Armless Girl Seeks Love on TV, Moves Chinese Netizens

Armless Chinese girl and actress Lei Qingyao on a Chinese TV dating show.

From QQ:

Armless girl goes on television to find love, her optimism and strength moves netizens

When she was 3 years old, Sichuan girl Lei Qingyao unfortunately lost both of her arms from a high-voltage electricity accident. However, she has not only learned to dress, cook, eat, swim, and draw with her feet, she has also starred in movies, and won a big award. Now, she’s a university student on the eve of graduation, and at the same time, the VP for the at Sichuan Province Chengdu City Wenjiang District Association of Handicapped Persons. Recently, accompanied by her best friend, this ‘Oriental Venus’ and ‘Broken-Arm Angel’ attended a television dating show [Fei Cheng Wu Rao], but before the show had broadcast, her best friend’s internet post had already moved a lot of people. Photo [above] is of 2012 March 8th, during the recording of the show, with Lei Qingyao on stage using her feet to write calligraphy.

Girl without arms appears on Chinese dating show.

This internet post attracted numerous Jiangsu province netizens, with everyone saying that a confident girl is the most beautiful. One netizen said: For a girl to lose both arms and still live with such self-confidence, with such beauty, the loss and suffering she has experienced is one we can never know. Here, we can only say jia you, and wish you the best and hope you will find your other half soon, to live happily ever after. Photo is of broken-armed angel Lei Qingyao during the recording of the dating show.

Armless Chinese girl Lei Qingyao.

Lei Qingyao back stage during filming of the dating show.

An Chinese girl without arms uses her foot to write Chinese calligraphy in front of university students..

File photo: 2010 May 13th, Chongqing city Sha district, having starred in Invisible Wings and winning a Huabiao Award, Lei Qingyao talks with college students, sharing with them inspiring stories. Lei Qingyao uses her foot to write words of encouragement for the the university students.

Armless Chinese girl Lei Qingyao, star of the Invisible Wings movie.

Lei Qingyao sings “Invisible Wings” [the theme song for the movie Invisible Wings] for the college students present.

Armless Chinese girl Lei Qingyao, star of the Invisible Wings movie.

‘Oriental Venus’ Lei Qingyao’s smile moved a lot of people.

Armless Chinese girl Lei Qingyao, star of the Invisible Wings movie, at China's 2008 Golden Rooster Awards in Dalian.

2008 September 23th, the 17th Annual Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Movie Festival Award Ceremony held in Dalian. Lei Qingyao was honored with the Best Newcomer award.

Armless Chinese girl Lei Qingyao, star of the Invisible Wings movie, at China's 2008 Golden Rooster Awards in Dalian.

2008 September 13th, Dalian, on the red carpet of the 17th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards. Lei Qingyao (second on right) on the scene.

Armless Chinese girl Lei Qingyao, star of the Invisible Wings movie, on the red carpet at China's 2008 Golden Rooster Awards in Dalian.

Lei Qingyao (second on right) walking the red carpet.

Armless Chinese girl Lei Qingyao, star of the Invisible Wings movie, resting.

2007 September 9th afternoon, the Propaganda Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee held the premiere and honoring ceremony of the movie Invisible Wings in the People’s Theater of Xi’an. Lei Qingyao resting during a break in the event.

Armless Chinese girl Lei Qingyao, star of the Invisible Wings movie.

Lei Qingyao at the movie premiere.

Armless Chinese girl Lei Qingyao, star of the Invisible Wings movie.

2007 July 8th evening, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Beijing International Sports Movie Week. Invisible Wings actress Lei Qingyao at the opening ceremony.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 我爱毛主席:

An investigation: Those who like physically disabled but not spiritually disabled girls please support! [This comment has over 6900 “supports”]

腾讯网友 林公子:

China lacks girls with this kind of spirit of perseverance and struggle.

腾讯网友 花兒對我笑:

To tell the truth, even though I have all four limbs, have a decent income, and look okay, I’m no match for her!!
Because her force of will is way stronger than mine!!!

腾讯北京市网友 Alex:

How dose she use the toilet? How does she bathe? How does she change her sanitary napkin when her period comes?

腾讯淮南市网友 放空的瓶子: (responding to above)

Right now her parents take care of her, in the future her husband will take care of her!!!

腾讯铜陵市网友 为了你: (responding to 腾讯北京市网友 Alex)

All your limbs should be crippled! You dirty lowlife!
How did Beijing produce such scum like you! Shame on you!

腾讯沈阳市网友 小缺,: (responding to above)

Everything he said are realistic issues, even though it is a little unpleasant to hear. The most that can be said is that his thinking is a little vulgar, but from your malicious language it seems the one who is scum isn’t him?

腾讯网友 “梦幻约定ㄟ:

I hope she can find her other half and happiness.

腾讯重庆市网友 蓅失: (responding to above)

I’m going to ask a blunt question: If it were you guys and you had the chance, would you marry that girl? At this very moment, my heart is a bit conflicted! Remember, sympathy is not love!

What do you think?

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  • Dave in Macau

    Best of luck to her, she deserves some goodness in her life.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    She’s hai keyi i guess. I could see myself chatting with her on my armless loveseat. (aka the SOFA in my crib)

    • mr. weiner

      *sigh* I know I’m going to take so much flak for this , but I guess someone has to have bad enough taste to say it.
      I suppose a hand job on the first date is out of the question?
      (duck and cover)

      • rollin wit 9’s

        i thought I was hitting below the belt but yea you took the cake buddy. glad im outta the spotlight now.

      • 阿吉

        well yeah hand job is out of the question….so you are just left with blow jobs…and i am not complaining.

        • Loubo

          uhhhh foot job city man

  • SuperHappyCow


  • [email protected]

    Not one mention of prosthesis. Her entire life and she never had artificial limbs made? Kudos once more to this backward society for apparently denying this girl a basic medical aid. Fuck this system in the ass with two stumpy appendages.

    • mr. weiner

      Hard to fit an artificial limb on anything above the elbow I think and she only seems to have 2 small stumps just below her shoulder [I’m not an expert mind you].
      As you said Kudos to her, my earlier tasteless comments notwithstanding.

      • [email protected]

        To my knowledge these days there are many types of assistive devices such as artificial/bionic/prosthetic arms for all kinds of amputees with varying degree of limb loss.
        If this girl has this kind of gravitas and clout to be in the social spotlight as seen here, or the kind of money needed to promote herself this way, or the kind of gaunxi needed to be invited to red carpet events etc, then there shouldn’t be any reason why she couldn’t look into having something made.

        Presuming she did already try to have some kind of assistive devices made years ago and was told it was impossible, then (because I am an extreme cynic) I put it down to the the woefully inept mainland doctors not knowing how to do their jobs, or the lack of compassion shown to this girl as a small child by medical workers, doctors and specialists when she was younger and when this injury took place, or the lack of funding into Chinese health care resulting in the technology and hardware not being available at the time, or all of the above.

        Point being – why this girl needs to go through life without prosthesis now is pretty confusing to me.

        • mr. weiner

          probably used to it by now

        • 助守和

          With the stumps that she appears to have prosthesis are completely useless for her. Prosthesis (in the strictest sense) are operated manually, ie. with a fully functional hand. Bionics, which are directly controlled by the nervous system, are still in their infancy; though rapidly improving. Yeah that’s mostly semantics but still.

          I’ve seen and met quite a few amputees WITHOUT prosthetics or bionics in western countries. Not every amputee has them and many do surprisingly well without them.

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    I just wonder how this young girl wipes her ass without hands ?

    • notorious

      with her foot of course. why ask such a question.

      • mr. weiner

        ….I’m trying to mentally visualize the flexibility required to do that…I don’t think you could.
        Chinese being practical and DIY type of folks I’m seeing more of a homemade bidet type of rig: 1 wooden saw horse, hosepipe connected up to wall faucet, upended scrubbing brush with face towel attached nailed down near pipe and presto! The armless bum cleaner.
        Is it too late to patent this?

        • Brett Hunan

          So many ideas and not once did bidet cross your mind?

          Got one from LG at home. Never been the same using a toilet without one.

          • mr. weiner

            …said bidet didn’t I? Don’t know how wealthy her parents are. She lost her arms when she was three, she’s about 25[?] now, so 20 odd years ago would be the start of the 1990’s. Chinese had no money to throw around then on imported luxury toilets so I assumed it would be a DIY bidet.
            Happy to hear you have a ring of confidence.

          • Brett Hunan

            im retarted

          • mr. wiener

            Is “retarted” when your old tart wears out and you buy a new one?
            Enjoy your new tart you luck dog you :)

          • Castro

            yeah, I got used to the bum squirter hose found in 99.8% of Thai toilets. Since then I always think it’s odd that other countries don’t have it more,, like I see sometimes in Philippines,, but in a lot of ‘First-world’ countries I never see one. Ok, the occasional bidet and such.
            Have u ever used one of those Electronic Toilets in Japan,,,, Wow! So cool! Should be everywhere,,, the kind with the little digital control panel and u push a button and a little wand comes out and washes your bum. They are the best.

          • Brett Hunan

            Castro thats what I was talking about. I’ve got one at home here in ROK, and am always under-impressed by toilets without. Bought my parents stateside 2 of them as their anniversary gift last year.

    • A GUY

      You could use a wet towel taped on the edge of the bathroom counter and just move up an down.

      Sounds reasonable to me ,and cheap.

    • Chinkicide

      What makes you think it wants to wipe its butt?
      Chinese with hands seldom do, why would this want to do?

      • mr. weiner

        Go round inspecting Chinese’ arses do you? You are either really short, or pay extra for that kind of action around at madam Lu’s.

        • Chinkicide

          As if the chinese would care to hide their private parts or defecate behind closed doors…

          But you guessed right, I did experience wacky-itchy-nasty things between female chinese creatures legs. Though, I never payed for it.

  • eattot

    she can find someone maybe has one bad leg, then they can live together.
    its not easy for bad luck people , sigh!

    • moop

      why does the guy that marries her have to have a bad leg or some other deformity? do you have any idea how ridiculously shallow and ignorant you sound?

    • BlackSugarDaddy

      You sound ignorant and ridiculous to me , does that mean you can only marry an equally mental-stunt boy ?

    • eattot

      i just say it in a possible way.
      would u think a normal guy can live her forever? if she finds a man has one bad leg, he can be her arms, and also she can be his legs. and the banlance is good.

      • lonetrey

        ahaha, actually your idea for symbiosis is kind of cute.

        • notorious

          i agree lonetry. eattot is just saying that there’s someone for everyone. maybe there’s a legless man out there looking for love. of course if the woman can find a man with all of his limbs and he genuinely cares for her should accept him.

          i don’t think anything malicious was meant by the comment.

          • bscalled

            i also think eattot said a pretty stupid thing but since she has a cute picture, people are siding with her. hey eattot, do you get away with a lot of things just because of your looks?

      • moop

        “would u think a normal guy can live her forever?”
        why couldn’t he? again, why are you so superficial?

        “if she finds a man has one bad leg, he can be her arms, and also she can be his legs. and the banlance is good”
        are you really this stupid? i am starting to think this must be a spoof.

        • mr. weiner

          Her ideas do have a weird logic. On the other hand she has said she is a ladyboy [I think she meant tomboy] who wants to be a robot. [WTF?]

          • moop

            yeah, i just read that post… wtf is right

      • El negro pedro

        Its impressive how stupid and backwards you are.

    • Ryo

      You are totally correct. For anyone to understand what she’s going though, one would have to be a similar situation. You can say you understand but unless you’re a rehab specialist for amputees, you really don’t.

    • A GUY

      Eattot what these guys are trying to say and not being very tactful about is that your comment seems very superficial to a western reader. I think what they miss is that you aren’t saying that she deserves a legless man but that it is unlikely that she will find a man who will want to be with a deformed person except for another deformed person. In the west we don’t all readily understand that kind of cynicism. It is strange because you sound naive and cynical at the same time.

      • eattot

        A GUY :
        what wrong with a western reader??you think i have to write to please your eyes.
        sure, i admit what i said is so cruel but you guys are just either fackers or lacking real social knowledge.
        as my biologe teacher told us, normally people with some DNA disease should not find the same situation person. but its very difficult for them, only one day when an albinism boy saw an albinism girl, that moment, love is coming.
        stop being fake kind person online, but truly cruel and cold person in real. when a crippled begger in street, you guys really try to give a hand or a coin?
        and i am telling you, i always try to help. i even washed my clothes,sent to a homeless fool at night after i noticed he always sleeps in the street at night.

        • moop

          see notorious, there was maliciousness in her comment. this is why ignorance should never be reasoned away or given a pass. look at this eattot fool. the sooner this girl realizes how dumb she is, the better this world will be.

          “one day when an albinism boy saw an albinism girl, that moment, love is coming.”
          aww, isn’t that sweet? it’s love at first white

          A GUY: there is no reason to be tactful to someone this ignorant. ignorance is dangerous and should be admonished. i always have appreciated you being more civil than most, despite the occasional snide remark.

        • A GUY

          We understand the issues. What we are saying is that it is naive and belittling to think of some happy arrangement of two cripples helping each other out. This girl does suffer hardships finding a husband due to real physical problems raising children, but in the west the idea that she would have to resort only marry another cripple would also be cynical. You are putting it sweetly, but what you are really saying is that no one would be able to love an arm less freak.
          你不得爲了我們西方人打字, 可是你應該準備受批評和不一樣的意見。 我覺得你是個好人,可是我還覺得你的看法在這個問題上不適當。

          I look forward to seeing your posts in the future.

          • mankouzanghua

            It’s not only another disabled person but a “bad luck” person. This is the directness and practicality of some Chinese people. You can understand Chinese, watch the video I linked to below if you can connect to Youtube. When the interviewer asks how she and her husband got together, the first thing the husband says is how poor his family was and how he had little ability to attract anyone else. Did she get offended? No, in fact she adds that all her dad wanted for her was someone who wouldn’t be mean to her.

          • A GUY

            I understand the sensibility her comment comes from, I am just trying to explain to her why the people here have such a visceral reaction to it. The fact that most Chinese people accept that logic is not a basis for it being right.

            I am disagreeing, I did not call her stupid, or cruel. I said that she sounded cynical and naive and was probably a nice person.

          • mankouzanghua

            I’m not sure most accept that logic, but some do. If they notice your zit they might just discuss it with you.

            It seems eattot knows why people are offended by this. “you think i have to write to please your eyes.” From what I can tell, she sees this as pretending away the gravity of the situation, which does nothing for the armless woman but helps us feel better about it. It seems to me she is simply being realistic and pointing out the Zit. That tends to be her M.O. around here.

          • mankouzanghua

            BTW when she comes back she’ll probably say I know nothing, for what it’s worth

          • A GUY

            I think you read what you want. She speaks for herself and doesn’t need you.

          • mankouzanghua

            “She speaks for herself”?

            Aren’t you the Guy who just said, “what you are REALLY SAYING (emphasis added) is that no one would be able to love an arm less freak”? She speaks for herself, except when she needs corrected by you, 她的看法不适当,是吧,and when she needs you to “explain to her” why people react the way they do. Not to mention you are the one telling me she speaks for herself.

            All I did was offer my own interpretation, as you did, and since it’s the opposite of yours you come back with the bizarre response, “she doesn’t need you.” Creepy much?

            My interpretation of these comments was based on a history of eattot saying things that are logical but so off-putting and threatening that people mischaracterize them rather than having to actually consider them. For example, that extremely poor people should think hard before having a lot of kids. It seems wrong to say that – classist, neglecting the humanity and freedoms of poor people. On the other hand, she said it in response to kids that spend their lives from birth scavenging in a fuckin’ landfill, and typically need to take that “profession” in adulthood. Their homework is done on mounds of putrid waste, they have no cleaning products, no shots, no medical care, they eventually drop out of school… Still, any mention of whether it’s right to bring a child (actually, “many kids”) into that type of environment is taboo, and people mischaracterize it as some kind of lack of compassion or hatred of the poor, when the sentiments behind it are obviously the opposite (i.e., that a human child deserves certain minimum conditions, not just to endure a SHIT existence because a few years later it will have two hands capable of scavenging garbage.).

            I don’t think eattot needs me. She offers a perspective that can sometimes be interesting because it is unfiltered and free from political correctness. However, if you read something that makes sense to you, at least on some level, and you see other people setting up and tearing down what you see as a straw man characterization, is it not natural to want to throw your own 2 cents in?

          • Jigme

            I have no answer I am stuck in the middle…….um she is just amazing and stunning I have ever seen. Hats off to your courage and confidence believe me even the great warriors wont have that amount of courage if they where arm less. No matter what other says you are simply fantastic and the most absolute beauty the world is yet to see.

          • elly

            can she be married to a man from any other race apart from chinese if yes i got interested with her just the way she is she a perfect queen to me am ready to handle her situation

          • A GUY

            Once again you seem to say a-lot on her behalf. I said my comment about what I think she really means to her, (not you) it is up to her to offer a response. You may find her posts amusing and folksy, but i’d rather view her as an equal and an adult and respond to her comments with the same calm disgust that i would to a western poster. You assume she is a child and needs your defense, and that she is somehow beneath the constructs of political correctness. Her English may not be perfect and her society may have a cynical attitude towards these things, but she is still accountable for her own views. You can talk but I am not talking to you.

          • mankouzanghua

            you put a lot of words in people’s mouths. “amusing,” “folksy,” not viewed as equal, “child,” “beneath political correctness.” You have a reading comprehension problem.

          • A GUY

            Yep. I find it hard to read bullshit.

            I’m out.

          • mankouzanghua

            I agree to disagree then until next time with something worth debating. I saw in other places where you made very insightful and memorable comments, like on race and culture in the Kony article, so hopefully “out” doesn’t mean done with CS

          • A GUY

            No just done with this. I’ve said my peace and so have you.

            Not mad just done. (well a little peeved for a few seconds, but over it)

        • I personally know a couple – wife and husband – both of them have Down syndrome. They got acquainted through a center which organizes different events for people with their condition.

          What would be a chance for any of them to marry a normal person?

  • Brett Hunan

    Realistically, if you wanna end up having kids and don’t wanna live with your own or her parents, not having arms is a huge hinderance. I probably couldn’t accept that challenge.

    With the shortage of women in China, I’m sure there’s at least 1 guy able to look past the hardships.

  • terroir

    On the other hand, the Chinese military gets more support for the more arms it gets.

    [segue into militarization rant]

  • Jess

    Hook her up with the armless pianist guy from China’s Got Talent~
    Both of them lost their arms in electrical accidents at a young age…that’s a bit coincidental.

    • mr. weiner

      What a saving on wedding rings :)

      • moop

        “with this armband i thee wed”

        • notorious

          and criticize eattot. you don’t think this joke is tactless? for shame my friend.

          • moop

            it’s a joke that’s meant to be tactless, and a couple of us on here (like mr. weiner) admitidly say these jokes. they are tasteless jokes, meant to be tasteless. much different than a serious statement made by eattot out of sheer ignorance and superficiality. but i know eattot said she liked you so keep on defending her ignorance.

          • Me

            Article should be named armless / boobless girl seeks love on TV.

          • staylost


            I thought “Retards gather to comment below” would be the most accurate article title.

          • mr. weiner

            We all live or have lived in China. We’ve all ignored that limbless beggar twitching his way up the footpath at our feet. tactless and tasteless jokes are a defense mechanism against the raw horrors we are insulated from in the west.
            For the record I like eattot, she is pure uncensored free-range Chinese :)

  • mankouzanghua

    wipe her ass? here’s a woman born without arms who can catch, grow, and cook your food, eat it with chopsticks, bao jiaozi, play cards with the kids… I’d like to see her kick some of the people here in the nuts.

  • Sharillon

    I really think the last chinese post nails it.

    You see a lot of emotional scenes with disabled people in chinese TV, but when you are in BJ and see such people on the street, no one cares to even notice them.

    The people sit in front of tv, think how strong she is, have sympathy with her. Write such comments on some BBS. And on the next day they see some disabled people on the street, without showing any sign of emotion or sympathy. Just ignore these people really in need of money to survive…

    If you are disabled in China, normally you dont even have a chance to have a good life.
    To me it seems more like a PR-Stunt to stir up emotions or the parents of her have 关系, to get her into the spotlight.

    • mr. weiner

      True that.
      Despite the hardships this young lady has endured and her admirable strength of character, this story is at the end of the day a bit of a publicity stunt. [sponsored at least in part it is hinted by the Shaanxi Provincial Party’s Propaganda Dept.]
      I’m by no means holding up the west as the paragons of humane treatment of the maimed and the disabled, but in China it is these people who are the most disadvantaged, ignored and excluded.
      She is the lucky one in a million disabled people like they aforementioned armless piano player who gets a movie made about her, so we can all feel better about ourselves for sypathising a bit and ignore the next limbless sidewalk deadfish twitching beggar we [don’t]see at rush hour.
      We did the same the same thing with that deaf chick from “Children of a lesser God”, and I don’t recall seeing her in too many movies after that.

    • El negro pedro

      Kids get abducted, are deformed and are made to beg on the street. Giving them money would be supporting and encouraging their captors.

      • moop


      • Garry

        Is that your excuse, you cheap bastard. What charity do you support then?

  • Castro

    God fks everybody over,,,,, just different ways, at different times.

    Be assured, YOU Are on the road.

    • Ryo

      God fuked everyone over by not being real!

      • Bruce Tutty

        Real for me…Don’t need a god as long as you have a faith in human goodness

    • Bruce Tutty

      And yet not all of us feel f**ked over…some of us feel lucky to be alive even in bad times….it’s better than nothing, and some of us feels cheated no maytter how much is given to us.

      • Castro

        True. I do try to appreciate all that I have been given. I have had some small, quite petty challenges, that pale with what this young lady has lived through.

  • Brazilian guy

    She’s so beautiful!I would marry her!

  • typingfromwork

    Good looking, talented… Already doing way more than most able bodied people. Honestly, best of luck to her on her quest for love.

  • steve

    not sure if a could marry her sometimes i like my wife to help with my sex life but good luck to you and i hope you meet your pince

    • donscarletti

      I don’t see why she couldn’t be the active partner, Asian women balance astoundingly well with either knees up or knees on the bed. If she has trouble maintaining balance because of her disability you could gently support her waist.

  • Dogbert

    These accidents are very common because China is a very dangerous place for little kids.

  • KCHSload

    Was this caption in the 9th picture, “Lei Qingyao (second on right) walking the red carpet,” really necessary?

    How many girls are there walking around with no arms?!

  • Xiongmao

    Before I read the article, I suspected this was caused by high voltage. At least China is getting better but thousands or people are still being killed or partly fried every year from shoddy electricity work, faulty wiring or general stupidity. Clearly, if you’re 3 years old, SOMEONE is to blame for you coming in contact with such dangers. I hope she’ll do well in life and can help changing the Chinese people’s horribly backwards approach to disability.


    Actually, I don’t prefer arms on a girl – just a head….. : p

    • Patrick

      I don’t even prefer a head, a mouth is enough.

      • Patrick

        I’d definitely like to see her O face :0

  • china looks more and more to have the human face experience. while the westerners and amis grope with their obsession with contraceptives-abortion-gay marriage and english in Puerto rico

  • Ray Ray

    I was really impressed with the dexterity of her feet; it blew my mind how she could apply make-up and practice calligraphy with her feet.

    • Patrick

      Yeah if she has that much dexterity with a little stick, imagine the possibilities.

  • Foreign Devil

    The girl is pretty. I’d take her out on some dates . Girls like her in the west have no problem finding a partner. . just the guy will probably be a bit ugly but have a kind heart. But in China the parent’s of guys who might marry her will dissaprove. . they only want the perfect specimen for their son. Whether he deserves it or not. Paul Mcartney.. with all his groupies and millions of dollars and talent, married a girl without a leg. .. she turned out to be a royal bitch.. .but that’s another story.

  • Justin

    Song of the Article:


    By The Rits
    (my band)

    Stephanie the Amputee was only half a girl
    So I only loved her half as often but i loved her twice as well
    Oh, Stephanie
    Stephanie the Amputee.
    You might be half a woman,
    But you’re more than enough for me.

    Well she got no legs
    She got no arms
    But she got a pretty face
    and a whole lotta charm

    Oh Stephanie
    Stephanie The Amputee
    You might be half a woman
    But that’s good enough for me.

    Well she went to Iraq in 2003
    My baby tripped and fell on an IED

    Oh Stephanie
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    You might be half a woman
    But that’s good enough for me.

    Well she’s the kinda lover that will always stay
    She got no legs so she’ll never run away

    Oh Stephanie
    Stephanie The Amputee
    You might be half a woman
    But you give a whole lotta love to me.

    She’s not the kind to stay out
    Til a half past three
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    She’s waiting there for me.

    Oh Stephanie
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    You might be half a woman
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    She got no feet
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    Oh Stephanie
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    If you like these offensive lyrics, come check us out at the Hot Cat club on April 15

    • moop

      absolutely shamelss plug.

    • Justin

      apologies to veterans and amputees. I mean no offense by my tasteless jokes.

      • moop

        tasteless jokes are fine, we’ve all been making them on this post… but to do a plug for your band….. the horror

        • Justin

          Shameless self-promotion is the name of the game for independent artists. We’re not backed by some A&R company. We have to get our name out anyway we can. Artists who already are a household name do it, so why can’t unknowns? We’re a real grassroots working band who all have day jobs and still try to work time in to practice, record and do all our own promotional work. So you should respect my DIY ethos.

          • moop

            fucking sarcasm, how does it work?

          • Justin

            Hmm…. I’m not familiar with the concept. Satire and double entendre are the only forms of humor I know.

          • Justin

            More Shameless Self Promotion:

            No Hits. Just The Rits 热特色
            Beijing’s Loudest Band.
            我们不是最好的, 我们就是最吵的
            (We’re not the best, just the loudest)

            Live at the Hot Cat Club April 15th.
            46 Fangjia Hutong (just south of Guozijian Jie), Dongcheng District

            From 10 PM until we get tired of playing.

          • eattot

            i thought your an old man.

    • mr. wiener

      Are you sure you didn’t rip off Barnes and Barnes’ “boogie-woogie amputee”?
      “I love to dance with peg-leg sue
      She got one , i got two
      It turns me on that empty knee
      A boogie-woogie amputee…..”

      • Justin

        Sounds similar, but I’ve never heard that song in my life, so no.

        But as it says in Ecclesiastes “There is nothing new under the Sun”

        Ecclesiastes also happens to be very similar philosophically to the Dao de Jing, so as you can see, it is quite possible for two people (Solomon and Lao Zi) to arrive at the same idea independently.

        But coincidentally the song I wrote also kind of has an old school Rock N’ Roll (In the Little Richard, Big Bopper sense)

        Anyways, I like my song better. It’s a little different concept. It’s more like she’s the perfect girlfriend because she’ll never leave you and she won’t run around on you as it were, figuratively or literally.

    • Justin

      I am if you consider 30 old. But folks tell me I look like I’m 22 and in the US I still get carded for cigarettes.

      Besides, even old farts can be in bands in Beijing. Look at Kaiser Kuo or Black Cat Bone or “Bump City” that shitty oldster band that plays covers at the Cedar Cafe or whatever it’s called. Without Viagra, I’m not sure those guys could manage to get an erection between the five of them. Or is it six? I don’t know. They suck though.

      • eattot

        i do not care who ur already, anyway, no more game and insult form u.
        fuck off.

    • aclcla

      haha i like them. i’ll be thurrrr.

  • Tie Ridge

    She would make a very good wife. Not only smart an cute but has the heart of a lion an a drive like no other.

  • Yvan

    why wouldn’t i marry such a strong woman. she’d lift me up and i’d b please and honoured to take care of her however hard that would b. i have a lot of admiration for Lei, for sure!! go Lei, go, nothing will stand in ur way to the road of happiness. Yvan

  • supbrehs

    She must give the best foot job ever…

    • bscalled

      there had to be some lame ass who would do a sex joke about her disability.

      • Yvan

        indeed, totally taste-less, imo

  • peter


  • Christina

    Open question:

    I’m just curious, and I know Chinasmack has a diverse range of readers: what are your views on beggars and whether or not one should give money to them? When I first moved to China I gave 5-20 rmb to every beggar I saw…. and then realized that it wasn’t sustainable, especially not as a high school student. I still feel guilty at times if I don’t though…

    • Brett Hunan

      I dont know if you are naive or stupid or just unprepared for your stay in the middle kingdome. you are better off not giving money in china due to amazingly huge number of people who are forced into slavery by begging for their masters. just do what you want. i guess snacks and empty recyclables work. 5-20rmb for each beggar!!?? youll spend millions before the month is up…. btw what does this have to do with the article?

      • Christina

        There were comments above about how people shed a tear when they see something like this story on tv, then step outside and show absolutely no sympathy to the beggars lining the streets.

    • Foreign Devil

      When I was a newbie in China. . in Liuzhou one time I gave some money to a begging child. . next thing I know I was swarmed by children and the little buggers would stand right in your path so you could not walk. . . we escaped into a department store which they would be kicked out of. Last time I ever gave money. . they had to give the money to their handlers anyways.

    • dim mak

      Giving money to beggars is money down the sink.
      In China the scammers are so common people become suspicious and the real beggars who actually need the help get shafted in the process.

      Either way it’s pointless. Beggars are beggars for a reason. In Canada, half the hobos have some kind of mental illness. Giving them some change isn’t gonna fix their lives. If you must give, give to an organized charity with a plan to help people long-term.

  • Jeff

    I’d be interested in her but I kinda like a nice hand-job once in a while and definitely like to hold hands.

    • Well she still has armpits… with Chinese girls (being hairy) thats like getting two extra vaginas thrown in for fuck all right there. You could literally fuck her left, right and centre.

      • cc

        Sure she gives a good blow job

  • dim mak

    Sure she’s nice, but damaged goods man

    On the bright side, plenty of amputation fetishists out there these days

  • Diana

    she’s beautiful. i hope she meets someone who really appreciates her!

  • Niels

    Does anyone remember Liu Yan, the famous lotus-price-winning female dancer, who was to perform at the Olympics in 2008?

    The concept of “bad luck” is very strange to my mind. It must be genuin chinese. I would always call is tragedy.

  • Cyrus Howell

    The Chinese are a practical people. Yes, I could marry a woman with no arms, partly because I am retired and don’t work. At the same time I am a compassionate person. I don’t work so it would be easier for me. Other men need more of a life partner who can do more for them to help them.
    A French poet said we fall in love with the other person’s faults and weaknesses, not with their strengths. One Chinese woman who was 33 at the time whose mother had died said to me, “I am just tired of doing things alone.” She left her cat with her father in GuangZhou to find work in Hong Kong.
    I believe Lei will find a man who loves her. How long that will last? Who can say?
    No one wants to be alone in this world.
    She has kept herself busy so far in her life. That is enough so far. When university is over real life begins. I think she knows what she wants. With make up and pretty dresses she looks great.
    I knew a man with no arms who graduated university in accounting and became a Certified Public Accountant. He wrote in ledgers with his foot, and could light a cigarette with his feet – take a cigarette out of his shirt pocket and strike a match holding the paper match between his toes.

    • cc

      “I could marry a woman with no arms”
      You dirty little person you.

  • Uma Maheswar Naakka





  • Mao’s Dong

    [insert oral sex jokes]

  • Independence Scott

    There is someone who is really interested in her. that I know of.

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