Hot Chinese Streamer Girl Is Actually Grandma Using Filter

A recent incident on a Chinese streaming platform Douyu revealed that a popular hot girl streamer is, in reality, a 58 years old woman. Streamer “Qiao Bi Luo Sama” started her streaming career on Douyu on June 17th, 2019. She mostly streams popular games and interacts a lot with her viewers on her channel.

“Qiao Bi Luo Sama” has a typical sweet teenage girl voice, although she never reveals her face on her stream. Her photos posted on her page led her fans to believe that the person they are watching religiously is a young and charming “Lolita”. 

“Qiao Bi Luo Sama” would normally cover her face with a cute animation image during her streaming sessions, however, due to a software malfunction, her face was revealed during one of her co-streaming events with another popular streamer recently.

“Qiao Bi Luo Sama” (right) and her shocked co-streamer (right) when the hoax was revealed mid-stream.

The co-streamer was shocked at first and thought she altered her face on camera as a prank, but soon realized this, in fact, is her real face. “Qiao Bi Luo Sama” had stated she would reveal her face on stream once her subscriber count hit 100k but has now already been exposed.

Many of her fans left during the stream as the Lolita image shattered right in front of their eyes. Soon an image was shared online showing the No.1 fan of “Qiao Bi Luo Sama”, who had contributed over CNY100,000 (14,000 USD) deleted his account and left the platform.

After the incident “Qiao Bi Luo Sama” shared many of her altered images on her Douyu account in an attempt to recover her Lolita reputation, which started another wave of heated discussion.

Such a tragedy! Give back my CNY 10.

Hahahaha, I laughed sooo hard! It’s too late, the damage is done, save the money and go to proper concert. 

You guys pay so much money just to buy her thank you? Give me your money I will say hello to you 3 times a day.

Despite the scandal, Qiao Bi Luo Sama’s subscriber count has since tripled. Some netizens even believe this might have been a planed stunt to gain more attention. Qiao Bi Luo Sama is still quite active on Douyu now, enjoying her fame and attention, but left many damaged fans doubting their lives. 

The streaming industry is booming at an incredible speed in mainland China with billions of viewers spending their hard-earned money, especially on cute female streamers they have never met in their life. Despite all the voice tuning, face-changing gadgets flooding the online market, and incidents of male streamers revealing how to turn themselves into hot girls by manipulating video recording software, fanatic fans seem to forget what they see on their computer might not even close to the reality.

Translated Netizen Reactions:


I can only imagine what kind of dirty mind the top fan had, judging by the fact of him jumping the ship immediately after seeing the truth.


In my opinion, they have way too much money and don’t know what to do with them. You shouldn’t have trusted these streamers in the first place, not to mention giving them money.


These streamers are all liars and their fans are all nuts.


With CNY 100k I can go crazy in a nightclub for a month.


I can’t even look! It is too awkward…


This is a fraud with enough evidence… only no one in the authority cared


Have some work ethic, you have made so much money, spend some and get yourself a plastic surgery will ya?

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