Journalist Throws Shoe At Bush, Chinese Reactions

From Tianya, “Satisfying! Bush defeated by “two stinky shoes”:

American President George W.Bush suddenly visited Iraq on December 14, and with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki signed an American security agreement and a strategy framework agreement between the two countries.

Bush and Maliki rambled on stage about irrelevant things like the ozone layer. Who did not know that Bush’s main purpose for visiting Iraq was to bid farewell, or otherwise basically for no specific reason or task? As a president who is about to leave office, who still hopes for him to do anything? What could he still do at this point?

I don’t know what was in Bush’s mind when he looked at the mess he made of Iraq.

At the point where Bush had finished speaking, an Iraqi journalist suddenly threw two shoes at Bush one after another. The journalist’s shoe throwing was obviously very professional, and from the angle the video was shot, the shoes were flying directly towards Bush’s face. If Bush had not ducked quickly, the image of two shoes hitting Bush’s face definitely would have been a good picture for the whole world to see.

Although Little Bush is over 60, he is still nimble, one after the other he ducked/bowed, and managed to avoid both.

Maybe this “brother” [Bush] had already been reminded by the FBI that going back to Iraq this time, he will come across many signs of defiance/strength, and should be on his guard.

Those who have done things they feel guilty about are all this cautious.

The name of this Iraqi “shoe-thrower” has not yet been revealed, but undoubtedly his two “cannon balls” have given the end of 2008 its most amusing and solemn declaration: No matter how many guns and ammunition Little Bush used to wage war against Iraq, he was defeated by two stinky shoes worn by a journalist with who knows how stinky feet.

This Iraqi journalist, with a style of a national hero, will definitely get admiration from me and the world.

Comments from Tianya:


This (news) shows that the democracy of Iraq has been greatly improved.
If any one dared to throw shoes at Saddam, he might have already been fed to the lions.
The United Sates had spent billions of dollars and thousands of human lives to gain the right for Iraqi people to throw shoes. Chinese people’s right for throwing shoes needs to be gained by the Chinese themselves.


What was the brand of the shoe he threw at bush? If it was made in China, the U.S. would again say China provided terrorists with weapons.


Well done! I support him!
Chinese journalists, jia you!
Look how brave the Iraqi journalist is!
I hope Chinese journalists throw dog poo at him [Bush]!
And make a statement for our country!

Muscle bull:

Old man Little Bush was still smiling~ Put another leader in his place and try! [not many other leaders would be able to handle it like Bush did]


It is obvious that old man Bush was sensationalizing, about to leave office with nothing to do other than running to Iraq to let people throw shoes at him? Then telling the world that Iraq is very democratic and strong now that even journalists can throw shoes at the president, and what more it was throwing shoes at the supreme ruler [of Iraq]. He wanted to tell the world that he made war on Iraq was indeed to liberate Iraq, to liberate the Iraqi people. Iraq is still under the foot of the U.S.; does anyone really dare to provoke the supreme ruler???
Bush, you should have told him to throw a tomato, so you could catch it and take a bite.


In the era of Saddam, the president pounded people with shoes;
When Saddam is gone, the people pound the president with shoes…
This is the difference is, we have to admit.


I saw it too,
Little Bush was nimble;
The journalist’s courage was laudable;
Good job, both!


Bush must have seen the Matrix. That skill of avoiding the shoe, an ordinary athlete could not do it. He truly is a great elder athlete…

fool killer:

[Responding to 新几内亚沙子 (Sand of New Guinea)]
Hahaha, Chinese-style crazy mind-fuck. It reminds me of an old story:
An American told a Russian, “There is freedom of speech in our America. I can shout out loud ‘Let’s destroy American Imperialism’ in front of the White House, and the cops definitely do not dare to touch me.”
The Russian was very reluctant to accept what the American had said, so he said, “There is freedom in our Russia as well. I can shout out loud ‘Let’s destroy American Imperialism’ in front of the Kremlin, and the cops definitely do not dare to touch me either.”
The Russian’s freedom is nothing but to say whatever the government allows him to say.


Great! The progress of Iraqi democratization is really fast.
If he threw [shoes] at Saddam, he would immediately be tortured and gruesomely killed.


Bush should be happy. The society of Iraq is now a bit like America, even if it’s just a little bit.


Handsome kungfu of “小不死” [“xiao bu si” or “small does not die” sounds similar to Little Bush, or Bush Junior]. It looks like the journalist does not have enough kungfu. I suggest he come to China’s Shaolin Temple and train for a few days.


Billions of dollars exchanged for a pair of shoes. Truly worth it.


Let him try hitting dog-fu*ked Saddam, haha


Bush is pretty cute.


Iraqi people threw shoes at Bush, and a bunch of Chinese people get blindly excited. A bunch of idiots.


I am leaving a comment specifically to praise Bush’s quickness.


Truly a national hero.
I praise him.
We do not dare to throw shoes at Great Leader Saddam. We love and hold him in that much esteem. Actually, it is mainly because, one, there is no way I could get close to him and, two, if I ever threw shoes (at him), I bet my whole family would vanish from the world.
To Bush the aggressor, I have the courage to throw shoes. He will leave office soon anyway. Even if he wasn’t leaving office, I would only get a couple of days of detention if I threw shoes at him.
See, I love my country so much, I am a patriotic, Iraqi young man who loves my country dearly.


Thousands upon thousands dead, an economy that has been set back 20 years, almost all resources plundered clean, religious sects massacring each other = you can throw stinky shoes at an American president that is about to step down.


There is a kind of people who are simply masochists. You autocratically rule over him, he sings praises all day, shouting loudly that you live ten thousand years.
You give him liberal democracy, treat him as a person, he turns around and feels you are easy to bully/abuse.
This is a common disease of the low class people of magical countries.


I wonder if American citizens will go to the streets to protest/boycott Iraq and Iraqi oil.


What had been thrown out are shoes, and what is left are democracy and dignity,
Who could dare throw shoes in North Korea and the old Iraq!


This incident has made me feel closer to Bush, that he is very human.
It is very obvious that Little Bush is Republican.


The next one will be Obama.


How many Iraqi people have died?
Almost one million heads have fallen to the ground [died], being able to throw a shoe is nothing.


Bush has pretty good bearing/composure, even this did not upset/anger him.


Iraqi people now possess the right to throw shoes at the president, although the price they paid is a little big.
Mr. Journalist does not seem to like this kind of right, or how this right was gained,
but he spontaneously and very naturally used this kind of right.
What a tongue-twister…


Congratulations to the Iraqi people for having rights, and also praises to Bush for being magnanimous/sporting, cute.

时光倒流n 年:

Bush is quick, and his looks are very amusing.


Thank Bush for giving you the freedom to throw shoes at leaders. [repeated 5x]


[Responding to ahlan]:
This freedom was exchanged for with 4,000 American soldiers’ lives and 600 billion dollars.


He is just an Egyptian “fenqing” [like “angry youth but written as “shit youth”], he cannot represent the Iraqi people.
China’s “fenqing” [also written as “shit youth”] need not cry for Saddam. After the war, the Iraqi people ignored violent reprisals, and went to the voting office three times, insisting on walking the path to democracy, which is what represents the issue most clearly.


Traitorous! Whoever dares throw shoes at our Chairman Hu, I will run to bite him.


When Sarkozy was elected to became president, he was roundly cursed by a little boy. Sarkozy didn’t have much composure, and cursed him back, hehe.
If it was in China, they would have already released the dogs, and he [the little boy] would already be in a mental hospital or have vanished/disappeared.
Bush’s skills, hehe, he can fight one to one. He is much stronger than those who drink milk before going to work.

An animation of several pictures showing the Iraqi journalist throwing his shoe at American President George W. Bush.

Note from Fauna: Although not many people like Bush, I think many Chinese netizens will still miss him because he was such a funny man and not many people could be very serious about him.


Written by Ping

Ping, a native of China, grew up near Mount Everest and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in the US. Her interests are news reporting, column writing, and media ethics. Ping’s exposure to the Western world has allowed her to observe many cultural differences when compared to Eastern society as well as some misunderstandings about China in particular. Her experience motivates her to seek a career as a journalist in Tibet after she completes her studies in America.


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