does anyone else get depressed when they think of all the wasted resource that goes into making tacky throwaway plastic crap?

    • Joe
      • ClausRasmussen

        Haha… great article

      • slob

        “Why the demand for so many kitchen gadgets?” Chen said. “I can
        understand having a good wok, a rice cooker, a tea kettle, a hot plate,
        some utensils, good china, a teapot with a strainer, and maybe a
        thermos. But all these extra things—where do the Americans put them? How
        many times will you use a taco-shell holder? ‘Oh, I really need this
        silverware-drawer sorter or I will have fits.’ Shut up, stupid

        I lost my shit right there.

      • phiota

        This article was written in 2005….Chinese are purchasing the same crap now.

        • Andrew Cooler Can


  • Anon

    “If he doesn’t do it, then Vietnam and India will come and take our jobs.”

    It’s pretty eerie when you see Chinese people get their jobs taken by people from other poor Asians country
    I mean really, there is always a poorer person who’ll be ready to work in worse conditions

    Other than that it’s interesting to see where our cheap Christmas stuff is coming from

  • Dax

    Why is Chinese Santa always playing a saxophone?

  • NeverMind

    LOL @ pic 9 and 10 with the Indian dude buying Christmas decorations from the Chinese to sell it to the Americans. It’s like a Russel Peter’s Joke because both of them cannot pronounce the name of products.


    and another…


  • UserID01

    I lol’d at the “cultural invasion” comment. These kinds of netizens are always so concerned about preserving Chinese culture at home in mainland China, but never seem too concerned about respecting the culture of other countries they visit or emigrate to.