Yangxian County In Shaanxi China Kills Every Single Dog


From Mop:

2009 May 31, an indiscriminate massacre was carried out throughout the entire 3206 square kilometer county of Yangxian in Shaanxi province — the target of the massacre were dogs! No matter whether it has a license, whether it was vaccinated, whether it was leashed, whether it was owned, they were all given the death penalty on May 31.

After Heilongjiang province’s Heihe city’s plot to become a dog-less county failed, Yangxian has become the first dog-less county in the entire country.



Comments on Mop:


You bunch of people should not blindly scold, have you guys seen the news at all? There was a rabies outbreak and an alarming amount of infected and dead. When raising dogs, one must also be responsible to the public. If it is going to bite people, at least keep it at home to bite yourselves, don’t let it out to harm others.


The families of the dog-killers must die. That’s all.


In China, even people are not treated as people, much less dogs without backgrounds/connections.


If influenza breaks out amongst humans, are we supposed to begin massacring humans?



If anyone dares to come kill my dog, I will definitely fight them to the death. I really want to ask, those people who owned dogs, how could you guys give up your dogs [to be killed]!!!


What I want to say is

Dogs are man’s best friend, please pay attention to the balance of nature!


Everyone go on Baidu and search for the “rabies attack” video, then come discuss whether the go-vern-ment’s actions are right or not. See that poor child, see how KB rabies is.


Fucking administrators, only allowing netizens to criticize the go-vern-ment, not allowing netizens to defend the go-vern-ment?  I simply do not feel what Yangxian did was inappropriate. In consideration of protecting the local citizen’s health, what was inappropriate? Is this place only for criticizing the go-vern-ment? It appears you are an internet spy like I said, intentionally trying to incite hostility in society.


Grass mud horse.
A bunch of bastards, I hope you will also be treated this way by people when you go on the streets, fuck.
If you really have ability, do a good job preventing disease. What bullshit use is just killing dogs?
Why not just kill all the people, then there would be no diseases at all.


I like cats more. Cats are also harder to catch, so if they want to massacre cats, I bet the level of difficulty would be very high.


There are no human rights in China, and you want dog rights? Are you joking?


Please read the news and understand more, all caring about dogs’ rights, how come no one pays attention to those people on the streets who must hide [from the dogs]?
Resolutely support clean up of stray dogs! Our society has not yet developed the point of defending dog rights, has it?


If it were our family members bitten and infected with rabies, would you complain about the go-vern-ment not timely preventing the spread of rabies and say the go-vern-ment failed to do its job!
First read the news and understand what happened, then come voice your opinion. I am not speaking for the government nor do I dare to speak for the government. I just want everyone to understand. We can observe how foreign countries handle things.


River crabMLGB, just who are mad/rabid dogs?



Too immoral…all day talking about human rights…yet a person does not even have the right to have a dog?





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