Plastic Surgery Gate: “Little Cecilia Cheung” Gong Mi


From Sina:

“Pirated Cecilia Cheung” Gong Mi from the Zhengshou area of this year’s “Happy Girls” competition [the new “Super Girls” competition, which is like a Chinese “American Idol” show] has in a few short days became a famous person, with her pictures on BBS forums having already received millions of clicks/views. Following the exposure of the “Happy Girls” competition pictures, yesterday, netizens exposed what is allegedly Gong Mi’s pre-plastic surgery pictures, again creating heated discussion — This Cecilia Cheung “look-alike”  has ushered in 2009’s entertainment circle’s new term: Plastic Surgery Gate.

However, what the majority of people are concerned about now is not Gong Mi’s singing ability, not what rank Gong Mi can get, but Gong Mi’s appearance just because she is known as “Little Cecilia Cheung”. These past two days, what has also been receiving a lot of attention is the issue of Gong Mi’s plastic surgery.



More pictures of Gong Mi:

Comments from Sina:


[Looks] very similar, but just one look and one can tell she is a human-made 女 [beauty]! Hehe


I wonder if she will have Cheung’s fate… [this could mean Cheung’s fame or her fate with Edisen Chen]


Too similar…
God would not let two people with different DNA look as similar as this.
Long-lost sisters?


Nothing weird, just man-made in the image of Cecilia Cheung. If you are interested, you too can be made in the image of Nicholas Tse. With technology so developed these days, there truly are few things that are surprising. emoticons|E___6253ZHYXSIB|无聊


Personally I feel the second picture is pretty similar, but I wonder if the various parts of her body are also similar, gaga


Is there a Super Boy that looks like Edisen Chen?


Plastic surgery, is there doubt? She is no longer the person in her old photographs. She was rather pretty before too. People these days are all crazy~


Yet another young girl about to sink into the entertainment business. Tragedy! emoticons|E___7309ZHMGSIB|无力


What use is being a pirated version? In this day and age, personality is what makes someone special.


She certainly looks like her [Cecilia Cheung], but unfortunately she will just the entertainment circle’s future whore.


Does Gong Mi look like Cecilia Cheung? Did she do plastic surgery?

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