Man Attacks Girl on Wuhan Subway, Blames it on Mental Illness- Netizens Unconvinced

What do you expect on a normal Monday train ride to work? Well, certainly not an in-your-face physical assault. August 12th, a man was obnoxiously loud on his phone while taking the Wuhan line 2 subway. A girl next to him kindly asked him to lower his voice so he doesn’t disturb other passengers. To everybody’s surprise, the man started to punch and kick the girl while screaming: “I am going to kill you!”.

The shocked passengers quickly stepped in to help the poor girl and restrained the man. With many kind citizens’ help, the man was quickly stopped and sent to the police officer in the subway on the next stop. The whole incident was recorded on uploaded on Chinese social media. Later the Wuhan subway police official Weibo account published a follow-up announcement.

It says: “Through investigation, we have evidence to prove the male attacker has mental illness history, and after talking to the victim, she expressed her understanding of the situation and forgave the attacker. Police have contacted the male attacker’s family to take him to the hospital for appropriate treatment.”


Chinese netizens are soon triggered by this official announcement:


You are pretty much invincible with a mental issue history.


Criminal with a mental issue should still take some form of punishment.


So…… He beat an innocent girl up with no consequences.


There should be consequences, right? This time he beat up someone, next time he might kill somebody.

“TALK” to the victim, I can only imagine.

Please stop using the mental issue as an excuse to avoid responsibility.


As long as you are in a public environment, anything you have done any damage you cause should have legal consequences regardless of your mental health history.


The moral of this story is shut your mouth tight while you are out, cuz you never know which one around you is CRAZY.


The mental issue cannot justify his violent tendency. Why is he not institutionalized?


Forgive him over my dead body!


I just can’t stand people use “he has a mental issue” or “he is still a kid” as excuses anymore.


You can only walk around and beat up people nowadays wearing some kind of mental issue as a badge.


Why TALK to the victim?! Why force people to forgive?? Has mental issue is not his fault but running around and hurting other people is definitely his fault! He can’t avoid justice because he has a mental illness.


His guardian should take full responsibility.


His guardian should be locked up for this.


Stop abusing mental issue as a getaway card, someone, either his family or his legal guardian has to pay for his action. What if he kills someone? We have to forgive him just because he is mentally sick?

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