Young Woman Dies from Fall, Boyfriend Gives Her One Last Kiss

Xiao Li is Kissing his deceased girlfriend.

Xiao Li is Kissing his deceased girlfriend.

From iFeng:

Girl Falls off Building and Dies in Quanzhou, Boyfriend Kisses Her Deeply For a Long Time, Unwilling to Leave Her

Yesterday [June 25th] morning at 9 o’clock, in a Fujian Quanzhou downtown alleyway between Quanxiu Street and Dengfu Street, a 22-year old woman accidentally slipped and fell from the fifth floor roof of a building, and died instantly. The boyfriend arrived upon hearing the news, and in great pain and sorrow he held the body in his arms, calling his girlfriend’s name again and again. Over half an hour passed and under the persuasions of the police, he gently cleaned the bloodstains on his girlfriend’s face, tidied up her cloths, her hair, and gave her one last kiss…

The building where Xiao Jing fell.

The police very soon found out that the deceased woman was called Xiao Jing (pseudonym), and was 22 years old. Her hometown was Sanming. She was working at the Quanzhou Dayang Department Store, and in March of this year rented and moved into a place on the fifth floor of this apartment building next to the alley together with her boyfriend Xiao Li. When the incident took place, it was just her on the fifth floor. At 11 am, a young man in a white shirt ignored the police blocking him to run to the deceased woman’s body. He was the girl’s boyfriend Xiao Li, who upon hearing what happened had just rushed back. Seeing Xiao Jing lying in cold blood, Xiao Li’s legs gave way, and he knelt down besdie Xiao Jing. His shaking hands slowly lifted the plastic that covered her head, his body began to twitch, and tears came streaming down from his eyes. Kneeling on the ground, he gently caressed his girlfriend’s cheeks, unable to stop the warm tears from dripping down. On her cold cheeks, Xiao Jing’s eyes would never open again. More than half an hour passed, and Xiao Li gradually calmed down. Holding back his tears, he used his hands to gently clean the bloodstains off of Xiao Jing’s face and hands. After tidying up her pajamas and her messy hair, he bent down, and quietly kissed his girlfriend. Then, Xiao Li sat back down on the ground again, picked up Xiao Jing, held her in his arms, and for a long time refused to leave. Under the persuasions of the police, Xiao Li gave his girlfriend one final, deep kiss.

Xiao Li is Kissing his deceased girlfriend.

On the roof where Xiao Jing fell.

On the roof where Xiao Jing fell.

The family members of the deceased question that the landlord’s building as not having enough safety precautions.

The rental house building where the incident took place.

From LongHoo:

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The police’s preliminary determined that the girl had slipped and fell off the building by accident

Yesterday [June 25th], after receiving the report, the Fengze Public Security Sub-Bureau Quanxiu Local Police Station police and the Fengze Criminal Investigation Brigade police arrived at the scene. By checking the cell phone on the body, they reached the family members of the deceased, and meanwhile, questioned eyewitnesses and the landlord. According to what they have learned, there are more than ten units in this building. The fifth floor roof is a public shared place, with half of its space taken up by a pigeon loft, and the other half used as a place for hanging laundry out to dry. At the edge of the fifth floor roof, there is a stainless steel stairway to the sixth floor roof, with a handrail, and is about one meter high.

As for the cause of Xiao Jing’s death, after investigation the police think she fell from the stairway on the fifth floor roof, landed on her head and died, and no other bruises were found on the body. On the spot of the fifth floor roof where Xiao Jing fell, the floor and the stainless steel stairway were slippery, there was a trace left by Xiao Jing on the handrail, and there were no signs of struggle.

Based on these facts, the police have reached a preliminary determination, that Xiao Jing had slipped on the stairway at the edge of the roof by accident, and fell from the fifth floor.


Recall of the Past

The two were in Love for years, having come to Quanzhou together to work


“Xiao Jing was a good girl.” Xiao Li’s father Mr. Li says, his son and Xiao Jing are both from Sanming, and the two of them were together ever since high school. After they had finished high school, Xiao Li went to study at a junior college in Zhaozhou, while Xiao Jing came to study at a junior college in Quanzhou. Although they were separated in two different places, their relationship was always good over these years, and Xiao Li would often bring Xiao Jing to his home for visits. After graduation, Xiao Li came to Quanzhou, rented a house together with Xiao Jing and looked for work. Xiao Li ran around for business, and Xiao Jing worked at Dayang Department Store.

A few days ago, Xiao Jing quit her job at the department store. The morning when the accident happened, she had been at home in their rented apartment, and Xiao Li had just left for work. After the fall, the police informed Xiao Jing’s father first. It wasn’t until nearly noon did Xiao Li learn that something had happened to his girlfriend and rushed back. “Our two families were already discussing marriage,” Xiao Li’s father said. Xiao Jing had left a good impression on Xiao Li’s family, and the two families were discussing their engagement, only to be delayed because Xiao Jing wanted to wait until she found a steady job first.

Netizens: Cherish the people around you

In response to the sudden death of a young life, especially to the scene of a man holding his girlfriend in his arms and calling out to her in sorrow, many netizens were emotionally moved, leaving comments one after another on Weibo.

“Life is so fragile, yet love is so touching.” —— Netizen “城市飞仙”

“Tragedy, may the deceased rest in peace, and may the living strong! ” —— Netizen “蓝天崎”

“Life is fragile like this, cherish the people around you.” —— Netizen “sktvjf”

“True love makes people sigh with emotions, the last kiss makes people even more emotional.” —— Netizen “不虚瓷行”

Comments from iFeng:

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凤凰网河南省郑州市网友 langhua1979:

Ask the world what love is, and it is what allows those to be together both in life and in death. Rest in peace!

凤凰网四川省成都市网友 kw945:

Touching, he is a good man, a true man!~

凤凰网山西省太原市网友 ibf8799:

The family members of the deceased question that the landlord’s building as not having enough safety precautions?
She was already an adult, if this wasn’t safe enough, then she needs to move into a jail.

凤凰网海南省海口市网友:lishang333: (responding to above)

There is an inside story. The landlord tried to rape her when she was alone, she resisted, fled to the roof, slipped and fell and died.

凤凰网安徽省宣州市网友 yangjun71: (responding to ibf8799)

Are you still human?

凤凰网安徽省蚌埠市网友 千与千寻890612: (responding to ibf8799)

The woman’s already dead, and we can’t even ask any questions?! Do you have a conscience or not?

凤凰网辽宁省网友 走天涯闯码头:

A man of love and faith, marry her in another life, she smiles at you from heaven.

凤凰网江苏省苏州市网友 ifengxxj:

Frankly speaking, with many cheap rental buildings, the landlords always build extra stories, the stairways are steep, and the safety precautions really aren’t good. But the rent is very cheap, poor people live in them, really nothing can be done about it. If you’re dead, you’re dead. There are no consequences when poor people die, so one must strive to become rich, work hard!

凤凰网广东省深圳市网友 biocr:

They are a couple of true lovers, only now they’re in two different worlds! Sigh.

凤凰网山东省荷泽市网友 中国山东曹州:

Truly a man in love.

凤凰网美国网友 kentau:

Safety first. Can’t be too numb/indifferent, sigh…

凤凰网宁夏银川市网友 天龙16部:

I’m very sorry for a young life gone too soon.

凤凰网浙江省宁波市网友 火同人:

May Buddha have mercy, may there be less pain upon all the living.

凤凰网广东省深圳市网友 ssyygyrgm:

A stairway like that truly is a crime. Sigh, having seen too many crimes of passion, to see true love like this is really moving. But it’s such a shame that they are separated by death. Let the deceased rest in peace, and may the living remain strong for life. Amitabha.

凤凰网湖北省武汉市网友 kelao:

Namo Amitabha!

凤凰网广东省广州市网友 libaihong:

The bastards who should die don’t, while the poor good people are always losing their lives!

凤凰网局域网网友 手机用户:

Rest in peace, sad.

凤凰网广东省梅州市网友 川隆旺田:

“Ask the world what love is” [this is what love is]. So touching! Rest in peace!


An accident happens to a friend from afar, and causes two people to be worlds apart, cherish life, cherish love! Cherish!

凤凰网山东省青岛市网友 吴玉楼:

Quanzhou people have been faithful to love ever since ancient times, the love story of Chen San and Wu Niang came out of Quanzhou. So touched, sigh!

[Note: Chen San and Wu Niang were in love, but Wu Niang’s greedy father engaged her to a local rich man. Chen San then sold himself to be the rich man’s slave, in order to get close to Wu Niang. With the help of Wu Niang’s maid, Chen San and Wu Niang later ran away together.]

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • hess

    wow… im speechless

    • Canadian_Skies

      He pushed her.

  • sinosphere


  • Phil

    Lots of stories on here promote debate, jokes, anger. But this… this is just heart-breaking. Like the other comment said, renders you speechless.

    • jiayi

      I’m sure perhaps an ambulance or some morphine would have been greater appreciated in the long run. Or at least that final excruciating 1/2 hour?

      • anon

        The girl was already dead. He was holding a dead body the entire time. I thought that was obvious?

      • jin

        yes ofcourse, shes still alive after falling from how many floors?

    • LW

      Agree, heartbreaking. But still some retard feel the urge to pull the sofa joke- see, that’s more heartbreaking….

      • CoBa?

        whats so heartbreaking about it ? dont tell me that you carry this event with you throughout the rest of your life. I claim that you will forget it 5 minutes after you wrote your post. So please people keep your fake ass sympathies to yourself. I say the chances that her BF was involved in a way and what we read was not the whole story, are much higher then her falling down by accident. Yeah its china, people die by accident more frequently then anywhere else, and so they do by unnatural causes. There is nothing heartbreaking in this story, its just peoples wishful romantic thinking.

        • jin

          OH SHIT!!! read it will you? dumbass fuck, her BF was WORKING. dont make fake assumptions

        • alec

          go fall off a roof, d-bag. the world will be a better place.

  • Xero

    Pretty tragic stuff. I hope there is a better explanation than her just slipping and falling.

    • Patrick

      Doesn’t look like there is. This story does give me a little ammo though. I’ve heard time and again how Chinese men lack passion. Sorry, but if this doesn’t define that I don’t know what does. This is the kind of thing many people dread happening to the one they love. No doubt her suffering was short, 5 stories onto asphalt is pretty quick. This poor man has no real idea how to carry on, so young and been with her for so long from his perspective. It is sad that she has died, I hope for his sake he doesn’t do what I think many would try in his situation.

      • Charles

        Chinese men are absolutely brimming with passion… they just express it differently from “westerners” and that sometimes appears awkward or strange to foreigners. I have been amazed the incredible intensity of emotion that some of my male Chinese friends express.

        • DRaY

          Examples please??
          Men in most cases are brimming with bullshit… They cry over a dead lover, but what if she lived? Most guys would leave her crippled ass…
          REAL TALK!!!

          • Patrick

            Actually I have a good one for you. There was a foreigner in Suzhou, white guy with dreadlocks whose girlfriend got hit by a car. He stuck by her despite him being a fairly well-to-do guy and handsome. I can’t say all would, but I have seen some Chinese examples too. And yet, I can’t recall seeing an example that went the other way.

          • jin

            dray maybe thats you, but when you truly love someone, you wont leave them.

          • alec

            dray, i feel ya on the bullshit part – and many chinese guys do seem very emotionless and the absolute opposite of romantic – however this newer younger generation does appear to be a little different. though the only thing is that i noticed, when they ARE romantic or emotional, they tend to be insanely sappy and overblown about it, but its not their fault. i would say its from being emotionally pent up in this culture and not having suitable outlets for their feelings and not really having many good examples before them – so they follow the sappy stuff they see in dramatic movies. but i do think your comment was a tad pessimistic. it surely doesnt speak for EVERY one of them.

        • Shanghai Slim

          I, too, am frequently struck by the intensity of some of my friendships with Chinese guys, both straight and gay. In their actions and personal communications they often show great loyalty, generosity, affection and even sweetness.

  • Rick in China

    Heartbreak for Xiao Li. Will take a lot of time to get over something as tragic.

    • mr. wiener

      Yeah, poor bastard, that has to suck big time :(

      • Seriously.

        Something like that is unbearable to even think about. I can’t imagine actually living it.

        Safety first kids, gotta be careful.

  • Me

    Look at the photo of the building. I think slipping off is very believable those tiles after a rainfall turn that patio in to a death trap. It gives me vertigo just looking at the picture.

    • jeffli

      How does a building like that get approved?

      • Rick in China

        It likely didn’t. People on top floors often build “new” floors on top, to give them more space to rent out. The ‘new’ floor is often extremely shakey and shoddy with a narrow-as-fuck up/down stairs or similar.

    • alec

      granted, but dude, the picture was MEANT to give you vertigo with that fisheye lense and straight down inverted vantage point… its just a 5 story building, no more demonic than all the others that i can see from my window right now. just a dramatic photo.

  • eattot

    i would run away…
    my sister’s classmate, a super stunning beauty,always quene bee in shool,after saw her bf’s body from car accident,got mental problem…
    now, a very beautiful girl just staying at home,nobody dares to marry her…what a waste of beauty…sigh!

    • jeffli

      Something like this and the story you share would leave a lasting impression.
      get your sister’s friend to see a psychologist/counsellor and deal with the shock and grief. Your sister’s classmate is suffering a type of post traumatic stress/shock syndrome.
      Go visit this person once a week and at least give her some company before it gets worse.
      You don’t have to talk, just be there, even sit quietly or watch TV with them. Be there when they do talk about their feelings.

      Ihope this young man has some one to look after him.

      • DRaY

        CHinese people psychologist/counsellor?? You mean pay someone to sit down and talk to you??? I dont think most chinese would get the logic in that … Now fortune teller .. THATS WHERE THE MONEY IS !!!
        ….lol… The world is fucked.

      • eattot

        helpless already!
        already 6 yrs passed.she always feels someone says sth bad at her back,always says sth like that i will take a knife kill her/him…
        once she came to my sister, saw my sister-in-law,she said she wanted to kill my sister-in-law.
        so,my sister does not meet her any more.
        and you know,in china,even in city,people do not go to mental docotor let alone in countryside.she is not that mad,can not send her to mental…

        • jeffli

          send her an anonymous card at Christmas time,
          wish her god bless,
          tell her to keep her faith,
          tell her people do think of her (you told us about her!) and pray (or if you are aetheist think good thoughts)for her. maybe one day she’ll come around.

          When she reaches out carefully be there (phone is good)

          mental centres here and most countries are prisons. read some books and send to her anonymously ”

          I’m OK, You’re OK, by Thomas A Harris MD, is one of the best selling self-help books ever published.

          I think everyone should be forced to read articles by R.D. LAING.
          famous quotes of R.D. Laing :-

          “Schizophrenia cannot be understood without understanding despair.”

          “The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change; until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.”

          “Whether life is worth living depends on whether there is love in life.”

          “There is a great deal of pain in life and perhaps the only pain that can be avoided is the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain.”

          your sisters friend is in pain.
          send an anonymous card with good wishes.

    • jiayi

      Well obviously she’s been traumatized. I’m astounded by the general lack of common sense amongst modern day Chinese. I’m genuinely concerned for you. I guess by your diagnosis the soul of her boyfriend must have entered her body and she is now possessed by a vengeful spirit. As a cure-all you should regularly feed her milk & honey and make her walk around a knife wrapped in the dried fetus of a llama, facing north and placed over a mirror, 7 times. Medication? Therapy? No thanks, you hairy Western capitalist pigs can keep your bullshit modern medicine. Apart from saline drips. We like dem.

      • Sunshine

        Where did you get any of that from what eattot said?!

      • jin

        youre obvious a troll

        • Patrick

          Not so obvious to Sunshine…..

  • Anus Presley

    She must have fallen from the stairs on the left of the picture, right? She can’t have slipped on the tiles on the right and then fallen over the ft wall.

    • Anus Presley

      ‘…fallen over the 3 ft wall’.

  • Li RuiKe

    So sad. A terrible tragedy. I pray that her parents, boyfriend and other loved ones will be able to endure and somehow find comfort in this time of grieving.
    So many enter into the afterlife so quickly – before their time. Some, seemingly, by accident. Some by terrible diseases. Some as victims of evil people.
    What waits for those who have gone ahead of us? What will be waiting for us?
    Paradise or torment? How will I be judged? I believe that I will joyfully live forever, once on the other side, with my Creator, Father, and Savior. I have nothing to fear.

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      Sorry to break it to you. There is no god, heaven or hell. Death is like before you were born. Nothing.

      I know because a crazy dude with a beard told me one day when I was leaving a pink house.

  • Sad.

    Perhaps this will prompt the powers that be to institute and enforce safety standards… perhaps… To my eye, it looks like the treads on that stair case are only half there???

    • Ruaraidh

      Is it even possible to enforce safety standards in China? Life is cheap especially if it’s not your own, seems to be how things work there.

      • Christina


        strikingly true.
        shamefully real.

    • If the Manchu’s could enforce haircut laws on the Han, then I suppose anything can be forced upon Chinese…

      • Ruaraidh

        Haha fair enough, I’d forgotten about that. I guess the salient question would be; is it in the interests of the Chinese ruling elite to rigorously enforce broad safety laws? I’d guess they wouldn’t very much want the increase in the cost of labour, or decrease in the decrease in the economic growth rate that comes with it. It seems like whatever happens on the ground is irrelevant, as long as someone can point to a piece of paper with a number higher than 8% on it…

  • zhoule

    is that a policeman in the second pic, taking a pose with his water?….like nothing happen just few meters from them… pretty sad…

    • Ray

      I think leaning against a wall and holding some beverage while looking slightly up/down is the perfect pose for thinking about life and death.

  • SuperHappyCow


  • Ryo

    Sometimes, I really think these Chinese people don’t value their lives as much as they should. You’d think that if you were climbing that steep stainless stairs, perhaps you’d be a lot more careful?

    I still don’t see how a slip (I’m assuming she slip on those stairs) would propel her over the handrails. If you were simply to slip on them, the handrails should “safely” guide you to the bottom of those stairs. Maybe she was reaching over the handrails to hang some clothes?

    I see construction workers on those bamboo frames setup on the side of buildings all the time without any safety rope. People play frogger crossing the streets. Bikers ride across 3-6 lanes of traffic when there’s a green light for the cars. They even ride in front of on coming cars “knowing” the cars will slow and let them cross! This is very typical here in China. They put their lives in the hands of others. And I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

  • fabi

    … and of course some1 is already on the scene to take a pic~~~

  • Brett Hunan

    I don’t want to smear this girl’s image, but the fact that she quit her job days earlier and died just after the boyfriend left made me jump to the thought of possible suicide. Were there eyewitnesses who saw her slip, did anyone hear a scream?

    As long as it wasn’t homicide, its probably better to assume that she slipped and fell.

    I couldn’t imagine losing a loved one so suddenly, but I suppose no one would want to leave their bf/gf/husband/wife’s side.

    • Kat

      Brett, did you see the comment that said that her landlord raped her and she fled from him to the roof?
      I also don’t think she just randomly slipped… while almost naked.

      • Brett Hunan

        Yea, but who knows if that comment is true or not?

  • cc

    What’s the silly bitch doing on the roof in the first place?

    • DRaY

      Good Question!!! Was she attacked on the roof?? Was he really a dick head boyfriend and she couldn’t take it anymore?? Was she up there smoking weed??
      Did she find out about his infidelities and decided to end it all?? Maybe she was attacked by a black man??
      ……Will we ever know?

      • The Dude

        Out of all the possibilities you list, her being attacked by a black man is the most plausible.

        He was probably riding his motorbike up there on the roof and then managed to clip her, and so she fell. He may even have pushed her after an argument began.

        Either that or a fully clothed British guy was trying to rape her.

        But let’s face it, it’s more likely to be the black guy scenario.

        People are forever falling off roofs in China. Foreigners included.

      • we all look alike

        for a mystery like this… it’s time for none other than…. INSPECTOR GADGET!!! dah dah dah nah nah nah

        • mskimverly


    • Brett Hunan

      They said the residents do laundry on the roof, however there was no mention as to whether or not they found laundry (hung or randomly laying on the roof/stairs).

      • cc

        Perhaps there were too many skid marks in her knickers and the aie pushed her off the edge.

  • lonetrey


  • wailao

    Tragically beautiful.

  • Dr SUN

    A tragic loss of life, RIP.

  • galapiass

    We will agree that this is a sad story…. but wtf? Who would take a picture of someone holding a dead body in a puddle of blood…

    • CoBa?

      probably the one who planed in the first place to make it look like a sad story, in china such BS makes it look more authentic if you know what i mean. In the rational world its suspicious (except for the religious freaks and irrational weak minded folks)…have seen to much shit in china in all the years, but never saw something worth of the term: a real tragedy. Most of it is set up BS, executed in a very blunt, obvious and irrational way.

  • CoBa? (aka coala banana)

    can’t believe the BS comments here and netizen reactions. Bunch of crap ! What is wrong with you guys, either you don’t and never lived in china, or live there but with your eyes closed !

    “police have reached a preliminary determination” , ahahha, good one…i guess, the BF or someone else pushed her down, then the BF played his usual chinese drama/soap/opera, by forcing a few teardrops out of his eyes….

    either way, this one here (me) is out of this shithole, after 7 long years, screwed my chinese partners over before i left, and as usual left a mess behind. Guess its like they say in canton: either you die or i die….so from this perspective i did nothing wrong, just getting sure that i fucked them before they fuck me…

    • CoBa?

      ya you know!

    • cc

      Good on you, ya lucky bastard

  • Mao’s Dong

    Necrophilic love or a love of necrophilia?

  • KT

    Very sad