Mysterious Disappearance of Two Young Women on Notorious Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island Guangxi is the new taboo on social media. Within 1 month, two young women went missing while traveling on Weizhou Island (famous for illegal pyramid scheme activities) alone.

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August 26th, 2019 around 3 pm in the afternoon, Weizhou police office received a call from a local hotel owner reporting that he had lost contact with one of his customers. The missing girl He Hongyu is from Jiangxi China traveled alone to Weizhou Island, Beihai and checked in Mr.Zhao’s hotel. August 26th is the date she supposed to check out, however, Mr. Zhao couldn’t get in touch with her and when he went into her room, he found a suicide note left on the table.

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Again, September 2nd, 2019 around 8:30 in the morning. Weizhou police office was reported another missing girl Long Qile. Long is from Sichuan, she was working for an education organization in Yunnan and traveled to Beihai alone on August 30th. September 1st Long headed out of the local Inn she was staying and never came back.

Local police and volunteers formed up search groups to look for those two missing girls, but no luck so far.

During an interview, He’s aunt told the journalist none of the family members knew she was going to Guangxi. The 19th years old girl just finished Gaokao (the Chinese national exam for entering university). She decided not to take the offer and study one more year for a better grade. He’s aunt told the journalist, He is a girl that enjoys her life, she loves Japanese animation and for that, she was learning Japanese on her own. The suicide note indeed came from her writing, however, her family doesn’t believe she would do such a thing. It is suspected by the family that she met someone online and was tricked to travel to Guangxi alone to meet the person. He’s parents both work in other cities and she grew up with her grandparents, she was never pressured by her family for anything. Even her decision to redo her last year of high school was supported by her family, so He’s aunt couldn’t think of any reason she would just give up her life that easy.

 Local police released a surveillance video of a local company’s backdoor near Mu cliff on the island. On the video, He was running while looking over her shoulder as if she was chased. He wrote on her suicide note:” Don’t waste your time to search me and don’t give me a funeral.” Her aunt said, although the writing is hers, the way everything was wrote looked rushed and that doesn’t seem to match her personality, as she does everything in her own pace and in an orderly way.

On the other hand, the 22nd years old teacher Long Qile left messages to her online friend saying she was going to walk into the sea and she also sent messages to her friends asking them to take care of her parents. Her last phone call according to the local police record was to one of her online friends.

From the provided information through media and the victim’s family, Chinese netizens listed:

  1. Both girls are single and love video games
  2. They both purchased tickets from the same platform
  3. They both left their hotel around 8 pm
  4. They both felt stressful and expressed suicidal thoughts
  5. They were both house cat and lived by themselves
  6. They both had short term plans for their life
  7. They both enjoy life and didn’t show any dramatic mood change before missing
  8. They both went missing and nobody was found in the area

Many netizens believe they might have been abducted by local illegal pyramid scheme groups and forced to cut their tie with their family with fake suicide notes and messages. Normally this kind of group will lure innocent young girl from online chat, invite them to visit alone and lock them away to brainwash them until they join the group and drag their family and friends along with them.



My guess: they met some guy online while playing a game together, got lured into his place and it was too late when they realize what was really going on. They couldn’t run because they don’t know a thing about the island. The suspect should be a local resident, younger than 30 years old, love video games. These victims are either dead already or are captive now.


Mother: “ At least she would be alive if she is in the illegal pyramid scheme.” So sad.


Two people without any plan came all the way to this island which is not anyway famous as a tourist destination alone, something doesn’t feel right about this. There has to be somebody behind this. The 19th years old also mentioned she was in a hurry and she was running in the video. If they were lured onto a boat at night, they could be anywhere by now. Maybe sold to southeast Asia for all we know and of course, there won’t be any trace.


I am certain they were tricked into joining one of the famous illegal pyramid scheme groups in Beihai.


One of my friends made me join an illegal pyramid scheme group in Beihai 15 years ago. This is still a thing now?


Who did they meet when they arrived? Why don’t the police start from that first?


If you have been to Beihai, then you will know how many people are participating the illegal pyramid scheme activities there. You can see police officers camping outside resident area and checking people’s ID, you can also see groups of people outside hotels are being arrested.


Being exposed on social media like this, will they be in danger? Wouldn’t the group panic and try to get rid of them or something?


It is clear on her suicide note that she doesn’t want to live anymore. Only her family can’t accept the truth. She might be brainwashed by a game or something.

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