“Chinese Women, Please Don’t Sleep With Foreigners”

An interracial couple.

An interracial couple.

The following is actually pretty old but like the “China Does Not Have Any Men Suitable For Me” post, it occasionally is becomes hot again and is reposted across the Chinese internet. — Fauna

On Tianya and NetEase and Mop:

Chinese women! Please don’t sleep with foreigners.

Ask a foreigner why he has come to China.

He’ll probably answer that he likes China’s long history, splendid culture, rapid development and changes.

But let me tell you, apart from a small minority who have been sent by the government or their company (usually along with their families), the vast majority are related to the two factors below:

One, they’re not doing well in their home countries, or they simply can’t survive in their home countries;

Two, they’re looking for Chinese women.

One afternoon I was coming back to work with a French woman that I work with. We saw from a distance an old person picking up trash. He was pushing a cart. The French woman poked me, saying “You see that?” “See what?” “Over there right in front of you.” Only then did I see that this old person was a foreigner, carrying a bag, with long dirty hair. I’m a little short sighted and had thought he was someone picking up trash. That cart he was pushing wasn’t a cart at all, but a pram, with a little half-blood kid in it. Next to him was a Chinese girl, a slim young Chinese girl.

The French girl laughed: “What’s up with you Chinese girls?” She was laughing because we had just been talking about this topic over lunch. Actually I’ve seen and heard it many times before; the story of this kind of foreign guy and Chinese girl. I haven’t paid much attention but this pair before me were in a class of their own. This sweet Chinese flower and this old, ugly, fat, short, bald, shriveled foreign guy, and their little baby in its pram.

My French friend was doubled over in laughter (I don’t know why she was laughing like that). At that moment, as a Chinese person, my self-respect was deeply deeply hurt.

A few days later I decided to do three things. First, to let everyone know the ugly truth about foreign men. Second, to call to action all Chinese, so that we can make our women see that the world doesn’t revolve around foreign men. Last but not least, I have decided that to become a scholar, I will have to temporarily give up my day job. This will allow me to focus on my research. The topic? Chinese men in the eyes of foreign women. This way I’ll be able to give Chinese men who are looking for foreign women a helping hand.

My colleague and I made our first stop by seeking out those white women who live in China but have never had a Chinese boyfriend. We hoped to find out the reason for this. We also sought out those who had had Chinese boyfriends, or were married to Chinese men. They helped us with the good and bad points of Chinese men. I know that these kinds of laowai are few and far between, but luckily I know a few.

We also got these expat white female laowai to fill out a broad questionnaire. Through this scientific analysis led us to a picture of the Chinese male, and illustrated their top five Chinese men. We asked them to answer these questions:

Are foreign women interested in Chinese men? How do single laowai women want Chinese men to treat them?  How can Chinese men make themselves more attractive to foreign women? Which Chinese men do foreign women like the most? What kind of foreign woman likes Chinese men? How should  one approach a foreign woman in a public place? When did China become a paradise for foreign men?

John is one such an example. Not long ago, I ran into him on the street. He was holding hands with a Chinese girl a half a head taller than him. He said that his Chinese girlfriend worked for a modeling agency. Actually if John hadn’t called out to me I wouldn’t have recognised him, he looked completely different to how he looked the last time I saw him.

John, 42, is American, 162 cm. He hadn’t graduated from high school so he had a hard time finding work in America. After drifting around Africa for two years, he heard that lots of Americans hit the jackpot in China so he went to Shanghai. When he first arrived in Shanghai, he was a stranger in a strange place, and only got a job at a small town in Jiangsu as an English teacher.

After a few months John wasn’t satisfied, so he headed back to Shanghai, staying in a 12 kuai a night hostel. That’s when I met him. I had gone there to find another foreign friend of mine for dinner. I saw them chatting and assumed she knew John, so I asked him to come along too. I only found out later that she’d only just met him.

When it came to ordering, John ordered something quite expensive. My friend asked him in English, “That’s pretty expensive, are you going to pay for it yourself?” John was like a school kid who has been caught doing something wrong and canceled it. Seeing his pathetic look I told my friend in Chinese that it wasn’t a problem, and told him to continue ordering.

After that night I got quite busy with work, and forgot all about John. Seeing him this time, he told me that he’d found work at a school in Shanghai. I haven’t spoken with his girlfriend, but could tell that she already has begun to look down upon Chinese people. Seeing her, I could not help but think she must have idea that her American John had to depend on others to survive. This kind of thing is too much like idol worship, obviously something humans created themselves, yet creating them and then going to worship them.

Once I was on a bus and saw your typical American slacker. He was with a Chinese girl, feeling her up right there on the bus. You could see that she really wanted to let him know how moved she was by the experience, but unfortunately her English vocabulary seemed to consist of only two words.

A taxi driver once told me that once he picked up a black guy from a bar. He got in with a Chinese girl on each arm. He assumed that they were both ‘professionals’ so didn’t pay much attention. That was until they arrived at their destination: the dormitory of one of the top research schools. He said he was really surprised at that.

According to reports there was a dying AIDS patient in a hospital in Beijing who admitted that in a few weeks in Beijing he’d had ‘relations’ with six Chinese women. An investigation had found out that all of them were high level intellectuals.

Such a group of foreigners are living in China. They can’t find jobs in their own countries, but come to China and can make a living, drink and get women just off their foreign identities. And all they do in their spare time is grumble about China. There are even consular workers who abuse their position to take advantage of Chinese women. Some even gloat in public that “With my signature I can get any Chinese woman.”

China, did you know about this? You’ve given laowai too much, too much, so much that laowai have come to look down upon you. So much that even foreigners themselves find it odd, calling [those ugly foreigners] white trash. I want to take this opportunity to warn those laowai to not feel too proud. All you have gotten are the bodies of Chinese women, bodies without souls.

Recently spreading on the internet is a joke about foreigners looking for Chinese brides: A 47-year-old foreigner registers at a matchmaking agency in China. For a long time, no one contacted him. Then suddenly on day a whole heap of inquiries are sent to him, which of course takes him by surprise. He asks around what happened, and it turns out that someone at the agency made a mistake: They’d written his age as 67 instead of 47.

Matchmaking agencies for foreigners also prove that the reason that Chinese women want to find foreign husbands isn’t love. Investigations have shown that the average difference between a Chinese bride and her foreign husband is 10.5 years. 13% of brides and grooms are from different generations, with a 20 year difference in ages. Apparently the record is a 54 year age difference. The American groom was an 82-year-old old man, while the Chinese wife was only 28.

As chance would have it, I recently saw a joke in an American magazine: An eighty-something old man accompanied his pregnant twenty-something wife to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor kindly tried to suggest to him whether [his wife’s pregnancy] may have had some other cause, but the old man immediately refused to believe it saying, “Impossible. I’m capable of working miracles. Last time when I went out hunting with my wife and one of her male friends came too. I just pointed my umbrella at a deer and it fell down dead.” [I don’t get it either – maxiewawa]

I don’t know if that Chinese bride will let everyone know the good news about her pregnancy, so that we can all share in a real miracle. She’s probably gained something in her marriage, but has lost something very precious: respect.

But actually the fault lies with those Chinese women who go around with foreign men. But they are mostly women who haven’t been overseas, who don’t have a realistic view of the world. This is why I’m taking the opportunity to tell them how things really are. If you’ve found real love, I congratulate you. My personal feeling is that no matter how far, how long or how fleeting real love is, it’s always worth chasing.

Even so, I have to give you a word of advice. Firstly, although the thing that most Chinese women want is a stable marriage, apart from a few exceptions, the divorce rate in western countries is around 50%, and in marriages between cultures there are even more reasons for instability.

Secondly, I am highly skeptical of whether today’s foreign men will really give Chinese women true love. The reason is because before you can have true love, you must have respect, and in the eyes of foreign men, the image of Chinese women have already begun to be ruined by the minority, having become: The world’s most promiscuous, most brazen, most devious, simple-minded, intellectually slow, stupid, “easy” girl. It’s hard to imagine a man giving true love to a woman like that. There’s one exception, which an American told me about, which is those foreigners who want their wives to be a three-in-one combination of maid, cook, and sex worker.

Maybe you’re just doing it for money. I get it, I’m not stopping you. But I just want to tell you before you give up your body that you should make sure of two things: one, that this foreigner you’re giving yourself up for really has money. Trust me, lots of foreigners in China don’t have two cents to rub together. Secondly, that he really wants to marry you, because if he doesn’t formally marry you, his money is his and you have no claim to it.

Maybe you just want to leave the country, again, I’m not stopping you. But once again, you have to make sure of two things before giving yourself up: one, that this foreigner really wants to go back to his own country. Although foreign countries have more money than we do, that’s a long way from heaven. Lots of foreigners don’t want to go home because they can’t find good jobs (some can’t even find jobs at all). You think they want to go back to the same crummy, lonely life? Secondly, make sure that he’s really going to marry you. Because if you don’t you won’t be able to get permanent residency in his country.

The daughter of a neighbor of a workmate married a farmer from a Japanese mountain area. This neighbor is always telling my colleague stuff like “We don’t worry about money any more, ten thousand, twenty thousand, it’s nothing.” But, dear neighbor, do you know if your daughter is really happy in Japan. Chinese value face over everything, and always bringing out the good points in people while overlooking the bad. A few years ago a Chinese TV station went out to that mountain village to interview this girl. She’d left the bright lights of Shanghai for this remote, cold little village. All I heard from her was disappointment, frustration and helplessness.

Maybe your reasons are sexual? In Australia there is a Ms. Shi who wrote an article saying “…. I have a girl friend who in China was already considered was quite open, a woman who has had abundant sexual experience. However, the first time she was with a western man, she still felt a kind of extreme “fulfillment”. Telling me about it on the phone, she was so excited that she was thinking of immediately marrying that westerner, whereas I rather calmly advised her that western men that are good in bed are common, that out of every ten western men, eight are great in bed while two are just so-so, that out of every ten Chinese men, two are just so-so while eight are awful.”

As soon as Ms. Shi’s article became widely known, Chinese men clamoured to defend themselves.The subject was in the papers for several months, with debate continuing so heatedly that apparently it made headlines in international news overseas. But this was a subject that did no favours for Chinese men.

Whether or not Ms. Shi was speaking of her own experiences, or if she was trying to represent  for all women, is unclear. I hope that my research can shed some light on the matter.

The subject of my research isn’t Chinese girls that have married foreign men, but the other way around: foreign girls that have married Chinese men, or white women who have had Chinese boyfriends before. I asked them straight out how Chinese men perform in the bedroom. The replied bluntly that they do well, one even used the word “perfectly”. One person’s reaction to my question was “What, don’t you guys have confidence in your sexual abilities?”

My research is ongoing, with the results of the research to be completely published afterward.

I also need to tell everyone that recent research has shown that women’s levels of satisfaction when it comes to sex isn’t dependent on the man she’s with, but on her herself.  Research has shown that if a woman is sexually repressed, the main reason is that she has some kind of psychological block. If she can get over this psychological barrier, she can have the same powers of reaction, and her physiological requirements can even surpass that of a man. Apparently the reason Miss Shi’s friend’s first time with a western man was so great was that she subconsciously threw off those psychological restrictions.

The newest research has found that men and women’s reaction to sexual stimulus is actually the same. For example, it used to be thought that men reacted more to visual stimulus, where women responded to tone and mood. It was thought that this is why men like to watch pornography. But an English scientist has found that visual stimuli, like pornography can also arouse women, even to the point of climax.

Of course, Chinese men can’t be said to have no responsibility in this. But I can tell everyone that Chinese men’s biggest problem isn’t physiology at all. Then what is it? Lack of sexual skill. The reason that those eight western men are great in bed, is that they don’t just marry someone from the same village. They have sexual counseling and STD clinics, and they are very open when it comes to sex. If there’s a problem they seek professional help. To give an inappropriate example, the cooking skills of an old lady who has cooked all her life is inferior to a young cook, so we can see how important professional training is.

Those hollering for the extermination of ugly foreign men are all getting worked up. Maybe, some readers reading to this point have already begun condemning those Chinese women. But slow down! I want to ask something: On the issue of what created these ugly foreign men, are you and every single one of us completely blameless?

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Women who seemingly sell themselves for money can be found everywhere in the world. Americans know them as gold-diggers, with the only difference being that women like that are looked down upon in other countries, and only in China are they respected and envied. Surely this “laughs at the poor but not the prostitutes” society wasn’t made by these women?

An American Sinologist with lofty ideas of China’s history and culture came to China with her husband. But not long after she decided to cut her trip short and go home. Why? “Almost every day there were so many Chinese girls surrounding my husband, some didn’t even bother to conceal it in front of me. I think that going home is the best thing to do, for the sake of my marriage.” She asked puzzled, “I read novels from the eighties, girls who accidentally fall pregnant to their lovers would feel so shamed that they would commit suicide.”

I don’t get it either, they’re Chinese after all, how could we have changed in only twenty years?

I want to ask those foreigners, especially those Americans who get so much more than average Chinese, is it them? I can understand why the President’s visit would make the headlines while it was going on, but why is the announcement that he will be visiting at some time in the future such big news? Don’t forget that the more face you give someone, the more they look down on you.

I’m calling for action, to stop Chinese women from worshiping foreign men. Of course, I understand that my own personal power is negligible, which is why I’m asking everyone to help: If you know any Chinese girls that come into contact with foreign men, you must please forward them this post.

If you’re married to a foreigner, boldly stand up and tell your sisters that your life outside of China is lonely, boring, hard, and that you miss home. If you’re a parent, stop showing off your daughter’s new wealth, her position as a mistress, or that she’s married a foreigner.

If you’re a translator [Oh hello, he’s talking to me! – maxiewawa. He is a “she”. – Fauna], don’t show mercy. Our ability to glorify foreigners in translation is the first in the world, this itself an expression of subconscious worshiping of foreigners: No matter how you pronounce “America” it has no similarities with “mei” [beauty], and yet we insist on translating it as Mei Guo [“Beautiful Country”]. Look out our neighbours the Japanese. Their word for America is “Mi Guo” [“Rice/grain Country”]. Now isn’t that a lot better! No matter how imaginative you are, you would not mentally connect “Rice Country” to “Beautiful Country”, and at most just a place that produces food. [There’s a sentence here about Marlboro that is not so funny when translated.]

If you’re a customs official or diplomat, don’t hold foreigners up as a shining example, as the saying goes, “Foreign news isn’t all important news”. Treat your own countrymen a bit better, foreigners only come and go. Don’t forget that the food you eat was cooked by Chinese people, the clothes you wear are made by Chinese people, and your salary is from Chinese people.

If you’re in the sports industry, stop helping Real Madrid earn money from Chinese, or at least stop inviting bastards like Mike Tyson to come here.

If you’re in the insurance business, you mustn’t treat foreigners any different, let them be worth the same as any Chinese.

If you’re in a key positions [government jobs], stop being greedy and engaging in corruption. You are the main reason for the problems in today’s society.

If you’re an economic scholar/expert, stop thinking only about how to protect those with vested interests, don’t just be a mouthpiece for those in power, put in a word for us ordinary common people.

If you’re in the legislature, don’t just think of “***P”. If mountains are leveled, water is polluted, air dirty, all is desert, morality bankrupt, compassion gone, harmony lost,  and people leave this world tormented by their disease, what meaning/significance/use will ***P be?

If you make money, do some good with it, earn some karma, and who knows maybe there really is a next life? Don’t let the old phenomenon of the rich wasting food and wine behind closed doors while the bones of the poor are frozen outside happen again.

If you’re a doctor, try and save a life, maybe there might be a heaven after all. Don’t let angels die under your watch.

If you work in the legal/law field, protect the dignity of the law. There are too many ghosts of people who have been wronged wandering around already.

If you’re a movie director, don’t spend money on frivolous things. Make a movie where the Chinese girl rejects the foreign man, or where the Chinese guy conquers a foreign girl.

If you’re in dentistry, recommend us a truly good toothpaste. let everyone know about some good toothpaste brands. Today’s Chinese people really need to grit their teeth [this is a joke, Chinese need “better toothpaste” because they need to “grit their teeth” but the deeper meaning of “grit their teeth” is more like Chinese people need to persevere and endure difficult things].

If you’re in advertising, stop using cliches like “regal”, “honorable”, “noble”, “successful”, “imperial”, “upper class”, and “luxurious” that make people sick.

If you’re a teacher/role-model, teach our next generation a class about “disgrace/having a sense of shame”. As kids, our mothers often warned us that our clothes can be old/worn-out/lousy but they can not be dirty; that one can be poor, but cannot have no self-respect. Wealth should not be ostentatious, power should not be abused, poverty should not be transferred; One’s skull can be crushed, blood can be spilled; Life is precious, love is valuable, but both can be given up for freedom. How can today’s students not know these sayings?

If you’re a Chinese woman, lift up your proud head! If you’re a Chinese man, straighten your back! There is an irrefutable truth in this world, which is that if you don’t respect yourself, you can never gain the respect of others. A country, a people, are no different.

This was allegedly written by the wife of Yu Minhong, the boss of the well-known New Oriental Education Group. None of these photographs were included with the original Chinese posts.

We were told after we had translated this that another translation can be found here. You can compare the translations. — Fauna

Comments from Tianya:

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There is some sense to what is written here. the laowai who lives on the floor below has had many different girlfriends live with him, all young Chinese girls.


The amount of foreign worship these days is indeed a little serious…


An American guy I met at a short-term university training course once said: “My extra-curricular activities involve getting as many Chinese girls as I can. I’m a white guy so I can get all the pretty university students, models, actresses etc. The only thing I have to do is speak my own country’s language (English) with them, this is simply heaven.”


It is not as frightening as you put it, are all Chinese girls idiots? Those who marry foreigners are not necessarily doing so for money, just like marrying a Chinese is not necessarily because of true love. Do you think that marrying a Chinese guy never ends in tragedy? Don’t make good Chinese girls out to be so desperate.

In Shanghai, many pretty MM marry abroad, are Shanghainese men not responsible in some way? You guys [Shanghainese men] all ran off marrying women from outside Shanghai, so what are Shanghainese women supposed to do?


We had a foreign teacher in the past that was a complete foreign pervert, often telling the girls to go to his house for one on one tutoring, even telling us to go take showers at his house. Every time he got close to me,  Whenever he’d come close to me I’d slide away from him and face the wall. He even asked me if I hated him, and I said maybe. Stupid cunt. Last time, he even said that the earthquake was a good thing for China. I erased everything he’d written on the board. The sad thing was that the first few students that responded all actually said “yes”. I’m guessing they had not yet realized what he was saying.


Who wrote this? They’re crazy!

My sister in law has been married to a German for over ten years, with two children, and they’re very sweet/happy together! When she first got to Germany, she had to work while studying, even selling stuff on the streets to make money, it was very difficult.

The above is the first point, which is to not overgeneralize. Second is do we have to find a poor and blank [no background] piece of garbage man before we can be dignified before some of the people above? People seeking to elevate themselves/get ahead in society is natural, why be so resentful? If there was a real opportunity, I bet you guys would run faster than anyone, so just who is the messed up one here?

Third, those who anxiously seduce foreigners into bed upon meeting them are indeed disrespecting themselves, but not all women who are with foreigners are this way. There are also good foreigners, and not all foreigners are “studs” [the meaning here is men who only want to play and use women].

p.s. You say “Chinese women don’t sleep with foreign men”, discriminating against Chinese women [as opposed to saying “foreign men don’t sleep with Chinese women”.]


Well said. But economics decides a lot. [For example], where I am the economy [economic opportunities] are considered pretty good, so the girls don’t have too much interest in leaving the country or finding laowai.


This is just an essay. It reflects some truths. It doesn’t overgeneralize, the author just expressing through words. I personally feel what it reflects are common phenomenon in this society. This main thing this essay reflects are the negative sides to things. Its content doesn’t actually say the everything is wrong, and only talks about a portion. No one is stupid, everyone knows there are good and bad sides to everything. If there is good, then there is bad. After finishing the essay, everyone can decide for themselves!
So everyone can stop arguing. Don’t be too extreme, just know what is good and bad, right and wrong.


Why would there be an essay like this, this kind of feeling? Probably because Chinese men have not married enough foreign women.


There are many examples of this around me, and only when you see it with your own eyes will you understand how ridiculous this is. The foreign teacher at my school is a sixty year old with a head full of white hair, but he’s able walk on the streets with schoolgirls not yet twenty on both arms.


The problem isn’t with young Chinese girls getting with an old, ugly, and poor laowai, it’s with some Chinese girls who, after getting with a laowai, don’t even think of themselves as Chinese anymore, thinking that having married a laowai automatically makes them a level higher and look down upon Chinese people. I only BS this kind of person.


But there are also many girls who don’t have good prospects who have married handsome, young, wealthy, gentle, and considerate laowai husbands, and you guys still curse and yell?!
A-ha, no matter if they are good looking or ugly, as long as they are marrying laowai, they must be criticized, right?


Truly sad! Some women always believe laowai are rich! At worst they can get a new nationality! I feel these women are really brainless! There have been reports saying that even foreigners from the countrysides of their countries can be foreign teachers when they come to China! To be more blunt…only those without money or ability would come here…who knew the girls here would also proactively give themselves away to them…with the girls who are a bit smarter all not making this kind of losing trade! We can only blame those girls for being ignorant! Thinking anyone who is a foreigner is a god of wealth…


Complaining about our country’s women getting with foreigners, why not examine how our country’s men are such disappointments? Why are so many Chinese girls willing to marry foreigners, yet very few foreign women are willing to marry Chinese men?
Inferiority is inferiority, don’t always try to force morality.


Truly hilarious. So marrying a laowai is disgraceful,
yet [she] wants to research how to help Chinese men marry laowai.
So I guess this is what Yu Minhong’s wife is like.
So seriously affected by [her husband’s] male chauvinism…boring.


Too extreme.

The examples of marrying foreigners or having foreign marriages are all pretty good – the key is: Both sides’ characters/personalities must similar/compatible.


This is a topic worth heated discussion. Why do those young educated females so want to be fucked by foreigners? Is it because foreigners’ JJ are long or is it because foreigners have better skills? Having seen too many comments saying this or saying that, I only feel sad. Having gone to school that many years, are their heads all full of shit?


Chinese women with laowai are not necessarily planning to marry them. It could be their vanity, or it could be that they too just want to sleep with laowai. Chinese women these days, especially those Chinese women willing to be with laowai are also sexually open/liberated. Maybe they just want to experience what it feels like to ZA [zuo ai, 做爱, have sex] with a different race, that’s all. This kind of thing everyone has needs, no need to make a big deal about it because no matter what, who takes advantage of who has nothing to do with society. However, these days laowaiin China are very popular and that there are even many women who are afraid they’re unable to get in their beds is definitely true, especially in universities where there is plenty of this happening. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very much at my alma mater, usually just one or two. Of course, we cannot dismiss all laowai who have come to China just because of these laowai who have come to China with bad intentions/motives. Our school has had many laowai who were sent by the government whose professionalism is beyond reproach. They themselves said they had all gone through a very strict selection process. Of course, I have also seen what those so-called English teachers at the inferior schools around mine do in this country, how poor/bad their characters are normally. There are good and bad laowai, one can discern for oneself. But normally those who were sent over by the government are usually good, but they normally do not stay long in any one place. Sigh, as it is said, it is still that we are not good enough, and if our economy improves, then the foreign worship problem will be solved at the root!

Someone for everyone. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by maxiewawa

Native English speaker who'd like to make a living from translating some day. Until then continuing to teach English.


    Once you go Asian you never go Caucasian

    • Zictor

      A lot of guys like to repeat that phrase. Seriously, I don’t know what the big deal is. I’ve been with Chinese and Korean girls and I don’t think they are THAT special. Not even particularly attractive.

      I think only the two people concerned are the ones entitled with an opinion.

    • michael

      My wife is Chinese and I’m white American. She looks 15 years younger than her age, is slender, sexy, smart and funny. She keeps fit, is feminine, is always supportive of me, and lives within our means.

      The white girls her age are mostly overweight and couldn’t care less about pleasing a man. Some enjoy blacks and Hispanics. My wife (and the other Chinese girls I know) hate blacks.

      My wife is perfect. Your mileage may vary.


        Word. Nobody except insane White women (all of them) likes the negroes.

        • Carlos

          Judging by your statement, I guess you are trying to say, that is a great thing.
          You are absolutely right!!!! This world needs more rainbow in it.

        • Geegee

          what does this have to do with Black people???

          • What does this have to do with black people? Ahah! You assume that the stupid terms laowai and foreigner just refer to whites. You assume right. But how can the term foreigner refer to just one race?! It’s madness! We need to do away with the term foreigner as soon as possible. Online it has even less meaning, because there is no country which is the centre of the world on the web.

          • JD

            I’ll like to have an answer to that question too. What the bloody hell has it to do with black people?

      • Rafael

        That’s racism…

      • A silent Observer

        Michael, Michael, Michael

        Have you ever bothered to think that you, your wife and her friends are trash( possibly been brainwashed by the KKK husband)?

        I’m black and married to a great Chinese woman who doesn’t hate anyone. She works for the top fortune 5 company in the world. I work for a top Newspaper. We have a beautiful child. As much as you want me to. I don’t hate white folks, and I don’t hate you, or your wife. I just feel sorry for you and her man.

        Black president, with a black wife in the oval office must be really eating you guys up alive inside.

        As far as your fat white woman comment. Nice job of sticking up for your own kind. You are truly a patriot. I think those white women saw that you were trash, and the people that you hang out with were trash, and decided to go elsewhere. Or maybe it’s that you were too little, too old, or too bald.

        I notice in manner that you used “white” to validate yourself.
        You didn’t say that you were just American. You are exactly the kind of man that this stupid woman was writing about.

        I just want to let you know that I am quite happy with my life, and am not much interested in if you wife likes my kind, or not. I only have love for her.

        As P-Diddy would say: Take that, take that, take that

        • Carl

          White American for you with a Chinese girlfriend soon to be wife, if this was reddit I’d give you an upboat.

        • vic2u

          “I’m black and married to a great Chinese woman”

          Why all black men want to tell that they are married to a Chinese woman?

          We don’t go around telling everyone we are married to a white, Asian or whatever.

          And all the black GIs that are stationed in Korea, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and Hawaii have Asian or Chinese wives.

      • Carlos

        Well, it just all depends. I know quite a few Chinese women that wouldn’t touch a white man with a 10ft. pole, you have all kinds, some like Blacks and Hispanics, others like Whites and other ethnic groups, just depends on their tastes.
        One is not better, it just depends on the guy himself and how he acts, not color.

        • Yay, Carlos!
          As a girl, I must congratulate you on getting things right.
          You must be a truly special man with great morals.

        • Ric


          but how many asian or even non black men want black females?

          • Mr_Ceo

            I am of Asian origin, and I have a black girlfriend when I was in living in USA…
            so there you go.. all depends on attraction to the opposite sex, not on the color of their skin…

          • i want black girl. what is in black , she is tight , solid, can squeeze. she can press in side . what u want ?

      • The Anti-Racist

        You and your wife hate blacks? So why are you telling us? Is this post about blacks or about foreigners in general which in my opinion those in China are very far from being all blacks.

        • Geegee

          thanks for the question…i completely agree…theis isn’t about Blacks…but all foreigners in China…

      • Camille

        yeah, what the FUCK does this have to do with black people? get your white pig skin out of here with that shit, billy bob.

        • Patrick

          Let that racist bastard have his ignorant fun, it’s not worth your anger. If your still feeling frustrated I know a cozy little bar in Shanghai….. ;)

        • gary

          Hey Camille, you look just like my cousin, are you Jamaican?

        • Tom

          Dear Camille:

          You go girl!

          Michael – or Billy Bob – tell your GF that there are plenty of good reasons not to like someone, or even hate them. The color of their skin is just a stupid reason.

          Simple lesson I learned long ago. You cannot judge a group based on and individual and you cannot judge an individual based on a group.

          Best regards to all.

        • Caen

          It is , sister, here in Asia this people hates black and poor people!
          you know everybody here die for white people, yellow hair, blue eyes, im personal I hate that!

      • Hwei-ru

        i total shocked by your comment, my husband is a african american doctor, we have 3 children and my parents love this man, you have some personal issue that you have passed to your wife and friends.

        • TrueAntiRacist

          You have no basis for saying her prejudice comes from him. Racism exist far longer than the US has been around. In fact the US is far more mulitcultural than China.

          Asians can be racist and don;t let YOUR hypocritical racism blind you to that.

          I guess you think only Germans can be anti-Semitic?
          OR only blacks are homophobes?

          Don’t complain about something you do yourself.

      • Rich

        Ahem the white girls and hispanic girls of any moderate attractiveness would laugh at you, you know its true :D

      • Ric

        you are typical white asiaphile

      • KK

        Michael, you are so pathetic. So one reason your wife is perfect is because she hates blacks. God! what a senseless moron! I wanna add that you saying she looks 15 years younger than her age probably tells us you married an old woman. People like your probably can’t find a woman in the West.

      • JD

        do i sense fear in your words?ohh yeah,you have a small dick syndrome.

      • jack

        I am white and I hate Chinese, especially mixed couples. The women are thought of as whores.

        • vic2u

          Nice to know you, a man that is not just out to fuck a China girl.

          Keep it in your pants and you may go to Hong Kong, not China.

      • vince

        dont feed this idiotic troll.

      • meisho

        i bet u are out of ur senses. the issue is about foreigners and not particularly black people and whether ur wife hates black people or not. in anycase she would not have two husband , many blacks have chinese women, do u think their wives love u instead, son of btcht

      • Fely Love

        U are sick ! What has this article got to do with ur wife and her friends hating blacks?

      • Kasper

        ‘My wife (and the other Chinese girls I know) hate blacks.
        My wife is perfect. (…)’

        Classy :)

        • hahaha! funny!
          but we asian really dislike black. my sister always say sth against black people. can not help! haha!

          • Kasper

            hahaha ! funny !

            A fat racist and a skinny racist jump off a cliff. Who wins? Society

            can not help! haha!

          • why u r so angry ? so u must be a black!!

          • Kasper

            why u r so racist ? so u must be an asian!!

          • yes
            i am chinese, so u must be black@

          • Kasper

            i am black…so u must be…chinese ?!

          • yes, i already told u i am chinese!

          • Kasper

            yes, u already told me i am a black!

          • KamikaziPilot

            BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hahaha, did I scare you?

    • lauraloo

      People marry who they want to for many economic and emotional reasons.
      Nobody is holding a gun to their head.

  • warran

    Hey that’s me………

  • mistyken

    ooh wow!!! 3rd spot!!! my best record so far!!!
    i guess being 3rd isn’t so bad after all…

    • mistyken

      hmpf, i think the part which maxiewawa didn’t understand is actually a parody to a joke. i think the joke has many different variance, but the version i heard goes like this.

      an old man goes to the hospital to do some check up. during the check up, he keeps bragging about how beautiful and obedience his newlywed wife is, how she couldn’t get enough of him. near the end, he adds that his wife is recently pregnant.
      the doctor can’t stand it anymore and he says”hmm, your story reminded me of a tale of an old friend of mine. last time he went to Africa and he was attacked by a lion. he tried to draw his rifle, but he found out he had put an umbrella in his backpack instead of a rifle. in futility, he screamed at the top of his lung imitating the sound of rifle, “BAM BAM BAM” and the lion droppe dead…”
      the old man replies “bullshit, that must be the work of another man!!”
      the doctor grinned satisfyingly “yes, i think so too….”

      • That makes a lot more sense! I think I’ve translated the original faithfully though.

        • mistyken

          oh, i saw you put a tag saying [I don’t get it either – maxiewawa] so i just went ahead and elaborated a bit that’s all ^_^

        • will

          Maxiewawa, do you know when the study on Chinese men dating foreign woman will come out? be interesting to read the surveys….

  • Chinese Netizen


    Why were we Chinese guys cursed with such small penises and such inflated egos???

    Damned to the God that was playing jokes the day he created Chinese Man from the clay of the Yellow River!!!

    • guest

      at least we are the one with the money…. Chinese men work much harder than westerners.. and yes there are a lot of westerners in China that have no money and are just faking it… can’t do it in your own country so come to our China and pick on our helpless woman by tricking them… wow…. such a manly man thing to do..

      • Rick in China

        Wait..wait.. “Chinese men work much harder than westerners” — let me just take a look around the office and count how many people are sleeping on their desks shamelessly in the middle of the day.

        I suggest not making such ridiculous and broad statements, it only makes you look like a 5 mao mouthpiece.

        • Alan in China

          It’s interesting that you comment on them sleeping on their desks. If you knew anything about Chinese society, you’d know most people up until recent times would take naps in the middle of the day. That’s why schools let out so kids can go home or they sleep at school. It’s no different than siestas in latin countries.

          While yes, they may be sleeping during the day, you’re probably also discounting the fact that a lot of them stay well past the normal work day and even work on weekends.

          I’m not going to say that Chinese men work harder than Western Men as it’s far too broad a generalization, but if you make any sort of statement you have to make it in the culture and social context it belongs in. Sleeping at your desk in the US would be greatly frowned upon, but I’ve never heard of people going into the office on weekends eithier.

          • Rick in China

            Alan, you’ve obviously never worked in a serious environment – I work in an international capacity with clients in the US, 3rd parties on behalf of my clients in the US, US coworkers, and my 90ish developers in Chengdu. I can tell you I am *very* aware of the hours all parties involved in what we do work, because we both make significant sacrifices to cross timezones. I would say that in this professional work environment in China, everyone expects to be either fully compensated or shift leave for all OT hours – even in a professional environment – whereas in the US you work what you have to work to get the job done and on time. I’m not against that, but I can tell you that in professional work environments in many countries in the world people do _not_ get compensated for OT, nor do they ask for it, instead rely on things like performance bonuses for putting in _extra effort_. I’ve only worked in this capacity in China for 7 years though and with the same company and only a few clients / 3rd party vendors on the US side, maybe it’s not enough to really judge a lot of different work environments.

          • Aleister Crowley

            Don’t see where one has worked has to do with it really dear boy? Like comparing apples and oranges- where are you now? Chengdu? working in IT>?

          • sad

            you’re an idiot. Never heard of something called comparative productivity now have you.

          • arriviste

            You need to get out more.LOL People in the U.S.A. do go into the office at week-ends. It just depends whom they are working for.

            As for Chineses people sleeping at their desks at mid-day. A little research would indicate why. Back in the day, no cafe’s / restaurants on worksites. Extra time was allotted for people to go home…eat…come back. No big deal. People in the U.S A. also eat, and sleep at their desks, again. no big deal.

            As for Chinese workers being more hard working etc………that is hilarious. China is still a communist country, with the attendant bad habits thereof. Some work hard, some cruise, some do as little as possible. No different than virtually any other country.

            People need to get real as regards their views of China. This ‘generalisation’ brush which they love to implement, merely indicates their refusal to grasp the realities involved.

          • Stephen

            Guess you’ve never been to my office. Many of us work weekends because that’s what’s required to get the job done. While I agree with your statement about keeping comments in the social and cultural context in which they belong, it sounds like you’re too far removed from today’s American business scene. Given the current economic status, there’s damned few of us that wouldn’t do anything to make sure the company and our jobs keep going.

        • Sino_can

          Can we shorten this to “5 maothpiece”?

          • fireworks

            Only the laobaixing and the migrant workers work really realy hard.

            The rich and powerful plus the incompetent local officials always take lots of breaks, long lunch breaks, smoke and spit in the office. Take a friend out to go and get money out of the ATM.

      • Chinese Netizen

        Agreed brother!!

        Just look at how rich and successful the sons of Wen Jiabao, Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, Li Peng and Hu Jintao have become through hard work, diligence and perseverance!!

        Westerners with their lax attitudes, 30 hr work weeks and 8 weeks of vacation!!!

        • elenore

          30 hour work weeks,Right.Americans work usually 60 hour work weeks.Others like my husband work 72hr-sometimes 80.No he doesn’t get 8 weeks vacation,more like 2 weeks after 3 years of employment,the first 3 years it was 1 week paid vacation.Employers in U.S. aren’t hiring workers but over working the ones they have.Reasons why are they save money on benefits.And most Americans who work part-time jobs usually work more than one.However Europe yes they have more benefits less hours,guess what they going broke trying to pay for it,too.But over time is time and half pay,and no he does necessarily have to work extra hours,but pretty much pressured too.

          • Chinese Netizen

            Why you fucktards here equate everything Western with American? 8 weeks vacation and 30 hr work weeks: most civilized and glorious French of course!!

            Oh but then again the Euro model may be imploding as we speak…

          • Rick in China

            England has a crazy vacation model also. The point here is that the poster was saying how Chinese are rich and work harder than Foreign – not specifying which, but leaving a broad generalization like that makes it open to comparing to ‘any’ foreign work model/ethic so can’t really blame the examples with US or any (I have experience with…) stories.

          • “England has a crazy vacation model also” – what? Two weeks a year, with everyone signing wavers on the 48-hour working week directive? Looks like you’re generalising about Europe. Here’s the straight shoot:


            So, as you can see from the graph, UK workers work about 20% longer hours than German workers, and less than 10% fewer than US workers. Hardest working of all are the South Koreans, followed by the Poles, the Mexicans, the Czechs, the Japanese, and the Greeks. No statistics for Chinese workers, but having worked in both countries I cannot believe that they longer hours than Japanese.

          • suicidal tendency

            “8 weeks vacation and 30 hr work weeks: most civilized and glorious French of course!!”

            Just check: Not even French!
            35hours/week and 5 weeks vacation.

          • Flamesy

            I work for a British company in China and get around 8 weeks. I apologise to all Chinese people. From now on I shall turn down my leave in solidarity with them. Long live the Chinese work life balance!

        • Mr_Ceo

          What the hell is this??
          Is it a discussion or throwing dirt at each other???
          I’m of Chinese origin, grew up in Europe, and worked in the states. I know good damn well how hard some people work, and how lazy some others are… and it goes for all races.. so cut the crap!
          As for chinese girls liking foreigners.. it doesn’t just happen in China.. go to the USA.. allot of Asian girls there have Caucasian partners.. why? some think it’s a status. Same goes for HK.. It’s just that in Shanghai, it’s well exposed

      • David

        a) There are some rich Chinese, but most Chinese are poor – way poorer than Westerners.

        b) The poverty of the Chinese, together with the general low quality of Chinese made goods is evidence that the Chinese are, on average, inferior workers to Westerners

        On average we are better looking, richer and better at sex than you lot. That’s why we get the women. Deal with it.

        • Alain

          The problem David in the West is that we DON’T actually make anything anymore. 90% of everything we buy IS made in China.

          So they may well be inferior workers, but to be honest, I wouldn’t really give a flying fuck if i was working 12 hour days 7 days a week for a couple of thousand kuai a month, eh?

          Nothing personal.

        • arriviste

          David, why do you wield the ‘generalisation’ brush with so much gusto, in regard to Chinese products? The Chinese produce goods that are equal in quality to that manufactured by any other country. There are plants producing and repairing electric motors in China, that are so clean, that one could eat ones lunch from off the floor.

          China is so diverse, that generalisations are an insult,contradictory and a complete waste of time.

      • lagavulin

        Just like you poor uneducated Chinese comrades that left you country to live in US and Europe, but still with small dinks

    • EliXiR

      Don’t be a shame for yourself, man!
      Can you compare the size of chinese women with black african or american women, of course not!

      BLack guy is for black woman and chinese for chinese women, but black guy and chinese girl is other thing…

      Your statement would be considered true if you have small penises and the chinese girls would be equal to size of black women….!

      Keep your mind clear and clean.

      • May

        What a purely ludicrous and raciest comment

      • Juan Pelotilla

        And chinese men are for…rabbits? How can they pleasure any human creature with such a tiny dick?

        • lolay you should stop talk

    • Gareth

      I don’t believe the ‘Chinese man small penis’ stereotype

      inflated egos, I think that depends on the man.

      One American stand up comedian said it best…. I can’t wait for the day when we end racism, then we can just hate a person for being an asshole

      Article is definitely true though:

      “If you’re in a key positions [government jobs], stop being greedy and engaging in corruption. You are the main reason for the problems in today’s society.”

      well said well said.

      • Nad

        I’m sorry, but the all the black = horse, white is average, asian = “turtle head” stereotypes regarding penises are rooted in truth. Yes, it is a generalization, yes, there is a bell curve, but any 14 year old boy who has watched “some” porn could confirm this. It’s not racist, no more than saying “a white man has lighter skin than a black man” is racist. It’s racist when you start making judgements, laws, assertions based on these differences. But observing them does not make one recist.

        • bert

          There are show’ers’ and grow’ers’. It seems that in general blacks are show’ers’. When things straighten out then there is not a HUGE difference. Unless u figure a cm or 2 is HUGE. Porn is not a proper judging tool to compare. Many of the guys are not tall and the girls are usually quite short and small, except for the implants, penile size is not determined by height, but on film it can be deceiving. Sure there are examples of largeness in pornographic movies but these do not represent the average person whether black or white. The power and myth of the penis is just nutty.

        • Cpt. Obvious

          You’re right, that is a generalization a 14 year old would come up with.

      • Juan Pelotilla

        Come on, go to the changing room of any gym in China, you will see by yourself! It is not a stereotype, it is a fact

      • Jin

        Most Asians on average have a smaller penis then a white person and most white male have a smaller penis then a black man. Yes you get some Asians with a big dong but that’s not the “general” and the penis size of each race is a good match to the size of the vag of their country female.

        Asians female who go for black is because she has a wide vag and you could use it as a bowling ally in any any case its best she does go black because Asian male wont have the right tool for her.

        This article is stop on “foreigners” that’s would include Asian born overseas now coming back to china do so for financial benefits not for the love of the country.

        • cc

          Average dick size is about 15cm when erect regradless of colour. Most dicks look pretty small and stupid when there sleeping.
          Unless of course the changing rooms or other places you go to willy watch have guys walking around with raging hard ons

    • Geegee

      lol, if you pray, the future generations mighjt have bigger ones xD

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      No, and Chinese men are not cursed. I feel bad that Chinese men have to deal these types of stereotypes.

  • Mikeez

    I think Chinese men and women feel quite a bit of discontent in their society. What better way to say to everyone UP YOURS than by being with a white dude.

    • Joe

      That was one of the most insightful things I’ve ever read in any comments section anywhere, ever.

      As for the ranting article… Not so much.

  • eattot

    it’s too much about personal, better keep mute. lazy ass and diggers everywhere in this world. and pure love also happens everywhere. just for there is one thing more: race. everyone wants to find the best catch and gene for them, it’s normal. no need to accuse anyone.

    • Geegee

      to you mean that the white gene is the best?

    • Camille

      what are you trying to say? “the best gene”?

      white people have the best genes? you’re dumb.

      • Rob

        Yes, biologically speaking a foreigner (white, black, or any other shade or hue) has the best genes for a Chinese. And vice versa. It’s called “outbreeding”.

      • kodi

        I think you have the best genes Camille

  • Cardaver

    I’ve known three different foreign girls who were with Chinese dudes, and I never thought twice about it, I don’t know why foreign men with Chinese girls has to be such an issue today.

    To be honest, the only part about this that I have a problem with is the fact that “she” didn’t bring up black chicks at all when she was encouraging men to try their best to get foreigners

    • pshe

      The sad part is, this story is not about foreigners, it’s about Chinese women. Everything attributed to the foreign men here, can be attributed to Chinese business men (or those who fake to be one) just as easily. Fact is that some Chinese women will sleep with anything that they believe will feed them. Foreigners are exposing and exploiting a problem here – but they did not create it.

    • 123

      a chinese friend told me once that chinese guys are intimidated by black women. and i guess black women woud prefer a man who is able to stand up for them. i think the problem is not the size entirely of what they have below the belt but they get beat by chinese girls, they are soft. black women on their “independent ladies” shit dont need a man, furthermore a p***y

      • Geegee

        lol, yeah that’s what a chinese friend told me…

      • Alex

        Well it’s pretty simple. Chinese men are pussies and even trashy foreign men are a step up in regards to masculinity.

        Foreign men are obscene, arrogant, shallow, ignorant and lazy. Basically the opposite of most chinese men, so women gravitate towards that. Foreign women are also are attracted to the extra pussified men in china too.

  • WestDick

    Whenever some butthurt Chinese netizen leaves some half truth racist comment about laowai, to me it just comes off as sour grapes and jealousy…

    Looking at photos of Laowai and Chinese women partying in nightclubs, the Chinese internet user passes judgment while sitting in the concrete box he calls his bedroom, which he hasn’t left in days due to a highly acute WOW addiction and the fact that he is 28 years old but his parents still treat and support him like he is 12 and thus doesn’t need a job.

    Its no wonder Chinese women are attracted to laowai, Chinese men are too busy trolling the internet with hypocritical criticism of other country’s people to find time for dating.

    • Joongy

      now that wasn’t racist

    • TTOZ

      You retort a semi-generalization with over-generalization. Real fuckin’ smart there Dick.

      • sad

        an over-generalization that is generally true. go make some medicine, bitches

        • fireworks

          The only way to reverse the trend of Chinese women going out with foreigners is for the government to let the RMB (Yuan) appreciate.

          This makes things expensive for the foreigner. I’ll doubt the government will let it appreciate by 40% as it makes Chinese manufactured goods very expensive and foreign capital takes flight into cheaper countries like Vietnam or Thailand.

    • M7

      If Chinese man are all staying in their box and play wow 24/7, China today wouldnt have 1.3 billion people.

      Infact, even with the 1 child policy, the Chinese population are estimated to grow and will not stop till 1.4-1.6 billion.

      Unless Chinese babies can appear out of no where, Chinese man and Chinese woman relationship is fine. The problem stated in this article is not as extreme as it made out to be.

    • boolida

      Amen, sour grapes. This is really common tangent taking mainlander logic(not too logical). And I really dont believe the examples she cites. Really laughable, I read this on the original post and the chinese boys responding to it were bitching about the girls going with these guys and how they are race traitors and shit. Truth is that their sister loves me cause Im not like them. She(he?) is also a hypocrite as nobody with a job would waste time typing out drivel like this. A scientific study that she will quit her job(sleeping) to do.

  • Joe Friday

    An excellent troll.

  • So basically she’s saying, Chinese girls, don’t sleep with foreigners because I once saw one that looked like a homeless guy and another one that wasn’t rich!
    Sure, foreigners should not be automatically given special treatment, but the writer of this seems to be saying that every relationship between a Chinese girl and a non-Chinese guy is only due to the perceived status of being with a foreigner. Never anything else? Really?
    I especially like the suggestion that girls who are married to foreigners, “boldly stand up and tell your sisters that your life outside of China is lonely, boring, hard, and that you miss home.”
    Uh, what if that’s not true? The whole argument of the article is based on the assumption that being with a foreigner is never as good as outsiders might dream. Profound…
    Give people more credit. Don’t assume you know more about their relationship than they do. Also, talking about nationalities is completely unnecessary and ignorant.
    In conclusion, the writer is a nosy bitch. Much better to just say, “Yo, girlfriends, don’t marry a douche (of any nationality).”

    • Rick in China

      I was going to paste that quote also (Boldly stand up…) as it kinda ‘suits’ the overall theme of this ridiculous trolling post.

      Agree with your assessments. It’s clearly written by someone with an agenda.

    • KnowMoreAboutChinese

      To Bakery,

      you said “Sure, foreigners should not be automatically given special treatment, but the writer of this seems to be saying that every relationship between a Chinese girl and a non-Chinese guy is only due to the perceived status of being with a foreigner. Never anything else? Really?”

      I can give a very definte answer. Yes, almost all the Chinese girls who go with non-Chinese guys are due to the perceived status of being with a foreigner. Maybe something else, but very very little. For pure love? who believes?

  • Kenny P.

    Too long, didn’t read.

  • Keninchina

    What a silly post. Girls have needs too and they too like sex. They want to have sex with white guys just like how I want to sex up white girls. They want to try black guys, just like how I want to bone Alicia Keys. They want to blow latin dudes, just like how I want to lick up the Brazilian models that live in my building…

    Stop treating girls like asexual objects that must obey some medieval chastity rule.

    • GodsHammer

      The Coles Notes right there man!

    • Word. Truest post in this dogshit of a comment’s section.

    • Camille

      exactly. preach it, bruh. women of any race/ethnicity may do as they fucking please, date who they please, fuck who they please, and simply be.

  • Matailong

    This guy is just jealous ’cause unfortunately for him Western men are appealing to Chinese women and Chinese women are attractive to Western men. However, Chinese men are usually less appealing to Western women. Actually, my best friend is a Chinese guy and he just hangs up with Western women, but he’s the only one that I know so far (and I know a lot of people here). I think it’s not only related to people’s physics, it’s more about attitude, Chinese guys tend to be shy while Westerners are more open: by being opened, they look more confident.

    DUDES HERE IS THE TRUTH: Girls all dig for confidence. You can be Chinese or Westerner and you can get girls worldwide just by being confident! (Confidence doesn’t mean showing off or being a jerk)

    I really hate those stupid clichés about westerners. We are not all stupid crappy old tourists or lousy students/losers. Some people actually came to China after having studied Chinese as a major in college and work here because they do love to be here. I’m one of those guys.

    I’ve been living with my Chinese girlfriend for two years now and we have plan to get married, we met when I was a poor student here so she was not impressed by whatsoever “power of mine” and she is 3 years older than me. So when I read this kind of article, I’m sorry but this guy has a peanut instead of his brain.

    There are many Western jerks but they are also many Chinese guys who are total jerks: here in Shanghai, cheating is as famous as Xiaolong Bao (this statement is true for BOTH guys and girls) and anywhere in China KTV, massage parlors and other “working girls” places receive thousands of Chinese married men every day . So it might be easy to criticize jerks from other countries, but maybe this guy should also have a better look at his compatriots’ behaviors.

    Or maybe, like many male friends of mine pointed out: with such an imbalanced sex ratio here, how can guys accept that western come here and steal the few remaining girls for them? They better criticize all those criminals who abort or kill their baby girls back in the country.

    • Su le Legionaries

      Hey Matailong Mate

      Maybe you the lucky one and congratulate of you married.

      But in large part chinese girls do this for them self and them family to get better life getting that O/sea Passport (Green card)

      Trust me I know about it!!!! personalty in my family is ready now deal with bad chinese (mainland) woman. she have got what she want and have send my family member having mental illness so this peoples will do “what way it can to get the passport”

      P.S I born in Macau but spent most of part life in oz so more bloody Aussie there Macauese.

      • sad

        Anyone can translate what the Macanese dude wrote?

      • bando

        yeah, im confused too… oh well, another grammatically incorrect individual ignored.

        A lot to read and disagree with. But suffice to say its only true for some instances but it is not true for everyone. Western man can actually work hard and be successful just as a chinese man can actually be good in bed. And I’m sure there are some chinese women out there who actually love their husbands or a western woman who respect their chinese husband.

        Now you can laugh at me for such naive optimistic thinking

    • ProudChina



      the joke goes like this
      Dr. :”if you went hunting but instead of taking your gun, you took an umbrella by mistake. When you pulled the ‘trigger’ at that bear and it went dead! ”
      Old Man: “Impossible! Someone else must did it!”
      Dr. : “exactly my point!”

  • Centrist

    The “story” is just that– a story. It is full of holes and lacking logic nor evidence. In fact, I will be so bold as to come right out and say it: it’s all a lie.

    And here is why:

    The writer says that there are only two reasons why foreigners come to China. This is untrue. There are dozens upon dozens of reasons why foreigners come to China.

    There are many tens of thousands of foreigners studying in China, for example.

    There are professional teachers working in international schools in Shanghai, Qingdao, Beijing, Shenyang, and so on.

    Embassy staff. Investors. Corporate executives. Journalists. Researchers. Technology consultants. Pilots. Flight attendants. Tourists. Retirees.

    Only two reasons? No, the writer is simply telling lies or too biased to come to a logical, factual conclusion.

    Secondly, she (or he) claims that he/she saw a foreigner picking up garbage off the street. As a foreigner in China, I do this too– especially near my home or near my school. It’s called community work and keeping my neighbourhood tidy. She is claiming that this foreigner is so poor that he must collect rubbish to survive? The only rubbish here is this entire fabricated story! Doesn’t the writer know that foreigners –even the most uneducated ones– can get jobs teaching English in schools all across China? Or even more to the point, in western countries poor people especially with children can collect something called “welfare” which can amount to well over 10,000 RMB a month. What foreigner would stay in China and live on the street when he can have housing provided back at home and draw money from the government?

    And the story about the black guy and the Chinese girl going to the dormitory of one of the top research schools is classic. Maybe the black guy was a TEACHER at the school? Maybe he is a researcher? Did the writer even bother to research that?

    more laughable is the simply foolish story about the “dying foreign AIDS patient in Beijing” is a complete fabrication as any foreigner with AIDS is expelled (deported) to their home country. That’s the law in China. Look it up sometime.

    Another fallacy is the odd statement about Japan and how they call “America”. They call America, well, America. )American = America-jin /amelikadzin/ ) Odd how you would just make this up out of thin air like you are the master of Japanese.

    And although I am not American, it seems that most of your writing is comparing American men or saying that America = 外国. Well, I got a new mathematical equation for you: 外国 不= 美国. Simply put, once you step out of China, you are not automatically in America. There ARE other countries, you know. Like 加拿大, for example. Have you forgotten 大山 or Dr. Bethune?

    This is all just a silly fairy tale article with nothing based on factual information.

    I am a foreigner. I am happily married to a Chinese lady. So is my best friend. We both have good jobs and happy healthy relationships with our spouses.

    Are there bad foreigners in China? You bet.

    Are there bad Chinese in “外国”? You bet.

    It goes both ways…

    • joe

      rofl. not gonna try to agree or disagree with the rest of ur post…

      but in writing in japanese (in japanese/chinese letters), america IS “rice” “country”.

      and in chinese, its “beautiful” (whether you wanna look at this as beautiful or as a similar-sounding letter) “country”

    • paxman

      @Centrist, excellent post, you said everything I wanted to say!

  • EnglishPRC

    Lou Zhu is a fanatic who is only focusing on the negative side of a worst case scenario. Its as if she’s got a personal vendetta against foreigners.
    Good and bad people are everywhere.There are good and bad chinese men, Good and bad chinese women, Good and bad expats, Good and bad english teachers AND GOOD AND BAD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.
    I hate it when some people like Lou Zhu exaggerate it, but ALAS EXAGGERATION IS A VERY INTEGRAL PART OF CHINESE SOCIETY AND SELF EXPRESSION.
    Enough Said!

    • david

      thats true…… but in china, white dudes come and easily pick up a bunch of girls. its hard to find a country thats like that.

      the thing is it’s not even “pick up”. i was clubbing in beijing (im chinese american) w my friends, and this chubby bald white guy just all of a sudden got surrounded by 5 girls.

      not that im jealous. im happily dating a chinese girl over here in the US. but cmon, i club over in here in new york city all the f* time, and i dont see men like that w 5 chicks. maybe george clooney can pull that off

      • sad

        enter South-East Asia.

      • Geegee

        that’s also what’s going on in Africa, i don’t thaink the girls are real attracted by the guys…

        • Lance

          What’s going on in Africa? You mean black girls are chasing foreign men?

          • Geegee

            some of them do chase only foreign men…i don’t know why it seems that whites have the priority on every continent…

  • Yawn. This is China, lotta dudes, lotta ladies. Something for everybody.

  • Midwestern netizen

    I am one of the “half-bloods” the author mentions in her original post, and I can say that my Chinese mother and American father have been happily married for over 20 years. They are the same age and have the same interests and met while they were both working as English professors at a Chinese university. They are equal in their success and live a wonderful life together. How is it wrong for Chinese women to date–or even marry–foreign men? Love is love. Don’t the Chinese see how inexcusably racist and xenophobic they are when they frown on interracial relationships and use terms like “hunxue’er” and “laowai?”
    I would suggest that the author of this post extend her research to relationships and marriages between Chinese men and Chinese women–I am sure she will find just as many cases of unhappy unions, exploitation, age differences and sexual deviancy as the ones she has sensationalized involving foreign men and Chinese women (if not more!). Any responsible researcher should know that isolated samples do not determine the nature of an entire group.

    • “Half-bloods.” Louzhu sounds like the villain from Harry Potter.

      • Anon

        That’s the translator, not the louzhu.

  • Vesper

    “Truly hilarious. So marrying a laowai is disgraceful,
    yet [she] wants to research how to help Chinese men marry laowai.”

    Ha, so true. Not long ago there was this proud article in China Daily about how more Shanghainese men were marrying Japanese women. About how Chinese men are clearly superior to Japanese men now, with no mention of how the poor neglected Shanghainese women feel about this.

    I have two fears about dating a Chinese guy–1. He wouldn’t actually like me; he would just be dating me to have revenge on the white men and 2. Somebody would take our photo and it would end up on Chinasmack!

    Oh, and that the sex would be bad and he’d act like a psychostalker.

    • Nikilodian

      I had the same fear about dating a Chinese guy, that he’d be more interested in impressing his friends with his foreign gf and playing around as I had been warned about this (by Chinese and laowai). True it happens all the time, you can see foreigners and Chinese alike showing off their exotic arm candy. But you can see right through someone like that.
      I say take the plunge and give a nice guy a chance! Could be the best you’ve ever had ;)

    • MMary

      …and they seem to be the only men on earth who cannot interpret ‘giddy up giddy up’.

  • Dynasty

    How shameful that the men of China need a woman to come stand up for them.

    • MMT

      That’s not what’s happening here. This is a post by an insecure, somewhat bigoted person who is trying to write about a topic they either don’t understand or are deliberately misrepresenting. Don’t drag “the men of China” into this ridiculous post.

  • Beaver Face

    I just think of it as weeding.

    We take the women with good hearts and decent morals and leave all the rubbish for the Chinese men. They deserve gold digging wenches because they are no better with their infidelity and arrogant, misogynist attitudes.

    Chinese men complain because they are losers and Chinese women complain through jealousy because they are too ugly or narrowminded to get a foreigner.


    • Alan in China

      Ouch, lay of the haterade. Doesn’t make you sound any better when you say things like that. But then again you’re trolling so I suppose that’s to be expected.

      • sad

        “trolling”? That’s so 2007

  • Alan in China

    I think that some of the things she’s saying are valid, but definitely can’t be overgeneralized to the general population. Anyone jumping to an extreme to either defend or attack what they said probably sees themselves in those situations. But while it’s not a good situation, it really happens everywhere. And though it might be a big deal in China now, a few more years down the road and it won’t even matter.

    As for the pictures included in this article, some of them aren’t that bad of pairings. The ones with old fat white dudes, yea, but the other ones aren’t bad at all, about what you’d see in any nonasian country with white girls dating guys that may be slightly below their level.

    The funny thing is though, those old fat white guys that marry young girls, it’s not like everyone else can’t see through it for what it really is. I don’t think anyone sees them and thinks “Dang, that guy must have a lot going for him” but instead they switch to, oh, he went to a foreign country to get a wife. eh….

    At least that’s how I feel when I see people flying to and from the States from other countries. Old white dude with young wife and baby in hand.

  • J-S

    This is such bull…. I mean, what do you think happens when a Chinese business man around 45-60 years old go to Europe?
    I’m from France and I can write the same topic with all the propaganda: “Bad foreigners” and blablabla.
    The truth is everywhere in the world locals can feel that foreigners are irritable, and it’s true some of them are but what about foreigners who are coming in China to teach knowledge that the Chinese still need to get, or foreigners with foreigners boy/girlfriends?
    You look like a teenager who’s jealous and don’t accept other cultures or traditions but his owns…
    Man grow-up and open your mind, they are 10.000 Chinese citizens coming to France each year as immigrants or in illegal situation who never come back to China.
    And about the “Why there are more Chinese women with foreigners than Chinese men with foreigners?”, it’s quite simple, most of the time the Chinese man care less about his look and attitude when he is out than a foreigner, and in Beijing it’s not so pleasant for a foreign girl to hear the sound of a man slitting in the street.
    Also I think that when the Chinese will have a better care of themself like the citizens of South-Korea or Japan do then they will get a better opportunity to have chances with foreign women.

    • Be realistic, from a historical stand point, men are dogs, there primary purpose, programmed in their base DNA is to penetrate as many vaginas as possible. Some men screw animals {sheep, dogs}. Add to that the fact that Chinese woman have many attractive characteristics from a Western man’s standpoint, I would expect nothing else. And having said that, I will sleep with the 1st attractive Chinese woman that gives me the opportunity! Sorry, dude, call of the wild.

  • @@

    i’m a chinese and i prefer white girls coz Chinese woman are shit

    • 马志坚

      Foreign men are an escape from the dogma, ethnic nationalism and social rules that can suffocate the life out of any woman. Rapid Economic development has brought competition to every sector of this society and now there are plenty of men that know how to dance, charm and swoon women away from hard working local men. Change isn’t easy and seeing a weird old gross Foreign guy rubbing down a Chinese woman in a bar is kick in the ass but seeing a hardworking local man knee-deep in migrant sex workers isn’t pretty either but no one sees or want to address this. People in glasshouses should not throw stones.

    • Danny

      Wow, I can’t believe the amount of racist comments on this site.

      Still, I think it is a good thing that people think about these issues. I believe women who want foreigners in any country (regardless of race) are just people who want to feel special and need something different in their lives. I do think it is very odd that a man would travel half way around the world to get with a woman, but to each his own.

      I’m Asian and have met many nice women of all races here in Canada. The Internet makes it seem like the whole world is filled with haters and racist trolls. People go on forums or websites and just see all the hatred. IT’S NOTHING LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE. It’s like people who view pornographic material online, the Internet can be a really bad influence. It’s unhealthy.

      This is just speculation, but I think part of the problem is that many Asians – Chinese, Japanese and Koreans spend a lot of time on the Internet. They spend hours in Internet cafes and all they see is negative and bad.

      I have met many interracial couples, and they have all been really nice. Maybe in China it is different because the women are poor and the white men are loser English teachers, but for the most part the couples I have met in many countries were very nice.

      Let go of the hatred and start focusing on the positive! Peace!

      • sad

        Well that’s a pretty Chinktastik thing to say innit

  • wangyang


    • 虚伪做作的西方人

      就先满口种族主义 脏话连篇。

      他们没有意识到为什么中国人对外国人印象不好,外国人在中国干的坏事,只因为他们自己不知道。我真受不了这种自翔清高 动不动就搬出自由平等和“全球化”来当挡箭牌的人,很多人来中国就觉得自己高人一等,趾高气扬,欺负别人。现在装B装圣人了?!

      你们抱着这些态度?难道还能让人喜欢。 需要有更多中国人看到你们这样种族歧视的真面目!!!

      • KnowMoreAboutChinese

        Yes, I agree with you. It is the Westerners especially the whites who are hypocritical and racist. They are acting everyday.

  • bob

    yeah i agree there are some white trash here, but serioulsy the person who wrote this is obviously not that well travelled even chiense girls who go abroad do this kind of thing. out of china plus with all the Chinese massage happy ending centers all over the world and chinese prostities who stand on every concer of big cites. thats why guys come here thinking pussy is so easy, so i think one should look at its own country and culter before talking about white trash there is just a hand fulll of uss here in china, there are millions of chinese overseas doing this every day!!! plus person who wrote this do yourself a favor and go to thailand and then compare china.

    dont generlise on people good bye!!

    • sad

      Proper English would be nice for a change.

  • Tom12GA

    I have a Chinese wife who treats me wonderfully. We met almost ten years ago while she was an undergraduate student. I gave her the space she needed and we didn’t get married until 3 years ago.

    We are expecting our second child (first was a girl) and I won’t be upset if the new baby is not a son either. Give me two healthy daughters and I will still be happy.

    Q: When my bi-racial child is ready to date…which of her races should I tell her to avoid?

  • HandleMyLovePump

    I notice a lot of it refers to “old” men. Presumably poor young men with no prospects are OK then? Also, the premise : “the vast majority are related to the two factors below: One, they’re not doing well in their home countries, or they simply can’t survive in their home countries; Two, they’re looking for Chinese women.”

    I don’t know anyone who comes to China to look for Chinese women (although they may (surprise!) find some when they get here, and anyway, category 3 is missing – people who come here for fun, travel, excitement and opportunity.

    And anyway Chinese girls aren’t THAT great. Flat ass, no tits, crap in bed and act like Princesses. If you want a woman: go to South America.

    • 123

      “And anyway Chinese girls aren’t THAT great. Flat ass, no tits, crap in bed and act like Princesses. If you want a woman: go to South America.”

      lol..true story

      • Chen

        There are Chinese girls who have nice boobs. And damn I agree with you on the Princess. For them it’;s all about money. I am generalizing here, but it’s kinda rare to find one who’s world does not revolve around money

    • xuesheng

      “And anyway Chinese girls aren’t THAT great. Flat ass, no tits, crap in bed and act like Princesses. If you want a woman: go to South America.”

      so true. After living in Brasil for a while i just can’t get myself to find chinese girls interesting… Worlds in between. Still hoping to meet that hot, lonely brazilian girl here in Asia (-;

    • arriviste

      All Chinese women have flat asses, no tits and are useless in bed? You need to quit smoking that s*it, it’s affecting whats left of your brain.
      It may have escaped your notice, but there are tall women in China,(5’7″-5’11″0, there are women with big boobs and there are women that are good in bed, and lets not forget those tight firm asses that they can use to great effect! Certain areas in China have women whom look european. Same old story…use the brush of generalisation regarding Chinese women.
      As for South American women,……they get married, and it’s all downhill from there!! There are plenty of ugly women in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, etc. There are good looking women everywhere in the world,

    • Raf

      Yes I agree I am white from the UK but Polish born working as an English teacher and I am with a black African girl in China life is great and a dream come true for me I have a sexy curvy woman and a beautiful country to explore I am buzzing. I never came to China for the women but for the Kung fu and general culture, Chinese women do not excite that much.

  • Mike Fish

    What about so many home-grown-men, no offense Kai, drives do many Chinese chicks into the arms of old foreigners?

  • I think ultimately it is the women’s choices.

  • This is painfully hilarious. But true in some ways, there are certainly some foreign guys here that are rejects in their homelands…

    …which makes them invisible here, because most Chinese guys are rejects.

  • Josiah

    Oh jeez he talks about a black guy with two Chinese women in one paragraph and then talks about a dying aids patient in the next. Classy. See what he did there?

    But thats what I’d expect from a guy who wants chinese women to not have sex with foreign men, but wants foreign women to have sex with chinese men. And that post was written by a man, no doubt about it.

  • AussieNik

    LMAO! She needs to take a look at ya average Chinese men then ask herself why Chinese girls like foreigners, LOL!!!

  • Raphael

    It’s a pity that the only way you found to justify the relationship between foreigner men and Chinese women was to say that the women were stupid and the men were pervert…
    Love can also exists between 2 people with different backgrounds and judging so simply with what you “see” is not very smart.

    Also, i’d like to say that after 3 years in China, i am not surprised to see such a topic, with this kind of title, because racism usually surrounds every thought an average Chinese can have towards foreigners. It’s a pity, but we, foreigners, have learned to live with it. Have you?

    To conclude, maybe when your kid will bring home a foreigner, you’ll grow up.

  • dare

    I am a white American guy, I have long lost count of the number of chinese pussies I’v poked in 5 years. Probably well over 200.

    • Adam

      Don’t make senseless comments like this to vent the fact that you were offended. It makes it worse for the rest of us decent people living in China.

      You damn idiot.

      • sad

        You Adam, are an idiot.

        • Adam

          I’ve been called an idiot before, but I’m still smarter than you.

          Now that is truly sad! =)

          • sad

            fair enough, you little nancy boy. I guess smarter means being a fluffer in gay Little Richard movies

        • Adam

          Why, thank you for agreeing that I am smarter than you!

          As your superior, my first lesson for you is to look up the word “smart.” Here you go: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/smart. This should help you with your awkwardness and, especially grammar. I might have to go beat your mom for not teaching you, again.

          My second lesson for you is a much harder. Get a life. Start by stop revisiting this page and insulting every other post, every other day. Lol.

    • Fely Love

      May I ask u a question? Does going to bed with over 200 women make u superior to other people ? It only shows that u a sorry and sick being .

  • kawaii

    who cares who fucks who…
    if you’re jealous, go get a bit of the action, don’t sit in front of a computer ranting….LoL

  • j money

    i thought every man wished their wives where maids, cooks, and sex slave, and stopped talking about stuff we don’t care about…isn’t this universal?

    i think i can solve 80% of this girls problem if i had control of a few things
    1. less people in china
    2. get the chinese to learn from the japanese (not exactly a thing to show off if a japanese girl marries a foreigner)
    3. chinese figure out their hygienic issues especially in the excess hair department…wtf?
    4. chinese pay attention to details

  • lang

    I used to think they are only after green cards and residency. In UK, the number of children with a white father and a chinese mother is so significant that it shows up on the National Statistics

  • Ted

    “just because a chinese fellow fucks u up the first day u arrive beijing… u take a taxi from the airport and the driver drives around and around when the ride is 90 kuai it turns out 180 kuai… the u go to get a cell phone number and then u get screwed again… u go to a restaurant and they have a different pric for the foreigner… u go to a club and then all the chinese gals come to u just because u are white… ” and bla bla bla.. doesnt mean all the chinese are the same.. there are good and bad people everywhere… we have hundreds of thousands of chinese back home… it is about individual… doesnt matter u are chinese american african or asian…. u will find variery of people… this article is a shit and stupid and a sign of ricist.. dont forget the chinese living in other countries…

  • Apple approves (straight from http://www.apple.com. If you don’t see it, refresh the page): http://images.apple.com/home/images/iphone_hero_2_20100607.jpg

  • shenmeniao

    would you like some nationalism with your haterade?

  • steven

    Seriously, who gives a fuck? Race, nationality, religion, for fucks sake, just get over it, people can fuck who they want. We are all humans, and we can be attracted to whoever we like, for whatever reason. Stop giving a fuck about it.

  • Louis

    She forgot to mention the many chinese women with really fat ugly and rude chinese men. Those men also visit prostitutes all the time…
    Its nothing to do with race just money.
    Typical racism…

  • laowai

    wew, so overseaschinese like me has no right as well?

  • GodsHammer

    Dear FAUNA,
    Where are the pictures being procured? Who procured them?
    You see, I actually know all the people in a one of these pictures(guys and girls). They have never had relations with the men who are with them (as insinuated by the article being accompanied by the pics), people at a pool party(or any party) often take goofy mug shots, hug shots or whatever. AND there are people from City WeekEnd, That’s Shanghai etc.etc.etc taking photos of whatever people hanging at the party.
    Did the original author of this nationalist, puritan tirade post connect this photo? Or did you?
    Given the tone of the article I think it’s disingenuous/fake and downright legally risky for you to link pictures of people that you don’t know to insidious xenophobic and suggestive material such as this.

    FYI… I know the people in the last photo better than they know each other and you’ve used it out of context.
    Advise removal.

    • GodsHammer

      Actually, the last 2 photos are people I know (thought it was all one photo at first glance).
      The guys are just mugging with the girls, not WITH them. You are really reaching as the one in the blue bikini doesn’t even know the other guy and the one with the older gentleman are friends.

      I haven’t even addressed the article yet…hahaha. I’m too pissed off with ChinaSmack at the moment.

      • GodsHammer

        Oh, and BTW. Did more homework.
        1) That pool party was apparently 2 years ago (girls date events by clothing …hahaha).
        2) at the time, one of the girls was dating a Chinese guy (long term relationship) and the other was married to a Chinese guy and is taking a friendly picture with a man (who happens to be white) who is a business associate of her husband.

        ChinaSmack, you are really making TRASH when you just use misc. links to your story. Even worse than the nationalistic diatribe that you have just spent all that time translating.

        • hero

          This site is rubbish. Gossip and racism.

          Cool “story”.

          Hate mongering, more like it.

        • YouLan

          calm down.

          There’re pics. Unlabeled pics.

          They make the story more colourful and interesting. There’s nothing that sssaayysss they are like the girls mentioned in the story you’re just implying that.

          Like a while back there was some story about female bosses having their way with boys in the office, the pics added to it but I’m sure those women had little or nothing to do with the story.
          Hell, if I see pics of me up here I’m not saying anything hahah.. the moment will pass and no one will know how silly I look in real life.

          • GodsHammer

            ‘Calming down’ has nothing to do with it. The people in the pictures have rights too as do their loved ones. The pictures are absolutely normal…the article is totally unrelated and is borderline libelous.

          • Anon

            The post clearly states that the pictures are not related to the post so they’re just illustrative, like stock photography. Unfortunately, this is the inherent danger of having your photo posted on the internet where it quickly becomes “public domain” because it gets indexed in some search engine where anyone can download and use it. Maybe you can go find all the other ones and ask that each and every one of them be removed.

          • kezhou

            borderline libelous?
            Who owns the pictures? Did the people on the pictures consent in having them taken in the first place?

            If the owner of the pictures have no problems with ChinaSMACK using them, and the people on the pictures consented in having the pictures taken in the first place, then there is no libel involved at all. Instead of accussing ChinaSMACK for doing something illegal with no real claim at your hand, maybe you could produce that evidence first?

          • GodsHammer

            Kezhou… you should think about what the post is really about, a touchy subject in this land of ‘pogroms’ and ‘human flesh search engines’.
            The people in the post aren’t ‘stock photography’, they are my friends.

          • kezhou

            Well if they didn’t already know, they should be careful of what situations, they are photographed in and by whom. This isn’t something new in this age, we’re living in.

            If you really want to do something about it, then you should take the matter to court. As in if you truly believe that ChinaSMACK should be “taught” a lesson. At least if you think that it is truly libel and unauthorized use of the pictures.

            Posting a valid/nonvalid claim on a discussion board is hardly any real solution.

            And I’m sure that if any Chinese court would actually put down a sentence in your favour, ChinaSMACK’s owner would actually think twice in the future rather than being smug and use unauthorized pictures just to attract some more visitors to the site ;)

          • Anon

            And your friends are lucky to have a guy like you looking out for their interests.

            Look, tell your friends to email chinaSMACK and politely ask for the pictures to be removed, explaining that they simply don’t want to be associated with the content of the post. Threatening libel and whatever isn’t really going to get you or them far because there’s little, if any, legal standing here and there’s probably even less legal damages to claim.

            You can email chinaSMACK yourself and ask on behalf of your friends. If damage control was what you were after, that’s actually what you should have done in the first place instead of drawing further attention to the images. At this point, it just sounds like you want to publicly punish the website for posting images that happen to be your friends.

            What are you after right now? Getting the images taken down or remaining angry at the website for posting them without knowing what you know? If the former, have you contacted the website yet?

          • Anon

            Any updates, GodsHammer?

          • GodsHammer

            It would be nice if I had an email so that I could privately get the contributors attention drawn to this matter.
            Kezhou, you are right about always being sure of what pictures you have taken. However, there is nothing to be ashamed about in taking pictures with friends and acquaintances of any race, shape or color, so why should someone be reluctant to take a picture at a party?
            Chinasmack (whom I supported and read for a long time) is really reaching if they are getting their photos from the Activities report on a Shanghai website.
            Whether the xenophobic nongming amongst us like it or not Shanghai is an INTERNATIONAL and MULTICULTURAL place. Many of us have friends from other races, countries and some of them may be the opposite sex. *Gasp*

          • Anon

            There’s a contact form on the About page. There has been one for a long time. It is mentioned in the FAQ as well.

          • dabs

            yawn. you’re all geeks

    • MMary

      I think the most mature approach is to acknowledge people’s privacy, and when using personal photos, the site should at least mask the faces. The reason this is a mature attitude is because (particularly with Chinese human search engines) we have all seen instances of people’s lives being profoundly affected by posted items that go viral. Quite simply; the punishment is disproportionate to the crime.
      Of course people are free to take these matters to court, but this puts the onus onto the innocent party to seek recompense for wrongs done to them. Hardly a suitable resolution since the damage is already done. Perpetrators take advantage of this ‘pain in the ass and expense’ factor to pursue their own agenda.
      Which leads us to the difference between asian and western concepts of privacy and ‘social responsibility’.

  • dim mak

    Christ, this is obviously not real. People write essays like this all the time under the guise of authority, when it’s really someone trying to vent their own frustrations.

    I don’t think the examples he gave are real either, that bit with the French woman laughing at the couple pretty much gives it away

    The prevalence of interracial marriage in China is peanuts compared to any Western country. I’m not pro-interracial like Western liberals love so much, but there’s no need to bring attention to this (which outsiders will find prejudiced) when the problem isn’t significant. We just need to be on our guard and not fall into the same multicultural disaster that is the US.

  • Boyang

    Really glad to see all the positive comments refuting this cheap, divisive rant. Peace and love to all genuine couples, regardless of where you’re both from.

  • Facepalm

    All foreigners are losers?

    that’s an extreme generalization.

    Most of the people I know that came to China to study are mostly spoiled brat; however, despite their spoiled status, they are much more “independent” than most of the chinese people I know.

    But then….I do know A LOT of foreigner who came here just to bang some chinese chicks and leave. Yet, they are divided.

    Those who bang the cheap or low class chinese girls.


    Those who bang the middle to high class chinese girls.

    The first types are indeed the loser types…

    As for the second one…well, let’s just say that they are better than the first one.

    so,What I want to say is….

    1. It’s a normal stuff to mess around with your “special”-ness

    2. Blame colonialism for making the caucasian to have their “white power” against asian people.

    3. As for using “power” to get laid….well, it’s just how society works. I know a lot of university professor who’s sleeping with his grad students.

    4.Chinese girls….most of them….well, they really need a lot of education on how to not to be cheap for foreigners…

    Personally….I don’t care…. but this society is pretty fucked…

  • elenore

    First of all sluts live everywhere.I don’t think this would be such a big deal in China like most of Asia didn’t have more men than women.And their are plenty of American women who’ll hook up with foreign men just because he is foreign same as American Men.However Asian men in U.S. less likely to marry or date outside of their own race like black women.No one knows why.It’s not like their aren’t women of other races not willing to date/marry them.They do that on their own.Whether they are immigrants or generational citizens.Bruce Lee is rare exception,maybe you should ask Chinese men why they don’t want to date/marry outside of their own race.

    • lolz

      “It’s not like their aren’t women of other races not willing to date/marry them.”


      U of Chicago study on race relations show that White females are 65% less likely to choose Asian males.

      “For equal success with a white woman, an African-American needs to earn an additional $154,000; a Hispanic man needs $77,000; an Asian needs $247,00” -LOL

      “For equal success with an Asian woman, an African-American needs no additional income; a white man needs $24,000 less than average; a Hispanic man needs $28,000 more than average.”

  • Didi

    So many stupid things are written above.

  • lolz

    Some truth about the foreign expats in China. Most of them are not exactly overachievers in their own countries, just regular joes. In China they do carry the special status of simply being different.

    It’s also true that ordinary Chinese men are jealous of this fact.

    I do feel that there is a stronger need for Asian women to be with Caucasians so they can standout a little more, in both China and elsewhere. Note that I used the word Asian rather than Chinese. According to the new census in US, 40% Asian Americans marry whites. However, if you taken into account that Asianwomen and Whitemen make up 6 times more interracial marriages than Asianmen and White women, then the rate which Asian American women marry white guys shoot up to be around 70%. Asian American men on the other hand are increasingly going back to asia to find brides, because there they would find themselves to be more attractive than locals. I personally find this a lot more disturbing than foreign men getting laid a lot more in China than the locals. Asian men in general clearly have something amiss.

    • kezhou

      Those numbers seem interesting, where did you find them?

      • lolz


        For some odd reason I thought the 40% rate applied to all Asians when it only applies to Asian American women. 40% is still a very high number. If 40% of all white american women married to blacks there would definitely be a race riot.

        The link which Cpt. WED breaks down the statistics better by original origin but I am slightly skeptical. I don’t think 1/3 of all American raised Chinese males marry whites based off my own observations in Boston. For every 4-5 AF WM couples I see 1 AM WF couple. But then Boston does not necessarily represent the US.

        If Cpt Wed’s URL is correct, what’s funny is the statistics on Korean Americans. 60% of all Korean Americans raised in the US marry whites, the highest out of the NE Asian nations . No wonder why my single Korean male friends in NYC are butt hurt when they see AFWM couples.

        • la mujer

          i tend to notice there is a look and build that asian men prefer. i look sorta black and asian and my asian/asian american male prospects are a lot fewer. speaking generally, perhaps it’s the men who also don’t prefer non-asians/atypical asians.