Beijing Prostitute Posts Customers’ Mobile Numbers & AIDS


From Mop:

I have contracted AIDS, publicizing my customers’ mobile phone numbers

This is my medical file/record [pregnancy]:


My name is 闫德利 [Yan Deli], and I live at #6 Yonghong Rd., Jiaguang Village, Jiaguang Town, Rongcheng County, Hebei Province. My national ID number is 132435197906111925. When I was very young, my mother, along with me and my brother (Yan Guosheng), remarried to my current stepfather (Yan Baoqi), (biological father is epileptic). After remarrying, my mother had my little brother (Yan Guoquan). I did not know much when I was small, my stepfather treated me pretty well, often taking me out to play. I never expected that this old bastard would not be able to hold his fart [control himself], that ultimately in the year I became fifteen, when I was sleeping, the old bastard raped me. Afterward, he even threatened that if I were to speak out about it, he would break my legs. I was frightened to the extreme, (I have suppressed this in my heart for fifteen years now, I am 30-years-old this year).

Later, the old bastard asked people to help me come to Beijing for work (probably afraid I would expose his secret). After coming to Beijing and because I had no skills and did not know how to do anything, I could only do odd jobs here and there. Fortunately, my older brother also came to Beijing, (he is a driver). At that time, he would give me a little money every so often. Later when I had come to know some girls, they said that if we [girls like her] want to make money in Beijing, we need to go work in KTVs, that men’s money is easy to earn (nothing more than pulling/picking and touching), and if you feel comfortable with them, you can let them poke a bit [have sex] after agreeing on a price. So, I began working in a KTV in Beijing’s Fatou district and in the beginning, I was not very comfortable but eventually it became no big deal (since I wasn’t a virgin anyway, what did it matter who was inserting themselves in me), and the money did come very quickly/easily.

At that time, I was young and did not know to use contraceptives, and when customers finished they all finished inside me. I have become pregnant and had abortions so many times. My sisters [co-workers] say I am stupid and ask why I don’t use condoms. I said doing it like that is not comfortable. Then, I started using birth control pills and did not get pregnant any more. However, this did not work either. Sometimes when I was not careful, a customer could have diseases and I would not know, and not long afterward I became foul-smelling down there,  and there would be yellow-white granular things. Going to the hospital to have it checked, the doctor said it is gonorrhea, because of unclean/unsafe sexual lifestyle. After taking medication and shots over and over again for over a month did it finally become better (later, it would happen again several times but now there is no problem, because I have experience). Now that I think about it after so many years, had the old bastard not ruined me, I would have long ago gotten married in the countryside and had children of my own.

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Coming to Beijing was a good thing. I will never think about going back to that lousy village, and the further I am from that old bastard the better. I now want to become make a name for myself. Aside from being a little short, my looks are relatively outstanding (pictures in my photo album). I want to leave Beijing, go south, because guys there like northerners, and even at average KTVs one can earn 800 RMB and above sitting with customer, which is as much as me sleeping with four customers, and it is less worrisome.

This is how it will be for me, no matter what I will be rotten so I might as well be rotten to the end. Even if it is rotten, I want to be famous rotten because I am Yan Deli and I enjoy being the rotten goods like in the pictures I have posted [these sentences are unclear]. These telephone numbers all belong to some of the people I have been with before. You can contact them and let them understand the specific situation.

Beijing and Hebei friends look, are your numbers included? Of course, the precondition is that you have gone to these entertainment places before. If your number is included, then congratulations, you have AIDS.

13718891144, 13719573859, 13731497492, 13751456763, 13751893776, 13770301880, 13780220249, 13780300101, 13784974551, 13785118919, 13801014117, 13801026222, 13801262201, 13803373852, 13810003604, 13810038585, 13810215919, 13810670145, 13831129369, 13832149906, 13832166229, 13832184712, 13832396210, 13833000698, 13833094059, 13833094064, 13833115978, 13833171592, 13901049543, 13901090332, 13901101337, 13901149223, 13901185343, 13901192093, 13901203154, 13903127591, 13910007100, 13910007100, 13910196639, 13910297283, 13910560178, 13910563299, 13910609724, 13910897755, 13911000867, 13911032588, 13911056160, 13911094354, 13911295361, 13911336164, 13911395749, 13911514335, 13911538582, 13911550743, 13911612050, 13911677661, 13911808681, 13911894354, 13911898058, 13911909934, 13930201702, 13930268631, 13930871131, 15123447880, 15103126088, 13931358423, 13933839710, 15028240458, 15030640140, 15128955300, 15132173668, 15210036208, 15300179877, 15601066699, 15611962030, 15810010775, 15810363764, 15810494516, 15810533221, 15846514762, 15901204139, 15901236060, 15901342496, 15901501360, 15910663368, 15910774997, 15911158583, 15911172345, 15933906270, 15210281823, 13651372769, 13466604669, 13466630118, 13466694310, 13466772607, 13471517148, 13483188018, 13488865918, 13488887674, 13501185294, 13501195993, 13501218423, 13501237987, 13501268554, 13501288061, 13501293366, 13501385010, 13503334604, 13503336373, 13520162816, 13520461141, 13520612738, 13520951508, 13521039936, 13521248683, 13521266552, 13521310626, 13521315422, 13521484670, 13521602455, 13521657436, 13521975252, 13521982611, 13522121602, 13522158763, 13522597251, 13552007684, 13552115200, 13552146173, 13552167022, 13552540153, 13552692030, 13552807250, 13552875132, 13552938456, 13581844341, 13582152954, 13582252554, 13601036379, 13601039658, 13601086619, 13601178364, 13601178367, 13601229526, 13601333468, 13601364091, 13605925822, 13611092213, 13621336817, 13641277867, 13643127412, 13651132774, 13651207774, 13651216343, 13661005060, 13661391865, 13671370751, 13681054666, 13681176103, 13681570295, 13681597486, 13683598525, 13683618140, 13691322415, 13691335858, 13693265888, 13701098702, 13701137858, 13701165372, 13701327920, 13701366372, 13703261985, 13703285597, 13711844751, 13716224690, 13716249571, 13716500108, 13716560108, 13717687391, 13717739697, 13717922963, 13718186919, 13718355171, 13718557936, 1308563093 , 13001278658, 13001950860, 13011188958, 13011577193, 13012141992, 13016577827, 13031090783, 13032630994, 13051196799, 13051976190, 13065971339, 13111608648, 13120339910, 13120383777, 13126637048, 13146849967, 13131119645, 13131363953, 13146007009, 13146028821, 13146103638, 13146183671, 13146193375, 13146416595, 13146437931, 13160241789, 13161125911, 13161300020, 13161363953, 13161372555, 13161690087, 13161714221, 13161960078, 13164281789, 13167327338, 13186658085, 13240002277, 13240230261, 13241030884, 13241430598, 13241828941, 13241959446, 13260028369, 13260028361, 13260111745, 13261240616, 13261245788, 13261271432, 13261291661, 13261402991, 13261806433, 13264057196, 13264172825, 13264195888, 13264224411, 13264195888, 13264224411, 13264273686, 13264369174, 13269020662, 13269238279, 13269807671, 13301030214, 13301105369, 1330339666 , 13311119099, 13311228712, 13311294653, 13315109595, 13315115189, 13315151080, 13331150325, 13331137326, 13341178527, 13343479795, 13366162319, 13366176032, 13366181910, 13366450427, 13366166919, 13366686255, 13366755298, 13371713227, 13371720828, 13381020239, 13381065900, 13381398858, 13391690053, 13391730909, 13426267882, 13439022880, 13439023788, 13439040716, 13455759889, 134631211161, 13466538585, 15901342132

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Comments from Mop:


“Since I wasn’t a virgin anyway, what did it matter who was inserting themselves in me”, this sentence is classic!


It’s over…my number is on there.


Fuck! The quality of condoms these days are truly awful!


Satisfying haha! They can all die! Who told you guys to be shameless and go whoring!


Those who are on the list of phone numbers must have all fainted, hehe.


Reply reasonably/rationally! Watch yourselves.
If you yourself do not care, no matter how hurt others are it won’t matter.
I wish the lou zhu a quick recovery.


OMG…no professional ethics.! Accepting money but still infecting others..


When I grow up, I will only be good to my wife, will not find other people [be unfaithful]! Too frightening, this many numbers~ >_<


In this day and age, those being prostitutes are really unprofessional!

Someone tries to help the poor, one willing to give money, one willing to be CAO [fucked], everyone gets what they wanted, a market economy’s inevitable result.

You are indeed that unprofessional, infecting others, are you trying to take revenge on society or what?
What man does not like to visit whores? Men who visit whores are using money they worked hard to earn, to go enjoy your services.
Your stepfather raped your, does not mean the entire forest [society] raped you.

I used to laugh at [look down on] the poor but not prostitutes! You are truly dangerous/formidable amongst prostitutes!


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Meekly asks, will reading this thread infect me?


This girl is really BT, an example of a vengeful heart. Now that you have told us this, in the future when we go out merry-making we know that we definitely need to wear condoms, best 2 of them.


I suggest you go to Japan or Korea to develop your [career], and disseminate your fine bloodline [infect them].


Your life was not a waste, to be fucked by so many people before! Envious!


Just leaving my mark to observe…girls should still take care of themselves. Actually, no matter what kind of person, if you do not take care of yourselves then you have wasted your time on this earth. So not worth it. Is living a good life not good?


HOHO, clients of whores will quickly join the Brother Chun religion — Believe in Brother Chun, and you will not get AIDS.


2009 October 18 UPDATE: “AIDS woman Yan Deli denies suffering from AIDS and being a prostitute, believes she is being framed” (Sina). She suspects her ex-boyfriend.

2009 October 20 UPDATE: “Yan Deli’s 3 blood tests prove she is innocent, does not have AIDS, but the damage is already done” (Sohu).


Have you visited a prostitute before?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


    First of all, it is almost impossible for a man to get AIDS from vaginal sex with a woman. If you get AIDS you’ve a faggot, a junkie or an assfucker and frankly men who want to fuck women in the ass are probably faggots so fuck you deserve it.

    I am not as arrogant as many of you take me to be, I can admit that I’d fuck a whore if she was hot enought and the price was right. But look at her who would pay to fuck her? I can hang out at any expat bar in Beijing, pretend to be a Korean-American who owns ten thousand vending machines (or some such bullshit) and lay and slut who makes eye-contact. Why the fuck would I pay to fuck such an ugly bitch? It makes no sense, that is why I am proud to say my Chinese mobile phone number is not on that list, because if I want to fuck average looking Chinese women I don’t need to pay and why should I?

    • Parapraxis

      You’ve never read a medical journal, have you?

      • lostinsz

        Speaking of medical journals, I really hope Pusan Playa is not moderated out of this site. I am writing him up as a case study which I hope to get published in The Journal of Abnormal Psychiatry. Im at a bit of a loss for a good working title for this article however…suggestions.

        Now this is a fact. PP was indeed born in Busan and studied racial eugenics at Seoul National University. He then went onto do his mandatory military service in the Korean army. However, his paraphilias and views on race so upset his fellow recruits that he suffered from continued hazing. As a consequence he went AWOL, crossed the DMZ and, after a succession of dead end jobs (street sweeper, cabbage picking, etc), landed a position as a food taster for Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang. He is presently building a new life for himself and has entered into a relationship with cute traffic controller.

    • Ming

      I know you are typical trolls on this site and I hope all that is just your regular rant.

      But just in case you dont know any better:

      You can get STD from vaginal, anal, and oral sex. You can also get STD from contact with blood such as a simple scratch or needle.

      Go ask your local doctor, or nurse if you have any doubts.

      • baby

        well i’ve read you can’t get STD from oral sex. and it’s written on a LOT of serious websites

      • Geriatric Patrick

        That is true. But as far as AIDS goes, from normal vaginal intercourse, the odds aren’t high that you’ll get AIDS. Various sources range from the odds being 1 in 500 to 1 in 5,000,000. That’s without use of a condom. Who knows how accurate those studies are though. In any case, relying on statistics probably isn’t the best bar to use in deciding whether or not you’ve come into contact with the. If your numbers on that list, you still got a chance of having the AIDS.

      • donscarletti

        Oh, you can get STDs alright, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, even Hep C. HIV is special though, it’s not your classic STD, catching HIV through Vaginal sex is similar to catching it through hand contact, i.e. possible, but only if there is some form of wound or sore on the area caused by something else.

    • J


      I mean your post says it all, you’ve never read a fuckin’ medical journal about AIDS/S.T.Ds in your life and it shows.

      Please continue to post regularly in your wannabe intellectual and condescending manner as we all continue to laugh at the pitiful ego that we have all come to know as the PUSAN PLAYA.

      Once again, CONGRATULATIONS.

      • jack butcher

        Im coming to read your comment. cool

        • just dropping by

          just wondering. this pusan playa troll.. So he says he’s “Korean”, right? If he truly is, I’d like to see him write out that post word for word in korean.. you just never know these days. You have japanese impersonating koreans, and koreans impersonating japanese, and you can also throw in chinese in that mix too – all in the name of inciting shit between the other groups…

          • Hitman,

            Hey, why don’t someone do a human flesh search on him and post his PIC and no. on the website… I bet he is just 4 foot 8″ tall, fat and ugly and wear a fake rolex watch .. any taker???

    • shamWow


      The girl has reasons to be vengeful and even vicious. The same could be said about you. Something traumatic must have happened to you to bring you to such a dark place. I hope you’ll be able to experience some kindness and decency in this life time. I feel so sad for both of you.

    • Kim_Yushin

      Congrats, pusan playa. over -50 score, you make us Koreans proud…not.

    • Joe

      Mr Playa, we normally see fairly eye-to-eye regarding the Chinese….. and yet I must disagree with your comments regarding those who like to ‘fuck women in the ass’.
      You should try it. You’ll like it.

    • California Guy

      Haha, how is everyone? I would like to reply to this post. Why? Because I recently found some very interesting information about this. You will probably also find it interesting. Tthis guys comments are actually – quite true – but in America, not Asia. Interesting right? I read a research report about this recently. I’m not 100% sure about China but anyway. There are different strands of HIV, very similar to the flu. There is type A, B, C, etc. I forget how they are identified. In USA and some other countries, we have the strand that requires blood contact, so normal vaginal sex is quite low risk – about 1 in 100,000 contacts. But, in Thailand and some other countries, they have a different strand. This scared the shit out of me going to Thailand, haha. The strand there, doesn’t need blood. What?! Yes, it does not need blood contact, it is most commonly transmitted from heterosexual contact – wait, what?! Yes. It can be transmitted just from the girls normal vaginal secretions (juice). Uh-oh. The contact rate? No bullshit – 1 in 30. Fuck. I am not going to Thailand. But very useful info. So, it just goes to show, you can’t take what you’ve come to know in your own country as reality. There are different strands of HIV, so be careful. Hope you are all well.

      • Mercator

        I remember you! Did you move to China and if so how have things turned out?

    • Teacher in China

      Way to go “Playa”, you got -71 so far. That’s by far the lowest rating I’ve ever seen on any comment. Do you feel proud of yourself?

    • owsleybeck

      what a douche bag. I think you have the aids and just can’t, which would explain you covering up your gayness.

  • tk 4 lyfe

    1st bitches!!!!

    i hit that shit too!!!!!

  • Marx


  • Mike

    ah shit…..I am in trouble now… my # is on that list..

  • Ed


    Way to manage the population, in the end the country will implode!

  • dave

    When I grow up, I will only be good to my wife, will not find other people [be unfaithful]! Too frightening, this many numbers~ >_<

    So his only reason to be faithful is because of fear, honesty, loyalty and honor mean nothing! ….such is local modern morality.

    • billy joel

      What prevents your wife from sleeping with someone whose number is up there ?

      and then she comes back to you at night…

      • dave

        I was quoting a statement given by a Chinese poster.

  • Moo Goo Kai Pan

    HOHO, clients of whores will quickly join the Brother Chun religion — Believe in Brother Chun, and you will not get AIDS.

    Who/what is Brother Chun?

    • Moo Goo Kai Pan

      Nevermind. Li Yuchun. She’s getting married, btw. Last performance I saw, she’s definitely looking more and more like a woman.

  • Chrisssssssssssssss

    the last 5 minutes of fame before being executed?


  • Chrisssssssssssssss

    just finish to read her story…well, reminds me to that old bastard I had to work with in shanghai,besides beating his dog and praying his PUSA at night, he also had the “cool” idea to go with whores and force them to do it without condom……maybe his number is on it

  • colin

    Holy cow, thats a lot of numbers.

  • AndyR

    Saddest post ever…

  • chabuduoxiansheng

    That’s just straight up nasty as fuck. Just because your step-daddy raped you doesn’t make it alright to become the kind of whore who doesn’t care about infecting others with sexual diseases. I hope she gets tracked down and beat the f down.

  • Hardlifeinchina

    That s really DANGEROUS! Can you imagine if each of the “designed phone numbers” had relations later with one or more girls. Then that (or those girls) had contacs with boyfriend or other sexpartners,… and so on?
    The chain is already too long to be cut.
    And what to say about this kind of “Rich People”, always inviting 归并朋友

    • whichone

      Actually this thought was scary enough that I looked up some statistics on HIV transmission probabilities, they are somewhat varied based on different studies, according to link, risk from infected female to uninfected male in vaginal intercourse is about 1/200,000

      Another article on medScape puts this at around 1/213 per intercourse during peak viremia (20 days after infection), so she probably didn’t infect that many people.

  • I don’t know which is more tragic- her nihilistic futile outlook or the long list of numbers. I imagine this situation is pretty common. I don’t see how someone maintain self-respect and optimism when they’re treated like a piece of meat day after day.

  • Hardlifeinchina

    always inviting 贵宾朋友in KTV, offering them “easy sexy ladies”?
    Especially “foreign friends”?
    It so hard to live in china?

    • Human Being

      Not everyone is as lucky as most people and that doesn’t appreciate what they have.

  • Wang Er

    Truly sad~
    I bet this incident is the last straw to bring legalization of sex trade to China. That’s the only effective way to organize sex workers and to protect then.

  • Alikese

    She sounds like an awful person. She’s had a very tough life, but everything she’s done seems to be from a selfish, ‘fuck the world’ attitude. How does posting these phone numbers or moving to the south do anything to help anyone? Awful person.

  • Somethin Somethin

    Can anyone really blame her? We have insanity pleas in most countries. Girl was hurt and then society abused the hell out of her at 100 rmb a fuck. Can’t say that if my life sucked as bad as hers I might end up pulling a final finger before I burnt out on the tail end of shitty existence.

    • billy joel

      she said you pay me 100rmb and u can abuse me…
      my fault because she decide to do that?

  • 123meeeee

    and thats just the ones who cared to leave their number :(

  • bv

    How about this for advice: erm, don’t go to prostitutes? then this WHOLE story would have been averted. Everybody’s talking as if it’s SHOCKING that such health risks exist when you do that… well, DUH.

  • Chrisssssssssssssss

    nichilist,selfish and sick.Does China has death penalty for people spreading aids intentionally?

  • Jimmy

    Is it wrong that I’m tempted to call these numbers?

    Oh, and did I read that she makes 800 RMB after sleeping with four customers, so that’s 200 RMB a fuck right?

    Oh and think about how many of her tricks went back home after a night of whore mongering with her and slept with their wives and/or girlfriends.

    Fucked up.

    • 123meeeee

      or raped their 15 year old daughter who then goes to fuck around in some city far away huh?

      the circle closes

    • Chrisssssssssssssss

      i think u wouldnt get to speak with those guys, it seems that many already change their numbers…
      by the way this lady had more than 279 clients…

  • whichone

    The MOP page has been deleted, no doubt it posed a grave risk to social harmony. -_-

    For those Chinese savvy individuals:

    I don’t think she infected other people on purpose. Supposedly she had no choice but to work at the KTV place and when she finally had enough money saved up to leave, she found out she has AIDS.

    No disrespect to Fauna, who has done a terrific job with the translations, it sounds more sympathetic in Chinese (or because I’m biased) – simply someone who is the victim of circumstances. Also posted on this page is a snapshot of her blog [now harmonized, of course], which are variously titled:

    “try look on the bright side of things”
    “men are my playthings”
    “apologies to people who care about me”
    “my repentence”

    • whichone

      never mind, I read the comments and someone quoted her saying she wanted to infect other people on purpose, that’s fucked up

  • J

    Is this the classic teary eyed country girl story or is it the story of an fucked up girl with a fucked up life with the fucked up past?

    Personally, I think she’s a classic fuckin’ hick who let one sad event destroy her life. Lots of women have had one sad tragic event in their lives and have went on to do great things. People such as Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives) who was raped by her uncle when she was young and Oprah Winfrey who was also abused as a young girl come to mind.

    Too many people now a days blame their whole entire life failures on one single person/event. Get over it and move on you fucktards and deal with the reality that’s fucked up known as “life”.

    It’s extremely hard to respect a person that has already given up on life.

    • Teacher in China

      Stuff like that falls under the “easier said than done” category. Some people have the mental and emotional capacity to overcome a huge tragic event in their lives, some people don’t. Calling them “fucktards” because they have some pre-existing mental/emotional deficiency is a little harsh.

      • J

        All part of what’s wrong with them.

  • Chrisssssssssssssss

    actually on this blog it has been written that she used to work in those “red light hairdresser” and not KTV…

    am i wrong?

  • Chrisssssssssssssss




  • FYIADragoon

    I hope I’m not supposed to feel some sort of sympathy for the men. Because all I’m thinking is that this is rather entertaining. The disgusting oafs get what they deserve. Expecting women to remain pure while you run about like this? Enjoy.

  • Pretendiname

    If you get any STD, the doctor will tell you to immediately inform your recent sexual partners.

    It can be a nasty task, but it is important.

    I can fully understand that, given a death sentence you would want to send a final f^ck you to the world – or even make a suicide bid like this appears.

    Bear in mind, all this info could be gathered from her phone. The story could be fabricated, or true. What a great way to get your ex – who gave you AIDS lynched.
    It would make a great movie plot if it was a little less soul crushing.

    • Skeleton Man

      It’s still a great movie plot, soul crushing or not! I’m thinking of starting on the script right now!

  • Jen in NY

    Sorry — is this actually confirmed as true? Because it sounds like an urban myth or perhaps someone making this up about the girl pictured for some kind of revenge or something. If it is true, it is fucked up!!

  • tk 4 lyfe

    how much she charge for a cleveland steamer? how bout a rusty trombone?

    • Supreme_Leader

      Or the donkey punch? or the angry pirate? glass bottom boat? alabama hot pocket?

  • Stimpy

    Best line from the Chinese comments:

    “I wish the lou zhu a quick recovery.”

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  • bleah

    Somwhow, I can’t believe this story.

  • DLP

    Dude,that’s fucked up.

  • yuan shikai

    I’m pretty sure that in a number of countries, if you know you have AIDS/HIV and you sleep around without informing your partners, you are committing a crime in the range of assault to manslaughter.

    Anyone know what happens in China?

    • too yellow

      Since neither assault or manslaughter exists in Chinese legal system , I doubt it. (Both are very much a English common law concept. In China closest thing are battery, murder which does not conform to the case of HIV) One can argue about endangering public safety, but I doubt there are enough sympathy for the Johns to establish that crime.
      read this if you have time to kill:

  • Beholder

    Not the most important question to be asked, but why are the phone numbers in sequential order?

    • whichone

      because they are not?

      I am curious how/why she kept all these number, there is 250+ people here, (and according to her, all strangers) unless it’s for some revenge kick she kept track of people she ‘infected’.

      • Beholder

        Egad, you’re right. Aren’t I the silly billy.

  • Captain Crunch

    The social behavior of Chinese is shameful

    • Chrisssssssssssssss

      harmonius society only in the news and “documentary” cried out in cctv. The truth is that many chinese as soon as they have to deal with dire problems they become the most selfish people in the world.

      • IG

        This kind of comment is not racist, how?

        If someone said, “black people are the most selfish people in the world”, they would be in -20, and right so. However, why am I seeing +2 on this kind of comment? And this kind of comment are not rare on Chinasmack. Are people only programed to identify racism against a certain race and in another situation, they completely fail?

        • Alex

          It’s the problem of having the word ‘Chinese’ repesent both an ethnic group and a nationality. If you want to make a comment about the general psychology of those who are nationals of China you use the word ‘Chinese’ and leave yourself open to racism charges. It should be pretty clear when people are using the word ‘Chinese’ to refer to an ethnic group and when its used to refer to mainland Chinese nationals.

          • raab

            That’s a ridiculous argument to make, the point stands the same.

        • Supreme_Leader

          It’s not racist because he is speaking of the people who live inside of the country of China – but not of Chinese people in America – who we all know are different, nerdy and studious, and spending most of their time trying to make a dollar out of sixteen cents… When people speak of “THE CHINESE” on this site, they are talking about the people who live in the PRC (including them Uyghers on Mongolians) and NOT the “race of the Chinese” – it’s just your problem that you can’t keep the two straight in your head due to massive investment in propaganda by the central government to convince you that the two are one and the same…

  • Anon

    After everything this poor girl has endured, who can blame her for this action. Her revenge on society is right because it’s this society and the rats that infest it that created her.
    I hope she finds peace one day.

    • billy joel

      wah wah boo hoo,
      people endure shit all the time and come out normal and successful, just because you are a useless piece of shit, you attribute it to extrinsic factors? boo hoo

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  • Haha It seems that prostitution lady doesn’t know how to do business at all. How could she reveils her custome’s mobile numbers? It’s fake.


    Many posters here have missed another truth coming from this story, that is most of Northern Chinese girls are sistematically raped by their fathers, unclues, etc.

  • 123meeeee

    in henan a guy tried to sell me his like 9 year old daughter.. im not kidding :(

    the cab took me to this guy instead to dengfeng, about 10 km out of town and they seriously tried to make a deal with me.

    i dont even want to extrapolate. henan has the highest aids rate anyway.

    • whichone

      I find this extremely hard to believe. So you are just a regular dude taking a cab ride and someone decided you would a likely candidate to buy someone else’ daughter? Do you have ‘pedophile’ tattooed on your face or something?


      I heard the price of a young virgin (to marry) in henan is less than 5,000 kuai. That is much less of what you can get in Fujian for example (10,000)

  • wiseman

    if this a true story then may God/Buddha have mercy on her!

  • Matthew

    Poor prostitute. She has suffered enough and now she has got aids. Bad luck to all her client. hope that clients have life insurance to cover.

  • I cannot believe this. You f*ckin b1tch. I paid you 800RMB to get AIDS. That’s so expensive. Gonorrhea is usually only 400RMB and you charging me double for this terminal sh1t! Now I can’t have kids without terminating the one I love. I am going to come back to Hebei and give you a double dose of H1N1.

    Thank you.

    • John

      hahaha…SUCKED IN BITCH!

  • Herb

    This is stupid on so many levels and uses so many cliches that I would bet it is fabricated. Maybe by someone who wants to screw with the owner of one or the other phone number. Maybe just for fun.

  • Human Being

    Pff… I think if the stepfather didn’t do this to her, it would have prevented all this. What happened to this world? Where is the respect, discipline, norms and values?

    • billy joel

      Pff… I think if she wasn’t a useless piece of shit and had half a brain, it would have prevented all this.

  • omigod

    I hope she somehow already gave her step-father AIDS

  • bossman

    Every fuckign thing China smack writes about is fake. There is no girl with Aids. All u people are stupid to belive. This girl will never work again and sure she needs money, because in China everyone had people to help. She will never tell to her customers this way.

  • 水溶C100

    My Chinese is only okay, but I read this and I think it says that her boyfriend was trying to set her up or something..

    Anyways, there is an update if you want to follow up..


    She told the reporter over the phone “Everything on the internet isn’t true” She didn’t write the 279 numbers on the blog. She says she has been set-up(framed) by someone. “I hope the media can give a real public report, there shouldn’t be any hype”

    So that’s about the extent of my translation abilities..

    Fauna?? please??

  • FreedomFighter

    If your number on the list what you caught was not AIDS, but loneliness.

    • whichone

      LOL wtf? I know it’s some kind of Chinese internet meme but what the hell does it mean?