‘Unreachable’ by Christine Fan

Christine Fan 01

Christine Fan 01

Christine Fan has experienced only two relationships in her life. ‘Unreachable’ is about Christine Fan’s first love.

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Composers: Zhang Hongliang & Wang Yumin
Lyrics: Christine Fan/Fan Weiqi
Singer: Christine Fan/Fan Weiqi

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

nǐ yǎn jīng huì xiào
Your eyes can smile 

wān chéng yì tiáo qiáo
Each curves into a bridge

zhōng diǎn què shì wǒ
Yet the destination

yǒng yuǎn dào bù liǎo
is unreachable for me

gǎn jué nǐ lái dào
Your arrival

shì fēng de hū xiào
feels like the whistling of the wind

sī niàn xiàng kǔ yào
Missing you is like a bitter pill

jìng rú cǐ nán áo
so difficult to endure

měi fēn měi miǎo
every minute, every second


wǒ zhǎo bú dào
I can’t find it

wǒ dào bù liǎo
I can’t reach it

nǐ suǒ wèi de jiāng lái de měi hǎo
your so-called future happiness

wǒ shén me dōu bú yào
I don’t want it

zhī bù zhī dào
Do you know that

ruò nǐ dǒng wǒ
If you understand me

zhè yì miǎo
in this second

wǒ xiǎng kàn dào
I want to see

wǒ zài xún zhǎo
I am looking for

nà suǒ wèi de ài qíng de měi hǎo
that so-called beauty of love

wǒ jǐn jǐn de yī kào
I would hold it tight

jǐn jǐn shǒu láo
guard it tight

bù gǎn lòu diào
dare not let it slip away

yì sī yì háo
even just a bit

yuàn nǐ kàn dào
I wish you can see that



Christine Fan and her husband at the wedding

Christine Fan and her husband

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • kou bei dave

    drinking kou bei on my sofa

    • Jeff


  • Jeff

    i’d do her on my sofa

  • Rod

    I can’t find it
    I can’t reach it


  • SomeGuy

    I love this site, I’ve been lurking for a while, it’s great seeing the contrasting views from Chinese/Westerns on the same page.

    What I don’t get though is some people in the English comments seem to hate China loads, is it really that bad? My girlfriends work is going to require her to live there for like 3 years. I’m going too. (Tianjin)

    Would a British person hate it there?..

    • Rod

      It’s not that bad. It depends a lot on what kind of person you are and what people you hang around with. If you enjoy traveling and new experiences, you’ll like it here. I’ve found that the longer I stay, they more problems I find, but that may be more to do with my own personality than the country itself.

      People bitch on the site, but I think that’s because it’s the internet, and that’s what people do. Many of us have been here for many years and have a good story for every bad one. The site would be less interesting if we all swapped supportive, happy comments though.

    • Boris

      China is a blast.
      Ditto what Rod said, it depends on your personality. I come from the UK and there’s not much variation in scenery. In China you’ve got some tropical areas in the south, mountainous areas and desert in the west, Siberian extremities in the north-east -and it’s all easy to get to on inexpensive trains. In three years you can see a lot, but you’ll never run out of fascinating places to visit. I found I marvelled at everything in China for the first two years, and then the magic began to wear off. I love my job here. I still enjoy travelling. The food is possibly the best in the world. But the longer I stay the harder it is to lay down roots. Corruption is pervasive, and the level of dishonesty I face daily is just sometimes too much. Everyone wants something from me. Besides foreigners, my closest friends are girls who initially approached me because they wanted to marry and move abroad. I didn’t get romantically involved with them, and genuine friendship developed. But it’s tough being around people who firstly are happy to use you, and secondly don’t see anything wrong with it. Anyway, you won’t have to worry much about all that. A three year trip should be great. Just watch out for idiotic drivers (of which there are millions). Have a safe and happy time. Whatever happens, it’s unlikely you’ll regret you came.

      • Rod

        Yeah, I had my ‘moment’ about 3 years in

      • Epicurus

        You remind me a joke from Chinese website. A foreigner shouted in metro: You are a liar! You don’t love me at all! All u want is to practice oral English!

        • Susi


    • swat

      It’s a very complicated place that u will love it all at first and then make your own evaluation.

      For sure after living in multiple locations in the Americas(North/Central/South), Europe(Western/Iberian peninsula), Africa(Sub-saharan)….

      I gotta say,…it’s a unique place where you can learn to learn to forgive and understand some of the most ubiquitous perspectives and behaviours…but all in all…you shall have fun changing the micro-world you will be interacting with on a daily basis…jejejeje…

      Good luck and have fun!!!

    • SomeGuy

      Really appreciate the posts guys. It’s put my mind at rest for sure.

      I do enjoy new experiences :), and I really can’t see myself hating it, just got a bit worried reading the negative vibes sometimes posted in the comments, but as Rod said; the internet is the place for bitching and being negative about stuff if you’ve had a bad day, So I’ll take it with a grain of salt from now on.