Air Pump Stuck Into Chinese Child’s Anus as Prank

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old Chinese boy being transported in an ambulance to Beijing after coworkers at an auto repair shop inserted an air pump into his anus and pumped him air into his body. Here, he waves to netizens who have been following his story and donating to help pay for his medical costs.

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old Chinese boy being transported in an ambulance to Beijing after coworkers at an auto repair shop inserted an pneumatic air pump into his anus and pumped him air into his body. Here, he waves to netizens who have been following his story and donating to help pay for his medical costs.

Currently a trending topic on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo as well as a trending search query on leading Chinese search engine Baidu…


On Sina Weibo:

@小溪办事_王羲: Just went to the hospital to visit Du Chuanwang. This 13-year-old mother-less child had gone to work in an auto repair shop to help take care of his family ended up having a high pressure pneumatic air pump gun stuck into his anus by two workers who then pumped air into him! The child’s intestines have essentially exploded, his scrotum now as large as a watermelon! His internal organs have all been squeezed together by the air pumped into his body, so horrific! The thoughtful child only has one wish, to bring his beloved younger brother there so he can see him. Please help this child. He is in the Xiajin People’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old Chinese boy lying in a hospital bed who is in critical condition after coworkers at an auto repair shop inserted an air pump into his anus and pumped him air into his body.

Three days earlier…

On NetEase:

Youth suffers prank, body perforated by air pump

As a joke, two auto repair shop workers in Xiajin county [of Dezhou city in Shandong province] stuck a high-pressure air pump into the anus of young apprentice Du Chuanwang, who was just 13 years old. The immense air pressure immediately perforated the child’s tender young body, and Little Chuanwang was immediately sent to the hospital for surgery.

After being diagnosed, there were over 20 tears and holes in Du Chuanwang’s small and large intestines, injuries to multiple internal organs, stomach bleeding, impaired liver functions, and other symptoms. Even now he is still in the intensive care unit and still in life-threatening condition. Du Chuanwang’s great uncle Dong Yuliang told this reporter that the doctors say there are some indicators that are still deteriorating and continued observation is needed. For Du Zhonghou, his son accidentally suffering such serious injury is simply “thunder from clear skies” [completely unexpected]. The only thing this 38-year-old peasant farmer can do is stand watch outside the intensive care ward and helplessly bury his head in bitter tears.

Du Chuanwang’s great aunt Zhang Meijun says the child lost his mother when he was 7 years old, his mother having died of illness, having been hospitalized in the county for a time and then hospitalized in Linqing county for nearly half a month before dying, leaving behind a trail of debts and his father to farm and take care of housework. This past spring, to obtain a skill/trade in order to help his father take care of the family, 13-year-old Little Chuanwang quit school to become an apprentice at an auto repair shop. Who would’ve known that just after a few months, the child would suffer such a sudden and unexpected calamity.

After just 4-5 days, Little Chuanwang’s medical bills have already cost over 100,000 yuan. At present those responsible have already been detained, but after paying a portion of the expenses, those responsible say they are unable to continue bearing the high medical costs, while the nearly 20,000 yuan expenses each day has left this impoverished family with no shred of hope. The Xiajin County Beicheng Street Dongcang Village Branch Party Secretary told this reporter that he [Du Chuanwang’s father] currently has 3 people on 5-6 mu of land. He is growing cotton, and each mu can bring in 1000 kuai [yuan RMB] which is 5,000-6,000 kuai, not even enough to eat with and there’s still a little child’s school fees, so he hopes everyone can help him.

Back on Sina Weibo…

@小溪办事_王羲: So angry! The doctor told me that when the child first got to the hospital, his arms and legs were both bulging/swollen, purple with internal bleeding, the child’s body having been pumped with 8 units of Atmospheric Pressure, comparable to a car tire. When the doctor urgently released the air, the child’s body made a hissing sound. If those two animals had just pumped a bit more air, the child wouldn’t simply exploded!

@小溪办事_王羲: I found the “murder weapon” at the auto repair shop where Little Chuanwang’s worked, which is the thing in the left photo! Here it is used to remove screws, but if you remove the head, attach a 40cm needle/tube, then it becomes an pneumatic air pump. The two workers had inserted the air gun into the child’s anus, and began pumping in air. A witness says he definitely wasn’t pumped with just a momentary burst, otherwise he couldn’t have reached 8 units of atmospheric pressure!

The pneumatic air tool and the auto repair shop where 13-year-old Du Chuanwang suffered serious injuries from a prank played on him by coworkers.

@小溪办事_王羲: Finally Little Chuanwang’s younger brother has been brought over, the two brothers met in the Intensive Care Unit. The younger brother was so scared he couldn’t speak, until a long time later when he cried out: “Big brother, you have to get better soon, so you can make me a steamed bun!” After their mother passed away, 7-year-old Chuanwang learned how to make steamed buns for meals, and it was he who brought up his little brother. Now that Chuanwan’s windpipe has been cut open, it took a lot of effort before he was able to say “Little brother”. The doctor quietly told me that Chuanwang’s internal organs have all been damaged, that his intestines are hanging out of his body, and his situation is very dangerous.

13-year-old Du Chuanwang and his younger brother in the hospital.

@小溪办事_王羲: A lot of people have asked how they can donate to Little Chuanwang. Today, I went to open a bank account for his father and will post the information on my microblog tomorrow. The two suspects are 20 and 27 years old respectively, and have already been arrested. Little Chuanwang told me that when he was working at the auto repair shop, he had been hit and yelled at before. A witness says this isn’t the first time he has had air pumped into his anus, its just that the past instances weren’t so serious.

@小溪办事_王羲: Tomorrow I will verify the bank account number and then make it public to everyone. At present, Little Chuanwang has received 49,000 yuan in donations, but its still far from enough. What is more pressing is that his organs have failed, necrosis has appeared on his face, his bones are exposed, and he needs to transfer hospitals immediately! However, the hospitals I have contacted today are all unwilling to take him 1) afraid he has no money and 2) afraid they can’t help him. Can everyone help?

@小溪办事_王羲: Last night I basically didn’t sleep at all, stayed up dealing with private messages and various messages left concerning helping Little Chuanwang. Thank you everyone! I have already made contact with Angel Mom Foundation, and I will post updates on the child’s condition on my microblog when I can today!

@小溪办事_王羲: Many people have asked for ways to donate to Little Chuanwang: The child’s father’s bank account number is 6222021612007747547 at the Xiajin county sub-branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China – [account name] 杜舍厚 [Du Shehou] (the child’s father). Additionally, the donation method for the Angel Mom Foundation is: Bank of China Beijing branch Xicui Road sub-branch, account name: 中华少年儿童慈善救助基金会 [China Charities Aid Foundation for Children], account number: 320 756 027 856, please clearly specify: “Angel Mom Foundation, to be used for Du Chuanwang”.

@小溪办事_王羲: Latest information: We’ve taken Little Chuanwang into an ambulance and are rushing to Beijing Hospital. The child’s situation I will ask doctors in a bit and then tell everyone.

@小溪办事_王羲: Latest situation: The situation for Little Chuanwang who had been injured by an air pump gun has worsened. Right now, the most life-threatening issue isn’t the 28 injuries on his internal organs but an unknown bacterial infection causing tissue necrosis, which is rapidly spreading. The necrosis on his face had been the size of a soy bean two days ago became the size of a fist yesterday, and today has caused the bridge of his nose to sink. He needs to be transferred immediately. The hospital says tissue necrosis is related to the injuries from the air pump gun, a pathological change brought about by systemic organ failure.

On Sina Weibo

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old Chinese boy lying in a hospital bed who is in critical condition after coworkers at an auto repair shop inserted an air pump into his anus and pumped him air into his body.

@小溪办事_王羲: Little Chuanwang asleep, I can’t bear to wake him up. He knows how serious his condition is, but when I told him this morning that he will be transferred to Beijing Bayi Children’s Hospital, he was particularly excited, feeling that he has a chance to be saved, constantly moving his head trying to speak! When he was awake, his eyes were particularly lively, filled with the desire to keep living.

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old Chinese boy lying in a hospital bed who is in critical condition after coworkers at an auto repair shop inserted an air pump into his anus and pumped him air into his body.

@小溪办事_王羲: Beijing’s 120 [emergency services number] emergency center ambulance has arrived, Little Chuanwang has been carried onto the ambulance, and is being rushed towards Beijing! Thanks to the netizen who this morning at 3am helped the child find an ambulance! We will arrive in Beijing in about 4 hours.

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old Chinese boy being transported in an ambulance to Beijing after coworkers at an auto repair shop inserted an air pump into his anus and pumped him air into his body.

@小溪办事_王羲: The child is on the ambulance, is currently away, and in good spirits. The doctor says the will to survive is very important for the child. We’re currently rushing towards Beijing at no less than 140 km/hr, none of the medical personnel are eating, and we’re also trying to avoid stopping to use the toilets, in order to get to Beijing Bayi Children’s Hospital as soon as possible. They’re already prepared over there, and the moment Little Chuanwang arrives, he’ll enter their Intensive Care Unit.

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old Chinese boy being transported in an ambulance to Beijing after coworkers at an auto repair shop inserted an air pump into his anus and pumped him air into his body.

@小溪办事_王羲: #13-year-old youth punctured by air pump# The child has been awake the entire ride, and even though he’s lying down on the ambulance and can’t move, his eyes keep glancing at the windows around him, in his heart clearly aware of everything that is happening. When I took this photo of him, the little guy even struggled to lift up his hand to wave, to say hello to all the netizens!

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old Chinese boy being transported in an ambulance to Beijing after coworkers at an auto repair shop inserted an air pump into his anus and pumped him air into his body. Here, he waves to netizens who have been following his story and donating to help pay for his medical costs.

Comments on Sina Weibo (selected by Hexun):


I think as we’re sympathizing with Little Du we shouldn’t forget those two animals. They should be punished by the law. Next I want to ask, where is Little Du’s dad? Your child is only 13 years old, and you have another son who is even smaller, have you forgotten about them?


Why is that the hurt/injured are always children? The ones poisoned by milk are children, the ones killed in school buses are children, the prostitutes government officials visit in brothels are children. As a mother, every time I see this kind of news I have to grit my teeth in hate. Is it enough for them to be merely held responsible? Save our children!


1) This kind of so-called apprenticeship is actually child labor in disguise so the auto repair shop must bear a certain responsibility. 2) Our country/government happily throws billions and billions of money at Africa and North Korea, yet allows our own 13-year-old children give up school to go be an apprentice, the so-called “would rather be friends with foreigners than serve your own people”. 3) The two workers’ actions constitute strict liability under the crime of intentional injury, Criminal Law §234. 4) This Dezhou isn’t Texas.


This society has become so perverse that we can no longer know what people will do. I hope Little Chuanwang will get better soon. Those two bastards should be arrested! Although this world is not always fair, but at least we should maintain our sense of right and wrong and morality, otherwise the good are not reward and the bad happily remain free and unfettered, and then who would still be willing to be a good person? Perhaps then, right and wrong, black and white will have flipped upside-down in this society…


Indirect murder refers to a person’s behavior where the person clearly knows that behavior could result in another person’s death yet adopts a nonchalant and negligent attitude towards the possibility of this result and thereby causes another person’s death. Murder must be severely punished!


I see in the comments that there are people defending the criminals, that they initially just wanted to play a joke but didn’t realize it would go too far… You people who are saying this kind of thing, have your heads been kicked by a donkey? Can this be explained as a joke!? Would your joke involve taking the pants off a boy going through puberty!? What more, do these people in this profession not know just how powerful an air pump is!? What they did from the very beginning was characterized by the intent to humiliate! And that is not a joke either.


All caused by poverty! These two auto repair workers are just like the 13-year-old youth, at best probably possessing a primary-school to middle-school level of education, so they probably don’t really know the seriousness of whatever they do. Strongly call for China to implement compulsory 12 year education!!! All levels of government must not be in arrears when it comes to education funds!!! Actually, right now, every company every month pays a 2% local education funds tax, so just what exactly is this money being used on?


Heartrending! Shocking! A 13-years-old child not even grown up having to suffer such an unexpected calamity, just how will he look upon this world and the people around him? “Caring for minors”, this theme truly needs sincere attention. It can’t be looking at only those healthy and happy children around us, but to go pay attention to and care for those children who don’t haven’t been cared for. There are still many children who need care, let’s all do our best!


A vulgar prank, such ignorant thinking, such sick mentality, the two malicious pranksters must be punished by the law! Education on “The Law on the Protection of Minors” must continue! The auto repair shop was using child labor, and should also be punished! The evil natures of most people is released through jokes and pranks, but jokes and pranks have always been excuses for the psychologically sick/perverse, as well as their means for happily inflicting abuse.

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Written by Fauna

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  • Zhangsan

    god, it hurt me to read that…

    • Bunny99

      God save us all from idiots!

      Should make an example of them – chop something off :)

      • fabi

        why this hate??? it was just a prank after all…

  • Zhangsan

    latest posts indicate that they had managed to arrive at the hospital, that a total of 390k RMB had been raised for the kid, and that they asked for donations to be paused for now, until they could get a better idea of how much more would be needed, if any.

    god. who the hell does that to a kid. fucking idiots. 8 atmospheric pressure units?

    the biggest concern is with the new necrosis-causing infection. if it gets into the bloodstream and sends this kid into sepsis…ugh…

  • way to go China. TIC.

    • Jin

      It is not China..there are idiots all over the world and horrible things like this also happened in Australia, USA and UK.

      Words can not express how I feel for this child its so sickening! and this poor family specially his little brother.

      • The were probably just playing and the kid played along.
        none of them probably expected that it would end up hospitalising the child.
        still it is rather nasty an idea to toy with a kiddo’s ass like this:

        anyway,china is well known for exporting organs world wide, they catalog skin tissue,hair and blood of people that go to force labor camps, then, if someone buys a certain organ on the black market the governament takes who ever prisoners tissue fits that of the buyer, they take the prisoner, take out what is going to be sold and burn the body of the prisoner. they send the organs by plane OR they implant them in china, NO PRISONER IS ALLOWED ALIVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

        Have a sick day, thank you

  • RageMan

    That donation thing looks a bit fishy… don’t know why … sad story though

  • The Enlightened One


    How does China always manage to surprise me?

    This poor kid… why in the world would anyone think of this as a prank?

    • jin
      • Bai Pifu

        Jin stop trying to be the great defender of your “as society develops nation”. You know this is a fucked up story so deal with it. If people want to comment about this awful story so be it. Yes, we are all aware of all the other idiots in the rest of the world but right now we are dealing with you fuck-wits so comprehend and surrender to your countries faults.

      • Jeff

        Really. take pride in your country but trying to shift the focus to other countries just shows how fucking stupid you are. Maybe we can stick an air hose up your ass Jin

      • jin

        got a problem?
        he said it as if it a chinese thing.
        but i did say and know about the chinas faults, but when someone talk as if it can only happen in 1 country or that the entire country is like that, blame it on a entire ethnicity just cause some people does something stupid.
        bai pifu oh wow you can insult!!! fuck-wits?
        calm yo anger nigga! bai pi gu

        • Guang Xiang

          and you rage too easily just from one person’s comment.

          • The Enlightened One

            The dude is stalking me in on the forums now. I am his personal quest for glory.

            Too bad you don’t stalk me in real life. I doubt you would be so forthcoming.

          • jin

            the fuck! why would i want to stalk a guy that looks like a serial murderer.

        • The Enlightened One

          Some people see only what they want to see. You are way too defensive.

          I see China as surprising in both ways that are fascinating and terrifying. If I hated China, I wouldn’t be here. My work is mobile/remote.

          Calm down Jin, you are going to have an ulcer with that inferiority complex. Seriously are you paid to stalk me?

          The prank was horrible, there is no questioning that.

          • jin

            i say what i want to say.
            im feeling emo now, soo inferior :(
            and no, i dont want to stalk a guy that looks like a serial killer.

            bai pifu > bai pigu > white ass.

          • linette

            Every country has motherfxckers. Not just China. You find plenty in the western country too. The most important thing right now is how China going to handle this case. They must punish the two mfkers severely, and give help to the poor boy.

            There is no excuse for lighter sentence. No excuse for bullying. Zero tolerance for bullying. Bullies bully their victim with only one thing in their minds, to cause pain. They get enjoyment from inflicting pain and suffering from the victim. These two mfkers should be jailed and sell all their possesions to pay for the boy’s medical expensives and care for life time. They need to continue to work and use their whole life salary to support the boy. The China gov’t needs to ensure that and not let the two disappeared and escape out of the country.

        • mr. wiener

          You are too ready to fly off the handle at a moments notice. Being “Han The solo Chinese guy, defender of China’s dignity [and always stroking your own wookie]” will not win you any brownie points here.
          Worse it will obscure any meaningful point you have to offer as people who are similarly inclined to take offence too easily will troll you.

          What need to be addressed and remarked on here is how [in China] poverty is forcing children like this and younger into businesses where they are at the not so tender mercies of sick motherfuckers like these. That is a tragedy for China.

          • The Enlightened One


            “Han the Solo Chinese Guy”… priceless.

          • jin

            very funny to hear stroking your own wookie from a guy called wiener. i dont mind, i dont care what you people think of me, i say what i want, and you say what you want. come ugly trolls! im ready. this child wasnt forced, he wanted it himself if you read it carefully. this is not only a tragedy to china, this is a tragedy for so many countries. atleast they arent letting underaged childrens have sex with uncle bai pigu’s as they do in thailand.

          • mr. wiener

            Deflecting much?

          • mr. wiener

            I can’t believe you wrote:
            “this child wasnt forced, he wanted it himself if you read it carefully.”
            I read that it was not the first time that they had done this to him. That DOESN”T mean he wanted it. I’m finding it hard to believe in your efforts to repudiate Chinese society from any blame in this [and I for one believe bullying happens everywhere] You are actually blaming the victim. What the hell is that? Logic with Nationalist characteristics?

          • elizabeth

            @ jin
            “…this child wasnt forced, he wanted it himself if you read it carefully.”

            Wow, I thought you had a point (about ‘stupid Chinese’ comments) but now, I think you are simply wumao.

          • jin

            “poverty is forcing children like this and younger into businesses”
            wiener you said this. and i said that this child wasnt forced into working, he wanted it himself. not that he wasnt forced to have air shot into his ass. think?

          • Brett Hunan

            to be fair, jin, this story is about the boy being sexually attacked, not child labor…. your post was easily mistaken to mean “he wanted air shot in his ass”.

          • The Enlightened One

            Hahaha… He wanted it… Jin, got to watch your wording there… Remember, I warned you about this before.

          • whiskersthecat

            Jin, if you have to say “I don’t care what you people think”, then you probably really do care what we people think. Especially if you keep coming back for more…like you want it.

            And please, you’re Chinese. You look and sound ridiculous saying “nigga”.

          • jin

            oh shit i red wieners post wrong

            “What need to be addressed and remarked on here is how [in China] poverty is forcing children like this and younger into businesses ” (wiener)

            “he wanted it himself if you read it carefully.” (me)

            what i meant with he wanted it himself is because i thought wiener said that this child got forced into labour by someone.
            while its poverty.
            not that he wanted a fking high pressure air pump up his ass.

            my bad there. thats what 3 am in the night after drinking does to ya………….

            @whiskers what i meant with that is, you can think/ write whatever you want, but i will reply to it.

          • mr. wiener

            No worries jin, sorry about the misunderstanding. We’re good.

        • Hoppy1

          @ Jin…I see what you did there! Calling bai bi fu… bai pi gu…:)…you DO have a sense of humour!!!!

  • BeijingRafl

    Isnt there a bank account where we can send donations to help this kid, like was done for the girl who was growing hair?

    • Zhangsan

      there is (it’s in the translated comments), but the local TV station that is helping to coordinate the donations (and brought the updates) has requested that donations pause for now, as they have enough for now, and need to get a quote from the doctors before requesting any more

      • BeijingRafl

        Ok, thanks!

    • Sponge Monkey

      From Shanghaiist

      Account Number: 6222021612007747547
      Account Name: 杜舍厚
      Bank: 中国工商银行夏津县支行 (ICBC)
      PS: Bank details for other children’s welfare organisations raising money for Du Chuanwang have been floated about, but Shanghaiist recommends that you send the money directly to the boy’s father.

      • linette

        Sponge Monkey,
        but how do you do send money if you are outside China? Do they use paypal ? Can people send cash to the father? I emailed mother angel but no reply.

  • Nyancat

    I was about to head to bed and now that I’ve read this i’m fucking pissed…wtf is the world coming to?

  • linette

    Those two animals shop workers need to be prosecuted as attempting murder. They need to sell all their lands and all their entire life income and savings to take care of this child and also jail time.
    China gov’t system is doing everything they can to make sure China people that are poor and don’t matter to die because they can’t afford to pay money to the China gov’t. So less population. Just like they can careless for the sichuan earthquake victims.

  • Zhangsan

    for the record, 8 units of atmospheric pressure (if that’s really the amount) is equal to about 100 PSI. the average car tire takes about 40-45 psi maximum to be filled from empty to full. so it’s more like TWO car tires worth of air pressure being pumped into this kids organs. motherfuckers…

    • Zhangsan

      excuse me, closer to 120 PSI; i miscalculated. so almost three car tires worth…fuck…

      • The Enlightened One

        The hell…

        How could two experienced automobile workers not know that this is enough air to easily kill the kid?

        Anyone would know that is enough pressure to seriously mess someone up. Let alone people that do this EVERYDAY for a living!

        This was not a prank… this was clearly attempted murder.

        I say put them on trial or brand the words (dumbest people alive) on the foreheads forever…

        • donscarletti

          My father pointed me at an air compressor when I was 12 or so and said “never point one of those at someone’s anus son, they will bleed to death from the bowels and there’s nothing surgeons can do to stop it.” I guess surgery has improved since then, but still, if my white collar father thought it necessary to warn me about that at an early age, I think people who work with the things every day should know.

        • Zhangsan

          Something I just saw on the second time over: a witness said that this wasn’t the first time he had this done to him! The fuckwits probably were just repeating their sick ole game except, oops, finger slipped on the trigger…oh gee, thats an awful lot of air and ta not coming out…crap…


        • Brett Hunan

          I think this is more of a lack-of-education situation. Most likely, the two guys never got past middle school. I’m not sure they really did understand the harm they were doing~ physically, emotionally, or psychologically. That said, ignorance is not a defense for their actions.

          As Zhangsan already noted, this wasn’t the first time the men had done this to the boy. They probably figured “he walked away fine before so lets shoot him up with some more this time”.

          I wouldn’t doubt they were smiling throughout the process until they realized what they had done. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they took enjoyment from doing it.

          I think that for two guys in their twenties to do this to a 13 year old boy shows indications of homosexuality and pedophilia. They are dangerous sexual predators and should do serious time.

    • Chris

      I’m extremely surprised the kid is still alive. Seen people die from lesser wounds in the OR.

  • How can people be so cruel. What did these two think would happen when you pump air into someone? My God keep and embrace this child. Give comfort to the family and to know that he is with them always.

  • linette

    For those who defend the two animals saying is only a prank please do a prank on yourself. Put yourself in the microwave and press defrost. hahha….so funny. You just exploded. Stupid dumb retarded people. Any adults should know better don’t play with appliances or utility tools or equipments.

    Are some people really that retarded? Then blame their parents also for not teaching them well. These people shouldn’t have kids at all. It’s always the retards that are having tons of kids that they can’t afford. Crazy people.

  • RageMan

    Sexual assault on a minor anyone? If the kid dies and they won’t get sentenced for involunteraly manslaughter, then at least charge them for pushing a foreign object up a kid’s butt! –
    “sit down, Joe, this is China”
    Ah, sorry, forgot that crutial part for a moment …

    • The Enlightened One

      LoL… there is a slew of charges you could put against them.

      Sexual assault,
      Assault causing bodily harm,
      Using deadly force with a weapon,
      Attempted Manslaughter,

      Being the load their mothers should have swallowed…

      • The Enlightened One

        Yes… that is an offense against humanity.

  • China… face palm! Perhaps the dumbest primates of all time inhabit this country…

    Poor kid. The attackers should be punished severely. Perhaps by pumping air into their asses until shit explodes from their eyeballs…

    PS. I thought there was no such thing as child labor in the Happy Harmonica Society, what gives?

    • jin
      • Could be a tie between American Christians and Chinese laborers…?

        • C

          Please don’t think all American Christians are stupid. There are plenty of people who use religion as an excuse for their actions.

          As for Chinese laborers, like all people stricken by poverty, they had no access to an education or better life and because of that, there are higher crime rates.

          However, let’s remember that the stupid and the bad are all exceptions, not the rule. If they weren’t we’d be agreeing with their actions

  • Hypha

    Maybe I misunderstand here. But according to the article it sounds like the two workers in the worst scenario would do some time in jail where they don’t really need to do much but are guaranteed to get fed and sheltered while the “all-for-the-people” government would probably get some credit for bringing in justice by prosecuting them. And then the poor family gets no health insurance from the state or medical payment from either the “prankers” or the company and could only rely on warm-hearted netizens. Oh last but not least the single father gets the blame for his family being pushed into that situation. Hmmmm surely that sounds about right.

  • red scarf

    So wrong on two levels, major one for the fuckwits who thought it was funny, minor one of that he had to work there to support this family at 13 years old.

  • Khai

    Damn, what’s wrong with these guys?. In the past, there was eel in rectum prank and the man died. Why weird affection towards inserting something in someone ass?.

    • GhostofYost

      There seems to be a lot of insults involving anal rape hurled back and forth in the comment sections of a lot of articles translated here on chinasmack. Perhaps it’s repressed homosexuality manifesting itself first in insults, and then with a few sick people into actual violence.

  • Where do we donate?

  • lonetrey

    Hmmmm, I didn’t see much in terms of what will be their punishment. Are they going to get anything besides PARTIALLY paying for damages?

  • Anne

    These two fuckers “are unable to continue bearing the high medical costs” ? kill them and sell their organs! Then, there will be money to pay for this poor child’s medical bills!

    • Niels

      Sadly that won’t happen

      • Patrick

        It could happen (partially), although I doubt the boy would see any of the money from the organ “donantion”.

  • Pingback: » A Story That Hurts To Read: “The Child’s Intestines Have Essentially Exploded, His Scrotum Now As Large As A Watermelon!” Beijing Cream()

  • Linette

    The two suspects are 20 and 27 years old respectively, and have already been arrested. Little Chuanwang told me that when he was working at the auto repair shop, he had been hit and yelled at before. A witness says this isn’t the first time he has had air pumped into his anus, its just that the past instances weren’t so serious…………..
    ……the two brothers met in the Intensive Care Unit. The younger brother……“Big brother, you have to get better soon, so you can make me a steamed bun!” After their mother passed away, 7-year-old Chuanwang learned how to make steamed buns for meals, and it was he who brought up his little brother…….

    …….he was awake…… filled with the desire to keep living…….

    Not sure if the donation account is real or not, but Chuanwang can’t wait. He can died. It’s worth it to donate hoping the money get to him. It’s up to the people living on the planet. Give up your restaurant dinner money.

    Do they do paypal mother of angel foundation?

  • Peye

    The people who did this to the boy can be classified as being complete morons. But on the other hand, they may have been never told or educated as to how the human body is constructed and functions.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      If that’s the case then how come they never tried it on themselves?

      • mr. wiener

        It’s only fun to do painful things to other people. Bullies don’t generally walk up to you at a bar and say: ” Hey you, I look like a faggot!” and then punch themselves in the nuts.
        Well ….at least not the bars I go to.

        • The Enlightened One


          That reminds me of the scene with Jim C. in the movie “Liar, Liar”…

          “What are you doing?!”

          “I’m kicking my ass, do you mind?”

        • Dr SUN

          LOL !!

          spot on

  • GodsHammer

    prank? how the hell is airgun in anus a prank? how does one make this prank? he thought it was his regular breaktime anal session, but today , the lads have prepared him a quarter stick of tnt… hahaha…not. wtf chinasmack?…. now i am pissed off and disgusted before bed.

  • Niels

    all those sick news start twisting my mind. When I read the story about the beautiful girl that was set aflame for rejected love, it took some month until I came back to Chinasmack.

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      So you decided to come back with an avatar that is completely inappropriate for this thread.

      • Hoppy1

        My science teacher told me of a similar situation years ago. As now, then people tried to assuage guilt from the offenders, citing lack of education. In my opinion there were two major crimes committed upon this child. No.1 (Apart from the fact that presumably the boy was forced to take his clothes off or had them forcibly removed…which in and of itself is surely a crime), He suffered the pain and indignation of having a foreign object forcefully inserted into his anus. No2. He was pumped with extremely highly condensed air, which has resulted in terrible and life threatening injuries.
        Whether I agree with those of you who say these two lowlifes should receive a lighter punishment for lack of education, or not, is mute. If they believe it is OK to commit the first crime of anally raping a boy (or girl, woman, or man) for their pleasure, then whether they went on to kill him or not is of little consequence to me. I personally would like to see them, and all of those bumping heads in their puddle of a gene pool, wiped off the face of the planet.

        @ Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong So while everyone else is reading and commenting on this heinous act of human cruelty, you are checking out their avatars,to see if they are up to your personal standard for acceptance on China Smack? Go easy on the guy Mao…..I mean for god’s sakes….his name IS Niesls! Ha!…joking there big Neilsy! Mao, I’m curious as to why you find his avatar inappropriate for this thread? Is it because he is smiling?!?!? Should Neilsy-boy need to upload a new avatar based on the tone of the story every time he want s to comment? Actually Neilsy…I’d like to see that!

        • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

          That has to be a joke photo. No one really looks like that in real life.

          I just think a topic as serious as this deserves a bit of respect and not posting a comment with an avatar of the next Josef Fritzl.


          • Hoppy1

            OK Mao, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt hey? I doubt he chose his avatar with this story in mind. At first I thought it was Jim Carey in Me Myself and Irene (if you’ve ever seen it)…it’s the teeth. Hell, if I had a set of pearly whites like Neils there, instead of the nicotine/coffee stained stumps I’ve left myself with, I’d probably show them off a lot more too! In fact…

            @Neils..shut your mouth brother! You’re making me squint!

        • Niels

          Well…this photo was made for my accreditation in London. In my stupidity I was smiling and of cause it was rejected. So I went to the photographer a second time, spent another 20 Euro for a biometrical non-smiling photo, sweetened with an additional 15 Euro parking fine notice (I was in a hurry). Unfortunately there is no photo when I grabbed the notice from the windscreen, but I can upload the non-smiling biometrical photo. Hopefully that would be appropriate.

  • Con ate dog

    Sexual assault as a prank?

  • Kam

    Years ago I read about something similar happening in India. The boy who it happened to died however.

  • manusan

    Fu Manchu is back

  • Hawkeye4077

    Words cannot say how I feel about this and what should be done to these poor excuse of men. This was perverted, mean, disgusting and completely stupid. Did they not think what would happen by doing this? If the boy dies, I guess they’d get involuntary manslaughter. Though I think they deserve much more.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    This is horrible. There needs to be some type of protection for children who are without mothers. This truly breaks my heart. I hope an address is situated that would allow me to mail a payment. I hope this child is well but I wonder if he will need western medicine to cure him, if the facilities in China are enough to sustain him.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    If this kid is going to die and doctors know they cannot save him, they need to make his last days on earth feel like heaven. Toys, balloons, fun things that he might enjoy. Whatever happens, don’t let him leave this planet knowing how utterly horrible mankind is. Give him a piece of his innocence back.

    Mothers cannot trust others to care for her children should she depart this world, and that’s why so many women who commit suicide take their children with them.

    By the way, if this boy was filled up with air and one could see it, then obviously his attackers saw him filling up this way. Who called the ambulance? Who took him to the doctor?

    • MrT

      I don’t think giving him a balloon is a good idea. He might think your taking the piss.

      • Feces Masticator

        oh god. You’re a big asshole.

      • mr. wiener

        A little early for that crack mate.

        • MrT

          I agree using big asshole is a bad crack.

          • mr. wiener

            …for that joke. You Ethiopian warthog.

  • Joe

    Angel Mother sure seems to be stepping up in the news recently. Once I get more economically settled, I’ll make some donations to them. Does anyone have more info about them? I’ve been to the website and they seem very transparent.

  • Castro

    ok, hear me out and then comment… this event happened, ok ? cannot be undone. you cannot un-break an egg. so, this event of killing this child has been done. agreed? these two young men killed this child. ok. That said, let’s go to the second part of my rant.
    ‘people’ commit sick,mean,perverse,injurious, acts upon other people every minute of every day. it has been going on forever. It didn’t start yesterday, and it’s not going to stop tomorrow. agreed? ok, so, here is what I am getting at…

    Why Do We Continue to Let Those Who Commit These Acts Escape Punishment ???

    that is the disconnect. we know it happens, we get upset, victim gets horribly injured (set afire with gasoline, doused with hydrochloride acid, smashed into a bloody pulp by an automobile, etc.) but nothing is done about it. Why ???? To me that is the real problem. That nothing is really done to the perpetrators. So, at least three repercussions from our inaction.
    1. Society views it as sort of a ‘Daily Mail’ story, reads it, laughs at absurdity, cries at the tragedy,,,,, life goes on.
    2. The victim gets no Justice that amounts to anything.
    3. No word is spread that doing mean, cruel, savage acts will cost you ten-fold,,, so no real Deterence is established and the Acts are repeated, repeated, repeated, ad nauseam.

    So, why do u think WE (people of Earth) don’t do anything to the perps? I have my own theories, but I’d like to hear from others.

    to be clear, if I had my way….. if these guys were pretty much proven beyond reasonable doubt to have done this, I think they should be summarily Executed and it should be relatively well publicized for the deterent effect.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      short of creating a device that can predict human behavior or murderous intent there is no way to stop them. This impulsive evil behavior will continue no matter the consequences. What should happen is that we humans need to be more protective of ourselves and do what we can to remove the tools of murder (poisons, combustibles, guns, knives). But trust me, a murderous evil being will find a way to kill you with a marshmellow if necessary. Murder is evil – not intellectual.

      • mr. wiener

        Ummm… That’s not going to make much of a slogan:
        “Marshmallows don’t kill people. People pushing marshmallows down your windpipe , kill people”.
        Mockery aside, I think maybe a clear legalized system for kids like this to get aprenticeships in business and not being victimized, bullied or abused might help.
        Intellectuality or evil are beside the point, bullying violence and murder are about power.

  • MrT

    Bored retard pikeys for ya.
    Going to take a long time to breed it out of them.
    Specially when they keep interbreeding..
    Cross breading with Laowai is the way forward.

    • Dr SUN

      your a pikey, mr T, you sound like one ?

  • linette


    The organization address, telephone, email.

    电 话:010 58938787
    传 真:010 58938784
    电子邮箱:[email protected]
    Address: A,, Wanshou B, Haidian District, Beijing, China on the 15th 7th Floor
    Postal Code: 100036
    Tel: 01058938787
    Fax: 01058938784
    E-mail: [email protected]

    The child’s name is Du Chuanwang or 杜传旺

  • redgirl

    Not the first time, but regardless to the law the guilty run.. it’s a joke?

  • C

    This hearts my heart. Why is it always the innocent who suffer most? Although I’m sure the two responsible had tough lives, this is no excuse for their behavior. If this poor child dies, they should be charged with manslaughter. They had done this “prank” to him many times before so I bet they had intended on doing damage to him this time. This poor child trying to support his family was beaten and abused yet still kept working to earn money for his brother…

    Is there any way we could set up a donation fund for the family? Even if the boy survives, he needs money to have time to recuperate. The healing after is the hardest part. I also don’t want his little brother to also suffer later and have to “apprentice”.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    I feel guilty when things like this happen to people because its so unfair.

    What China needs is a “victim’s fund” that pays out to the victims of crimes if they are harmed intentionally or unintentionally. The perpetraitors, whether willful or pure negligence (re: not accidental) should pay a steep price. Life in a reeducation camp or prison or death. There would never be a murder in china again.

    • mr. wiener

      ….or anyplace else, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • moop

      “Life in a reeducation camp or prison or death. There would never be a murder in china ”

      hahahahahah, that already happens, and it happened before. guess what? people still are murdered here

    • What is needed, rather, is free public healthcare.

      • moop

        yeah, the country with $8,300 per capita and 1.3 billion people on the precipace of demographic decline is going to provide free healthcare for all.

  • Brett Hunan

    Gastrointestinal damage is a nightmare. I had a hole in my stomach and that was unbearable to the point where I was essentially paralyzed on the ground. I can’t even begin to imagine how much pain that boy is going through.

    I’m wondering if the tube running through his nose is to drain stomach contents/bile? They definitely wouldn’t be feeding him… Should the boy survive this, he may not be able to eat solid foods again. Heck, he may have to be fed intravenously for the rest of his life.

    • The Enlightened One

      Yeah, that’s the thing people don’t understand.

      This is almost worse than death… if he makes it through there is a substantial chance he is messed up horribly for life.

      These guys have have ruined almost any comfort this kid could have in life. Anything he does could be painful… sitting down, going to the washroom, breathing, talking…

    • Dr SUN

      seen it hundreds of times, yes can be bad, depends of the how good the nurses and DR’s ( surgeons) , long recovery if he gets septic.

  • radbab

    I’m always surprised (and scared!) how little regard people here have for other human beings that are not their bosses/family/friends/paying customers.

    I know Confucianism is all about the elders (aka boss, family, guy with money/power), but isn’t there anything that fellow said about other human beings?

    • Joe

      That is exactly the problem with Confucianism. It addresses only what to do within a single community; absolutely nothing about strangers. I can’t find the quote, but Deng Xiaoping (I think) said that the adoption of Confucianism as the official governing policy is one of the greatest tragedies in human history.

      • Capt. WED

        that’s just wrong. You’re supposed to treat guest with the uttermost courtesy.

        People’s actions is a combination of some philosophical bullshit & other culture traditions.

        With that said I myself believe there are definitely problems with Confucianism. But I’m really not an expert…well I know jackshit about it.

        • Joe

          A guest is not a stranger.

  • DRaY


    • bscalled

      i totally agree – poor kid needs revenge in the worse, possible, way – the 2 murderers should get a f’n, “cold, ass, dish of revenge” up their butt holes – i can’t imagine what they were thinking doing that to anyone, yet a child,, and don’t care, but just want them to suffer worse than the kid. death is too good for them now.

  • B*tches, Leave

    It’s confirmed. The kid died …

    • B*tches, Leave

      Oh, I’m sorry, he isn’t … my stupid mistake :(

      • The Enlightened One

        LOL… what in the world?

        Did the voices in your head tell you that?

    • sm

      You bitch, the kid is becoming better now.
      If you don’t get the truth, just shut your mouth off.

  • cc

    I despair at the mentality of some people, surely these two idiots that carried out this attack new of the dangers of compressed air. Now the poor kid is dead they will more than likely walk free.
    I think it is the duty of the authorities to expose and name who the two idiots are that carried out this attack and ensure the public know of there punisment for this childs murder.

    • The Enlightened One

      How do you know the kid is dead?

      Is this just speculation of did you read it somewhere?

      • White Thrash

        just tell us, Enlightened One ! :p

      • cc

        He has necrosis, so he is basically dead, plus with all those internal injuries his own faeces will poison him, pay attention unenlightened one.

        • The Enlightened One

          Yup, just speculation.

          I am glad you aren’t a doctor. Well, he’s basically dead… so let’s just say he is dead.

          • cc

            I am a doctor i’m a Gynaecologist.
            There is no cure for necrosis, he will just speedily rot away and die so yes he is dead. And the two idiots that did this should be tried for murder. What is your problem?

          • Dr SUN

            guess that’s why your a gyne not a plastic surgeon or ICU nurse, you know shit.

          • cc

            Dr. Sun
            Being a gyne I would know shit, it’s very close to the area I work in.

        • linette

          The boy may still be able to live, but with tons of complications. May need medical devices and home attendant….like the elderly people.

          The boy wants to live. He asked to see his little brother. His little brother doesn’t want to lose him. They are so cute together. Please don’t separate them. The two mfkers need to pay for all the expenses for life time. The law should ensure that. Meanwhile immediate donation for the boy is necessary to save his life.

        • Foreign Devil

          C’mon! I don’t think a Gynecologist would be so obvious and brazen as to use a vagina as his ID pic on the internet. . Unless he is has a fetish. In which case any woman ought to avoid visiting him.

          • cc

            Of course i have a fetish, what other reason is there to prod about in pussy all day.

        • damn ._.

    • Strangerland

      OMG please don’t say he’s dead, he’s still alive now right Fauna? And there must be a technological development to deal with this. I got nasty gastritis several years ago and I would never wish such pain upon my most bitter enemy- let alone a child. He raises his brother, who’d raise that little boy if he dies? His father would definitely be busy with works, it’s a tragedy. if a small wound on my stomach can be such a pain- more painful than cavities, I couldn’t imagine how much worse it must’ve been for this child. Everyone, please keep this child in your prayers tonight.

  • Little Wolf

    This story reminded about a guy in my high school that told me a girl can die just from blowing air in her pussy during oral sex. This was before the Internet so I just googled it and….in fact….it’s true!

    • Patrick

      Wish I’d known it 6 years ago.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    That’s the D-penalty if im in charge.
    Mark my words: in the next 10 years or so, serial killers will start popping up from province to province. And the gov. will be to blame for most of the sh!t that will be reigning down on their @ss.
    If I was the father, those 2 b!tches would be cut up and mailed to the fckn party! It would pretty much be my rendition of ‘Law Abiding Citizen’

    • Carlyle

      I have the same idea.

  • Carlyle

    I am going to cut the anus off from these two coworkers and feed it to the dogs.

    I am going to dig out all of their organs out from their anus and chop their limbs off and put those limbs into their mouth, so they can eat it to sustain their lives.

    • Alanood Burhaima

      COUNT ME IN!

  • Alexander

    How the hell do you just sit there while an air pump is put up your ass? How did his clothes get taken off? Run, take a wrench or hammer and fight back, don’t just let people do things like this against you. I tell you it would take at least 10 people to catch me and pin me down before an air pump is put in my ass, and I’m going to take-out eyes and bite off peoples’ noses and ears before that thing touches my anus!

    • Linette

      He is a small skinny thirteen year old boy. He is still a baby. Probably still very naive. Those two monsters are 27 28 yr old adults. They can easily pinch the 13 yr old down. Another article said that they forcifully pull down his clothes and insert the pump.

      • ups! that is posible, there is all kind of sick perverts in this world. we do not know for sure, i was not there, so i can not tell.

        psycholigically it is posible if the guys wanted to actually abuse the kid
        psychologically it is not posible if they were sexually toying with the kid and he consented.

        When i was 14 i did play with two men wich were much older that 27, i basicaly consented in what happened so i cant say they abused me.

        at that age i allso played with two sisters, 9 and 12 year old, they consented to me, they cant and didnt complain because we consented in perverting each other.

        Since we were not there we can not tell what happened, it could be the one where they forced him or the other…

        I believe that at first they were playing BUT when they put the pump in they had to hold him forcefully because IT WAS PAINFULL AND HE MUST HAVE SCREEMED, so they holded him pretty tight so he does not get away from being pumped up… only an ignorant sick person is able to force someone in to such a situation… and to hold the person while screeming, specially if it is a kid. they must have thought he was just scared

    • The Enlightened One

      You don’t get it.

      He’s just a kid.

      He’s not Rambo!

    • ddsharper

      He was a 13 year old kid attacked by 2 adult men. I’m sure you’d get away. Yeah, that’s the story.

      • Alexander

        There are a lot of 13 year old kids in jail for murdering people and doing horrible things against people (murder, car jacking, armed robbery, arson, child soldiers with AK47s and so on)…….. NEVER underestimate the abilities of teens…… a 13 year old is by no means a helpless little kitten….

        • The Enlightened One

          Yeah, but most of those events probably involved a gun or weapons.

          Which he didn’t have, because he’s not Rambo!


          • Alexander

            He worked in an auto shop!!! A hammer or wrench can easily be used as a weapon and are common tools found in places such as auto shops! Now you are just being ignorant…. do some research into juvenile delinquency then you might be ready to debate. The main point is, we live in a world full of evil, you have to be ready to defend yourself (if you haven’t noticed the police don’t do much except prevent people from protesting the government…..), don’t be a victim! If one is truly an enlightened one, they would actually be doing something of great importance rather than replying to a bunch of comments on a BBS….. ;)

          • Youre a fucking moron, typical american with ramboesque mentallity. I bet you sir couldnt not defend yourself if your life depended on it and i will bet on that fact. This boy probably felt comfortable enough thinking it was just a prank and he may get bruised but not broken! Its China and youre suppose to respect ur elder, this is a tragedy!

        • Lisa

          You are a butt hole this baby was defenseless against these men

        • VERY true, i my self am an example, i toyed and had sex with my neighbours daughters when i was 14, i took the 9 and 12 year olds to an abandoned house in front of theyres and played all the pervertive stuff you can imagine:

          I allso got some much older guys to toy with my young butt, they liked it and i my self did too. so, i perverted my self, it was not them, it was me who gave my self away,… and after all that im not gay, so that prooves that it does not make you gay to toy with a nother boy, what makes you gay is to keep on doing it and make it a life style…

          Everything happened with the girls consentment, and with the guys everything happened with mine… so the kid aint exactly a saint, just like i was not a saint at younghood

    • hahaha, i think the kid was playing along with the two perverts, maybe they were just trying to abuse him with his consentment, so they played a little game and to everyones surprize the joke didnt work out as expected.

      this is rather sickening, but a kiddoe aint exactly a saint, i my self did sexually abusive stuff at that age, i lovingly abused my neughbours daughter wich was my age, she never complained because she liked it, and i got a pair of 30 and 40 year old guys to abuse me as well, all was basically my pervertive inocent fault and i never complained about it… im just glad they did not put a high presure pump in my butt.

      im sure the kiddo was just doing the same as i did…but he had some pumpy bad luck

  • [email protected]

    I can’t even get my head around this one. Too horrible. Unbelievable.

  • Jetsetter

    This story breaks my heart. This poor child is better off being dead than alive. I can’t imagine the hardship he will have going through life with all the horrific injuries. I wish we could still send donation to help this family out so that the young brother does not have the same fate. My thoughts are with the family. I am so sorry this happened to you little guy.

    • Strangerland

      Though we all say “he’s better off dead than alive” this child himself wants to live on, for his little brother. He wants to be there for his little brother- he is the one who nurture the kid because their father’s too busy and there’s no one else who’d take care of the child(he even was the chef, taking care of food for them both since their mother’s death). I can’t imagine myself in either position, they honestly only have each other in this world, with a father who would rarely be home due to his busy work. I may be wrong, but when this child himself wwant to live, he’d struggle to live on- and who are we telling him to give up. Humbling, isn’t it?

      • linette

        The only hardship will be for those two morons monsters who did this to 13 yr old Chuanwang. Those two monsters need to work for the rest of their lives and spend every penny and savings to pay for Chuanwang medical expenses including hospital, medications, medical devices and equipments like wheelchair and bed and feeding pump, home nurse and aid. The chinese gov’t need to ensure that and punish those two monsters for life. They need to pay millions to Chuanwang. Chuanwang only need to stay alive for his little brother so they don’t get separated. Meanwhile Chuanwang needs urgent donation from the world to help pay for immediate medical expenses so he won’t die waiting for the monster to pay up.

  • elizabeth

    So heartbreaking.

    Chuanwang wants to live because of his little brother. In the midst of all the pain, he could only ask for his little brother.

    Those two ‘pranksters’ should be tried for at least attempted murder. They are old enough to know the limits but were emboldened by Chuanwang’s silence. The poor boy had very likely remain silent about earlier incidents because of threats from the bullies.

    This is a clear message to victims of bullies, that they should never fear exposing the bullies because it would one day cost them much more, even their own lives.

    Remember, bullies are cowards with an inferiority complex. They bully so that they could feel good about themselves, that they are ‘superior’. These people are sick and should be exposed so they could receive help and deterrent punishment or they will hurt more people.

  • jeffli

    This makes a gay Canadian psycho eating a Chinese look normal doesn’t it!
    For Gods sake!
    hi pressure air up a child’s arse?
    Shoot the barstards on TV and advertise it before it happens again!
    Jesus F. Christ save this country!

    • jeffli

      Marx and Engels, Confucious Mencius et al. are doing a shgit job!

    • elizabeth

      You’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s ‘Jesus Christ’. No wonder he doesn’t hear you.