Pengpeng & Sexy Chinese Pole Dancing?

Video on Tudou.

The dancer is Pengpeng from Shenyang City in Liaoning province, who is the champion in the first national pole dancing competition.

Comments from Tudou:

Today I went to another club and tried out his set of movements.
The impression/effect was extremely good.
However, I my legs are all purple [bruised],
and my wrists.
So painful!
It hurts!
However, I super support Pengpeng!
One word:

Well-done~this can be fairly called professional dedication, hehe~

Excellent dancing, I can see you need to hang on the pole, and there is a lot of friction, very painful!
And then you have to spin~~~so impressive!

It was a bit better when you were wearing your trousers/pants.

Very handsome, very sexy!
[Similar to “very yellow, very violent.”]

What’s this? Not good at all. An embarrassment for men!

To be honest, and don’t be mad at me, men should dance with bossiness/masculine dominance…I like it better. I’m also a pole dancer.

Actually, you dance more wild
when you are wearing trousers~~~

Yun! Too revealing!

I like sexy men.


What do you think of Pengpeng, the male pole dancer?

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Bonus from Fauna:

Another video from Pengpeng’s Tudou profile page that maybe the boys will like more:

Video on Tudou.

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  • Zhou

    Wow, that girl with the boots, very nice…a new generation of strippers is born. Will this be China’s new export?

    As for the dudes, that was painful to watch.

  • krdr

    Unbelievable. Pole represent a d*ck. Girl on pole fakes sexual intercourse. Maybe this guy is not gay, still, this looks very awkward. Maybe he is a new member of Village People?

  • kILL

    i don’t get it. is it because the male patrons spending money in the club would feel uncomfortable watching a woman do this because it would be viewed as tawdry? so instead have a male do it to de-sexualize the performance and just make it wholesome, clean, and supposedly non-gay entertainment?

    its obviously not for the women. women patrons represent 0% of a club’s income in towns like shenyang. nothing has ever been done for their entertainment. hence, such a performance would be for the male income-generating patrons.

    it no secret that pole-dancing is an age-old form of cock worship. this spectacle in a non-gay environment only serves to reinforce the perception that ‘da lu ren’ males are effeminate & willing to degrade themselves for a buck.

  • Sushi

    Add this to the list of things done by men (maybe only this man) in China that wouldn’t be done by men anywhere else. The other thing I can think of is belly dancing….

    But, if he’s gettin’ some on the side for doing this…more power to him!

    • mare

      oh! i’m totally in to see a hairy beer belly dance! :D

  • BaronNixWieHin

    hmm…not exactly what I was expecting (gender-wise) when I watched the video, but oh well…he was at least always on beat

  • krdr

    Actually, I found drunk men dancing on pole around the pole. This guy is quite pleasant to watch than fat American in some club in Kensington Area, London.

    • mare

      cuz you know that fat American would NEVER do that in his home town.

  • Opus

    The guy can do what ever he wants. Suppose he is a gay man and he opens a show for others to see him dance, with a big label telling others this show is “Pengpeng pole dance”, a show with a semi-famous LGBT oriented dancer as the performer; what’s wrong with that? I see a few are making a big deal out of it, but there is really no need to. kILL starts to sound like f*ck da lu ren.

  • shin

    men don’t move like that. from where i’m from we call these people FAGS. these dudes are obviously gay so china should let them come out of the closet. they would be much happier and there would be less fighting in the streets.

  • Buhaoyise

    This is the first post I’ve seen where Chinasmack commenters are more hostile than the translated comments than the translated commentary.

  • L

    ah, dangerous topic. XD

  • jayman

    That guy was sooooo gay, OMG! i mean… how come Chinese don’t get that pole dancing is ment for girls only? That Pengpeng should start a drag-queen career, or find a job in a gay bar.

    Its also funny how pole dancing in China is acceptable form of “exercise” or even “dancing”. Dear people, (in the West) pole dancing has been for years perceived as the lowest form of entertainment in peep shows, sleezy night bars, and strictly domain of strippers and hookers. To know a skill like that, trust me, you wont score any points from the rest of the world.

    • mare

      hey, actors and singers were considered high class prostitutes in China’s old old super old days. maybe Pole Dancing will finally see daylight! 200 years from now, it will be an Olympic event!!!

  • Opus


    How do you know that pole dancing is “acceptable” in China? Like anywhere else, Chinese know it is directly related to the sex industry. Sure, there might be a privately funded competition, the so called “national pole dancing competition”, but does it mean it is a common thing in China like how you described it to be?

  • wow @ the homophobia and moral indignation here…. agreed at buhaoyise [sic] that this is the first time I’ve seen the Chinasmack commenters out-hostile the translated 网民.

    so a dude is pole dancing, traditionally women do that…he might well BE gay….who cares? If that’s what he wants to do, more power to him.

  • krdr

    Let me quote Jude Law in “Alfie”:
    If you ooze masculinity, like some of us do, you have no reason to fear pink.

    The pole dancer guy is good. Being good pole dancer doesn’t mean that he is guy.

    Throwing hate on male pole dancer indicates latent homosexuality. If someone got excited, he should not be ashamed. It is natural.

  • Jintou

    Chinese men are getting more and more gay…

  • Gnah

    “Its also funny how pole dancing in China is acceptable form of “exercise” or even “dancing”. Dear people, (in the West) pole dancing has been for years perceived as the lowest form of entertainment in peep shows, sleezy night bars, and strictly domain of strippers and hookers.”

    Actually, that’s totally wrong. You have huge fitness chains in the US offering only or mostly pole dancing as a fitness activity.

  • haha

    this guy is so GAY… lol

    the male g string and some people are doubting? lol

  • fireworks

    Paying money in China to see this is a waste of time and effort.

    If you want to see ladyboys, go to Thailand.

  • too yellow


    not just china….. pole dance is offered as lesson in some fitness centers around here, crazy stuff.

    • mare

      pole dancing as exercise is popular in the states too.
      i don’t know about the euro countries though.
      any euros care to throw in a line?

      • mare

        i tried it once, it does make a woman feel sexy, tee hee. and my hubby don’t mind it either. :) but for myself, i rather just do it privately

  • Kai

    Maybe that club in the first video was a gay bar? Shrug.

    In any case, anyone who has been to a local nightclub knows that they often have both male and female dancers/performers. Of course, the female dancers usually outnumber the male for obvious reasons but there are plenty of male dancers too.

    I was a bit sad when Pengpeng showed up in the second video and took center stage. That’s pretty much the moment I hit the stop button.

  • joishie

    Who the hell cares if he’s gay, I mean, honestly? Does it even matter?

  • Veer Left

    Damn… that’s kind of gross. There’s just something kind of repulsive about it. Skills or no skills, he’s not what I want to see. I’m with kILL on this one.

  • chengdude

    I’m sensing some threatened masculinity here.

    The dude’s an awesome pole dancer, period.

    I’m jealous…he probably teaches classes at a fitness club and meets more hot girls than all of us combined.

  • jayman

    wow.. that’s all i have to say… i did some research after my latest post.. and obviously im getting old, or something, or I’ve been living in China for too long. I had no idea, that dancing around half naked in high heels and provocative leather underwear is a fitness thing these days.

    But it obviously is (at least in China and the States)

    Still, in my oppinion, Chinese should learn not to copy EVERY bad habit from the West. Learn to filter out good stuff, please.

    What gets to me is the second video, the one with the slutty girl.. She is good, dont get me wrong. What i dont like is to see a small child on the left side (a girl about 5 years old), who is allowed to watch a show like that… If its a Sport.. how about some sweatsuit and snickers huh?

    COme oooon… fitness craze? Yeah Right..

  • Samael

    its also becoming big in Australia. In fact my uni gym offer a fitness course on it.

    And my ex did pole dancing. i must say i really didnt mind :)

  • Samael

    erm as a fitness course…not an actual dancer…XD

  • weirdo

    so is he getting the girls ?

  • amber

    omg, the guy is so gay…

  • Wombadan

    Gay? You haven’t checked out all the Chinese blokes oogling the ladyboys in Manhattan on Tong Ren Lu. That’s seriously gay. Either that or they’re not entirely sure what a woman is really supposed to look like. “Aiyaah I didn’t know a cliterous could be six inches long….”

  • John

    I guess no one ever told him that pole dancing was for girls only…

  • blooboo


  • Steven Andrew Pauzner

    winner of a pole dance in shenyang? r u kidding me? my penis is bigger than hers.

  • mare

    a thought keep sneaking back: “that little kid in yellow… is watching…”
    well, i grew up my first ten years in china.
    my next 20 in the states, the states have influenced me that pole dancing is for strippers. but have recently have made acceptable in workout gyms.
    i love it, i absolutely enjoy how something interpret differently in different cultures.
    the cultural set in my mind is that: pole dancing is sexier when is done by girls. although, i know my gay friends would disagree with me after they drool over pengpeng’s routine.

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