Married For 1 Year, Beaten By Wife 9 Times

Asian couple pillow fight.

From Sina:

Ning Yuan stands across from me, height approximately 1.75m, appearance can be considered handsome, his face full of whiskers exudes a complete manliness, and he does not look like what I thought a man who has been beaten 9 times after one year of marriage would look like.

Not long after sitting down, Mr. Ning unnaturally lights a cigarette, occasionally fiercely taking a drag. He does not raise his head the entire time, his eyes are a little dull, his mouth murmuring as he relates his experiences of his wife’s domestic violence, and wanting to get divorced but also afraid his wife won’t agree and afraid he will will be brutally beaten over this matter. The most embarrassing thing is that his wife does not consider face [personal honor] when hitting someone, several times fiercely slapping my face in front of my mother and brothers [close male friends].

The first time there was a fight, I made the first move. At the time, we were fighting for the computer and my wife wanted me to let her use it. Right as I was most preoccupied [with the computer], I casually pushed her aside once, not expecting she would walk over and slap me. I was slapped silly, and half a day passed before I could recover my wits. I leaping at her wanting to press her onto the bed to recover face, but because my heart is soft, I did not use much strength, not like the ferocious tiger she was. With a bang, she had me pressed on the bed, conveniently using her leg pinning me down by my butt, and no matter how I struggled I couldn’t turn over. Up till now I still don’t understand how my wife pressed me to the bed.

Not long after, terror once again raised its curtains. That time she launched a kick at me, I instinctively raised my leg to block the kick. My wife hooked my leg, sending me toppling to the ground (tragically, a tooth was lost, afterwards replaced with a gold tooth), extending my hand to block, she used her forearm on my arm and twisted, I don’t know how, and suddenly my arm was twisted behind my back, a foot bends my leg, and I am suddenly kneeling on the floor. At that time my mother present, and I was very embarrassed. I wanted to get up to hit her, but no matter how hard I tried I could not get up. This one time was very disasterous. This one point was very miserable, my hand twisted by my wife was dislocated, and I had to go to the hospital.

Another time when she was about to hit me, my friend was present. I thought I found savior in my friend, mistakenly thinking I had an advantage this time. I thought that since my friend was 1.8m tall, even if he did not help me, but could secretly assist me a bit, I would not meet defeat, right? So I ran to the balcony and got a one meter long clothes drying rack and threw it at her. Before it hit my wife’s body and with a bang, my wife broke the clothes drying rack into two halves. Scared into hiding behind my friend’s body, my wife in one motion threw my friend aside a few meters. Using half the clothes drying rack, she fiercly hit my butt, the pain making me wail. With my friend there, I had to do something to redeem my face [honor], so I grabbed the remaining half of the clothes drying rack to hit back. Even more disasterous, my wife instantly grabbed my wrist holding the clothes drying rack, twisted it back and, my god, my hand broke. For several days on end I could not pull up my own pants after using the toilet.

A patient's bloody broken arm in a hospital.

Married one year, beaten 9 times, 5 times in front of my mother’s face, frightening her so much she would not dare come close, and only by secretly dialing 110 [the emergency police number] could help me escape danger, the police came 6 times, I went to the hospital 5 times, twice the blows caused dislocation, once bone was broken, countless times my face was scratched, and many days I didn’t dare leave home to see colleagues. I want to divorce, but I really love her, she also loves me, and after every fight, my wife takes care of me, gives me a massage. When I could not use my hand, she also fed me. Moreover, our sex-life has continuously been very harmonious, only, when doing it at night, she sometimes hits me a few times too.

Ning Yuan tells me, he and his wife met each other in college, the two fell in love, and at that time she was gentle and cute. He never thought that after marriage she would become like this. He only found out afterwards, Only afterwords did he find out that his wife enjoyed studying warfare since childhood, has terrifying kung fu, and that she could go fight four men by herself. Ning Yuan again asks me, just what is he supposed to do, divorce or leave home/run away?

Hearing Ning Yuan relate each incident of his bloody and tearful history, I slightly wanted to laugh, but also felt this was all unbelievable. Divorce, flee, or reconcile? This is Ning Yuan and his wife’s business.  I too have no way of giving a proper answer, and can only encourage Ning Yuan, telling him that there should be mutual respect between man and wife, that he should tell her his thoughts, try to communicate, what happens afterward they themselves must resolve…

A funny picture of a Chinese woman stepping on a man's head while another guy watches in surprise.

Comments from Sina:

This kind of woman is too frightening.

Men hitting women, I despise.

Real or fake? Some of it I am scared to believe! A woman this terrible!

I also wonder, is this true or false?

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I’ve heard of the ‘kung-fu panda’, but never heard of the ‘kung-fu wife’, heh~~very amusing (Sorry, I can’t help but gloat at your misfortune, my mistake my mistake…)

Barbarous wife, hurry and escape.

There are truth and lies here. If you really did not deserve it, you would not be beat like this. This is not the old society and, besides, you are a man.

Now way, there are women this terrible?

Either get divorced or quickly run to the Shaolin Temple and have a monk be your master!


A heroic woman!

You can’t hit your wife.

I really feel Ning’s heartache. However, if I saw Ning, I would also hit him once, this good for nothing guy. If it doesn’t work, just separate. Are they not promoting “harmonious household, away from violence” now?

How great it would be for me to be more like this woman, unlike now where I can only be beaten up.

No matter if its a man hitting woman, or woman hitting man, both are hopeless, very uncivilized phenomenon! Vulgar beyond reason! This kind of person, one word—disown!

Legendary tiger… and a female… mighty, today my knowledge has increased…

I feel you guys are lacking communication! You also haven’t earnestly tried to understand why she beats you. It cannot be for no reason at all! Ask a few more “whys.” Use the intelligence you would use to get a scholarship.

Use peace to control aggression [ignore her]! Next time there is a conflict, do not use physical violence. This aspect is not your forte, and you will definitely lose out. Next time just stay silent! Continue being silent!! Even if the other side gets anxious, hits you, you still stay silent. Just don’t speak, be a mute. If she gives you violence, use cold violence on her. Be uncaring, indifferent, and nonchalant. In the end, if she does not come to respect you, she will leave you [divorce]. Try it out.

Hahahah, sorry Mr. Ning, after reading I only want to laugh. Did your wife practice taekwondo, hehe, so impressive.

Men hitting women, can only use one finger!!! Haha

You need to learn to respect your wife and be good at exploiting her strong points. With this type of wife there’s nothing to fear.

Find her (kung fu) master and ask him some questions, this must an unique Chinese expertise passed down through hundreds and thousands of years. Normal kung fu is not this indefensible. Even those who practice Sanda [a Chinese combat sport], it is impossible for a woman without a strong body to go against four women. But Chinese martial arts passed down is not the same, even a delicate, unassuming, little girl very unnoticeable a small delicate girl can make several dozen grown men terrified. This is where Chinese kung fu is magical miraculous aspect.

Quickly have a child, your wife will become much more gentle. Once they have children, all women change a lot.

Real or fake, what woman is that powerful? Is this man is made of water? The woman is too violent, and the man apparently also does not want to give in either. You guys really are quite a pair!

Barbarous wife!! Welcome to join married ethnic group 45342687, requirement: married man/woman, age 30 and above, often online, eager to make a statement!

Comments from CQ69:

Your friend is a “ball” amongst men.
Why do I say your friend is a “ball” amongst men? Because a “ball” was made to be hit. So how can you blame that woman for having learned wushu [martial arts]? Maybe even if you find another woman you will still be beaten.

Why do I feel like “lou zhu” is actually Mr. Ning?

I propose that “lou zhu” go to the Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts before returning to surrender to your female tiger. But, the best thing to do would be to hold back a little, and carry on as a gentleman who does not fight woman.

Keep bullshitting. One look and it looks unbelievable.

Divorce her, the 10th time will directly put you in the hospital where you will lie for a year and a half.

If you know you cannot win by fighting her, then each of you should behave a little more.

Hahahaha, this type of man is too useless. Can’t even defeat his wife [in a fight], and not ashamed to still complain. “Lou zhu,” if this is real, if there is an opportunity, you and your friend can come with me to the gym and get stronger and practice fighting. I guarantee half a year later he won’t have this type of problem.


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