“Boiled Alive Cat” Prepared, Served In Guangzhou Restaurants

A stew in Guangzhou, China with cat meat.

A stew in Guangzhou, China with cat meat.

From Tiexue & Mop:

Shocking, the entire process of how Guangzhou restaurants make boiled alive cat

[Warning: Pictures may be graphic.]

Cat traders with caged cats in China.

Cat restaurants hidden on the outskirts of town, “boiled alive cat” attract people’s attention

Cat meat 10 yuan/500g, cat brain 30 yuan/500g, cat intestines 50 yuan/500g

What is “boiled alive cat”?

Cook: “[The cat] cannot be completely beaten to death, [because] it also needs to be boiled a little, this is what ‘live cooked cat’ is.”

Why do so many people like eating cat?

Cat eater: Eating cat meat can cure asthma, is a health supplement [something eaten for health benefits].

A stray cat wholesale market has over a thousand cats packed into metal cages.

Caged cats to be sold for their meat.

The majority of the cat trade is sold to Guangdong, because in Lingnan cuisine, Guangdong people [Cantonese] especially like to eat cat; It first became popular in the Chaozhou-Shantou region. Cat meat has been traditionally believed to be effective for helping a person’s yin and yang balance, whereas recorded in Guangdong Yue cuisine recipies is a dish called “Long hu dou” [literally, “dragon fighting tiger”. The reason why cat meat is held in esteem lies in the naive belief of its eaters that it has a “health supplementing/boosting” effect.

Caged cats in China, awaiting their fates to become food.

Heartbreaking innocent expressions, awaiting the fate of being eaten.

A cat having its fur removed and gutted.

Below is the process of cooking cats. Cat lovers, please prepare yourselves.

A “cat restaurant” cook holds up a white cat from the fur-removal machine.

To show what a good deal it is, a house cat with its fur removed is hung on a hook publicly to be weighed.

A cat being boiled alive and its internal organs removed.

Still breathing house cat put in boiling water and cooked alive.

Cook removes the internal organs of the “white cat”.

Dead cats in China, one hung on a hook by the jaw.
A woman roasts a cat's head with a torch. A chopped up cat.
Cantonese diners eating a cat stew, a paw still visible in the dish.

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Do you see it? The cat’s paw is still in here.

Netizens urge each other to forward these photos and reports of cats being eaten in Guangzhou, China.

“Express” reporter also discovered in an interview: To guarantee the freshness of the cat meat, most cat meat restaurants have adopted “live cooked cat”, “beating”, and similar methods of slaughtering live cats. “The more suffering, the better the taste. Doing it like this is to ensure that the blood is fully soaked into the flesh, and that the flavor of the cat meat prepared tastes great.”

Those who have scrolled this far to read these words, please forward/repost this on, and pray for these shameless diners, because you [they, the diners] will suffer retribution in the future!!!

Comments from Tiexue:


Hey, it looks like it could be pretty fragrant/delicious…


Know why Western countries look down upon us Chinese people now?

Why European and American countries are hollering for Chinese people to get [out of their countries]?

Since we are working hard to join the world, why not reject some ugly eating habits??


Why can’t cat meat be eaten??? Who can give me a reason??? Cow, sheep, pig can all be eaten, why can’t cat and dogs be eaten???

I think aside from human meat, anything can be eaten!!!


Please do not engage in regional discrimination. Not all Cantonese people necessarily eat [this], right?


According to logic/reason, anything can be eaten, as this is animal instinct, [but] according to [personal] feelings, eating cat is indeed something I could not stomach. After all, [it] is the closest [animal] to humans, a member of the family.


I personally do not support eating cat, but that is just my personal habits/belief. There is no reason whatsoever that cats cannot be eaten. Humans are omnivores, so anything that is not poisonous can be eaten. Pigs, cows, sheep, fish, whatever are all life, so if we want to say it is cruel, everyone become vegetarian then. If we want to say it is life, then eat air. It doesn’t hurt life, and is definitely not cruel. You will have a good conscience then.


I don’t like to eat cat,

and also feel killing cats is cruel,

but if other people like to eat cats, then that is their freedom, just like us eating pigs.

However, killing a cat is one thing, abusing it to death is excessive.


It is okay to eat [cat], but one must eat with dignity!

Aren’t pigs, cows, and sheep all stunned before slaughtering these days?

Be a little more humane, as this [way of slaughtering] is indeed cruel!

[Those who] eat live monkey brain and stuff like that, are even more deserving of being struck down by heaven!


Cats are human’s companions, completely different from pigs, cows, sheep, and other animals used for meat.

There are also many poached wild animals that also should not be eaten.

Society should put an end to these uncivilized behaviors!


Who am I supposed to be afraid of? I’ve even eaten human placenta before. Humans are devils.


So sad, I’ve raised so many cats, and really like them.


Several years ago, there were reports saying something about people eating baby soup. Later, it was proven to be fake, a rumor created by an anti-China person. How authentic is this post?

Long hu dong. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Chef Rocco

    How did they eat something so disgusting?

    • The eating was entirely justified based on the cat’s well-known previous association with the NED. DEATH TO THE TRAITORS!

      • Chef Rocco

        NED? you meant “Nobly Educated Dickhead”? If the cat is associated with it, they wouldn’t had eaten it, they would keep it alive to receive grants.

        • Touché

          (added gumpf to get over word limit)

    • Pink Panther

      I’m absolutely ASTOUNDED by how few on both the Chinese sites as well here on ChinaSmack doesn’t rise the eyebrows of the real moral culprit in this article… WTF is wrong with you people??

      The problem isn’t (I’m a pet lover too) to kill and eat in particular cats, BUT they way of killing the cat SLOWLY in boiling water, the is so primitive, bizarre and horrid as it can get only humans with an intellect from the stone age could do!!!

      An animal, if it has to be killed it has to be done as painless and quick as possible!

      • Graham

        Exactly. The only sane comment on here.

      • me.

        well for me its as horrible to eat a dead pig as it is to eat a dead cat. sure the way its killed is also horrible but in the end they are both dead animal cadaver you put in your mouth.
        its just that we are brought up used to eating meat so its “normal” in most peoples minds. Disgusting

      • disqus_Z9fxbol4kE


  • asdf

    kill every cat on this earth

    • something something

      Fuck you! Your a waste of space mother fucker.

      • Ferdinand

        “You are” or “You’re”, but not “your”

    • kate

      ill boil you alive

    • DERP

      lol, butthurt cat lovers

  • xmcx

    This is a different form of cuisine! How unique!It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, if he doesn’t catch mice…

    • Koji Kabuto


      the right quote goes “doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it tastes good”

      • xmcx

        who cares what the correct quote is, as long as I came FIRST :p

      • pervertt

        That was fucking funny. You’re not of Cantonese descent by any chance?

  • Ai

    plizz be a vegetarian >.<

    • Strangerland

      Well, they have 1.4 billions people and there won’t be enough vegetations in China to feed everyone+animals…..so maybe it’s a good thing that most Chinese are omnivore. But then again, I do think cat meat is over-rated. Maybe we’re disgusted because we don’t eat them. For those who’re so used eating it, maybe it taste like ordinary meat.
      I condemn the cruelty in preparing the meat though. Such kind of “the more cruelty=more tasty dishes” notion is medieval. I think China has to curb such mentality if it wants to join modern world. But then again, Halal meat are easily found everywhere nowadays…..

      • gujarati

        dude its possible for all to be vegetarian. go to gujarat (one of Indian state) where majority of people are vegetarian and there is no scarcity of vegetables.

      • Snicker

        Yeah, your fundamental argument is totally wrong.

        What do you think animals eat?

        It is generally said that to produce one kg of beef it takes:
        11 kg of grain
        19000 litres of water

        If we all just ate the grain, ate the vegetables, there would be a LOT more food to go around (and it would be cheaper too!)

        • Carl

          Of course, but cuisine is part of a culture. Go ahead and propose to the american public that in the benefit of all human kind, beef, pork and chicken are now banned…. see how they react.

        • Stephen

          That’s only because we feed cattle grain that we could eat. Cattle are actually supposed to be eating grass, which we do not eat. When they eat grass, they convert calories we can’t eat into calories we can, which is rather efficient.

          The problem isn’t meat, it’s the way we raise the meat.

    • MadeInChina

      Once you get a taste for pussy..you’ll convert to meat too

      • Jeepsy

        Pussies taste better than cats!

    • DERP

      fuck vegetarians.

  • bernd

    According to the comments, China really needs some self confidence.

  • Ted

    Guess why people have people have negative opinions of the Chinese. Fucking savages.

    • 老外

      This is not all Chinese people. This is a select few. I’m okay with killing cats, but boiling them alive is disgusting.

    • ST

      Oh come on. The original poster is Chinese and is saying this is awful. Every Chinese that owns a cat (quite a few) would say this is awful. Most Chinese not from Guangzhou probably think it is awful as well. By plastering all of China for this particular awful thing you sound just like some moron fenqing (愤青) squawking about evil foreigners criticizing the motherland.

      • HS

        so true

      • Tina

        These idiots (that’s the nicest word I could call them) would eat anything that is moving, and it would be fine if they would do it the right way. However, these savage people are enjoying when these innocent creatures are suffering. They are also skinning animals alive and letting them rot….I don’t think they wouldn’t be able to find a quick way for killing them. This makes them evil and I wish them the same form of death, and I hope they will rot in hell until the end of times.

      • Randall Chance Simpson

        China is not the “motherland” of anyone but the filthy Chinese

        • Caroline

          Does that include the thousands of Chinese animal activists, some of whom put their bodies between the wheels of vehicles that are full of cats or dogs. We post comments expressing our shock at such cruelty, they live with it every day.

    • Lolno

      Oh hey look a hypocrite. LOL
      If you eat any kind of meat then you yourself should be considered a “savage”.

      • 老外

        Lolno is a good example of a retarded vegetarian.

      • Because all people torture animals to death and skin and bury them alive? You have the IQ of a shoe.

      • Randall Chance Simpson

        Yeah, except for the fact that we have invented ways that INSTANTLY cause death in animals, so they don’t suffer. The argument here, is not killing animals is wrong, thats the food chain. It’s that BOILING animals ALIVE because “it tastes better” is ridiculous. Don’t you think if that were true, Americans would be boiling cows by the millions for McDonalds burgers to taste better. No. If this were a practice of “kill it very quickly as toi cause no suffering”, we would be alot less likely to call these barbarians, barbaric. Aside from that, you couldn’t find an American, aside from serial killers, who could blowtorch a puppy to death. Sorry, but don’t you dare compare our killing cows in under a second to blowtorching puppies and boiling cats. What kind of sick person even sides with the blowtorcher of puppies?

        • A Crowley

          What is your view on islamic and kashrut slaughter then? Bleeding the poor animals out?

          • Caroline

            Why continuously comparing one atrocity to another, as though to excuse the inexcusable?

        • Jim

          Actaully cows are stunned by electrocution or hit in the head with a air drivin hammer piston that stuns but not kills. They are then bled out by cutting the thraot hanging upside down. SThe same with pigs and sheep. Chicked,turkies etc are plucked clean alive sometimes after boiling water is put on them over and over.by machines. Crabs,shrimp and lobster are boiled alive always.I do not think dogs should eb treated so but cats they have no soul and are worthless animals that serve no purpose. I say if a crab is boled alive then its ok to boil a cat alive but not a dog.

          • “I do not think dogs should eb treated so but cats they have no soul and are worthless animals that serve no purpose. I say if a crab is boled alive then its ok to boil a cat alive but not a dog.”

            You should be immediately removed from the human population. Here’s hoping that tumor’s fatal.

        • Eldred E Coot

          Instant death is a sham. It is illegal to photograph packing houses. The bastards do not want the public to know how the animals suffer. Thank your politicians for keeping your head in the sand.

  • HS

    The biggest problem i reckon is serving the cat alive. im a big cat fan. I don’t think it’s right to serve live animals. If you’re going to kill them, let them die properly and without torture and humiliation.

    But to westerners: you think the beef you eat hasn’t been tortured? Have you ever seen how cattle are slaughtered? Cattle are also cut up alive limb by limb. Is there anything humane about you eating it? So i think eating animals is a cultural discrepancy not a difference in human cruelty between cultures.

    • 老外

      In the west, cattle receive a bolt to the head which immediately kills them.

      • donscarletti

        It doesn’t, it just destroys the top half of the brain, the bits which let the animal think. The brain-dead or at least thoroughly unconscious cattle are then hung up by their hind legs and have their throats slit, if the heart stops beating before it is drained, the meat will be full of blood and very difficult to sell for human consumption. Kosher and halal meat however must be killed with a single cut to the throat so a captured bolt device cannot be used in this case, though rapid loss of blood pressure will render the animal unconscious in a few seconds.

        Anyway, point is that cattle are generally killed in a way to minimise suffering. I have never heard accounts of them torn apart while they are alive, nor beaten, boiled or depilated alive, at least where I am from. though I hear bad stories about pigs, mainly through laziness on the part of the abattoir worker, though I have never witnessed that firsthand.

        On another note, I’ve been to Guandong multiple times and this kind of thing does not seem very common, though it seems that this is the main point of jokes about Cantonese people in the rest of China, I don’t see why the provincial government doesn’t just deal with this and end the stereotype once and for all with this once and for all, they must be sick of it by now.

      • Chad

        Um, that doesn’t happen most of the time. Have you even SEEN the plethora of PETA videos showing how cruelly cows, chickens and pigs are treated on farms? Where are you from man? Do they not have Youtube over where you live?

        As someone who was born in and lives in the West, I can say the difference is that we like to pretend that there’s nothing wrong with us. As long as our burger patty doesn’t look anything like a cow, we’ll eat it and pretend to be more “civilized” than people who eat dogs/cats. It’s ludicrous and hypocrisy at its highest level. It’s hilarious and pathetic at the same time how Chinese people are beginning to think that eating dogs is somehow more unsophisticated than eating bunnies, ducks, chickens, pigs (which are smarter than dogs by the way), and cows.

      • Eldred E Coot

        Not true, but said so you will eat more meat.

    • DERP

      I am perfectly content knowing that animals must die to keep me alive.

  • Type Two

    “The more suffering, the better the taste.” Really?

    • eddie

      not really, i bet they are all stress and tense when you torture them, so no point on that i guess?

  • Rick in China

    While I’m an animal lover – and have 2 beautiful cats (due to dogs not suiting frequent traveller lifestyle). That being said, I’m not against eating of any animal meat.

    I am against, however, cruelly beating an animal with the ignorant thought of “it makes the meat taste better” or it has some magic healing property. That’s just fucking stupid.

    For those who ask, however, what the difference between eating cat and sheep etc….well, cats are domesticated as household pets – I don’t know many people who sleep with sheep outside of New Zealand, or pigs outside of southern states…but people with kitties often wake up with their cat next to them purring away – that’s what makes them difference, their many centuries of being human companions.

    Understanding that, it’s not ‘right’ to push one society’s cultural beliefs on another – and if one culture decides cats are for eating rather than caring for, so be it..I disagree, but I also choose not to eat cats. As long as they don’t try to snatch my cat, I don’t have much of a say in what other people eat.

    • pug_ster

      Actually most of the cats that are pictured here are stray cats. Of course sometimes the people who catch these cats belong to someone.

      • Rick in China

        Whether they’re bred for eating or caught as strays is irrelevent here. The questions are whether it’s moral to eat cats, whether it’s acceptable to beat them before boiling them alive, etc..while I agree most of these are likely bred or strays, it doesn’t change much from a moral standpoint. Dogs however, the dog meat frequently eaten in China is *not* from household pet breeds..it’s a pretty “wild” dog bred specifically for eating, at least in the instances I’ve seen them, and those muts absolutely do not behave as domesticated breeds people frequently keep, it’s not like people are eating Dalmations….then again, I don’t see any persians in those pens.

      • CHN in US

        Fucking cruel-way-animal-killer and fucking more the eater who even know how they are killed!!

    • Chad

      Yeah but no one really seems to care about rabbits being hunted and eaten, Rick. No one cares about how mice are subjected to some pretty cruel stuff in the laboratories. Aren’t those pets too? Face it. We’re just force fed into thinking that somehow cats and dogs shouldn’t be eaten or treated “inhumanely”. It’s not even about being a pet or not. The argument has been that dogs are smarter than mice or rabbits, but that falls apart when you note that pigs are just as smart as dogs if not more, but we still slice them up without hesitation.

  • Shoeshine

    I’m not sure I’d eat it, but just because I don’t trust cats.

  • dleet

    to the person who said animals are stunned elsewhere.
    LOL ur funny. u should do standup comedy sometime.
    cows are brutally murdered. only non-brutal murders of meat is the halal…

    • Sunni

      Um.. no.
      Halal meat means the blood from the animal has been completely drained before cooking from a clean cut to the main arteries.
      It has nothing to do with the subjective “brutality” of how they are killed.
      Some people may consider cutting an animal’s neck and draining all its blood more brutal than an electric shock.

      • Alikese

        You’re not a very good comedian.

  • Zav

    It’s not the fact that people are eating cats, it’s the fact that they are mercilessly tortured to death before being prepared. If you’re going to eat any animal, kill it as painlessly as possible, because it can feel just as much as you can. Putting a blowtorch against its skin or hooking it to a wall is inhuman.

  • Justin

    If a cat had the chance, it would eat you.


    From a forensic pathologist on the subject of post-mortem predation:

    “In my experience, a dog may go for several days before finally resorting to eating the owner’s body. A cat, on the other hand, will only wait a day or two. Just goes to show you which is more loyal.”

    • My cat licks me in the morning to wake me up. If I didn’t wake up I can only assume she would continue to devour me whole. Scary shit…

      • whichone

        Spray some peppers on yourself before you sleep…just in case.

  • eattot

    but there are too many wild cats in parks, if we can help them do some birth control, maybe better for them.

    • Rick in China

      That may be by design as a method of rat control. Many Chinese who own cats buy them with the purpose of keeping rats out of their house or shop and surrounding area, usually not even really ‘taking care’ of them in the household pet sense of the word.

      • eattot

        your right!
        i want to have a cat in my shop to kill rats too. but still i see a lot of people they really like cats, they feed cats every morning in parks. my neighbour even put rice outside everyday for wild birds.
        i do not think we have right to accuse those peole who eat cats but at least should kill them in a normal way.

  • Catlover


  • Justin

    This subject raises the interesting question of cultural relativism and its limitations. I mean are we right to judge a culture based on our own norms and values?

    Humane treatment of animals is something that is defined culturally and most of the livestock anywhere is raised under conditions that can hardly be considered humane. Just take a gander at any PETA video of factory farms that produce chicken for KFC.

    Boiling a cat a live is cruel, no doubt, but nature is equally as cruel. Just watch the discovery channel and see a lion tearing apart an antelope. That’s got to be just as painful I would imagine. The only difference is that as pets, cats and dogs tend to be anthropomorphized, so in the minds of pet lovers, eating them is no different than eating a human being.

    Of course, cultural relativism has its limits I think, such as female circumcision, i.e. the genital mutilation of the clitoris. That’s just fucked up.

    • Justin

      Also this shit happens in the U.S. too apparently:


      And I would add that my grandfather on my dad’s side was a fucked-up psychotic Texas hillbilly who killed cats for pleasure and then traumatized me by telling me about it when I was just a little kid.

    • Broseph

      Agreed. Just understand that not everybody has the ability to think “other” .

    • Voice of Europe

      A lion killing an antelope usually suffocates the animal by biting the throat and keeping pressure, only after that it starts eating.

      As for the video, I’d like to boil alive and use blowtorch on one of these people. They’d absolutely deserve it. This reflects badly on all of China, even if it’s just a certain group of people.
      The difference with the west is, should something like this be discovered – usually the regulation penalized and tries to prevent it. In Guangzhou, the government just seems to say “interesting, keep it up”.
      I have nothing against eating different animals, cultures are different. But this kind of torturing tells a lot about the people in the region.

  • John

    That is fucking disgusting.

  • when will human meat be served?

    • Broseph

      As soon as @ss is free.

  • aclcla

    i wouldnt mind eating a cat, so long as its not fcking boiled alive!!

  • Curren$y

    Sigh, let’s hope Western media doesn’t get their hands on this.

    • Broseph

      If you are posting here they already have.

  • daniel

    looks delicious, this thing is so common in asia no biggie

  • Broseph

    Shocking to some and disgusting to others. If it came right down the end. It would be my little feline friends. Think home grown bush-meat. I love my cats and I feed them well for a reason. Next up, raising rabbits and guinne pigs. They do not taste bad either.

  • Just like in sex – there are conventional (widespread) ways, less conventional, strange, perversive and even criminal.
    The same is with eating habits – some are less widespread… and some are criminal.
    But there will always be perverts in this world.

  • elenore

    It’s a cruel the killing process,however many Americans eat unusual things in our different regions.Frog Legs,possum,squirrels,gators,bears,etc..Maybe it helps keep down the stray dog and cat population.I think the joke in the U.S. about eating dogs and cats at Chinese restaurants is because people were not told what they were eating and people want to make sure the food they are eating is clean and labeled.In fact it was just in like the last 5 years a Chinese restaurant in Metro Detroit was closed down for serving stray animals.

    • Alikese

      I was at a restaurant in New York’s Chinatown and they had squab on the menu (i.e. farm raised, young pigeon). My first thought was, “Those birds never even saw a farm. The chef probably just threw a net out back in the alley and served them up.” No squab was eaten that day.

      • Frank

        If it was in New York, highly bloody unlikely. They have something called a health board there that tends to frown upon restaurants doing that.

  • Protip: if you find your dish doesn’t have enough “suffering” in it, just add cyanide for that added pep.

  • song of the article,

    The first cut is the deepest
    – by “Cat” Stevens


  • Choonage

    soupcat is now in ur tummy

  • petras

    How does it taste? I love chinese food and love eating with chopstics.

  • Blotha Lonely


  • Joe

    Cat meat doesn’t taste good anyways… who would eat it? I prefer dog.

  • dim mak

    Cantofag here, I don’t see what’s wrong with eating cats or any other animal, get over your personal taboos. Dont’ agree with causing extra suffering though.

  • George

    To 热论
    i assumed those cats in the pictures are fake?!
    perhaps they are just chicken dress in cat suits?!
    you sound very educated

  • @@@

    i like to try one

  • Alikese

    “Several years ago, there were reports saying something about people eating baby soup. Later, it was proven to be fake, a rumor created by an anti-China person. How authentic is this post?”

    FYI, this was not done by an “anti-China person.” It was a Chinese artist who put dolls and animal meat together to resemble a baby, then took pictures of himself eating it. Zhu Yu made a work of conceptual art called: “Cannibalism ”(食人).

  • Jorge

    The Chinese being the soulless and miserable little cruel things they are expected to be.

    and they dare wondering why the world does not like them.


    • Christian Burgess

      or trust them … The true greatness of a nation can be judged how they treat their animals … This is just evil sadist behaviour on any of gods children, Fuck a society that jokes about this

  • john digmeme

    I can has myself?

  • BDolf

    Stop eating all animals, too many (chinese) people. Plenty of non meat alternatives in Holland. Also for enviroment/CO2 reduction. It’s a genocide.


    Just like Hiroshima

  • Tao (aka Bin Won)

    Well now here are a group of retards that could use some Chinese Govt executions. What horrible people, hope they are one day boiled too and fed to cats.

    [Note from Fauna: Please do not use multiple identities.]

  • May

    This is sooooooooooooooo horribly disgusting and barbaric!!! Poor little dear animals! The retards that inflict such pain on other living creatures just to satisfy their stomac deserve to be cooked alive as well! Total morons!!!

  • jeff

    I have no problems with people eating cat. My main objection is that the cat is boiled alive. This practice is very cruel and very selfish because the person eating the cat is only thinking about how to satisfy his personal urges.

  • panda

    I am cantonese but i never eat a cat

  • Jean

    I prefer boiled alive dog!

  • Ben

    Its not what is eaten people…its how the animal is treated before being cooked, in this way people look at how the animal suffered. Reduce the suffering and you reduce the discrimination. Just kill the cat quickly.

  • edddie

    yummy yummy ……………wild cat meat is much better taste………

  • Rafael

    Cat is meat, meat is yummy! Nyom Nyom!

  • 伟 哥 哥

    It is because Chinese believes eating cat meat is better than taking VIAGRA!!! He…he..he.

  • A cat is fine too :3

  • Anger

    They are fuck*ing sick! I wish those people go to the HELL who hurts cats.

  • Of Canada

    Liu XiaoBo would not eat cat. . .