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Little Boy Shames his Father for Driving Drunk and Getting Arrested

A video of a little boy crying in the car, telling his dad how ashamed he is to be his son when his dad was caught by the police for drunk driving was uploaded to Chinese social media platform Douyin (TikTok) a few days ago and went viral. As of August 24th. It received 7 million likes, over 100k comments, and over 150k reposts just in a few days. 

August 18th Taiyuan police officers set up roadblocks and camped on one of the major streets in the city to catch drunk drivers. One of the drivers was asked to step out of his car and test his breath on a breathalyzer, while his son was waiting for him anxiously on the back seat. The number shown on the breathalyzer hit 120.9, and as the police officer talking to the dad about his irresponsible behavior, his son’s reaction was caught on camera and warmed millions of netizen’s hearts.

The little boy burst into tears: “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? I told you not to drive, why would you have to insist on doing it?! Are you happy now? Uh? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! How can I be your son anymore?” His father apologized: “I know, and I am ashamed of myself.” Afterward, this driver was taken for a blood test and confirmed he was drunk driving. His driving license was disqualified for breaking the law, and he couldn’t apply for a new one within 5 years.

Chinese netizens gave this little boy their thumb ups for his right attitude and hope all parents can treasure their children’s innocence.  


We can see the little boy is well educated; he won’t have such a correct world view if his parents are not. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t be mean and laugh at them, mind your own business!

The son taught a good lesson to his father, thumb up to the kid, and his father should learn a thing or two from his son.

I told you not to drive and you had to drive, now you are happy? I am famous now…

His son’s cry reaches the deepest spot in people’s soul

Father: Wait a moment, who is the dad here? You or me?

This kid speaks the truth, seems like he comes from a well-educated family, kudos to his parents. Perhaps his dad brain-farted this time?

We can tell his father treats his son as equal in their family.

Are you happy now, are you happy now, Hahahaha!

This father won at his child’s education but failed as an example.

In the end, Taiyuan police officer called out to all the parents out there to set a good example for their children. After all, this is the best and also the right way for them to start their life.

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