Pengpeng & Sexy Chinese Pole Dancing?

Video on Tudou.

The dancer is Pengpeng from Shenyang City in Liaoning province, who is the champion in the first national pole dancing competition.

Comments from Tudou:

Today I went to another club and tried out his set of movements.
The impression/effect was extremely good.
However, I my legs are all purple [bruised],
and my wrists.
So painful!
It hurts!
However, I super support Pengpeng!
One word:

Well-done~this can be fairly called professional dedication, hehe~

Excellent dancing, I can see you need to hang on the pole, and there is a lot of friction, very painful!
And then you have to spin~~~so impressive!

It was a bit better when you were wearing your trousers/pants.

Very handsome, very sexy!
[Similar to “very yellow, very violent.”]

What’s this? Not good at all. An embarrassment for men!

To be honest, and don’t be mad at me, men should dance with bossiness/masculine dominance…I like it better. I’m also a pole dancer.

Actually, you dance more wild
when you are wearing trousers~~~

Yun! Too revealing!

I like sexy men.


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Bonus from Fauna:

Another video from Pengpeng’s Tudou profile page that maybe the boys will like more:

Video on Tudou.

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Written by Tan Shuangpeng


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