Government Official Attacks 11-Year-Old Girl

Picture of Shenzhen Maritime Administration party secretary Lin Jiaxiang.
"I am a high official from Beijing, do you dare fuck with me?"

On the evening of October 29, 2008, a big-bellied man around 50-years-old asked an 11-year-old little girl for directions to the restroom. After the girl kindly told him, he claimed he still was not clear, and asked her to lead the way for him. Then, he grabbed her neck and tried to force her into the men’s restroom.

Below is the surveillance video recording from the Plum Garden Seafood Restaurant in Shenzhen City Nanshan District:

Video on YouTube and Youku.

In the video:

  1. The young girl is seen leading the man with the big belly wearing a white shirt to the restroom.
  2. Awhile later, the girl is seen running the other direction back into the restaurant.
  3. She returns with her parents and brother to find the man and talk to the restaurant manager.
  4. The mother and children first return to their dining room.
  5. An argument occurs between the man and the girl’s father while the wait staff look on.

At first, the parents found the woman who was dining with the man to ask him where he is. The woman (also wearing white) claimed not to know anything and tried to leave. Then the over 50-year-old man with the big belly wearing a white shirt came out of the toilet. To everyone’s surprise, he said:

“I did it, so what? How much money do you want, give me a price. I will pay it!”

Arrogantly pushing and pointing at the girl’s father, he also said:

“Do you know who I am? I was sent here by the Beijing Ministry of Transportation, my level is the same as your mayor. So what if I pinched a little child’s neck? Who the fuck are you people to me?! You dare fuck with me? Just watch how I am going to deal with you.”

Eventually, the father called the police. While waiting for the police to arrive, everyone stopped the big-bellied man and the woman each time they tried to leave.

The police said the man drank too much, does not remember anything, and there were no witnesses of the girl being grabbed by the neck and forced into the restroom, so there is no evidence that the man was indecent towards the girl.

As soon as this news was posted on the internet, Chinese netizens immediately began a human flesh search for the man in the white shirt. They very quickly found pictures of him and identified him as Lin Jiaxiang, a party secretary of Shenzhen Maritime Administration.

A comparison picture of the man accused of trying to force a 11-year-old girl into a restroom at a restaurant with an older press photo.
One of the first pictures of Lin Jiaxiang found by the human flesh search engines. Compare the hairstyle...and big belly...and fashion sense.

There are already tens of thousands of replies/comments and hundreds of pages on many different BBS discussion forums by Chinese internet users, demanding that the police properly handle this investigation.

Comments from NetEase.

If i was the child’s father, I would have already started beating him, no matter where he is from! Support “ding!”

Human flesh search, mobilize everyone!!!

The child’s father was too civilized! Just grab a glass from any of those tables and use it on that beast! Then use the glass shards from that cup to castrate him! Then we can talk!!! I agree, “ding!”

I do not care who you are, dammit, I will call a group of people to fuck his wife and then ask if it is okay to give him money. What kind of shitty official is he?

You use public funds to eat and drink, we endure it;
You showoff your public cars, we endure it.
You have third and fourth “wives,” we endure it.
You have many villas/houses, we endure it.
Now you will not even leave our own children alone…

Let us see how the country will deal with this bastard. Us foreign Chinese are watching.

Secretary Lin said, “Money, right? Give you some money, and your daughter will shut up for me!!!”

I am willing to give a month’s salary/wages. Anyone else willing to give money? Hire an assassin, and murder him.

Chop him up and feed him to the dogs, this kind of human scum.

Shenzhen Nanshan District Police!!!
The entire country’s masses will be watching how you handle this!!!
If you do not give a statement, the masses will give you guys a statement !!!

To tell the truth, one there is no evidence, two he did not cause any essential harm, so the final result will be definitely be “left unresolved.” [This means the authorities will not do anything and wait for people to forget.]

There were so many people present, he himself admitted it, how can they say there is no evidence?
Shenzhen Maritime Administration, Lin Jiaxiang secretary office telephone number (0755) 83797027,
I already tried it, 83797027 works, answered by a female secretary/receptionist, everyone can go call and inquire.
Everyone can call the Shenzhen Maritime Administration Disciplinary Inspection/Investigation Office to find out what the situation is.
Mr. Lin’s mobile phone number: 13632660781, license plate number: 粤BT7426 [Guangdong prefix]

I can only say deviant, shameless, contemptible, dirty, and every dirty word can be applied to him. I want him to die in pieces.

If he is not “taken care of,” it will be difficult to calm public anger. Human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, human scum, even picking on children!!!

Living in China is so difficult…

If apologies were enough to solve the problem, there would not be murderers. What he did will cause the child great psychological harm. Too angry…

If I was the girl’s father, I would not say two things [waste time talking], I would immediately take his life! Who gives a shit what kind of official he is, I never care about those kind of things!

In China, this kind of thing is considered rare? That you guys would be this angry? Reviled like this?
You guys have probably gotten used to it already, right? Do not pretend like you are shocked!!
Rest yourselves, do not get too tired!

Being a Chinese person is fucking depressing, unable to leave this trashy place during this life…
Being a Chinese person is fucking depressing, unable to leave this trashy place during this life…
Being a Chinese person is fucking depressing, unable to leave this trashy place during this life…
Being a Chinese person is fucking depressing, unable to leave this trashy place during this life…
Being a Chinese person is fucking depressing, unable to leave this trashy place during this life…
Being a Chinese person is fucking depressing, unable to leave this trashy place during this life…

The poor female staff at the Shenzhen Maritime Administration…

Dirty devil + corruption is the essence of many officials.

Picture of Party Secretary Lin Jiaxiang receiving an award in Shenzhen, China.
Party Secretary Lin Jiaxiang receives a "Civilized Work Unit" award on 2008, February 28 in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

More information:

2008/11/08 Update: Lin Jiaxiang was dismissed from his government position in the Ministry of Transport on November 4th. However, the police have recently announced that there is not enough evidence for the assault charge against him. A video surveillance of the restroom area mysteriously disappeared. You can read more information at Global Voices Online.

Maybe Lin Jiaxiang should have tried the chinaSMACK personals. However, there are no 11-year-old girls in there…I think.

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