Beijing Prostitute Posts Customers’ Mobile Numbers & AIDS


From Mop:

I have contracted AIDS, publicizing my customers’ mobile phone numbers

This is my medical file/record [pregnancy]:


My name is 闫德利 [Yan Deli], and I live at #6 Yonghong Rd., Jiaguang Village, Jiaguang Town, Rongcheng County, Hebei Province. My national ID number is 132435197906111925. When I was very young, my mother, along with me and my brother (Yan Guosheng), remarried to my current stepfather (Yan Baoqi), (biological father is epileptic). After remarrying, my mother had my little brother (Yan Guoquan). I did not know much when I was small, my stepfather treated me pretty well, often taking me out to play. I never expected that this old bastard would not be able to hold his fart [control himself], that ultimately in the year I became fifteen, when I was sleeping, the old bastard raped me. Afterward, he even threatened that if I were to speak out about it, he would break my legs. I was frightened to the extreme, (I have suppressed this in my heart for fifteen years now, I am 30-years-old this year).

Later, the old bastard asked people to help me come to Beijing for work (probably afraid I would expose his secret). After coming to Beijing and because I had no skills and did not know how to do anything, I could only do odd jobs here and there. Fortunately, my older brother also came to Beijing, (he is a driver). At that time, he would give me a little money every so often. Later when I had come to know some girls, they said that if we [girls like her] want to make money in Beijing, we need to go work in KTVs, that men’s money is easy to earn (nothing more than pulling/picking and touching), and if you feel comfortable with them, you can let them poke a bit [have sex] after agreeing on a price. So, I began working in a KTV in Beijing’s Fatou district and in the beginning, I was not very comfortable but eventually it became no big deal (since I wasn’t a virgin anyway, what did it matter who was inserting themselves in me), and the money did come very quickly/easily.

At that time, I was young and did not know to use contraceptives, and when customers finished they all finished inside me. I have become pregnant and had abortions so many times. My sisters [co-workers] say I am stupid and ask why I don’t use condoms. I said doing it like that is not comfortable. Then, I started using birth control pills and did not get pregnant any more. However, this did not work either. Sometimes when I was not careful, a customer could have diseases and I would not know, and not long afterward I became foul-smelling down there,  and there would be yellow-white granular things. Going to the hospital to have it checked, the doctor said it is gonorrhea, because of unclean/unsafe sexual lifestyle. After taking medication and shots over and over again for over a month did it finally become better (later, it would happen again several times but now there is no problem, because I have experience). Now that I think about it after so many years, had the old bastard not ruined me, I would have long ago gotten married in the countryside and had children of my own.

Coming to Beijing was a good thing. I will never think about going back to that lousy village, and the further I am from that old bastard the better. I now want to become make a name for myself. Aside from being a little short, my looks are relatively outstanding (pictures in my photo album). I want to leave Beijing, go south, because guys there like northerners, and even at average KTVs one can earn 800 RMB and above sitting with customer, which is as much as me sleeping with four customers, and it is less worrisome.

This is how it will be for me, no matter what I will be rotten so I might as well be rotten to the end. Even if it is rotten, I want to be famous rotten because I am Yan Deli and I enjoy being the rotten goods like in the pictures I have posted [these sentences are unclear]. These telephone numbers all belong to some of the people I have been with before. You can contact them and let them understand the specific situation.

Beijing and Hebei friends look, are your numbers included? Of course, the precondition is that you have gone to these entertainment places before. If your number is included, then congratulations, you have AIDS.

13718891144, 13719573859, 13731497492, 13751456763, 13751893776, 13770301880, 13780220249, 13780300101, 13784974551, 13785118919, 13801014117, 13801026222, 13801262201, 13803373852, 13810003604, 13810038585, 13810215919, 13810670145, 13831129369, 13832149906, 13832166229, 13832184712, 13832396210, 13833000698, 13833094059, 13833094064, 13833115978, 13833171592, 13901049543, 13901090332, 13901101337, 13901149223, 13901185343, 13901192093, 13901203154, 13903127591, 13910007100, 13910007100, 13910196639, 13910297283, 13910560178, 13910563299, 13910609724, 13910897755, 13911000867, 13911032588, 13911056160, 13911094354, 13911295361, 13911336164, 13911395749, 13911514335, 13911538582, 13911550743, 13911612050, 13911677661, 13911808681, 13911894354, 13911898058, 13911909934, 13930201702, 13930268631, 13930871131, 15123447880, 15103126088, 13931358423, 13933839710, 15028240458, 15030640140, 15128955300, 15132173668, 15210036208, 15300179877, 15601066699, 15611962030, 15810010775, 15810363764, 15810494516, 15810533221, 15846514762, 15901204139, 15901236060, 15901342496, 15901501360, 15910663368, 15910774997, 15911158583, 15911172345, 15933906270, 15210281823, 13651372769, 13466604669, 13466630118, 13466694310, 13466772607, 13471517148, 13483188018, 13488865918, 13488887674, 13501185294, 13501195993, 13501218423, 13501237987, 13501268554, 13501288061, 13501293366, 13501385010, 13503334604, 13503336373, 13520162816, 13520461141, 13520612738, 13520951508, 13521039936, 13521248683, 13521266552, 13521310626, 13521315422, 13521484670, 13521602455, 13521657436, 13521975252, 13521982611, 13522121602, 13522158763, 13522597251, 13552007684, 13552115200, 13552146173, 13552167022, 13552540153, 13552692030, 13552807250, 13552875132, 13552938456, 13581844341, 13582152954, 13582252554, 13601036379, 13601039658, 13601086619, 13601178364, 13601178367, 13601229526, 13601333468, 13601364091, 13605925822, 13611092213, 13621336817, 13641277867, 13643127412, 13651132774, 13651207774, 13651216343, 13661005060, 13661391865, 13671370751, 13681054666, 13681176103, 13681570295, 13681597486, 13683598525, 13683618140, 13691322415, 13691335858, 13693265888, 13701098702, 13701137858, 13701165372, 13701327920, 13701366372, 13703261985, 13703285597, 13711844751, 13716224690, 13716249571, 13716500108, 13716560108, 13717687391, 13717739697, 13717922963, 13718186919, 13718355171, 13718557936, 1308563093 , 13001278658, 13001950860, 13011188958, 13011577193, 13012141992, 13016577827, 13031090783, 13032630994, 13051196799, 13051976190, 13065971339, 13111608648, 13120339910, 13120383777, 13126637048, 13146849967, 13131119645, 13131363953, 13146007009, 13146028821, 13146103638, 13146183671, 13146193375, 13146416595, 13146437931, 13160241789, 13161125911, 13161300020, 13161363953, 13161372555, 13161690087, 13161714221, 13161960078, 13164281789, 13167327338, 13186658085, 13240002277, 13240230261, 13241030884, 13241430598, 13241828941, 13241959446, 13260028369, 13260028361, 13260111745, 13261240616, 13261245788, 13261271432, 13261291661, 13261402991, 13261806433, 13264057196, 13264172825, 13264195888, 13264224411, 13264195888, 13264224411, 13264273686, 13264369174, 13269020662, 13269238279, 13269807671, 13301030214, 13301105369, 1330339666 , 13311119099, 13311228712, 13311294653, 13315109595, 13315115189, 13315151080, 13331150325, 13331137326, 13341178527, 13343479795, 13366162319, 13366176032, 13366181910, 13366450427, 13366166919, 13366686255, 13366755298, 13371713227, 13371720828, 13381020239, 13381065900, 13381398858, 13391690053, 13391730909, 13426267882, 13439022880, 13439023788, 13439040716, 13455759889, 134631211161, 13466538585, 15901342132


Comments from Mop:


“Since I wasn’t a virgin anyway, what did it matter who was inserting themselves in me”, this sentence is classic!


It’s over…my number is on there.


Fuck! The quality of condoms these days are truly awful!


Satisfying haha! They can all die! Who told you guys to be shameless and go whoring!


Those who are on the list of phone numbers must have all fainted, hehe.


Reply reasonably/rationally! Watch yourselves.
If you yourself do not care, no matter how hurt others are it won’t matter.
I wish the lou zhu a quick recovery.


OMG…no professional ethics.! Accepting money but still infecting others..


When I grow up, I will only be good to my wife, will not find other people [be unfaithful]! Too frightening, this many numbers~ >_<


In this day and age, those being prostitutes are really unprofessional!

Someone tries to help the poor, one willing to give money, one willing to be CAO [fucked], everyone gets what they wanted, a market economy’s inevitable result.

You are indeed that unprofessional, infecting others, are you trying to take revenge on society or what?
What man does not like to visit whores? Men who visit whores are using money they worked hard to earn, to go enjoy your services.
Your stepfather raped your, does not mean the entire forest [society] raped you.

I used to laugh at [look down on] the poor but not prostitutes! You are truly dangerous/formidable amongst prostitutes!


Meekly asks, will reading this thread infect me?


This girl is really BT, an example of a vengeful heart. Now that you have told us this, in the future when we go out merry-making we know that we definitely need to wear condoms, best 2 of them.


I suggest you go to Japan or Korea to develop your [career], and disseminate your fine bloodline [infect them].


Your life was not a waste, to be fucked by so many people before! Envious!


Just leaving my mark to observe…girls should still take care of themselves. Actually, no matter what kind of person, if you do not take care of yourselves then you have wasted your time on this earth. So not worth it. Is living a good life not good?


HOHO, clients of whores will quickly join the Brother Chun religion — Believe in Brother Chun, and you will not get AIDS.


2009 October 18 UPDATE: “AIDS woman Yan Deli denies suffering from AIDS and being a prostitute, believes she is being framed” (Sina). She suspects her ex-boyfriend.

2009 October 20 UPDATE: “Yan Deli’s 3 blood tests prove she is innocent, does not have AIDS, but the damage is already done” (Sohu).


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