Entitled Rich Woman Picks Fight With Driver, Gets a Slap Fest

July 30: A female Porsche driver Li got into a road rage dispute with a Chery driver, Yang (male), because she took an illegal turn in front of a zebra line. Soon enough the argument turned into a slap fest, the video was uploaded to social media platforms and fast became the lead topic of Weibo discussion board.

The Porsche driver Li and the Chery driver Yang were taken to the local police station after the incident. According to the authority, Li is the wife of a police captain at Chongqing Yubei area, she has always had temper management issues and even her own husband is afraid of her.

How did an argument manifest into a slap fest?

Yang was driving straight through Longsheng street as usual, that when Li took an illegal turn in front of a zebra line. Through the video uploaded online, it is clear that both raged drivers got off their cars and started a heated argument. In the process, Li got emotional and slapped Yang in the face, Yang then slapped her back without hesitation.

History of anger management?

Journalists interviewed some of Li’s old neighbors in her old resident area. Li was famous for her bad temper, even her husband, Tong, is afraid of her. She had a history of getting physical during arguments with people. According to her old neighbors, she had two known physical contacts during arguments. One time she had a dispute with a truck driver and soon got physical. The other time her parked car blocked an old lady’s shop and got a poked tire in return, she found out and beat up the old lady as a payback.

Why is she so arrogant?

According to a source who claims to be her friend, Li got into the construction business and became very rich. She claims to know powerful people and never stops at red light nor ever has any problem with her driver license. She has a history of threatening people who argue with her, and it is believed that it has something to do with her police captain husband.

On the evening of July 30th, Chongqing Police’s official Weibo account announced:

The female driver (Li) was fined CNY 200 due to illegal turn. She wore an inappropriate hat and high heels while driving which was a serious safety hazard, for this she was fined CNY 50 and 2 credit from her driver license.

On August 1st, the Chery driver Yang openly apologized to Li for slapping her back and thanked all the attention given to this event. So far we haven’t got any updates from the Porsche driver Li, despite her background and social status, Chinese netizens demand her apology.

Translated Chinese Netizen Comments:


There should be an investigate dedicated to this woman and her family.


Because of this kind of asshole, there are more and more people hate the riches.


I don’t believe she can be so arrogant without somebody in the authority backing her up.


So she can just go around and slap people because she has a bad temper?


She looks like a porn star…


People who run normal business understand how hard life is and they are all very polite towards everybody around them. Judging by her character I don’t believe her business is earned the normal way.


Please investigate her and her husband, I smell corruption.

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