Naked Man Climbs Down Pipe Fleeing Police Prostitution Raid

A naked Chinese man trying to climb down the side of a building to flee an anti-prositution police raid in Changchun, China.

Nude Chinese prostitute fleeing the police across a rooftop in Changchun, China.

From QQ, Liba, & NetEase,:

Internet exposes scene of anti-prostitution where naked whoremonger scales building to escape

Recently, an internet post has been circulating on various major discussion forums, the poster having used a camera to capture a comical site during a Changchun anti-prostitution surprise inspection/raid. The poster said: April 26th, didn’t have class in the afternoon so I went to hang out with a friend, heard some noise outside the window, and at this time saw people running on the roof of the building across from us. Thinking that something was about to happen, I picked up my camera to observe and it was at this moment that the following scene happened. Only later did I find out that it was an anti-prostitution raid.

Naked half-naked john fleeing an anti-prostitution police raid in Changchun, China.

A bare naked Chinese john climbs climbs over the roof railing to escape police in a Changchun, China anti-prostitution raid.

A completely nude Chinese man hangs off the side of a building as he tries escaping from the police.

A Chinese man, fully nude, climbs down the side of a building to avoid the police.

This daring but completely naked Chinese man climbs onto a drainage pipe to escape from a police raid.

Comments from Tiexue:


If this brother were to fall to his death, the national crackdown on illegal prostitution will be affected. I say, police brothers, can’t you guys do some more meaningful things? I don’t have any money to keep a mistress, I’m just using a prostitute to take care of a need. Has this affected the unification of the motherland or has it affected GDP?


I’ve suddenly realized a possibility: This whoremonger is a either a suspect or even an escaped criminal, otherwise he wouldn’t be so scared of the police as to climb on a steel pipe up 3 stories with his penis out in the open. What more, just by looking at how experienced he is in climbing over the railing and onto the nearby drainage pipe in these photos, we can’t rule out that this person is one of those people who often climb pipes to get into buildings to do certaint hings. At least the good people who spend their time sitting in office buildings would not have this kind of ability, wouldn’t you say so???


So niubi, what a niu person.


How is that this post of photos of a whoremonger has again become a post of hurling abuse against the police?

If the police don’t go arresting those who patronize or engage in prostitution, people will again complain that the police don’t do anything; But if the police take action, people will then again say the police are meddling in other people’s business/not doing more important things, are using fines to enrich themselves. Just like Western hostile elements making a fuss about China: If we don’t institute birth control measures and they say Chinese people are consuming all of the world’s resources; But if we do institute birth control measures, then they say China has no human rights!


This brother is brave, his moves are not bad. Definitely has practiced before.


Human potential truly cannot be underestimated, haha.


Whoa…brother, I can only say you are a pro, a very skilled pro.


Careful to not rip off your balls [going down the pipe].


Big brother, just pay the 5000 kuai, the crime isn’t worth risking your life.


For the average ordinary common person, they just have the pay the fine and that’s it, the only ones who have to be afraid are those who have public office!


The john also has human rights, he didn’t harm anyone, yet he is forced to the point where he has no choice? Children, before 1995 [the police used to] arrest those who played mahjong, where even one kuai or two kuai was considered gambling, frequently taking [the players] to the police station to find them 3000 or less. One female coworker in our factory who plays mahjong hung off a balcony just like this butt-naked warrior to hide from the police as well, but ultimately her strength gave out and she fell to her death! In a few more years, everyone will think the way the police catch johns today is so brutal/uncivilized! Really, I can’t laugh about this at all!


Haha, I bet this brother will never again go whoring.

Previous chinaSMACK polls currently show 35% of respondents have visited a prostitute before while 89% of respondents believe prostitution should be legalized and regulated.

What about you? What were some dangerous or extreme things you have done to avoid getting in trouble (not necessarily prostitution-related)?

A naked Chinese man trying to climb down the side of a building to flee an anti-prositution police raid in Changchun, China.

It isn’t worth it… Personals @ chinasMACK.


Written by Fauna

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