Gay Kissing Competition in Chengdu, Chinese Reactions

Chinese homosexual men participating in a gay kissing competition in Chengdu, China.

Chinese homosexual men participating in a gay kissing competition in Chengdu, China.

From Sina Weibo:

@Happy张江: Chengdu Chunxi Road Gay Kissing Contest!!! Let me share this with everyone to open your eyes, fuck… values all fed to the dogs [lost] [震惊] Photos: Netizens

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Why does it look like a new trick for hair salons to attract customers.


I suggest holding more meaningful events like this, so they can find their own happiness, and so us straight guys can have even more girls to choose from.


So not all gays are handsome guys…I’m relieved.


You people [in Chengdu] sure are open-minded.


Why the fuck did I get a hard-on while looking at this?


Fuck, each and everyone of them are so pretty and flirtatious [feminine].


Fuck, AIDS.


I love [them] so much.


Last time in Chongqing, there was a super handsome [gay] couple.


I used to hate gays, but I don’t hate them anymore, [because] the more gays there are, the more girls are left [for us straight guys].


A bunch of fei zhu liu kissing.


[Such a] free/open city.


So disgusting, not that they’re gay, but their fashion sense.


Girls, look carefully and see if your boyfriend is among them.


Chengdu = the city of gays, I’ve always wanted to see it.


Chunxi Road is always full of these creatures.


In the last photo, [the banner with the slogan]“Civilized City” is floating in the air.


What is this, have we already surpassed the US?


I don’t have a problem with homosexuals but I have a problem with such wretched businesses that use homosexuals dressed strangely to attract people’s eyeballs [get attention, do marketing].


They’ve suddenly lowered the level of gays in Chengdu.


Replying to @陈晓东cba: You weren’t there? I thought one of them was you.


I suggest the City of Chengdu change its name to the City of Gays.


In a place like Chengdu where there are so many pretty girls, why do you boys like men?


Fuck…I want to slap every one of them so bad.


People in Chengdu kick ass!


The ladies in the crowd are smiling and laughing so happily.

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  • Insomnicide

    Looks more like an indie scene kids kissing competition.

  • Zappa Frank

    I’m sure in many wester countries comments would have been worse by far, in particular in my country.
    However I’m afraid that since there are gays and lesbians this is not going to provide more chances for heterosexual guys.

  • NeverMind

    Everytime I see gays I tell myself ‘more gays, lesser the population on earth’. I feel glad about this since we all know us humans are overpopulating/killing our planet.

  • Kellar

    Me and my boyfriend should join next year!

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    I live in Chengdu. There is a lot more gay here than in other cities ( or at least they don’t hide it). I don’t mind talking to gay people however its a bit annoying when they keep on asking me for photos of my dick on momo.

    • Xio Gen

      So Chengdu is like San Francisco?

  • noodles76

    Good for them! Being open about being gay for a guy in China I’d imagine would be quite difficult. In my time here, I’ve met more than a few girls who are gay (and some who pretend to be) but…not met many guys being open about it. I’ve had more than a few try to chat me up on weixin/momo but…hiding on the internet is a far cry from a kissing competition that anyone can see. As much as I don’t like these kind of displays (gay or not), I think something like this is needed here. So anyway…good for them.

    EDIT: The comments above were not as bad as I had expected. Mostly just ignorance.

  • BUKKAKE should only be between a man….and a young woman

    • Dr Sun

      Just a man ?

    • bang2tang

      you should produce gayporn for porn market niche.

  • Dr Sun

    I dont know 6 guys kissing eachother surrounded by hundreds of women taking photos, looks like our resident bukkake porn maker has a new market opportunity.

  • don mario

    why stand around and take photos of it.. some dudes kissing each other, who gives a fuck? go do some work.

  • Irvin

    Moar moar moar! the moar gays there are the more women for us straight guys! Until……….the lesbians surpassed gays.

  • Boy, Chengdu must have a high level of industrial pollutants in its water system. Just a theory.

    • 東洋i♡asianwomen美人

      and what’s this *totally* gay pose guy in your avatar? is that you? mmm…

      • What, a pose leaning on a building ledge is gay? You’ve got mental issues. Big talk from someone whose avatar is that of an Asian girl. Little pµssy retard.

        • mr.wiener

          Oh I hate interrupting this scintillating tet-a-tet , but perhaps I could steer this back to a more civilized discourse?…or you two could always get a room?

        • 東洋i♡asianwomen美人

          chill man, nobody here is doubting your manhood ㅋㅋㅋ
          btw my avatar is of white men glorifying an asian woman, just saying.

          • Zappa Frank


    • noodles76

      So, here is your chance to clarify your statement. Have at it if you’re man enough to say something of actual substance instead of a random drive by comment which has as much meaning as a fart in the wind.

      • I just replied to Rayna above. It isn’t a fart in the wind. Sorry for the late reply, I only open Disqus once a week. Come back if you have something smart in rebuttal (not smart-ass). Otherwise, shut your fµcking stupid trap.

        • noodles76

          Your reply to that other person was a lot of words that said…nothing relevant. Congratulations!!

          You’re looking for what? A scientific debate? Your position has no support other than guesswork and supposition. I think it’s cute that you lay blame for that on the..’tyrannical pc movement’ as you put it. Of course it couldn’t be because that link you think exists between homosexuality and pollution…does not actually exist. So you want somebody to counter your bullshit with what? More bullshit? Why the need to find some sort of cause for these folks being gay?

          • Absolutely. A debate based on scientific facts, or some semblance of it. I explained myself by citing natural phenomena caused by water pollutants—relevant to my earlier statement. I never claimed authority on the subject, and just postulated something. I’m ready to be contradicted and disproven if presented with evidence conclusively disproving my theory.

            You called BS on me and immediately claimed that there can be no such link between industrial pollution and homosexuality, despite the possibility being there from the endocrine-disrupting phenomenon being present in animals that we eat. WHERE is your definitive proof that puts my theory to the grave? I thought so. You can only try to scream louder, and that’s the only way you can argue.

            Since you like hearing yourself talk so much, you can have the last word. It’s a waste of time trying to knock sense into you, dipshit.

  • Barack Obama

    shameless gay cross dressing homos makes a spectacle in public, kind of gross if you ask me.

    • mr.wiener

      I don’t recall asking.
      You no likee, you no lookee.

      • noodles76

        How do you know if you don’t likee if you never lookee?

      • Barack Obama

        they don’t let you no lookee.

  • LOL to this comment

    “Fuck, AIDS”

    yes and it surely comes from some african dude who sodomized a green monkey-

    • Dr Sun

      wrong, but thank you for posting

    • Angry_African_man

      And, El Puma, you sure as hell forgot to take your meds

  • mr.wiener

    Not a huge fan of PDOA by any gender or sexual persusion (I’m a cranky old bastard, I know) Still , if any culture gets shaken out of its set ways now and then, thos is a good thing.

    • Insomnicide

      Not sure about culture because China was never anti-homosexual. Not in the ancient times and not now. The only thoughts people mostly have regarding homosexuality is ‘it’s fine as long as it’s not my son or daughter’.

      • mr.wiener

        None the less, China ain’t what you’d call “Gay friendly”. At best it is simply not taken seriously as a lifestyle choice.

      • noodles76

        Difficult to believe you live in China.

        • Insomnicide

          If you’ve talked to Chinese people about the subject, the majority really isn’t anti-homosexual. Especially not among the youth.

          • noodles76

            We must live in different parts of China. I’ve had grown men tell me they’d ditch or beat up their lifelong best friend if they found out he was gay. Really, this is almost impossible to compare so I’ll agree to disagree. We only have anecdotal evidence and our experiences to support our arguments and I’m pretty sure neither of us are gay Chinese men.

            Though I will not dispute that many of the anti-gays here are less violent than elsewhere but, I do think that the fact that most gay males are rather discreet about it plays a large role. The Chinese have an amazing ability to pretend that if they don’t see it (even if it is in front of their faces) it does not exist. We’ll see what happens when there are gay pride parades.

            I’d much prefer that it turns out you are correct.

  • nqk123

    china needs a lots more gay male to make their fe/male ratio equal

  • mr.wiener

    Hmm, would that be in the context of: “I’m not gay, but the guy who I screwed last night sure was”?,10861/

    • ElectricTurtle

      I’d actually make the argument that if some guy doesn’t care who sucks his dick, he probably isn’t gay. Being gay means, IMO, wanting a man specifically.

      • mr.wiener

        Call me old school, but for mine that means you are probably gay, or bisexual at the very least.

      • Insomnicide

        That’s called prison gay.

      • DavidisDawei

        It is hard to imagine such permiscuity without consequences.
        There are stories of shepherds using sheep and lunatics using vacuum cleaners, hamsters…I’m sure the list is endless.
        Unfortunately, the innocent are often their eventual victims.

    • hess
  • Robotseven

    Bless you, Chengdu ;) China can’t deny that it has LGBT citizens and blame it on nefarious Western media influence. Hopefully more openness regarding sexuality will lead to more openness in other areas of society and governance.

  • noodles76

    Using the word ‘always’, negated the point you were trying to make in it’s entirety. I’d also like somebody to explain to me how if a man feels like he should be a woman and identifies more with females than males and prefers to exist in society as a woman (or some facsimile thereof)…how is that hurting or creating hate for other gays? Honestly, it just sounds like factions to me. “Hey, you’re gay but not my kind of gay so your kind of gay ain’t right!!!”

    • Yada

      I don’t think you correctly comprehended my passged above so I’ll clarify the reasoning behind my statement.

      From a biological stand of view it is impossible for some one to like both genders AKA Bisexual. Reason being your body is made to produce only one type of I’ll call it dominate “attraction hormones” for simple understanding.

      This means
      A) If I am a boy I can like a girl = Hetero because my body produces chemical A hormones as dominate.

      B) If I am a boy I can like a boy = Homo because my body produces chemical B hormones as dominate.

      A and B can work vice a versa for girls as well

      This means biologically one CANNOT be Bisexual. It is impossible for a human body to produce evenly 50/50 of both A and B attraction hormones. One hormone will always be dominate.

      Even if you were to have both female and male body parts in order for your body to function you need to have one hormone be dominate of the other. Hence you will always be either A or B mutually exclusive.

      This is the general consensus between my L&G friends. I’ll admit I shouldn’t of added the T category. So I apologize for that.

      I hope the rebuttals i’m getting has scientific grounds too.

      • jedwards

        there is nothing scientific about your argument. First, you are implying that sexual attraction is causally related to the presence or absence of a certain hormone and that the body can only produce one or the other. Problem one is that sexual attraction is not that simple, not even close. It is highly complex and involves many factors, some of them psychological. There is very little in the body that can be traced via physical causation to one thing or another; a human being is a complicated harmony of multiple interacting systems.
        Problem two is that from the perspective of the philosophy of science your argument is fallacious on account of the fact that it draws a hard line between two things. You are saying that there are two types of people, ones that are attracted to men and ones that are attracted to women. But things in the physical world are almost never meaningfully separable into two different groups. Even the biological concept of species has been accepted as being fatally flawed because of the scientific impossibility of perfectly separating this from that.

      • noodles76

        You want a rebuttal on scientific grounds when you give me nothing but…the consensus among your gay friends? Are you for real? The more you type, the harder it becomes to take you seriously.

        Anyway, it’s not about the dominant attraction. If an attraction exists for both sexes…strong enough to act on (or even perhaps not), that equals bisexual. You’re trying to split hairs and say if a person is attracted to women 51% and attracted to women 49% then they clearly are not bisexual. Do you see the idiocy in that line of thinking?

        By your line of thinking, if a guy sucks 100 dicks but also fucked 101 women..he’s not bi because the dominant attraction is to females.

        You’re delusional.

      • Chenpai

        Actually, it was found out that not many are fully attracted to one sex only. Most people have some degree of attraction to the two sexes and people being fully heterosexual or homosexual is rare (as in a very minor percent–we all have some small degree of attraction to the two sexes).

      • ElectricTurtle

        Hormones do not determine sexuality. I can find you gay and straight men and women who have near identical hormonal ratios. You’re literally making this shit up.

        Furthermore I can tell you I get aroused to both genders, and my dick ain’t lying. Stop taking the word of people who don’t know. There are more types of human experience than that, and the best way not to be ignorant about it is to listen to those who have it.

  • ElectricTurtle

    Speaking as a gender dysphoric pansexual, I’m pretty sure I’m not fake. I’m also totally into both genitalia. So there. Totally gay people suffer the same sort of prejudices that totally straight people do, they can’t conceive that other people might like more than one type of sexual contact, so therefore ipso facto nobody can be capable of liking it. It’s very myopic and conceited. It’s actually a significant reason why I don’t fit very well into the LGBT community… it’s actually almost as full of prejudice as the straight world, but people think they get a pass on it because they’re not straight so automatically their prejudice is ok.

    • noodles76

      From what I have seen, the gay community is as fractured and divided and bigoted as any other. In general, individuals become stupid when they try to identify with a group.

      These words may be hollow to your ears, but just be yourself. Fuck the ‘community’. Do what you want to do so long as you don’t hurt another in the process. Any judgmental folks can go piss up a rope. Do your thing, whatever it is.

      That said, I have no clue what the hell a gender dysphoric pansexual is. I have to subtract points for making me google that shit……and I have to deduct points from Google for not giving me a clear answer on the first damn page.

      • ElectricTurtle

        I try to get by, it’s just hard being a pariah to almost everybody. Humans are social animals and acceptance is emotionally important to our identities. Luckily my spouse is cool.

      • Right on noodles76! Nobody needs to tick any boxes. ‘Gender dysphoric pansexual’ is just another label.

        Be unique.

    • DavidisDawei

      Someone should reintroduce the
      “G. I. Don’t Know” doll.
      It would probably sell very well today.

      It was a mimic of the
      “G. I. Joe” doll,
      except that doll is half soldier in combat gear and half woman in a dress and heels.

  • Sydney

    Glad to see that China is more tolerant with LGBT people, 10 years ago such kind of event would have met anger from most bystanders. China will have to accept gays anyway with the gender imbalance, all these men who can’t find a bride will turn to other men, not all of them will be able to “buy” women from poorer countries.

    • noodles76

      I don’t think you quite comprehend what being gay is. If you think men will turn to fucking each other in the ass just because they can’t find a wife you’re fucking loopy. This isn’t prison. Women still exist.

      If you said, many men who can’t find a wife will turn to fucking hookers and married women and women they don’t particularly have any interest in marrying….I’d be able to agree. But you’re skipping all that and going right to gay. That’s not extreme at all.

  • Rick in China

    Competition? Isn’t it the same 6 people?

  • ha! GAAAAYyyyyyyyyy

  • bang2tang
  • DavidisDawei

    Right, some of the men look like women and some of the women look like men, so maybe…
    these are heterosexual couples kissing

  • Markoff

    Chinasmack asking readers about their sexual orientation? are you for real?

    btw. just another publicity stunt of 6 exhibitionists who are even dressed pretty bad for China, since deal with China is – Chinese gays look like straight guys and Chinese traight guys look like gays, since they have no taste, but these gay guys for sure lowered standard for gays in China

  • biggj

    Where are the chengguan when you need them. haha

  • biggj

    Those guys are gaysian.

  • Zappa Frank

    just as I said, there is the gay pride in Rome, and on (that i think is the equivalent of what used in china and i’ve seen is what used for japancrush) comments generally are “disgusting”..

  • Surfeit

    Wow! Not only because I’ve seen an insane amount of virgin guys trying to throw their tongue down their girl’s throat on the tube, but because “What is your sexual orientation?’ became the poll question below…. That shit is insane!!

  • Vernon Alarcon

    theres sevral yung thangs in da crowd dat wanna play wit my big black snake!!!!

  • SAM

    So disgusting , I wonder what pleasure if you put your DICK in SHIT

  • My theory comes from reading scientific observations of aquatic life. The sex change effects of water pollution is a well-documented phenomenon. They’re caused by endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in many industrial effluents, and they come mainly in 2 varieties: anti-estrogens and anti-androgens. From these self-explanatory names, you can guess what they do to hormones found in humans.

    The sources of these endocrine disruptors can be traced to the automobile, fashion, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, just to name the largest contributors to river and ocean pollution. Regardless of whether we’re talking about the Potomac River, or the Amazon, or Yellow River, much aquatic life such as fish, mollusks and reptiles living downstream were all found to have undergone involuntary sex change. Even male cod in environmentally-conscious Japan were found to have suddenly produced fish eggs. And because the effect on fish of estrogen is the same as that in humans, is it too far-fetched to conjecture that the hermaphrodite fish we’re eating, as well as the water they swim in that eventually makes it to our municipal supplies, can cause feminization in human males?

    So far, the only conclusively proven effect on humans has been the decrease in male fertility, due to rising estrogen hormones vis-a-vis testosterone. But is it too far-fetched to extrapolate that homosexual tendencies are brought about by an overabundance of female hormones triggered as a direct cause of industrial pollution? Or maybe the tyrannical pc movement has restricted any kinds of research towards that end? If my theory is dumb, can you present an alternative theory? Otherwise, I’m wasting my breath on you.

  • 東洋i♡asianwomen美人

    mmm.. let me check my last activities.

    friday: korean girl (day), taiwanese girl (night)
    saturday: half chinese-japanese girl (day), japanese wife (night)
    sunday: rest day (maybe with a casual dinner with a hot japanese chick from work, not sure yet)

    as you can see the menu is very varied here in Osaka…

    I don’t have any security issues at aaaall, but I’m straight buddy :/