Top 10 Chinese Online Videos For 2010, According To Youku

Wang Xu singing "In A Spring Day"

Wang Xu singing "In A Spring Day"

Youku’s year-end 2010 top 10 videos has been reported by many Chinese portal websites, discussion forums, and media. Below we’ve included their top 10 choices. Each of these videos along with copies on other video sharing websites (i.e. Tudou, 56, Ku6, etc. and sometimes YouTube) have been viewed millions to tens of millions of times. Their “number one” video was a “2 second call for help amidst an earthquake” filmed with a mobile phone during the 2010 Yushu Earthquake (aka Qinghai Earthquake).

From Youku:


Young guy asks for help with mobile phone video during the Yushu Earthquake

View on Youku.

Some of our posts covering the Qinghai Earthquake:


“Old Boy” nostalgia song moves countless post-80s generation to tears

View on Youku.

This short film appeared and became very popular in early November:


Xuri Yanggang hollering out the touching “In Spring”

View on Youku.

“Xuri Yanggang” [旭日阳刚] is the name of the duo, 王旭 [Wang Xu] and 刘刚 [Liu Gang]. It shares characters with each of their names, and means something like “Rising Sun” or “Masculine Sun”. The song captured many of the feelings of migrant workers. Here is a music video version after they became famous:


Happy traffic police officer performs Michael Jackson dance moves

View on Youku.

Another, slightly longer video of the same traffic officer.

We reported a previous dancing traffic police officer in 2009:


Commoners using poles to rescue people during floods in Yongji [County, in Jilin province] move netizens

View on Youku.

A longer version and a news interview with the person who filmed it.


Divine comedy “Tan Te” Becomes famous online

View on Youku.

Many Chinese find it funny too…

If you want more, here is an “a capella” version of “Tan Te”.


North Korean national football team player Jong Tae-se’s face full of tears as he sings the national anthem

View on Youku.

See our previous report about Chinese netizens being moved by Jong Tae-se:


Amazing beggar “Brother Sharp” chased and scared to tears

View on Youku.

See our previous reports about Brother Sharp:


Awesome Xiao Wang breakdancing in America

View on Youku.

Here is Xiao Wang (or Little Wang) appearing on America’s “Ellen” television show:


World Expo’s super dazzling fireworks show lights up the Shanghai night sky

View on Youku.


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