“Quantum Speed Reading” Training Camp Scam Tiger Parents for Thousands of Dollars

Modern China is a society with cruel competition and high pressure. Parents would do anything to give their child a head start in life, and the eagerness created opportunities for unethical companies to make money.

Recently a training camp scam caught many Chinese netizens’ attention. A “Quantum Speed Reading” campaign claims that with this method, a young child can read 100,000 words in 1 minute. The cost of this training camp is between $1500 to $7000, just for a few days. Sounds ridiculous? Well, many parents fell for it.


From a shared video on October 15th people can see, children in the camp are flipping through their books at an unreadable speed. However, it is advertised as a new technique for reading books without looking at the pages. Through training, children will be able to “read” a 100,000 words book within 1-5 minutes and repeat its content.

In a short clip of the training camp, we can see a huge banner on the wall saying:

“Master the right learning method is better than after school tutoring sessions”.

Although parents can see nothing beyond a bunch of children flipping through piles of books like madmen, however, the bold statement and the certainty of it already won their heart. According to the camp organizer, their students can interact with the book even with their eyes blindfolded, they can understand and remember the content even the emotion author trying to express through the book.

So what exactly is Quantum Speed Reading and what is the magic behind it?

QSR’s founder is Tobitani Yumiko from Japan, her book can be found on Amazon. The whole training camp method is based on Tobitani Yumiko’s book. However, there wasn’t any reference or case study in the book and out of the few feedbacks it has, most of them thought it was a total waste of time. The idea of using the quantum power to create images and help the reader to learn the book might sound fascinating at first, however, there is no real evidence to back it up.

Educator Xiong Bingqi expressed his concern and said, parents should be more rational when it comes to their child’s education, there is no short cut, so good result requires hard work.

Chinese netizen’s reaction:


As long as I am flipping fast enough, knowledge can’t catch up to me


I don’t understand, don’t they use their brain before handing over their hard-earned money to these camps? What does quantum have to do with reading books anyway? Such a waste of money and your kid’s time.


I want to know what these poor children have learned from flipping through books like that. If they haven’t learned anything, don’t their parents know then it is a scam?


Parents’ IQ is also very important


People should stop blaming the parents. It’s like you don’t blame the theft but blame the victim for being stupid, and you don’t blame the rapist but blame the victim for being too weak instead. What we should ask ourselves is, why do these people dare to set up such a large-scaled scam like this. Why is there no organization supervising the market?


Child, any feeling you would like to share post-camp? Student: “super breezy.”


Hahahaha, your IQ is low on credit, get our top-up card for only 99!


I have an exam the day after tomorrow, I need this training like right now!


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