Foreigner Stops Traffic Violating Guangzhou Military Vehicle

A foreigner in Guangzhou stops a Chinese military vehicle from violating traffic laws.

A foreigner in Guangzhou stops a Chinese military vehicle from violating traffic laws.

From, KDS, XCar, Yahoo China, Tiexue, and more:

This laowai truly is daring, stopping a military car for violating traffic regulations in busy downtown Guangzhou

Military vehicles in China using their special privileges to drive as they please can be said to be a common sight, but recently in Guangzhou on Taojin North Road appeared a male foreign national (pictured) who boldly blocked such a car on the street and even criticized the military driver on the scene for violating traffic regulations. After the incident was captured on camera by a city resident and uploaded onto the internet, it immediately caused a sensation.

That day, a car with the license plate “广 J” [Guangzhou military prefix], believed by netizens as being a General Staff Contact Department special privileges car, attempted to enter the public bus only lane. When the male foreign national saw this, he bravely stepped forth to stop the car, criticized the car’s driver to his face, and stopping him from violating regulations. According to reports, this male foreign national took the initiative upon himself to maintain traffic order while on his inline skates starting about half a year ago, but no know knows his details. He is always stopping cars and drivers who are breaking the law, even asking drivers if they know how to read the Chinese text on the road signs. With regards to the male foreign nationals conduct, nearby city residents all express support, strongly praising him “He is a good person”, while a netizen has bemoaned: “Chinese people have long lost the ability to control the things that happen in China.”

Almost all copies of this post have been deleted from the discussion forums on the Chinese internet. A copy on Canadian Chinese website Sinonet is available but blocked in China.

Comments from KDS:


Laowai don’t care [who you are]. Abroad, if you drive/stop on the line, laowai will directly come up to you and hit your car.


Chinese people have long lost the ability to control the things that happen in China.


Though his behavior is worth commending, seeing Westerners being able to do something when our own countrymen aren’t able to is very saddening.


It is also that only Westerners dare to do something~~ hehe.


Would Chinese people dare do anything? Even if you don’t die, you’ll be screwed.


A good thing that won’t last, sooner or later he will be charged with obstructing a public official in the course of his duties and be deported.


The PLA cannot hit/collide with consulate cars.
The PLA cannot argue with foreigners.


New model car, the military sure have money. I won’t say anymore… fuck, that’s daring.


Didn’t we also have an old man who threw bricks before? How is he these days?


He hasn’t adapted to Chinese society. People here simply are able to put up with a lot.


Ruthless to the max when dealing with their fellow compatriots/countrymen, service to the max when dealing with Westerners.

A lot of our countrymen have been like this since ancient times.

There’s nothing to say about the military’s cars, they’ve already gotten used to their special privileges, forgetting whose money pays for what they eat, wear, and use.

Comments from XCar:


A laowai stops a car and we call him a hero! If our own people dared to stop the car, I bet we’d be charged with obstructing public order! Our people’s matters having to bother laowai, truly disgraceful!

What can you do? Pushing and bullying around the rabble is their glory.
[But] bullying laowai, even black people, however involves international relations, and that’s why laowai can stop those cars who abuse terrorize the roads with their special privileges.


Thank you to this foreigner, helping the Chinese people!


Seriously support the laowai‘s actions. Only laowai can to control us.


It seems it is still white people who have high characters.

Black people and yellow people all don’t dare to stop cars.

New York’s mayor dares to go against the White House.

[But] what about us? Do we even dare let off a silent fart?


So embarrassing, truly so embarrassing…

Would you dare do this? Have you done this before? In China? In another country? To a military vehicle?

Those who dare. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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