College Schoolgirl: 3 Years, 5 Abortions

Girl: Three years of university, had five abortions.

From NetEase:

A Girl’s Monologue: Three years of college, five painless abortions

My boyfriend treating me like this, what should I do???

I am a university student in Xi’an. This year I am a senior, and I am from Hubei Province.

When I was in my first year, my current boyfriend pursued me. At the time, he was very sincere and what more, I didn’t think find him annoying, so we started to date. Two months later, he rented an apartment outside of campus, and we began to live together. Not long later, I became pregnant. In order to let me have a painless abortion, he spent all of the money on his bank card meant for his living expenses and borrowed money from his schoolmates. At the time, he told me that he wanted me to worry about nothing. After the baby was aborted – maybe it was because of guilt – he cried, and so did I.

When I was in my second year, I had my second pregnancy, and again it was that hospital and a painless abortion but his attitude was obviously not good this time, because I didn’t listen to him and go to a clinic to get a drug abortion (which is cheaper). Compared to last time, he would not pay because I would not listen to him, so most of the medical expenses were paid by myself.

He is not willing to use condoms, saying they are uncomfortable. Because I am very dependent on him in my heart, so I usually listen to him. As a result, after a short vacation where I went home and everything was fine, I became pregnant yet again at the start of my second semester of my second year. Because the two of us really did not have much money at the time, I listened to him and went to a drug abortion at a clinic across from a big hospital. After the drug abortion, that doctor said part of the fetus was still there, so afterward I also had surgery. For the inflammation after the surgery, my boyfriend once again borrowed money, and I was also very touched (he seldom likes borrowing stuff from others, especially money).

In May this year, I was pregnant again. This time, we had enough money, and had a painless abortion. However, we had a fight in the end anyway. I asked him to buy me some sanitary napkins, and when he brought them back, I said they were not appropriate and I want the wider ones. He was not willing and said I was was being picky and wasteful. I was very hurt. In the end, I thought he was a boy who didn’t understand girl’s stuff and he came to sooth me, so I forgave him.

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In September, I was pregnant again, painless abortion again~~~

In the following 2+ months, he is always trying to fight with me, unhappy with everything about me~~

The day before yesterday, we had a fight over a trifle, and he mentioned breaking up and even moved back to the dorms for the night, abandoning me alone in the Chengzhongcun apartment. What hurt me the most was during the fight he said this:

“You still think you are still the same as before. You look the same, but in fact you are already an incomplete woman. Whoever is with you will be unlucky, having had so many abortions yet still so arrogant. My family only has me as their only child and I certainly do not want to break the family line. You fu*king go be with whoever you should be with.”

I called him after he left, but he didn’t answer. These two days, I stayed alone in the apartment, did not go out, and also did not go to class. Finals are coming. What he said keeps playing in my mind over and over again and I cannot forget it. I am so scared, but I don’t know who I can talk to. I don’t know what I should do. I think I still have feelings for him, but what he said definitely deeply hurt me. What do I do if in the future I have habitual abortions and he again doesn’t want me anymore? I really would be an incomplete woman. My future husband will be extremely sad because I cannot give birth to a child, what am I going to do~~~! I am really like wood right now, my brain unable to think of anything else. Please, everyone, kindly help me. Any experienced sisters please tell me what I can do to make him change his mind and come back? By the way, he also told me that he purposely made me pregnant the first time, because he loved me and wanted to make our relationship more firm.

What should I do? Right now, my heart is so conflicted yet I do not know what I am conflicted about. I am begging you to help me, help give me some advice, okay? Please~~~!

The original poster, 孤鸿飞雪, also selected and posted several netizen responses.

Thank you to the following netizen responses:

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[Netizen: hbxgck] I don’t get it. She knows clearly that this man is scum…but this protagonist still married him. Isn’t she asking for trouble for herself? There is an old saying: A woman fears marrying the wrong guy. You yourself chose this road, so please deal with the consequences yourself.

[Netizen: 老实的表哥] Your boyfriend simply is not a responsible person, so why are you still dating him? Hurry and break up, breaking up will be good/make your happy, and plan a better future for yoursel, haha…

[Netizen: yulouyue] Give up this relationship, don’t be so blind, he is not the only man in the world. Nowadays, not every guy is a virgin, so what right do they have to demand that their wives be virgins? Plus, now is not the old days. Leave him and you will find a better one.

[Netizen: Liqun8399] You do not know to use contraception for yourself? If you yourself do not value your own body, who else would care? This kind of man, and you still love him? You really need to think about it.

[Netizen: xueqiang0799] If you have another abortion, I bet you will no longer be able to have children. Eat more old hen to convalesce.

[Netizen: 心湖无涟漪] If you say the first and second time were because you were young and ignorant, we can say forget it. However, you instead made the same mistake five times in three years, it is you yourself who truly does not value your own body, who truly does not take care of your own body. If you are regretting it now, you have only yourself to hate.

[Netizen: cyq_cqu] It is okay to leave this scum! Woman, your own body is the most important thing! Study hard, take care of your body, and it would be best to stop being with this kind of person. Also, stop believing any lie he tells you (what he says when he wants to be satisfied)! Don’t always think of depending on others, you need to be independent!

Additional comments from NetEase:


It would be better for you to be a hooker than his girlfriend.


If what you said is true, you are just a stupid c*nt. If you do not respect yourself, do not blame others for not treating you like a person.


Your body is really strong body. I am looking forward to your sixth abortion.


What is you name? Tell me.
I just want to make sure I won’t meet you.


What a stupid c*nt woman, stop polluting the reputation of Chinese college student. Disgusting to the extreme. I don’t know why men and women are so sordid/contemptible nowadays.


Those who are pitiful must have a cause for having sunk to their lows.
Your experience makes people sympathetic at first, but, in the end it is still you who caused your problem~~~
Hurry and break up, there is no reason to be reluctant to leave such a man!!!


Speechless! Sexual ability very strong, man and woman!


Too careless. You need to know that if a girl has an abortion before marriage, that guy definitely not want her anymore. Men like new/fresh things too much. Men do not become lecherous after becoming rich, but rather they are lecherous by nature. Money only gives them more means.


Women, I no longer know what to say. Truly it is that saying: If a man is not bad, women won’t love him! The more bad he is, the more women love him. Who can you blame?


A woman should know to respect herself and protect herself. What you did (having five abortions for him, just because he thinks wearing condoms is uncomfortable), and while I admire this kind of woman’s endurance, you lost your self-respect by doing this. On the other hand, we can also say you are an unlucky person, having found a man who only wants to “play” with you. You were moved because he felt guilty the first time you got an abortion, but the second time was a burden to him, because you spent a lot of his money. Think about it, if you brought him such a big financial burden, would he still value you? This kind of man is truly vile, not knowing how to protect his own woman. I remind you: Wake up, find your dignity back. If you keep going like this, it will be odd if you guys do not break up, and the person who gets hurt will be you. Don’t rely on him for everything, learn to be independent, and make yourself happy. I hope you can change your current situation, Your’s sincerely.

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  • Peteryang

    correct me if I’m wrong but I thought 3 abortions are enough to make women infertile, and she made it to the fifth.


  • Samael

    buttsecks ftw?

  • jayman

    What’s wrong with young girls these days? How does this girl don’t get that her boyfriend is just dumb and incompitent!
    He obviously thinks that he MUST come inside her, or what?

    Poor Chinese girls… Please, go online and educate yourself and your dumb boyfriends:

    1. Condom is the best. Not only against pregnancy (far from that) but mostly against disease. (AIDS being the bingo here, but there are literately millions of other diseases that can make your life just as miserable) (if your partners dont usually dont use condoms, but you had a few boyfriends.. trust me… you probably already have a few STDs (sexually transmited disease) already, you just dont know it.

    2. OK, i get it.. Chinese people don’t like condoms. OK, no problem, you stil have plenty of options. Having one (smart and faithful) boyfriend is one of them.

    3. Do you really think a guy HAS to come inside you every time? Jeez.., if guys all over the world would be so dumb, world would have over 100 billion people by now! GUYS, come on… just miss the target, or wear a condom, will ya?

    4. And for the last point.. Get a callendar! there are only few days per month, when a girl is actually ovulating (good time to conceive a baby), so few days after/before your period is safe, and 10-14 days after is not.. Don’t they teach you anything in school?

    .. if they don’t, THATS NOT AN EXCUSE! go online, and read a thing or two. and when you know more… ..THEN you can have sex… before that you are just not ready.

    (i’ll try to calm down now…)… wheeow…

    • Fike2308

      3. Do you really think a guy HAS to come inside you every time? Jeez.., if guys all over the world would be so dumb, world would have over 100 billion people by now! GUYS, come on… just miss the target, or wear a condom, will ya?

      China is off to a good start.

    • Chinamerican

      Condoms would be best if they weren’t in a committed monogamous relationship but IUDs, whether they release hormones or not, are the most popular form of birth control in China. They are cost effective and have a higher effectiveness rating than condoms since human error is almost completely eliminated.

  • Bobby Boberton

    What about the 5 babies she has killed? This girl is a serial killer. 5 people that will never grow up, never live, never see life. It makes me sick that there seems to be no remorse at all at the five people she has deprived of life. Instead she is complaining because a boy doesnt love her. He needs a dull knife through his nob. And as for her? why are the government filling up mental hospitals with innocent protesters when this girl is clearly in need of padded room and straight jacket.

    • open minded

      she is not a serial killer. abortion is not murder because a fetus is not considered a person until it is born. plus it is her body, her decision. all abortion is, is undoing what happens when one little tiny piece of sperm touches a womans egg, abortion undoes this process. so if abortion is murder, than so is using a condom (or any form of contraception). the purpose of abortion and contraceptive methods is just to prevent what happens (being the womans body developing and preparing for labour) when that little tiny piee of sperm touches her egg. so everytime people have sex with condoms in order to not have a baby born, they are murderers? They could have had a baby, but they prevented having a baby born. Same with abortion, you could have had a baby, but prevented having a baby born. its not like she had a full developed 9 months living, breathing baby and killed it. people dont understand abortion is not killing a baby,its Preventing a baby. people do it everyday. (and in orer to have an abortion, the fetus cant be developed yet…so this “baby” has no feelings, non-existant, tinier than a little pea in the womans body)
      i believe in abortion. its better than having a baby you can’t raise properly and letting it live a terrible life. and what if a poor, young innocent girl is raped? is it right for her to be forced with this burden and have a baby for the man who put her through agony and ruined her life? so the rest of her entire life is burdened without a way out? she should be able 100% to have an abortion. its not wrong! think about it…

  • smickno

    Ever wondered why animals don’t go for abortions? Abortions among humans become necessary when we live by the rules and milestones we made for ouselves and the time frame to achieve, this , that and the other.

    Today, many young men and women are not, according to the Rules and Milestones, ready to marry but engage in pre-marital sex (and sex does not mean marriage will follow anyway) But not too long ago, a different set of rules and milestones got young men and women married much earlier, and become parents as young as 16 years of age, without the need for abortions.

    So, it is about rules and milestones which say when it is a good time to get married and then only we can have children. Well, animals don’t get married and they don’t go for abortions, right or not?

  • Zhou

    Birth control pills? wow!

  • Kai

    @ Samuel:


    I have a bad feeling about where this comment thread is going to go…

    *looks for picture of tanker heading towards storm*

  • Gnah

    What an idiot. Get birth control pills, you dumb fuck.

    • Fike2308

      Or the guy could not ejaculate inside of her.

  • Peteryang

    I think Bobby has a point, if this girl aborted a fetus (post fertilization) she should be charged with murder, if multiple then serial murder.

  • Matt

    No.China doesn’t need sex education in schools…

  • jamar

    @Bobby- It’s China.

    @Peteryang- Nothing’s going to happen (nor should it) because China is grossly overpopulated. Yes, education about condoms (for the love, condom machines are friggin’ everywhere! and only 1RMB if you’re that cheap) or birth control, but you can only lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink.

    It’s all well and good to spout anti-abortion rhetoric here, but can you walk the walk? Protesting Planned Parenthood in the States is one thing, but why not protest where it happens most? because PP can’t fight back quite like the government of the world’s most populous country?

  • LordOfTheFlies

    Read deeper. Painless abortions cost a lot more than the usual, no anesthesia type of abortion where they strap you down and do the procedure while you squeal like a stuck pig. A painless abortion allows her to keep making the mistake with only a financial impact.

    Ask any woman who has had the painFULL version of an abortion if it’s OK skip the condom!

  • John

    I agree with Bobby, too, but I would take it one step farther. Using birth control at all is like murdering the child. People who use birth control are killing like one baby per year. That’s like a hundred billion babies that will never grow up, never live, never see life :( People are all upset about Hitler, but Durex is like the the new SS.

    Seriously though, China really needs more sex ed. Quite a few Chinese girls don’t like using condoms either, or so I hear. It is more comfortable though.

    • mike

      birth control is killing somebody!?

      wow. what a sexist thing to say. so women dont have the pleasure of having sex for sex’s sake? would you risk getting pregnant every time you wanted to get off? disgusting. men should know better than to open their mouths on these topics.

      very few women use bc for controlling pregnancy alone. most use it for other health issues. but im sure you already knew that.

    • Fike2308

      Is jacking off a former of murder?

      If so then I have killed so many innocent children…

      • Bando

        haha.. all those billions of sperm that will never fulfill its destiny. *recalls an old Monty Python song*

        Guess we are all murderers in the end

  • jgodf

    Dumb people like that shouldn’t have the right or ability to have children and thank God for what happened to her! It seems Life is fair after all!

  • skljfsadopif

    To all the dim wit girls in the world, if your vajayjay is too powerfully fertile, use your assh0le. It’s free, safe, and very durable. Plus your can poop his junk out every time!

  • hehe


    Will you help me clean these adorable seals?

  • dave

    I think it was Benny Hill that said, “isn’t it ironic that those who support abortion are ones that got born?” or something along those lines.

  • Camela

    I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure abortions don’t absolutely lead to infertility. Not that I’m for having abortion after abortion instead of donning a condom and taking some pills. There’s just no magic number of abortions after which someone would have to stop. Arguably, the average pregnancy is more dangerous than the average abortion, but I digress.

    Every sperm is sacred
    Every sperm is great
    If a sperm is wasted
    God gets quite irate

    This is definitely not the first I’ve ever heard of idiots who know about condoms yet opt not to use them for the sake of “comfort”. Happens all over the world. I’m actually more surprised that these two even knew about condoms. I have heard of college students getting the package of free condoms with their student orientation stuff and being all like “What are these things?” Yeah, college students. I wish I’m kidding, but I’m so not.

    Incidentally, I just saw a news special on the AIDS epidemic in China a couple of days ago.

  • Ronnie

    A few words about the proposed multi-count murder charges.

    Murder means unlawful killing of a human being. A fetus does not automatically qualify as such. Very few states in the US recognize some kind of fetus homicide (CA being one of them), but this is not a prevailing practice elsewhere in the US and around the world (China included). This is the reason why anti-abortionists cannot claim necessity defense in criminal trepass to or intereference with abortion clinics. Killing fetus through abortion is simply not an indictable crime.

    Call her and her insensitive boyfriend all the names you can come up with, but they are not criminal.

  • Dynasty

    No birth control pills in China?

  • XYZ

    This is one of the main reasons to why I study hard. A woman needs to build up her own platform and learn to be independent. That’s when she can choose the man that treats her well. Even if this guy later on turns out to be a liar and only plays with her feelings, it’s easier to move on. She will have a stable economic ground and it’s only matter of time till Mr. Right shows up. Time heals all sores.

    Why waste time on someone who apparently doesn’t care enough?

  • krdr

    “I feel uncomfortable”. Each girl should run away every time she hear this words.

    This guy is immature. Any girl that marry him is unlucky one. Poster should put a picture of him to warn all other girls. He ruined her life.

    From other side, girls have lot of options for preventing pregnancy. Not using any of them is stupid. She ruined her life. What she can do is to go to gynecologist and check on herself. Then, she should forbid herself from sex for year, to recuperate body.

    From third side, sex education is a must in this porn driven time. Health of the women is key for the health of the nation. Birth-control by abortion is best way for ruining it.

    Many East European countries have negative birth rate partly due large number of abortion and infertility caused by abortions.

  • Ronnie

    “Adult Utility Stores”? lol

    I could get condoms in most supermarkets/grocery stores on and out of campus.

  • Ronnie

    And emergency contraceptive pills are readily available from most pharmacies without prescription for a modest price.

    What I’m saying is that there are so many ways to enjoy it without having to worry about the by-product, if you will.

    I don’t think there is any victim here if I may exclude the fetuses. The girl should have been put on sufficient notice of the nature of intimacy, given she’s been through abortion 5 times in 3 years. She consented to having unprotected sex with her boyfriend and she is well aware of the risk. If anyone is at fault, she contributed to it and is therefore estopped from bitching about her misfortune. For God’s sake, suck it up and learn.

  • @ jayman

    for the recording, pulling out and the “family planning” method are not really effective methods of birth control.

    If she doesn’t want to get pregnant again, she should have the guy wear a condom, or go on The Pill, or both (having some personal experience with the quality of some Chinese condoms, I’m not convinced they’re always enough–I opened one once to find it had a giant hole in it, so how many more have tiny holes that are harder to see?)

    If the boyfriend says he doesnt want to wear a condom because its uncomfortable, she should punch him in the dick and roll out.


  • Samael

    I still say buttsex.

    don’t wanna ruin your life? BUTTSECKS! XD

  • homer


  • Veer Left

    “Every sperm is sacred
    Every sperm is great
    If a sperm is wasted
    God gets quite irate”

    God must be quite peeved at my continued attempts to fertilize young womens faces.

  • Bobby Boberton

    Since sperm can survive for 72 hours in the womb, and she could miscalculate her menstruation cycle, having sex before or after her period is not a good option. It reduces the chances of pregnancy, but not by much.

  • will

    Nobody likes condoms…. but its a necessary evil.

    I agree with Charlie…. she should dick punch him

  • fireworks

    The boyfriend is the real murderer. He is killing his own kid 5 times. Now, I have to say this girl is really dumb ass. She should be in charge of her own body and good health practices.

    The hurt from the boyfriend’s words let alone say it out in an argument is so pathetic. This guy is denying ownership of his kids as well as putting it down like a animal.

    Some punks these days are just so horny by all the fun and poking with chicks, they forget about responsibilities and throw their family lineage out the windows.

  • Peteryang

    I opened one once to find it had a giant hole in it
    wtf thats the most serious crime one can ever commit.

  • Ever heard of birth control pills ??

  • Bobby Boberton

    The problem with birth control pills is my next door neighbour’s friend’s Auntie has this dog that shits in this guys garden who speaks to the woman in the butcher, and her mother said that birth control pills give her sun burn so I’m not taking those.

  • revi

    Try going anal…with lots of lubricants…its cheaper, but some say its an acquired, ahem, taste…..

    • C++

      you are so popular

  • —-

    What a dumb ho. every chinese girls knows u just need to insert some chillies and wash down with coke to kill the “germs”. lol

    anyhow fuqem. its darwinian, i hope the dumb bit#h is infertile and the john gets AIDS.

  • Kai

    @ Charlie:

    I opened one once to find it had a giant hole in it

    Did you cut in front of any girls at the cafeteria?

  • unknown

    as a chinese, i am embarassed to have this sob but anyway…..this is the style of guys from china. if not, the china wont fall into the hands of japanese, british n so on…….i’m a chinese but definitely not proud of the chinese in china.

  • Someone should post both of their pictures up. Anyone else besides me curious about how they look?

    Re: holes in condom

    Thats why its always good to be safe by wearing more than one condom >_<

  • Rick in China

    It’s actually not more safe to wear multiple condoms, you run a much higher risk of breaking both.

    It’s not “poor girl”, it’s stupid fucking retarded girl who deserves what she has suffered – because she has willingly participated in fucking up her own body. The guy is also an asshole. They’ve both been ignorant to responsibility and both suffer the consequences, quite frankly, these two morons deserve each-other, hopefully they end up married and neither end up adding more genetic pollution to the next generation.

  • haha

    yeah 2 condoms always work better than 1 :)

    people are then wondering why there are so many chinese people :) LOL

  • Nigel

    Are you fricking nuts. Get rid of the self important asshole. All he is doing is using your body and you are stupid enough to let him. You could use contraceptives and/or he could use condoms. The story of him not liking them is or they feel bad is a total crock of shit. Condoms can lengthen lovemaking there by making it more enjoyable. He either can’t be bothered or is embarassed to use them. He should growup and accept responsibilty and so should you.

    5 abortions my lord just how F**cking stupid are you two.

    Get rid of him!!!!!!!!!

  • Peteryang

    well you never know what girls think, when they get excited you could drive your johnson into their nose and cum inside.

    double-condom would kill the very purpose of sex, you want a balance between pleasure and safety, I think I’d rather masturbate than using double-condom. girls wouldn’t want that either.

    and yes holesex all the way!! its cost-effective and production-proven, I recommend thai made lotions.

  • fireworks


    All condoms have a hole in it. So you can put your boner in.

    If it has 2 holes in it, then you should worry. That the jiz is going to leak.

  • Peteryang

    yeah, 2 holes is an insult to the pussy.

  • Ever wondered why animals don’t go for abortions?

    Rabbits self-abort if conditions are not favorable to pregnancy.

  • bam

    Does no one use birth control pills in this country? Do they even sell real ones? The lack of sexual education (as well as many other things) is retarding Chinese people.

  • Peteryang

    reminds me of my old cat, she was always whoring on my rooftop, and would only return home for meals. she got pregnant 3-4 times annually, and each time gave birth to 6-8 babies.

    • Fike2308

      “reminds me of my old cat, she was always whoring on my rooftop”


    • baudelaire

      omg. lol. best comment hands down.

  • Rick in China

    I made sure to fix my kitty, she never even leaves the warmth of the cozy home I provide for her – maybe this dumb bitch needs to get fixed in similar fashion (if she isn’t already through destroying her womb).

  • krdr

    Wearing condom makes it last longer.

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