13-Year-Old Girl Dies in Explosion from DIY Popcorn Video

In Liangxinzhuang Village Shandong Province, two children created a horrifying explosion while following an online DIY popcorn making instruction. Outraged Chinese netizens and real-life parents started a heated debate online regarding whether video instructions with potential harmful effect should be regulated.

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It has been confirmed that (Zhezhe) one of the two girls that was severely injured during the accident had passed away on September 5th, (Xiaoyu) the other girl has been released from the hospital’s ICU and started her burn treatment.

According to Xiaoyu, on August 22nd, Xiaoyu (12 years old) and Zhezhe (13 years old) watched a popcorn DIY video on social media so they gathered empty can, alcohol and other materials shown from the video and started to follow the instruction step by step. “When we just started, everything seemed fine. So we decided to pour the alcohol, the explosion happened when the alcohol touched our setup. We were covered in fire and terrified, so I run outside to call our neighbors for help.” said Xiaoyu during one of her interviews with the local newspaper. Luckily the neighbors were home that day playing card games with their friends, so help was provided immediately. They rushed in and carried Zhezhe out.

Zhezhe’s sister told one of the interviewers, neither of the girls knew the alcohol they were using was highly concentrated. There wasn’t any information stating what kind of alcohol should be used on that video. As fresh junior high students, the girls have not yet learned how dangerous highly concentrated alcohol can be.

Although both girls were rushed to the local hospital after the accident, Zhezhe suffered from 96% of total body burns and passed away on the 5th. Although Xiaoyu was lucky and survived the explosion, she still has a long way to go recovering from multiple burns on her face, arms, and legs.



I saw the news couple of days ago. It is that video platform again. It is good she passed away; I can’t imagine what kind of pain she has to endure with 96% of body burns.


Why is highly concentrated alcohol accessible to children anyway? Not to mention a large volume of it, scary.


The platform should require detailed dangerous warning messages for videos like this or ban these so called “instructions” with potential harmful results.


Their parents are responsible for sure!!


Blaming the social media platform again? How did your children get access to fire source and alcohol in the first place? Was there enough supervision provided in the household?


Basic safety knowledge like this should be provided to kids from very young age, this is more important than English learning in kindergarten.


Lack of education! A well-educated 13 years old child should know how dangerous highly concentrated alcohol is.


This specific vlogger is known for her eye-opening cooking method, like “drinking fountain hotpot”, “hair iron BBQ” etc. There was no warning on her videos at first, I followed her for a while until I realize what she does can be a real safety hazard.


The video is not at fault, highly concentrated alcohol shouldn’t be easily accessed by kids this age anyway.


Stop guilting the parents, do you remember the things you have done when you were a kid? It is impossible for parents to keep an eye on their kids 24/7.


They should have known these things already in their age. My kid is in kindergarten and he was taught these in class.

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