Men Beating Women and Vice Versa, Chinese Netizen Reactions


Former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew died this morning, with Chinese state media CCTV and The People’s Daily both publishing microblog posts and creating hashtags about the news. While both are currently trending given the recency of the news, their numbers remain relatively low for Sina Weibo standards. Neither, so far at time of translation, have exceeded the numbers of the following microblog post published a few days ago.

From Sina Weibo:

@我与老公的日常: An experiment conducted abroad to see what kind of public reaction would occur if a man hits a woman and a woman hits a man in a public place. Turns out, when a man hits a woman, the man would be stopped, but when a woman hits a man in public, the majority of people will choose to rubberneck or feel that it is the man’s fault… So the conclusion is not hard to arrive at: men should not hit women!










Here is the original video on YouTube:

Comments from Sina Weibo:


When a woman hits a man, if the man wants to fight back, he can immediately subdue the woman. When passersby see the man continuously being beaten, they understand that this man himself is unwilling to fight back, so why should others help!~


Actually, everyone has overlooked a problem. The reason why people intervene when a man hits a woman is because a man really has the strength to beat a woman to injury or death, but when a woman hits a man, in ordinary circumstances, the woman does not have the strength to injure the man, so no one goes to intervene.


They don’t help because has the ability to resist, and not him resisting means he has done something wrong and deserves it, whereas woman are always the weaker/disadvantaged party. I’m dumbfounded by the comments talking about men’s rights and women’s right. [拜拜][拜拜][拜拜]


Most of the time when a woman is beating a man, it is because the man has been unfaithful or has done something wrong…[doge]


In our country, regardless of whether it is a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man or adults hitting children, no one will intervene! Passersby will only rubberneck! I still remember a video of a man in China who had gone crazy repeatedly stabbing a woman with a small knife, with the woman covered in blood begging for help, and when finally a crowd gathered, they were all just rubbernecking! Until the man had stabbed the woman to death, whereupon they scattered!


How many women can prevail over a man [in a physical fight]? What is the reason for being hit and not fighting back? Whereas a woman being hit is unable to fight back! And fucking 50% suffer domestic violence from women? Hehe! Then what is the percentage of women who suffer domestic violence? In any case, if you encounter domestic violence, then get a divorce, because “dogs can’t change their habit of eating shit” [“a tiger can’t change its stripes”]! Even if you later manage to endure it, that is just the result of a “dog that has been beaten countless times”… [拜拜]


The strength of a majority of men is probably higher than that of women, so if a man was was being beaten in public and doesn’t fight back, it must be that the man had done something inexcusable to the woman~


I feel so sorry for this guy…no matter [which scenario], he is being hit.


Know why the public’s reaction is like this? Because a woman’s unarmed attacks cannot compare to that of a man’s. If it weren’t for this man pretending to be weak and yielding, with this woman’s physique, he could probably end it in minutes…[思考]


No, that’s because a woman without a weapon can’t do much harm to a man.


What I’m touched by is how zealous the passersby are [in the man hitting woman scenario]. Very positive.


Today when on the phone with my mother, she told me she got a “piece of land” for me… I was suddenly dumbfounded, and a notion I have had for a long time suddenly came forward! I just knew that I was an invisible [secret] “second generation rich“, that all my previous poverty was my parents training me! With economic knowledge flashing through my brain, and a general idea of how I would invest filling my mind, I forcibly calmed myself down, I did my best to nonchalantly ask: “Oh? What piece of land?” “A Shunfeng package.”

[Note: This joke relies on 块地, piece of land, and 快递, an express delivery parcel/package, being homophones pronounced kuai di.]


My wife bought a large bottle of cola and asked me to unscrew the cap. I tried unscrewing it for a minute without success, and my wife said: Are you still a man, if you don’t even have the bit of strength to do this? I said: “Then go for someone else to unscrew it.” So my wife took the cola and went to our neighbor, Big Wang, and after 15 minutes, I could faintly hear my wife next door saying: “Big Wang, harder, harder!” Hehe, I was ecstatic, 15 minutes and still unopened. Let’s see if she dares saying I’m not a man now! [互粉]


In China, when a man is hitting a woman, will anyone go up to help?


Responding to @00_Jun: Korea had a investigative serial drama that had an episode where a woman was stabbed to death by a man, with the woman begging for help, a lot of bystanders looking on, an no one daring to go forward to help. The girl’s father later exacted revenge, killing all of the bystanders, and the process was really cruel, so they would experience the same hopelessness.


I had dirty thoughts with the third image… I’ll go face the wall now.


I’m suddenly reminded of that guy that stabbed a woman N times in public a while ago in the Heavenly Kingdom. At the time, the crowd that gathered only quietly looked on. [呵呵]


Am I the only person who noticed this girl is really pretty…? [思考]


I personally think, regardless of if it is a man or woman, beating someone is wrong, has nothing to do with gender, has nothing to do with men’s rights or women’s right, but has to do with character. Males knowing to protect and respect females should be strongly promoted and encouraged; but females cannot wield their status as the vulnerable/discriminated group to use violence, or else males will also become vulnerable.


There are definitely going to be stupid cunts who will say what it would be like in China.

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  • KamikaziPilot

    It’s never good to get involved in domestic violence disputes because you really never know the background of the people and they can be very heated at times. People helping the woman but not the man is perfectly understandable. I myself would probably say something in the man beating woman situation but I don’t think I would get physical unless the woman was getting beaten to a pulp, which she wasn’t in this situation. I wouldn’t get involved in the woman beating man situation because if the man really wanted to fight back he could. I’m not going to fight someone else’s battles for them when they can do it themselves. And yes,. I know many men are victims of domestic violence. I think these shows are getting a little ridiculous in their experiments and I have a feeling one day someone is really going to get seriously hurt on one of these shows, case in point that guy who brought the other guy down at about the :40 mark.

    • gregblandino

      If there’s a man beating a woman on the street it’s time to step up. The reaction time on that video is about what I’d expect.

      • KamikaziPilot

        Yeah, that’s why I said I’d intervene but I don’t think I’d do what the guy at the :40 mark did unless he was beating the shit out of her, which he wasn’t. I’d probably be more like the people in the beginning.

      • hiidan


    • Average Zhou

      You’re probably right, but years ago when I was quite a bit younger, (you’ll like this since you’re name is Kamikazipilot) I was riding a bike in Guangzhou and saw a man dragging a woman viciously by her twisted arm. I was about to pass by and so made a quick decision and “kamikaze” my bike into the man. I then beat the crap out of him while the woman hailed a taxi and fled. My friend believed I overreacted, however, I was involved in a few other disputes between a man and a woman in my years there and they ALWAY WITHOUT FAIL resulted in the woman defending the man from me and resisting intervention. Except in this one case. She didn’t help him at all, she was terrified of him and jumped on the opportunity to flee him. So, rash and uncivilized as it was, maybe it was the right thing?

  • Neobooper

    because when men fights back, we are in the wrong anyway…. we never fucking win

  • Ken Morgan

    This is bull to the highest degree.

    It’s simple if a person hits you regardless of gender then you are perfectly justified to retaliate. Anybody who says you can’t hit a woman (even if she is hitting you) is responsible for the rise of what is called the pussypass. Whereby women act in any way they want and yet there are no repercussions.

    There is a video online on reddit where a teenage girl simply goes up to a man and punches him multiple times in the face unprovoked. He punches back… yet many commentators suggest he shouldn’t have hit back.

    NOT hitting back exacerbates the whatcha gonna do hit a girl situation! For instance there are videos where a woman simply steals from a shop the shop keeper stops her and WK (white knights) kick the crap out of the shop keeper. Similar things have happened in the UK where people dine and dash. They are held but cry for help and are beaten up by WK for seemingly attacking a woman.

    Where it crosses the line is where once the person is subdued the attacks continue. Which is why it isn’t considered cricket to keep on kicking once somebody goes down.

    Plus have a look at some studies. There are considerable numbers of studies which demonstrate women are considerably more violent than men. The university of Cumbria ran a study in 2013 (published 2014).

    This one too:

    • takasar1

      ahhh…that great and noble british institution, the university of cumbria

      • Ken Morgan

        So? Are you a university snob? I went to a University ranked 56 at the time many people scoffed. Except my qualification resulted in ACCA exemptions ALL the way up to level 3 meaning I required 4 exams to become qualified. Down the road university ranked 12 in the country at the time the degree programme only gave them exemptions to level 2 meaning they had 8 exams to become qualified.

        Plus Queen Mary has just made it into the Russell Group, the top 20 research
        universities in the UK. Wanna know how they managed to do this? They
        sacked a load of their long-standing science bods and recruited people
        who are more known for publishing research. All good and well, until you
        realise there’s no actual institutional improvement, other than they
        now have staff who… publish more. Does this make them better teachers,
        or even better scientists? Nope! They just churn out more ‘stuff’ so it
        keeps the university on the map. Quantity over quality, and all that.

        • takasar1

          calm down jeeves. mainly did it for the hilarious reaction i knew some fool would write up. thanks.

          • Ken Morgan

            I cite Poe’s law.

          • takasar1

            i call Poe a dumbass

      • JomsterMcMonster

        Y’all are wasting your breath. Don’t even think for a minute that takasar1 knows anything about universities to comment on them.

    • sudon’t

      Unless it’s a special circumstance, (i.e., the woman attacking is a trained martial artist), only a pussy would hit a woman. If a woman is hitting you, you grab her arms. You don’t punch back. If it happens more than twice, it’s time for you to move along. In short, act like a man.
      We all know women only want equality when it’s a benefit, not a drawback, (equal pay? Yes. Pick up the tab? Not so much). Of course they want to have it both ways, that’s just human nature.

  • JayJay

    feminism has won… literally

    • Ken Morgan

      It hasn’t as there are many people questioning and calling out inequalities, nobody doubts the roots of equality of opportunity. But many are doubting preferential treatment and calling out those who make fake statements.

      For example gender pay gap a great beating stick feminists have used against men is a proven myth. Even porn stars are calling out on BS spouted by faux feminists. Such that in the UK a few years ago women felt it had negative connotations.

      • JayJay

        OK, so feminism hasn’t won?? So we can hit back?? No disrespect to feminists, but I feel reluctant to hit back if I were in a situation where a woman is hitting me… does that make me a chauvinist/anti-feminist?

        • Ken Morgan

          There was a bit of a debate last year with JayZ and Solange about what would happen if the roles were reversed. A lot of people came to the conclusion JayZ was well within his rights to hit back.

    • While I have mediocre feelings about feminism, this would be the same in ‘traditional’ society just as much.

    • what feminism??

  • One of these days someone not aware of your “study” (or prank) is going to over react and take lethal action. Oops…
    “But there’s a camera and I’m , like, just an actor, you know”

  • That girl is not tiny; probably weighs as much as the guy she is assaulting. She could hurt him, but most people won’t take the girl beating on the guy as something they need to interfere with.

  • Kai, Is this a behind the scenes look at how Fauna reacts to the guy moderators at Chinasmack?

    • Kai


      • Amused

        Don’t let the cycle of abuse continue bro! You can leave her and she won’t hurt you anymore :D

      • bujiebuke


        How ironic that this was Kai’s last post?

    • JayJay

      Hahahaha, true that

  • Whatif

    What if the woman looks like a hulk and starts hitting a small meager man for no reason. I wonder what would happen.

    • JayJay

      Tony Stark shows up in his Hulk-buster suit…

    • FYIADragoon

      I think that’s the reason they had the kind of skinnyfat guy be the victim. The other guy would be a little difficult to believe.

    • Bing

      waiting for that vid as well.

    • Ken Morgan

      Physical size has little to do with the damage a person can inflict. Body builders are actually quite fragile the fact that they have to damage their health and dehydrate themselves massively to exaggerate their muscles makes them quite weak.

      You take a look at things like wing chun. Tiny men beating men double their size.

      • KamikaziPilot

        Are you serious? All other things being equal, in general the bigger you are the stronger you are. Why do you think they have weight classes in various sports. As far as martial arts practitioners, a good big man will always beat a good little man. Yes there are exceptions but I’m talking most of the time.

        • Ken Morgan

          I’m completely serious, I’m simplifying it a little as biological organisms have more complex workings. The thing you are looking for is the square cube law. So two people one double the size of the other? You end up with four times the muscle power moving eight times the mass.

          Therefore a much bigger person is not all that much stronger than a person of a smaller stature. Add in other factors like the mental limit brains impose on bodies due to tendon strength and bone density and the raw strength as in tear your tendons apart might be greater but the usable strength difference is not huge as you might imagine.

          It’s why children can be incredibly strong as they have more usable strength.

          The smaller size also allows greater agility and mobility. Bao Xishun might be able to knock you out with a single punch but only if you give him half an hour to shuffle up close enough to hit you.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Are you disagreeing with my statement that the bigger person, all other things being equal, will have an advantage in a physical fight? I won’t argue about the degree of advantage because it’s useless to argue that but the bigger person does have an advantage. I think you used a lot of words to say very little. Whether Bao Xishun, who I’m assuming is some sort of martial arts expert, can knock me out if irrelevant to bigger people generally being stronger than smaller people.

          • x1sfg

            To an extent, yes, you’re right, but there are very few cases when all things are equal. If it was say, GSP vs. Aleksander Kraelin or Fedor, yes, the size and strength will play a difference. Against Gracie vs Kimura, it made a difference. Not so much in some sloppy bar fight between two untrained people, where it’s usually the more aggressive guy who hits first and more often winning.

          • Ken Morgan

            Bao Xishun is the tallest man in China. He suffers Rheumatism because of the extreme pressure on his joints and therefore has needed to walk with crutches for years. Square cube law affects him quite badly.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Okay now you’re just getting ridiculous, comparing a 7’9″, 60+ year old with arthritis as being bigger but not stronger. I ask you again, do you agree or disagree that in general with all other things being equal, the bigger you are the stronger you are? All you need to do is look at Olympic weightlifting or fighting sports, or any physical sports for that matter (ex. rugby, American football). Bigger usually, though not always, wins.

          • Ken Morgan

            As I said I disagree strength does not increase in a linear manner with size. Have a look at the weight lifting records yourself the 55kilo class vs the 105 kilo class. They can lift 20-30% more. They can’t lift 100% more or even 50% more yet have 100% more mass as above square cube law.

            Plus you attribute far too much to raw strength when there are tons of other factors. There is a good reason why special forces soldiers tend to be small men and skinny tall guys are dangerous in fights.

          • KamikaziPilot

            There’s so many fallacies in your post I don’t even know where to start. First off when you say: “As I said I disagree strength does not increase in a linear manner with size.” you do realize that’s equivalent to saying “I agree that strength increases in a linear manner with size.” I assume you meant to say: “I disagree strength does increase in a linear manner with size”.

            Secondly, I never mentioned anything about the increase being “linear”, although you can’t prove it isn’t linear. Linear doesn’t necessarily mean the same as your “square cube law”, which has nothing to do with my assertion. I’m saying in general strength increases with size. I never said it’s always the case or that it’s exactly proportional for every person on Earth. Attribute far too much to raw strength? And exactly how much do I attribute to raw strength? Of course there are other factors but that’s irrelevant to my assertion. Finally, I’ve heard the complete opposite of SF soldiers. From what I’ve heard they are generally taller and fairly lanky, not small. Even if you provide statistics (which you don’t have) that statement means nothing. Sight unseen, would you rather get punched in the stomach by a 170 lbs man or a 110 lbs man? That’s a rhetorical question BTW. I see you won’t answer my question because you know I’m right but you don’t want to admit it.

          • guest

            Is that a 4 foot-170 lbs man, or a 6 foot-110 lbs man?

          • KamikaziPilot

            Neither, it’s a 170 lbs midget and a 110 lbs 7 foot tall stringbean,

          • Ken Morgan

            Funny humans have mass. The square cube law applies to all things which have mass.

            Secondly ever been to Nethers? It is a UK military dropzone open to civilians now and again. I’ve met many paras and marines through there. Go email a guy called John Horne he is a exPara Major. Ask him about the guy who fell into a muddy field in 2011 (Seville off a G92) ruining the jump suit he loaned me. Those special forces guys are mostly small but stocky and curiously have bellies. Dick Kallinski was an exception he was about 6ft I know him from Cark.

            Thirdly a who would I rather get punched in the gut by? Neither, namely because people aim for the chin and lower jaw or the sternum to incapacitate others. But I do know the medium height skinny ones are exceptionally dangerous firstly as everybody underestimates them and the thin wiry arms gives them tremendous leverage and much harder punches than bigger men.

          • KamikaziPilot

            You’re going way off topic now. Your mentioning of the “square cube law” is just an attempt to sound intelligent by bringing up an equation that has zero relevance to the topic. Just as I thought, you have nothing to back up your argument that SF soldiers are smaller than the average soldier. Again avoiding the question, giving anecdotal observations, and strawman arguments. You again wrote a lot without saying anything. You’re last paragraph is especially nonsensical. I’ll repeat, the bigger you are the stronger you tend to be, period, end of story.

          • Ken Morgan

            You’re only saying that because it is a fundamental constant with things which have mass. You know why? There a long time ago there were huge deconstructions of old movies like attack of the 50ft whatever. Whereby a huge thing is an unstoppable killing machine. When in reality it would shuffle along weakly due to the square cube law which is an absolute.

            It’s strange because when YOU make anecdotes they are 100% science! Yet when I make them they are falsehoods.

            How terribly convenient

          • KamikaziPilot

            Jesus christ, you’re so off tangent it’s almost comical already. Apparently you don’t know the meaning of “all other things being equal” or “average”. Let’s just talk strength here, not fighting ability because that’s harder to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Look at Olympic weightlifting and the different weight categories. The higher the weight divisions, the more they lift. The Olympics are about the most controlled environment where solid evidence is available. Even a visit to your local gym will show you this.

          • Ken Morgan

            All other things being equal = the person who gets a lucky shot. Come live in England for a bit. England is one of the most violent places on the planet, worse than the USA or South Africa.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Got that right, the violence level in England is right up there along with places such as Switzerland, Singapore, Japan and your local neighborhood monastery. Uncivilized barbarians.

          • Ken Morgan

            This is from 2009


            Essentially 2034 violent crimes per 100,000 people South Africa is 1609 per 100,000 people.

            Except this is based on the British crime survey which arbitrarily caps the number of times a person can be victim of crime to five and aggregates (if you get mugged and then later mugged again this counts as one crime). There is significant criticism of it due to aggregation and the capping effect. Meaning crime is significantly underestimated. In 2007 a study was conducted and found that crime might be double or triple the BCS figures due to the capping effect.

            Add to the effect that 25% of crimes are not recorded by police:


            And the figures which already state that the UK had 2034 violent crimes per 100,000 is at significantly under reported.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Oh, so now you want to look at statistics when you blatantly ignored my earlier statistics on Olympic weightlifting records. The weightlifting records are a much better indication of strength than anything you ever provided, as well as having the least amount of variables. As far as your assertions about crime in England, it’s not very accurate to compare statistics from different countries, since they have vastly different reporting methods. If you really believe England is more violent than S. Africa or even the US, I have a bridge to sell you in Kansas. By far the most comparable crime statistic between countries is the homicide rate. Why? Because it’s the most reliably reported crime and it’s definition is the most consistent between different countries. Go ahead and make up some arbitrary law for your argument, just please don’t use the “square cube law” again will you.

          • Ken Morgan

            It’s not made up search for it yourself. UK most violent country. You will find multiple articles from multiple news sources citing this as fact.

            You will also find studies that the British crime survey is flawed.

            But cus I say so means you override academics in their studies right? How terrible convenient.

            I’ll find it for you


            But the moment you start losing the argument you start moving the goal posts, oh only the homicide rate matters.
            Oh no the measurement rates are different! So anything you say doesn’t count (how convenient)
            Don’t count the other crimes because that would make me wrong!

          • KamikaziPilot

            So I’m “moving the goal posts”? Well I guess now you know how I feel. Here’s the Wiki entry to world records for Olympic lifts.

            This is much more of a controlled group with much less variables than anything you’ve ever provided in your argument. If that’s not proof that the bigger you are the stronger you are, all other things being equal, I don’t know what is. So what do you have to say about that? I won’t go into further argument about your stories about UK crime rates until you answer this question except to say I never said it was “made up”. I never said only the homicide numbers matter, I said it was the most reliable. Again with the straw argument. Say what you want I’ll take my chances in England’s roughest neighborhood rather than Detroit or Chicago’s roughest neighborhood any day.

          • Ken Morgan

            This has been covered before double the weight does not equal doubling the ability to lift not even 20% as somewhere on this post you said significantly stronger.

            You cannot simply hand waive away many things by saying all things equal because the heaviest class yeah? you notice something about them? They are grossly obese and tend to amble. But no problem we can magic that away by saying all things equal. Which kind of makes you contradict yourself.

            Plus as said I provided evidence of the crime rate. You’re just saying I AM RIGHT YOU ARE WRONG.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Uh no, it has not been covered before as I NEVER said double the weight equals double the ability to lift. I NEVER even said 20% greater lifting ability, all I said was the ability is greater. Whether it be 5% or 50%, it’s still greater. That’s all. You have zero argument against that. It’s YOU who said it was double with your ridiculous “square cube law”. Grossly obese? And what does that have to do with anything? Nothing that’s what. Now it’s YOU who are contradicting yourself (ignoring evidence).

            I produced evidence (homicide rate) to counter your evidence but you ignored it. Also, that wasn’t even the original argument of this post. Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying: I AM RIGHT YOU ARE WRONG.

        • x1sfg

          A 135# Olympic lifter or elite powerlifter is stronger than most heavy Mr. Olympias.

          Strength does not always equal mass, there are more factors that come into play. Even then, strength is just one aspect of fighting ability, as is size. More most people, strength and mass are overrated. The difference comes into play with either those with no training, so most people, and at the elite level.

          • KamikaziPilot

            And a 170 lbs Olympic lifter is significantly stronger than a 135 lbs Olympic lifter. You don’t compare Olympic weight lifters with body builders, their training goals are completely different. I think we’re arguing about degrees. In a fight between two random guys off the streets with a 40 lbs weight different. I might say the heavier guy will win 65% of the time, you might say 55%. In a gym the heavier guy will be able to bench press more 70% of the time and you might say 60% of the time. Bottom line is all other things equal the bigger you are the stronger you are. How often the smaller guy will win a fight or lift more weight is impossible to prove.

        • takasar1

          not entirely…..if you’re so big you cant move then what??? there’s a reason cain velasquez, a guy the same height as me (6ft1) is heavyweight champion and has beaten 6ft5+ guys who outweigh him by 30-50 pounds.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Of course it’s “not entirely” that’s why I said “in general”. That’s why you have different weight classes in MMA, boxing and weight lifting.

  • AbC

    Surprised at this trending topic because in China, the common reaction from 99.99% of the population would be to ‘mind your own business’ regardless of who’s hitting who. We’re talking hundreds of people walking pass not even calling the ambulance or the police when someone is beaten to the verge of dying. Unless they are related to you or is someone you know, the Chinese way would be to pretend you saw nothing.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      The only time I ever saw police arrive was when there was a stabbing victim, and even then the local patrol officers just stood there

  • firebert5

    “Actually, everyone has overlooked a problem. The reason why people intervene when a man hits a woman is because a man really has the strength to beat a woman to injury or death, but when a woman hits a man, in ordinary circumstances, the woman does not have the strength to injure the man, so no one goes to intervene.”

    Except that the moment the man turns on the woman, everyone will turn on the man. The man being physically able to overpower a woman in no way justifies the difference in reactions in part because the man has no recourse while the woman does.

    • Amused

      Yup. And instances of women taking advantage of that to abuse men are on the rise all over the US, dunno about the rest of the world.

      • vincent_t

        I have seen quite some women slapping the guys in Shanghai, while the guys standing still and holding her handbag. But i guess it has been like this for decades here.

    • JayJay

      But the man in the woman-attacking-man video looks piratically the same size and, if anything, weaker than the woman. Why wasn’t he helped as much or more by the onlookers?

  • FYIADragoon

    Only in China would a man’s guilt be presumed instantly upon seeing him receiving any bad treatment. Chinese men are done for if “feminism” makes it ashore here.

    • Ken Morgan

      Only in China? there is a whole reddit called pussypass and a counter one called pussypassdenied

      • Realist

        Just looking at those words, “pussypass” and “pussypassdenied”, I can guess it was written by and for people who are angry towards women cus they can’t get laid.

      • FYIADragoon

        I vehemently avoid reddit.

  • Amused

    When I first arrived here, I witnessed a guy choking a bitch with two hands against a wall and no one doing jack. To be fair I also saw a chick beating
    some poor bastard with a soda bottle across the hood of a parked BMW.
    And she had blood coming out of him and dents appearing all over the
    hood of that car.
    Both times I was on a bus looking out the window and saw pedestrians studiously ignoring the situation.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      So why didn’t you jump out of the bus? WHY?

      • Amused

        You ever been on a crowded Chinese bus dude? What am I gonna do, bail out the window Dukes of Hazzard style or trample someone’s grandma on my way to the door? And if I did manage this small logistical quandary, WTF is a white guy gonna do in this situation? Besides bring a hate crime onto myself?
        Cuz let’s be honest here, Chinese people may not give two shits about their countrymen abusing each other, but if you enter the situation they will joyfully throw you a 1 vs. 50 race war beatdown party.

  • JayJay

    It happens everywhere these days… the filming… It just happened in Telford a few days ago… sad really

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      At least when it happens publicly in England the police are likely to do something about it

      • JayJay

        I don’t think the police did anything to stop filming… nor anybody about the abuse shouted by the onlookers. My point is, there are stupid people everywhere… not just China, so let’s not stereotype here.

  • KamikaziPilot

    I would give you a medal but I ran out of medals today. Congrats, I’m sure you feel great.

  • Miniluv101

    The problem isn’t so much what happens in the videos, as much as the fact that undergrad amateurs are running around conducting a “social experiment”, with absolutely no guidance from people with experience in the field. A good example here in Sweden where so idiots who wanted to test reactions to abuse in an elevator, and allegedly caused a girl to have a panic attack because she suffered from PTSD due to childhood abuse.

    Simply enough, is your 15min of fame worth potentially sending a person back to psychiatric care? To test something everybody has seen a hundred times before, and are very well aware of?

    • Ken Morgan

      It would never pass an ethnics committee for sure. The problem is that 15 minutes of fame today is worth a lot of money 100K in youtube views will get you a couple hundred quid. There are people who make a comfortable living off youtube views. There was a small prank channel where just two brothers doing small silly things to each other.

      As they got more and more extreme they got more views and over time you saw new cars, new flats new TVs all paid for by these views.

  • DC

    once you step in on a woman beating a man…you end up being the man pushing a woman around…so OBVIOUSLY no one’s going to really put himself in that position.

  • Ken Morgan

    This attitude is archaic and outdated. Anybody hits you irregardless of age or gender, they get hit back. Until they are subdued. There is a video of a fight on the london Tube where an 60+ year old man starts a fight with a younger man. The old man goes for the balls of the younger man not once but twice.

    The young man calmly put his Ipad away and repeatedly punched the hell out of the old man ending up with a knee to the face. On reddit and numerous other forums he was considered to be completely justified in his actions. If you harm somebody you can expect to be harmed back.

    What is considered unacceptable is if the individual is subdued and the attack continues. As the above fight the young man kneed him in the face after he was knocked out this was seen by many as going too far.

    • gregblandino

      When reddit becomes the arbiter of morality, please euthanize me. That is all.

      • Ken Morgan

        I never said anything about arbiter. Reddit is actually a very useful platform primarily because of its size and coverage of topics while also covering a massive demographic. While reddit is often critiqued for having lonely teenage boys only 15% is from 18-29 the rest are older or younger . CS here for instance covers things about China and therefore attracts only those interested in China. Reddit covers everything you can think of and has significant cross posting and considerable disagreement at times.

        Think about biker forums. The biggest one in the UK has 14000 active members and covers politics and other things outside biking. But it is primarily focused on the interests of bikers. The biker demographic is mostly 30+ men.

        • gregblandino

          Man, it was a joke. I reddit too when the feeling strikes. Reddit is great because it’s a mirror (distorted to reflect people who use the internet) of the wider society…which means you get just as much fucked up, dark shit as you do in real life, as well as decent, human shit. But my comment still stands, when and if Reddit becomes the arbiter of morality, please kindly euthanize me. I mean, “pussy pass”? And “pussy pass denied”? Come on.

    • 宋易

      Irregardless is not a word. smh

      • Ken Morgan

        I’ve seen the American dad episode. It is actually a bastard child of regardless and irrespective. Strict grammarians scoff at such things. But this isn’t exactly an academic paper is it?

        • 宋易

          Well, its the difference between using a word that is *not* a word and a word that *is* a word, irespectivgardlessly of how disinsignficant you thinkelieve it is.

          • Ken Morgan

            Oh you’re just messing with me now.

          • 宋易

            No, I’m not. I’m demonstrating what it looks like to make up words based on poor or misunderstood grammar. This is very different from making up words for new things, which is very common and logically acceptable for any language.

          • Dolph Grunt

            That was really funtastic!

    • donscarletti

      People don’t get pissed off when you retaliate against an old man, or a smaller, weaker man for that matter. Any male over 14 who hits you first can be beaten up. You simply shouldn’t start a physical confrontation with someone stronger than you, if he hits you first you’re a victim, if you hit first you’re an idiot.

      Women are given special treatment by male bystanders not because they are weaker but because the primal male brain sees women and their reproductive tracts to be a resource worth protecting.

  • Chaz

    Those two guys look like Arabs, so we need to be culturally sensitive and accept beating a woman is their norm and let them continue.

    • Amused

      Well, in all fairness she does look like the kind of chick that might try to drive a car.

    • Nat

      Damn you, you made me LOL involuntarily.

  • zer0

    Well, let’s be honest but a woman can’t really harm a guy unless she is trained in kung fu or something or has a weapon. Or if the guy is just flesh and bones. A guy doesn’t need this to injure a woman. There’re by far more women being abused by guys than there’re guys being abused by women. That’s why people react this way.
    However if you see this kinda thing in public, no matter guy or woman abusing the other one, you should stop them. But don’t hit them or anything because you have no idea what happened between them. Stop them and ask. That simple. Bystanders that just laugh are worthless. People who attack the guy right away are worthless too.

  • Gary

    Conduct this experiment in the Mideast and all the passerby men will kill her for you before you can stop to explain its a social experiment.

  • 宋易

    Those OCK TV guys are douchebags. Most of their videos are titled as “pranks,” but are really just harassing people to get reactions.

  • Foreign Devil

    In China if a man beats a woman in public nobody will intervene unless there is a foreigner intervening or unless it is a foreigner beating a chinese woman.

  • Edward Kay

    The dumb actress just waltz away leaving the guy to explain.

  • Ruaraidh

    Terrible argument I’m afraid. No one is suggesting you have to respond disproportionately.

    If a small dog or child attacks me, then I’m not going to come back at them. I will however come back at the person to whom they belong. If you have a child or a pet, you are responsible for their actions.

    However a woman is not a child or a pet. She is responsible for her actions as an adult, and I see no problem with a proportional response.

    Both the men in that video were total DYELs, that wouldn’t protect them if they go around picking fights with men who are stronger than them. Why should it for a woman?

    • Realist

      Proportionally? I don’t think so. If a kid punches me, I’m gonna turn him around and call his parents; if my Yorkie (which I don’t have) nips me, I tell him, “bad boy” pet him, and take him off the couch. If my girlfreind gets angry and silly-slaps me and flails her arms around screaming, I’m not doing that too. The most I’ll do restrain her, but I’ll probably run around playfully and dodge, cus she’s not going to injure me.

      When I hit back against men, I don’t measure how hard the other guy hit me and hit him back with equal force. If he actually hits me in a hostile way, he just ordered the whole package and I’m not stopping till he’s on the ground and can’t get up.

      Why should it be different for women? Because welcome to the world. Real men pick women up, walk them to the door, pay for their dinner, romance them with gifts and wine, comfort them when they’re sad, and make them feel like a warm. We don’t do that with other men; it’s different for women. Why? Genetics

      • Ruaraidh

        “Women are fragile snowflakes and shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions.”

        *tips fedora

  • KamikaziPilot

    If this entire conversation is “insanely stupid” why did you join in? Also my mentioning of weight classes in sports just further supports my argument. I don’t know why people have a hard time admitting that size does play a role in how stronger a person is, and how hard they can hit, generally speaking of course. Also a 150 lbs man will usually be stronger physically than a 150 lbs woman. I think this is all just common sense but some people feel the need to argue just for the sake or arguing.

    • Realist

      I was AGREEING with you! Did you read it?

      • KamikaziPilot

        You replied to me so I assume you were talking to me about bringing up all those irrelevant points. I was kind of confused as I thought you should have replied to the other poster since they mostly brought it up. I understand now you’re agreeing with me and for what it’s worth I was mostly agreeing with your post also.

  • Chestnut Bowl

    “My wife bought a large bottle of cola
    and asked me to unscrew the cap. I tried unscrewing it for a minute
    without success, and my wife said: Are you still a man, if you don’t
    even have the bit of strength to do this? I said: “Then go for someone
    else to unscrew it.” So my wife took the cola and went to our neighbor,
    Big Wang, and after 15 minutes, I could faintly hear my wife next door
    saying: “Big Wang, harder, harder!” Hehe, I was ecstatic, 15 minutes and
    still unopened. Let’s see if she dares saying I’m not a man now!”

    Nice. Gave me a good chuckle.

  • Black Arrow

    What is the matter with response? You’re being ridiculous and actually condescending towards women by saying “never hit a woman”. NEVER is a bit narrow-minded and I’ve met females who would make you rethink that attitude.
    Having breasts doesn’t give you the right to abuse others, especially physically.
    Attitudes like yours are half the problem…

  • donscarletti

    镜子里的钟秀慧不是真的:”Am I the only person who noticed this girl is really pretty…?”

    The only way I would hit that is like the guy in the video.

  • Amused

    There’s not just an excuse but a REASON to hit just about anyone. You’re just supposed to control yourself. That said, no one has to stand still for abuse and EVERYONE has the inalienable right to defend themselves.

  • crimsonarmor

    lol, I have seen loads of men beat women in China. One man punched his wife or gf in the side of her head right on the temple dropping her to the ground immediately.I was on the bus once and a fight broke out over a seat between a young woman and young man. The man grabbed her by the throat a began to choke her while everyone stood and watched.

  • KamikaziPilot

    Exactly, also regarding strength (not necessarily fighting ability) in the most controlled environment where evidence is available, which is Olympic weightlifting events, the heavier the weigh division is the more weight they can lift. That’s indisputable evidence. I’m glad to see at least some of us have common sense.

  • Ken Morgan

    Hmm I see we have a moron here. Always assuming that the woman is right. This kind of idiotic attitude perpetuates the feeling that women are free to do anything and not accept responsibility for their actions.

    You also underestimate apathy of people 20 years ago maybe people will react today they get out their phones and record.

  • Ken Morgan

    Yes they do, as said there are repeated studies that confirm that women ARE MORE violent than men. You’re using gender stereotypes against actual university studies?

  • Ken Morgan

    Actually no, your assertion of NEVER hit a woman is actually sexist. Equality means you hit me I hit back.

  • Ken Morgan

    What much like the fact all you can do is use Ad hominem attacks?

    It’s funny you know in that you utilise plenty of those feminist tricks. I.e. belittling and attempted shaming in an attempt to make your point of view seem stronger.

  • Ken Morgan

    You’ve never lived in Manchester UK have you? There are spates of male on male rapes which occur sporadically here.

    Also the first person to be convicted of using a roofie was a woman who used it on men to rob them.

    • Eric Hill

      male rape spates. ewey haha.

  • Ken Morgan

    Of course it was wrong! They were not real men and should have taken it /sarc

  • Ken Morgan

    Quick thought why is you are all such huge rock hard internet hardmen do you not actually dare to use your real accounts to argue against me?

    Yet you don’t even have the courage to stand by your convictions.

    Is it because you’re all scared of something?

  • Markus P

    Violence is violence no matter what gender, when a woman is attacking a man in public of course you cannot not just stop her physically without knowing the story other wise you might be accused of something else, however, you can verbally get involved and try to break it up without violence, and if you know more about what is going on perhaps physically break them up. But, lets be serous, that is a perfect world scenario, who would do that in reality?…

    If I saw a woman hitting the man like that, i probably would not get involved, it is kind of a double standard, but, I would view it as a small domestic, but, if it were the other way around i would think the woman is the victim. Will this video change anything? Hard to say…

    I tend to agree with most of the Chinese comments, and they rightly point out the problem in China with the population being so big, everyone just watches rather than acts, believing that it’s not their responsibility.

  • guest

    I suppose because theres d so many wars in the world that involve deaths, it’s ok to turn a blind eye to the odd murder.

  • Shaniqua1990

    20 times out of 10 you beat a small man who hit you and say “dumb chinaman think he can fuck with me”

  • Ken Morgan

    The fully quote is.

    Equality of opportunity and rights but consequently equality of responsibilities in exchange for those opportunities.

    It’s like people demanding rights… all rights have responsibilities attached to them. A number of people appear to forget this.

  • Ken Morgan

    Really? So essentially you’re giving free reign for women to do whatever they want? They do care and those who attack back are equally morons. Case in point a NYC subway assault. Woman provokes a man for 5 minutes. She then attacks him with a stilletto. He slaps her back a moron then stands up and pushes him back.

    Her friend then starts attacking him.

    All four were cuffed and arrested. The white knight? Felony assault. The woman Felony assault. Her friend misdemeanour assault. Him all charges dropped. Only irrational people will jump in without considering things through. Because the end result was 2 felony charges and 1 mis-demeanour assault.

    Sure go attack people because you lack the rationality to think before you jump in. You’re going to be the one that gets a felony rap.

    The very fact that there are such things happening people hitting back demonstrates that the world is changing and people are awfully fed up with the double standards which you seem only to be able to back up with insults and ad hominem attacks.

    Quite an internet tough guy aren’t you?

  • crimsonarmor

    I was on the bus going past dickhead and anyway I have heard and read of fellow westerners helping Chinese out in this kind of situation only to end up being beaten or blamed.

  • sk8erry

    Sometimes I really wonder where you guys live in China. Been living in China for 20 years…. the only time that requires me to call police was like 3 years ago I saw a woman with mental disability roaming on the street…

  • the warden

    I once stepped in to help a woman who was being handled roughly, and as soon as I did, they both just dropped the act. They both started smiling and putting their hands up and insisting that everything was fine. I’d rushed ahead of my China-veteran buddy to intervene, and when he caught up, he explained that it’s just a role-play thing, and not to worry about that sort of stuff.
    How anyone knows when it’s not role-play I don’t know, but it seems people here just ignores incidents like that anyway. People will stop and gawk at you if you’re speaking on the phone in English, or something trivial like that though…

  • Dolph Grunt

    I wasn’t really in China that long, but I saw four fights. Two of them were nothing. Car accidents that followed with angry men grunting and flailing arms a plenty. Another fight was involving a foreigner which got pretty ugly. I didn’t get involved in that one. The last fight was the weird one that I actually did get involved with. Some guy trying to toss his girlfriend (or not) into moving traffic. He tried to take off in a taxi and me and an older guy stopped the cab from leaving as the police were just arriving.

    Saying that, though, I met a few divorced/separated women who had (in the past) been severely beaten and had the scars to prove it.

  • ididntdoit

    if you see a woman like that you say dammn i want a chick like that! Her man obviously isnt man enough to handle her thats why no one helps lol

  • WghUk

    Not a fair experiment. The man and the woman should be from the same ethnic background.

  • anon


    All is fair in love and war.