“Hong Kong Elementary School Admissions Test Question #21”

Hong Kong Elementary School First Grade Admissions Test question: What parking space number is the car parked in?

This was the second most popular microblog post of the day on popular social network Sina Weibo at time of translation…

From Sina Weibo:

@微博搞笑排行榜: What takes an elementary school student just seconds to do; takes a high school student several minutes; takes a college student half and hour and up; and takes a Ph.D a lifetime… After I shared this problem with my class and saw so many academic tyrants spend half the day trying to figure it out, I snickered sinisterly inside.


Note: If you want to figure out the answer yourself, avoid reading the translated Chinese netizen comments below.

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Comments from Sina Weibo:


It’s very simple, just took me an entire afternoon.


I looked at the comments after calculating with a pen and paper for over half an hour, and cried.


Those who only found out the answer after looking at the comment, please conscientiously click upvote!


Fuck, look at it upside-down.


I tried various numerical/mathematical sequences, and even used calculus, fuck…


Please call me an elementary school student.


I didn’t understand/couldn’t figure it out, so I came to look at the comments.


The facts prove that I have the potential to be a Ph.D. [晕] I even picked up a pen to do calculations for a bit, tried all four rules of arithmetic [+-*/]…I shed tears after eventually learning the answer.




The official correct answer: L8


Fuck, accidentally picked up my mobile phone upside-down and the answer appeared.


I am a Ph.D. [拜拜]


Can I meekly ask, why is it 87?


87, a car parks into a parking space, so you have to look at it upside-down [from the other direction].


I thought it was one circle, two circles, three circles, four circles. I might be a kindergartener. [可怜]

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