‘Father’ by Chopsticks Brothers

short film Father

Song and Music Video:

Composers: Chopsticks Brothers (Xiao Yang & Wang Taili)
Lyrics: Chopsticks Brothers (Xiao Yang & Wang Taili)
Singers: Chopsticks Brothers (Xiao Yang & Wang Taili)

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

总是向你索取 却不曾说谢谢你
zŏng shì xiàng nĭ suŏ qŭ què bù céng shuō xiè xiè nĭ
I’m always been asking and demanding, but I’ve never said thank you

直到长大以后 才懂得你不容易
zhí dào zhăng dà yĭ hòu cái dŏng dé nĭ bù róng yì
Only after I grew up did I understand it wasn’t easy for you

每次离开总是 装做轻松的样子
mĕi cì lí kāi zŏng shì zhuāng zuò qīng sōng de yàng zi
Every time I left, you pretended to be at ease

微笑着说回去吧 转身泪湿眼底
wēi xiào zhe shuō huí qù ba zhuăn shēn lèi shī yăn dĭ
gently smiling and told me to go on, only to turn away with tears in your eyes


多想和从前一样 牵你温暖手掌
duō xiăng hé cóng qián yí yàng qiān nĭ wēn nuăn shŏu zhăng
Oh how I wish it was as it were in the past, to hold your warm hand

可是你不在我身旁 托清风捎去安康
kĕ shì nĭ bú zài wŏ shēn páng tuō qīng fēng shāo qù ān kāng
but you are no longer by my side. May the wind brings you peace and health


时光时光慢些吧 不要再让你再变老了
shí guāng shí guāng màn xiē ba bù yào zài ràng nĭ zài biàn lăo le
Time, time, please go slow, so you won’t keep getting older

我愿用我一切 换你岁月长留
wŏ yuàn yòng wŏ yí qiè huàn nĭ suì yuè cháng liú
I’m willing to give everything I have so that you can live longer

一生要强的爸爸 我能为你做些什么
yì shēng yào qiáng de bà ba wŏ néng wèi nĭ zuò xiē shén me
Dad, who has always pushed me to be better, what can I do for you?

wēi bù zú dào de guān xīn shōu xià ba
Please accept my care for you, however incomparable it is [to what you gave me]

谢谢你做的一切 双手撑起我们的家
xiè xie nĭ zuò de yí qiè shuāng shŏu chēng qĭ wŏ men de jiā
Thank you for everything you do, for supporting our family with all your might

总是竭尽所有 把最好的给我
zŏng shì jié jìn suŏ yŏu bă zuì hăo de gĕi wŏ
always doing whatever you can, always giving me the best

我是你的骄傲吗 还在为我而担心吗
wŏ shì nĭ de jiāo ào ma hái zài wèi wŏ ér dān xīn ma
Am I your pride? Are you still worriying about me?

你牵挂的孩子啊 长大啦
nĭ qiān guà de hái zi a zháng dà la
The child you’ve always been concerned about, has grown up



găn xiè yí lù shàng yŏu nĭ
Thank you for being with me along the way

The Father short films by Chopsticks Brothers:

Father and son version:

Father and daughter version:

Happy Father’s Day!

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • sm

    Happy Father’s Day

    • Jeff

      Not moved

  • sm

    so moved…..

  • The Enlightened One

    I like the short films done by these guys. Granted parts are sort of corny, I enjoy their execution and the strange humor they throw in.

    I still think “Old Boy” was the best, going to be hard for them to every top that one.

  • Sponge Monkey

    Should have posted my last post here! Didn’t see the updated story! Call your dad! Tell him … well … whatever, I don’t know, never had a dad!

    If you’re a father, hope your kid(s) went all out for you! Happy Father’s Day!

  • eattot

    chinese songs are more meaningful than those english songs.at least with some topic and logic.
    somethings i dislike about english are: 1,tense,when u wrote a story, mainly past tense,so annoying.2, screed 3, they like to say sth in a very exaggerated way, we chinese do not discribe a thing or person like that. your so amazing, it’s so ….of the world…so much wanna vomit.

    • Sponge Monkey

      Eattot, are you listening to simply “pop” music? English pop music is horrible, and with the exception of teenage girls, most don’t really appreciate it.

      You want to get into lyrics? Here’s some bands for you that I really like for lyric value. Fishbone, Alice In Chains, Tragically Hip (don’t dis the Hip, they’re great writers!).

      I have a passion for the older style Chinese music, and I absolutely love the Er Hu. I’m trying to get my daughter interested in it, but she wants to play guitar. Mama wants her to play piano.

      Hey, I’m gonna do that right now. Hold on.

      “If you want to give me a really nice Father’s day gift, you’ll learn to play the Er Hu.” Hey, it worked!

      • Sponge Monkey

        I feel these words when I read some of the comments :)

        “I can feel the wheel, but I can’t steer
        When my thoughts become my biggest fear
        Ah, what’s the difference, I’ll die
        In this sick world of mine”

    • The Enlightened One

      I disagree,

      You are just listening to the wrong music. The same thing could be said about certain kinds of Chinese music. Unfortunately, the majority of music that is popular in China is just pop music or rap (and I consider these to usually be meaningless).

      I don’t know why you go into a rant about English grammar and expressions. Chinese also has some weird expressions etc. such as, “When a man rises to heaven, he brings all his chickens and ducks with him”. Most people will have no clue what this means, and even when told, it still sounds funny.

      Did you have a bad English class today or something?

      • walker

        “When a man rises to heaven, he brings all his chickens and ducks with him”. this is a Chinese idiom . ahhh, what a terrible translation, just literally. translator sucks,

        • Dr SUN

          are you suggesting, Cleo, Eallott and linette are chickens ?

          they may be, but that that matter ?

    • MrT

      fell out of bed laughing when i read that.
      such a narrow mind exposed and clueless.

    • Hairy Mao

      music is entertainment. entertainment is to make you feel relax and happy. If you want read words with meaning then go and read story books.

    • 骂人的是孙子

      One word: Tupac
      that’s somebody that puts heart into his lyrics

  • parsedlips

    Note to Chinasmack:

    Your readership (foreigners with china connections?) has zero interest in godawful Chinese pop songs.

    Please stop spamming your own site with this drivel.

    Meanwhile, Bo Xilai paid millions over the course of the last five years to sleep with Chinese “Crouching Tiger” actress Zhang Ziyi.

    • The Enlightened One

      While I somewhat agree with you on the pop songs, I do like the short films by the Chopstick brothers. So you should really speak for yourself on this one, assuming you actually watched them.

      Secondly, the news you are spouting is quite old news now and it is still really just a rumor. Which really doesn’t matter, since she is an adult and free to do what she wants with her body. Don’t be jealous because nobody is spending 1.5mil a pop to sleep with you.

    • Mijiale

      I’m a foreigner with ‘China connections’ and I have plenty of interest in these godawful Chinese pop songs, so please learn to speak only for yourself, okthankyouverymuch. Personally, I do not care so much to read Chinasmacks take on political stories like Bo Xilai – there’s blogs like Sinocism that are much better suited for keeping me up to date about such things – and instead like Chinasmack’s usually lighter, more pop-culture-oriented perspective.

  • Late Night,

    Song of the Article

    Cat’s In the Cradle
    -Cat Stevens


    for my father…..

  • BigDoor

    Hooray, another uber-sensitive, whiny, and overly melodramatic offering from the world of pop-music. It’s funny that I could love a country, it’s people, and culture so much but hate their pop music with Old Testament Yahweh wrath.
    As a side note: Fun game to play with your Chinese partner. I tell my wife I will watch a Chinese TV show with her until someone cries, then I am finished. Longest I have had to watch was 6 minutes.
    Lastly, please do not think that I hold Western pop-music in high regard either, I hate that stuff for a whole different list of reasons.

    • The Enlightened One

      LoL, I have to agree with you on the overdose of melodramatic pop songs. I am more into rock, so this “wussy” sort of music (although touching at times) can really make me annoyed.

      That game with the Chinese partner is pretty funny because it is true. Usually, when I hear it or see them listening and someone starts crying, I instantly mock it and start wailing like a little kid. They look at me like I am crazy… I just laugh and say “What?, I am learning about Chinese culture… that dude already cried like 20 times, why can I cry once for no reason?”

      • The Enlightened One

        Would be good to add an edit function to modify posts!

    • Rensi

      Haha! Why do you hate Western pop music?

  • 骂人的是孙子

    lol haters gonna hate, great short and great song, can’t wait for these guys to make more

  • sorrytobeabitch

    all the white people on this site is really annoying. grrr.

    • sorrytobeabitch

      chinese people are suckers for cheesy, crappy drama…from six year old girl to like 65 year old grandpa. my grandparents watch corny drama together and it’s the funniest and cutest thing ever. so why claim to be open minded when you are clearly judging other people’s culture using your standard? The video is not top quality and the music is shit, but it is very heart warming. takes a lot to say “i love you dad” in Asia, so maybe overthetop cheesiness is just what it is needed.

  • Robert

    Moved by the last sentence of Father”I will pick you up when you after school.”