Man Sentenced to 1.5 Years for Beating his Teacher from 20 Years Ago

July 10th, a man was sentenced by Henan Luanchuan County People’s court of 1.5 years jail time for physically assaulting his formal teacher in public. His wife burst into tears when heard the ruling and his father was very disappointed at the result. After the second trial on August 19th, the Henan Luoyang Intermediate People’s Court maintained the original ruling.

No doubt, this result is devastating for the man’s family, but how did he end up in this pickle at first place? Besides the terrible decision making and obvious angle management issue, could there be more to it?

A normal day in July 2018, middle school teacher Zhang would never have thought his day would take such a harsh turn. He ran into Chang Renxiao who he taught 20 years ago and got slapped, cursed and punched in the middle of the road. The whole event was recorded by Chang Renxiao’s friend and uploaded online. In the video we could hear, Chang Renxiao kept yelling: “Do you still remember me!?” while his teacher Zhang sat on his bike and mumbled sorry. According to Chang Renxiao, he was physically abused by his formal teacher Zhang while he was taught by him and he let his anger took over when he saw Zhang again after 20 years. Every action comes with consequences, despite the private and public apologies Chang Renxiao and his family made after the incident, he was sentenced for one year and six months of jail time. Chang’s father expressed his disappointment after the second trial of instance: “We are extremely disappointed at the result; we know what he did was wrong, and we have apologized repeatedly in public and to media. I think 1.5 years is too much for his mistake and we as a family can’t accept it.”

Chang Renxiao and his family are still considering another appeal.

 Physical abuse in school has been a headline topic in the traditional Chinese education industry, while some Chinese netizens can’t agree with Chang Renxiao’s action, others felt the judgment was too harsh on him and if Zhang really did abuse him 20 years ago in school, he should come forward and apologize for his action.



I think the judgment was too harsh.


If the teacher physically abused him 20 years ago as he claimed, please come forward for a fair judgement.


Look at these big babies in the comments. According to you, no one wants to be teachers anymore. Do you think you send your kid to school to be pampered like a king? Can’t speak to them too harshly can’t hit them for their wrongdoings? It is the teacher’s fault if your kid can’t get a good grade, and it is also the teacher’s fault when they discipline your kid, remember it is a school, not a retirement house!


You can report him for abusing you. However, 20 years later when you are an adult, any actions you do come with consequences. I think the judgment is fair because it was based on the evidence and outcome, it has nothing to do with what happened 20 years ago.


I like they recorded and uploaded it the whole thing online. Rule No.1 after you assault people, lay low…


Brother, if you fight back 20 years ago when your teacher abused you, I will give you a thumbs up. But after 20 years? You’d better sit your ass tight in jail.


If you didn’t break rules you wouldn’t be abused. Take your sweet revenge after 20 years, I can only imagine how dark this guy is.


I was physically abused by my teacher too. I was hit and asked to kneel on the floor.

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