Famous Chinese Rapper Cuts Off His Finger on Live Stream to Prove His Innocence

Many night owls witnessed a bloody scene on a Chinese streaming platform this week. Beibei (Li Jingze), a member of the famous Chinese rapper group Hong Hua Hui, was exposed on the internet for his history of flirting and sleeping with his female fans. On August 6th, 04:19 am during Beibei’s live stream, his attempted clarification regarding this internet rumor went south and soon became a heated argument with his viewers. In the process, Beibei got very emotional and suddenly pulled a knife and started to chop off his own finger violently. (WARNING! DISTURBING VIDEO)

According to Beibei, he only did this to prove his innocence. However, many viewers commented that he admitted to sleeping with his fans first then cut his finger to show the viewers that he is not guilty of what he did. Many of his fans (mostly teenagers) felt psychologically damaged as well as emotionally confused.

The whole event started with Beibei posting on Weibo “How many steps do you need to make a fan your girlfriend?” Soon after his post, some of his fans unsubscribed and left his platform. Instead of apologizing and straightening his act a little bit, Beibei initiated a massive online bullying session, joined by his teammate Ding Fei.

One of his loyal fans, XiGu, stood out and try to reason with Beibei and protect those who were being publicly abused, only to make things worse. Private messages between Beibei and his fans were released on social media, and the young rapper felt it was necessary to clear his name publicly on one of his live-streaming sessions. No one, not even his agency expected the livestream would end with such violent and extreme self-mutilation behavior from Beibei. After the streaming incident, Hong Hua Hui’s staff announced on Weibo that Beibei suffers from hyperthyroidism and he is a victim of cyber violence.

Of course, fans and parents did not buy it. Beibei’s streaming account was soon banned for life and the rapper group Hong Hua Hui decided to disband under pressure. Many hardcore rap fans felt this incident might be a great setback for Chinese rappers, and young artists like Beibei should be more responsible for themselves and for the whole industry.

Translated Comments:


I am sure he is on drug, how could he cut his own finger without any reaction? It must be so painful…


I watched the video, horrifying… I felt most of the rappers in China are nuts, they don’t think like normal people, seriously go read more books.


Hong Hua Hui? What kind of group is that… disgusting!


This group should be banned a long time ago ok? Many of the members were reported with drug abuse and insulting women. I still remember the disrespectful posts towards netizens from Beibei at the time. They are at core a bunch of low life masked under hip hop culture.


Young rappers have to straighten their act, otherwise, no matter how hard they try, hip hop will never be able to be accepted by society.


Is this how low streaming is now?


He must be soooo high to actually cut himself…


I think those fans are braindead to the least


I really don’t want to get anywhere near the music these kinds of people like…


He should have cut somewhere else to make sure he can’t sleep with any woman in the future.


They are finally done, great!

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