Men Beating Women and Vice Versa, Chinese Netizen Reactions


Former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew died this morning, with Chinese state media CCTV and The People’s Daily both publishing microblog posts and creating hashtags about the news. While both are currently trending given the recency of the news, their numbers remain relatively low for Sina Weibo standards. Neither, so far at time of translation, have exceeded the numbers of the following microblog post published a few days ago.

From Sina Weibo:

@我与老公的日常: An experiment conducted abroad to see what kind of public reaction would occur if a man hits a woman and a woman hits a man in a public place. Turns out, when a man hits a woman, the man would be stopped, but when a woman hits a man in public, the majority of people will choose to rubberneck or feel that it is the man’s fault… So the conclusion is not hard to arrive at: men should not hit women!










Here is the original video on YouTube:

Comments from Sina Weibo:


When a woman hits a man, if the man wants to fight back, he can immediately subdue the woman. When passersby see the man continuously being beaten, they understand that this man himself is unwilling to fight back, so why should others help!~


Actually, everyone has overlooked a problem. The reason why people intervene when a man hits a woman is because a man really has the strength to beat a woman to injury or death, but when a woman hits a man, in ordinary circumstances, the woman does not have the strength to injure the man, so no one goes to intervene.


They don’t help because has the ability to resist, and not him resisting means he has done something wrong and deserves it, whereas woman are always the weaker/disadvantaged party. I’m dumbfounded by the comments talking about men’s rights and women’s right. [拜拜][拜拜][拜拜]


Most of the time when a woman is beating a man, it is because the man has been unfaithful or has done something wrong…[doge]


In our country, regardless of whether it is a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man or adults hitting children, no one will intervene! Passersby will only rubberneck! I still remember a video of a man in China who had gone crazy repeatedly stabbing a woman with a small knife, with the woman covered in blood begging for help, and when finally a crowd gathered, they were all just rubbernecking! Until the man had stabbed the woman to death, whereupon they scattered!


How many women can prevail over a man [in a physical fight]? What is the reason for being hit and not fighting back? Whereas a woman being hit is unable to fight back! And fucking 50% suffer domestic violence from women? Hehe! Then what is the percentage of women who suffer domestic violence? In any case, if you encounter domestic violence, then get a divorce, because “dogs can’t change their habit of eating shit” [“a tiger can’t change its stripes”]! Even if you later manage to endure it, that is just the result of a “dog that has been beaten countless times”… [拜拜]


The strength of a majority of men is probably higher than that of women, so if a man was was being beaten in public and doesn’t fight back, it must be that the man had done something inexcusable to the woman~


I feel so sorry for this guy…no matter [which scenario], he is being hit.


Know why the public’s reaction is like this? Because a woman’s unarmed attacks cannot compare to that of a man’s. If it weren’t for this man pretending to be weak and yielding, with this woman’s physique, he could probably end it in minutes…[思考]


No, that’s because a woman without a weapon can’t do much harm to a man.


What I’m touched by is how zealous the passersby are [in the man hitting woman scenario]. Very positive.


Today when on the phone with my mother, she told me she got a “piece of land” for me… I was suddenly dumbfounded, and a notion I have had for a long time suddenly came forward! I just knew that I was an invisible [secret] “second generation rich“, that all my previous poverty was my parents training me! With economic knowledge flashing through my brain, and a general idea of how I would invest filling my mind, I forcibly calmed myself down, I did my best to nonchalantly ask: “Oh? What piece of land?” “A Shunfeng package.”

[Note: This joke relies on 块地, piece of land, and 快递, an express delivery parcel/package, being homophones pronounced kuai di.]


My wife bought a large bottle of cola and asked me to unscrew the cap. I tried unscrewing it for a minute without success, and my wife said: Are you still a man, if you don’t even have the bit of strength to do this? I said: “Then go for someone else to unscrew it.” So my wife took the cola and went to our neighbor, Big Wang, and after 15 minutes, I could faintly hear my wife next door saying: “Big Wang, harder, harder!” Hehe, I was ecstatic, 15 minutes and still unopened. Let’s see if she dares saying I’m not a man now! [互粉]


In China, when a man is hitting a woman, will anyone go up to help?


Responding to @00_Jun: Korea had a investigative serial drama that had an episode where a woman was stabbed to death by a man, with the woman begging for help, a lot of bystanders looking on, an no one daring to go forward to help. The girl’s father later exacted revenge, killing all of the bystanders, and the process was really cruel, so they would experience the same hopelessness.


I had dirty thoughts with the third image… I’ll go face the wall now.


I’m suddenly reminded of that guy that stabbed a woman N times in public a while ago in the Heavenly Kingdom. At the time, the crowd that gathered only quietly looked on. [呵呵]


Am I the only person who noticed this girl is really pretty…? [思考]


I personally think, regardless of if it is a man or woman, beating someone is wrong, has nothing to do with gender, has nothing to do with men’s rights or women’s right, but has to do with character. Males knowing to protect and respect females should be strongly promoted and encouraged; but females cannot wield their status as the vulnerable/discriminated group to use violence, or else males will also become vulnerable.


There are definitely going to be stupid cunts who will say what it would be like in China.


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