Schizophrenic Man Caught Viciously Beating Chinese Toddler


In Shaanxi province, a 2-year-old boy was attacked by a man suffering from schizophrenia. Security camera footage showed the child playing with a broom and dustpan in front of a store when a man appeared and kicked him to the ground. The perpetrator then began stomping on the child’s head before using the broom and dustpan to continue the assault. The attack lasted about 30 seconds, during which a few passersby looked but did not intervene, until the man was eventually subdued by a group of people from a nearby shop. The child is in stable condition and the suspect is in police custody.

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  • Luke the Duke

    BAM! Back of the net.

  • Lwcasu

    I saw this guy on a motorcycle drive by a puppy – who was barking – the other day and just smack it with a 4×4. Practically the same thing.

    • KamikaziPilot

      No it’s not.

  • Super Bunny!

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  • Super Bunny!

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    • jaded

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        • jaded

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  • mr.wiener

    Saw the vid of this… very hard to watch, He stomped on that infacts head for close to 30 seconds and used the broom and dustpan as well. This person may be schitzophrenic and seeing god knows what ,but he did pick a target much smaller than himself and tried to slink off when someone (finally!) interviened…So he knew what he was doing was wrong… Keep him away from society for his own and others safety.
    As to the family that allowed their 2 year old to play by himself in the street….. What were you thinking?!
    … and a special shout out to everyone that walked past and did nothing…Are you even human?

    Thank the great interstellar spaggetti monster this kid survived.He must have a very hard head.

    • Chinese Netizen

      “pick a target much smaller than himself and tried to slink off…” Chinese SOP, mate

      • mr.wiener

        I wouldn’t characterize mental illness or violence against those unable to defend themselves as exclusively Chinese, The indifference or unwillingness to get involved is all too familiar unfortunately.

        • Chinese Netizen

          Didn’t say “exclusively Chinese”. However, beating on someone very obviously weaker and smaller or a having gang of about 4-5 pounding on one IS most definitely SOP for Chinese guys.

    • Vance

      If those parents cannot watch that child, I would adopt him.

  • Jahar

    obviously he is mentally ill. There are no bad people in china.

    • Terry Newberry

      bull and u cant drive either

      • Jahar


  • KamikaziPilot

    I can see some people who would be hesitant to intervene when a man is beating a woman, thinking it may be a domestic issue and they should keep out of it, though if it’s anything more than a few slaps I personally think bystanders should intervene. But when you have a 2 year old and don’t intervene, I just don’t see any excuse for not intervening. It’s obvious that it’s not a father disciplining his son so if you come across this you must intervene, there is no option.

    • j


  • risotto

    That poor child. This is sickening on so many levels. Why wouldn’t anyone intervene?

  • UserID01

    Where were this kid’s parents? Why weren’t they actively watching their young child? Getting stomped on by a stranger is probably the furthest thing from my mind if I’m the parent of a kid that young; I’d be worried he’d wander off into traffic or get snatched by a stranger.