Children Hospitalized after Teacher told them to Eat Trash

Parents of students at a school in Henan couldn’t believe what kind of power the teachers have over their children. Recently, 4 teenagers in Henan Shuiquan private boarding school were hospitalized because they were told to eat trash by one of their teachers for not cleaning their dorm. Their parents were shocked and furious.

According to one of the students Linlin (11 years old), around 20:10 September 7th, Mr. Jiang did his routine dorm inspection and found out their dorm was not cleaned. He got angry and told the students to “eat all the trash” and left. Little did he know, out of fear and obedience, these poor kids really ate up all the trash, including paper, plastic and fruit shell.

Linlin and other students didn’t tell anybody until the next day. The indigestible trash has caused serious stomach ulcers and starting to really impact their health and life. Linlin had been hospitalized for almost a month by the time of the interview with local media and still periodically feel pain in his stomach. His father told the journalist Linlin may also suffer from some psychological issues.

The local education safety bureau did a thorough investigation after the incident was exposed. Apparently, it wasn’t Mr. Jiang’s intention to have his students to eat the trash and he never thought the students would really do it. He continued to check other dorms after left those students and he didn’t notice anything strange with them during his second check-up. The local education safety bureau published their final decision regarding the school and the related staff on October 15th. Two principles are released from their positions, the school will be closed for rectification and will be re-evaluated after 60 days. Mr. Jiang is under investigation and will be facing several charges.

Chinese netizens are furious, not only towards the teacher, but they are also towards the lack of self-protection awareness among the new generation. Let’s see some of their comments:



What kind of wrath would make these poor kids eat trash after he was no longer there watching?


Revoke his teaching license and ban him from the industry forever.


We have so many teachers in China and a lot of them are not qualified by a long shot.

Summer Cai

Some teachers are angles and some are pure evil.


These kids are damaged, physically and psychologically. How can we help them to heal?


My previous school’s headmaster used to make students eat nutshells, ask the student to put his bare hand into dirty toilet, squat while holding heave bricks and even kick students.


As a teacher, he can’t say things like that. Also, why would these students listen anyway?

Zhilin He

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