Chinese Parents Paying for Child’s Plastic Surgery? Netizens React

More and more Chinese believe that life favors the good-looking ones. Although there is criticism towards “copy-paste” plastic surgery faces, micro-shaping has slowly gained acceptance. Even parents have given the green light to such procedures, believing their kids are likely to have a brighter future by improving their appearance.

I prefer double eyelids if possible.

A Chinese media recently carried out a street interview towards teenage students and their parents about their opinions on plastic surgery. Let’s have a look!

My daughter is a natural beauty, there is no need.

I think I am already pretty enough.

I feel people use plastic surgery to avoid reality, that shows weakness.

We prefer the “factory setting”.

Would you consider micro-shaping?

Qu – 12 years old

I am happy with how I look now.

Li – 16 years old

I don’t really like the idea of plastic surgery, those altered faces are somewhat unnatural.

Du – 15 years old

I appreciate what my parents gave me so there is no need for any changes.

Bai – 18 years old

I don’t have any plan yet (because I am already pretty).

Ji – 10 years old

I would mind getting double eyelids.

Jin – 10 years old

I don’t mind doing it or not as long as it makes me pretty.

During the interview, most participants admit that micro-shaping is too expensive, and they can’t afford it. While others said age, psychological barrier and parents are also factors standing between them and micro-shaping.

What parents think about micro-shaping?

If he is really hard to look at, I guess.

I won’t ever accept it and he should appreciate the look he is born with.

I support it if she wants to.

Yes, I support it. I event want to get a micro-shaping treatment myself. Although I think my daughter is too young at the moment.

How much would you spend on your kid’s treatment?

Within 5 figures I think I can accept.

Two to three hundred thousand, but probably not gonna be enough.

Well it depends how much she needs, if our family can afford it, I will support her.

It really depends on different families; A double eyelids surgery might only be a few thousand RMB I think?

For me money is not an issue.

Do you believe life favors the good-looking ones?

Ning & Zhao – 15 years old

Who doesn’t like pretty things?

Li – 17 years old

Who would spend time and discover your inner beauty if you don’t have a pretty appearance to start with?

Na – 13 years old

Pretty people have better chance to be hired in workplace.

Li – 30+

I feel for woman especially, plastic surgery is a confident boost.

Gu – 40+

I believe appearance, including face and body figure are key factors to determine one’s path.

Guo – 40+

Confident people have a natural aura with them, they don’t need any plastic surgery to be noticed.

Zhang – 20 years old

Yes, pretty people have easier life.

Wang – 40+

Knowledge is still the most important aspect of a successful human being.

Netizen Comments


I don’t see any problem spending my own money and fixing my own face.


Look at some of the comments, some people might not survive the internet trolls without plastic surgery.


To be honest, appearance is the first thing people being judged on. Pretty people get more help and support in life.


Many people in the video are blindly confident about their looks.


What kind of horrifying future we will be living in if everybody looks the same.


But being pretty really does have its advantages in life.


Jack Ma doesn’t need appearance.


Personally, I don’t support it, but I do respect other people’s choice. It is normal to want to be pretty, as long as they are not being forced to change their appearance by society.

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