Lanxiang Vocational School Promo Video, Netizen Reactions


The Shandong Lanxiang Vocational School gained international attention four years ago when it was singled out by The New York Times as one of the schools responsible for the hacking and cyber attacks against Google and other US companies and government agencies. As a result, Lanxiang has become somewhat of a joke among Chinese netizens where “hacker school” seems hardly fitting for a school better known for teaching people how to drive excavators.

With Lanxiang back in the headlines following a recent campus brawl and then a scandal involving its president, Chinese netizens took the opportunity to poke fun at Lanxiang Vocational School’s over-the-top promotional videos detailing its courses in auto repair, cooking, hairstyling, computer, welding, machine tools, and of course… excavators.

From Sina Weibo:

@袁炫华: So scary, I’ve already pissed my pants.

Copy of the video on Youtube:

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Americans are probably pissing their pants, this is leaking state secrets.


When I saw the excavator segment, I teared up.


Technical [skilled] workers are the foundations of society. In recent years, amidst the popularity of culture and knowledge-based higher education, there are fewer and fewer qualified workers to work in first-rate jobs. As a country that is still in the early stages of a labor-oriented economy, it is essential to focus on technical training and education. Although Lanxiang receives a lot of flack, they control the fate of a nation’s development and its people’s ability to make a living.


China’s top 3 schools: Lanxiang, Tsinghua, Peking University.


To think of it, I also wanted to attend Lanxiang, but it was too far and my mom wouldn’t let me. Had I gone, I would’ve probably immigrated to Australia by now.


I’ve warned you all before! They are in the process of building an army!!


Holy shit, so scary, I always thought Lanxiang was only about excavators.


…Lanxiang, China’s Harvard…


Which school is best for learning hacking skills? Go to Shandong, China and look for Lanxiang.


All hail our Lanxiang empire!


The failures of the university education system is what allowed Lanxiang’s to distinguish itself [become popular].


In the eyes of Americans, Lanxiang may be the most competitive school in China.


Looking at everyone’s comments, it is basically all ridicule, without any independent thinking, and I can only look down on all of you! Let me tell you some truth: China’s university expansion is a flawed policy, causing many people to enter universities instead of technical vocational schools. This is why in recent years, students from vocational schools have higher salaries than college graduates. In the future, it will be a long road to correct this mistake, as many high school graduates begin entering schools like Lanxiang rather than going to universities to get a [useless] degree.


I’m planning to go to Lanxiang for a year to learn how to operate excavators after getting my master’s degree. ye_org


Ever since America gave them free advertising, they’ve become famous worldwide.


Holy shit, Chairman Mao himself promotes Lanxiang! That’s incredible, unbelievable! This school is no ordinary school!

[Note: The spokesman in the video is a popular Chinese actor known for playing Mao Zedong in movies and TV shows].

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    Say what you will about the school, they must be rich as hell to make a video of that quality and get Mao to personally narrate it.

    • Joe

      Obviously rich enough to have the money to pay NYT to do a full page feature on them.

  • AbC

    I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but many people who dropped out of high school to apprentice for a trade (plumber, electrician, bricklayer, painter etc), learning while getting paid, are now much more financially better off than all the university graduates who are on mediocre salaries with a ton of tertiary education debts.
    Lanxiang in my opinion is exactly what China needs. No wonder the organisation is getting so wealthy and growing so rapidly. The country need more people with realistic outlooks looking for reasonable jobs paying semi-decent wages rather than people with useless degrees and zero experience expecting high wages.

    • Brido227

      Stating salaries for skilled artisans are higher than for graduates but there’s plenty of evidence globally that lifetime and final salary earnings are higher for graduates.

      That said, I agree with you that realistic outlooks are needed and by definition not everybody is going to get the best jobs. The question is, how many parents are going to say “Not everyone needs to go to university to gain these advantages, my kids certainly don’t!”

  • guest

    I don’t know why but this youtube video rang bells in my ears after seeing this…

  • Jay K.

    A Michael Bay Film!

  • Pan Era Man

    Oh damn… looks like its a place to train rebels and fighting the oppression

  • Dryhten

    I think a film student there got a little bored…

  • Zhegezhege


  • Insomnicide

    挖掘机技术哪家强? 中国山东找蓝翔。