Taiwanese Girls Mimic “No Pants Day” to Save Environment

Young girls in Taiwan go pantless for a day, emulating New York's No Pants Day.

Taiwanese girls flaunt their assets in a mock "No Pants Subway Ride" meant to raise awareness about carbon emissions and energy conservation in Taipei

Last week in Taiwan, a gaggle of young girls flaunted their assets on Taipei’s MRT subway line — all in the name of saving the world, of course. Mirroring the famed “No Pants Subway Ride” that has exploded in popularity in New York due to the efforts of groups like Improv Everywhere, the women (and some men) bared legs and smiles to a sea of gawkers in order to raise environmental awareness.

The group boarded the MRT at 9am to the shock of commuters and workers alike, and were surrounded by cameras in no time. When asked about their motives, they responded that they wanted to inject some excitement and liberation into their normally monotonous life, while also promoting energy conservation and reduction of carbon emissions (presumably by attracting attention to Taiwan’s MRT).

The original “No Pants Subway Ride,” which has been a popular recurring event since 2002, received 4,000 participants this year in New York and thousands more in cities around the world.

Taiwanese girls flaunt their assets in a mock "No Pants Subway Ride" meant to raise awareness about carbon emissions and energy conservation in Taipei

Taiwanese girls flaunt their assets in a mock "No Pants Subway Ride" meant to raise awareness about carbon emissions and energy conservation in Taipei

Taiwanese girls flaunt their assets in a mock "No Pants Subway Ride" meant to raise awareness about carbon emissions and energy conservation in Taipei

Taiwanese girls flaunt their assets in a mock "No Pants Subway Ride" meant to raise awareness about carbon emissions and energy conservation in Taipei

Taiwanese girls flaunt their assets in a mock "No Pants Subway Ride" meant to raise awareness about carbon emissions and energy conservation in Taipei

Source: NetEase, Yahoo China, Youku

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Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • blackflagnation

    since environmental issues can’t be solved in one day, “no pants day” should be everyday!

    • Jack

      I have always said, Taiwan is the most developed country in Asia. They have economic power as well as cultural tolerance PLUS Linsanity :)

      I’m from India, so its from general observation comparing all countries in Asia..Taiwan stands Number 1 in almost all categories.

      • ”No Pants Day” is a long tradition (according to internet standards) by Improv Everywhere and historically has nothing to do with environmental conservation. It’s just an excuse for people in other countries to not wear pants in a public place.

        As we see, the translation to a “No Pants Day with Chinese characteristics” (by ‘Wanese, no less) is that it must have a overwhelming social message and also be done only by attractive young women.

        It’s like cosplay if it was governed by national laws by a feudal state. Where are your betel beauties, ‘Wanny?

      • justmega

        …and who gives a phuc about what some dimwit in India mind masturbates about.

        • Jack

          take my smelly curry di8k and s8ck it..no need to masturbate…i will phuck your a*** with my smelly curry d9ick

          • justmega

            Okay, Mr. Off.

      • Randy

        What about Japan??? Not a ” developed ” country ?

        • Brett Hunan

          Islands don’t count

        • Jack

          Japan is already appreciated , taiwan is not, if it did, it would take over most of the countries on earth

          • Sunshine

            Are you banging a Taiwanese chick now or are you trying to impress one?

      • boss

        BS, it’s either Japan or Singapore.

      • chopin tian

        you! Mr indian~~~~ taiwan is not a country and you should learn some common sense, whatsoever your damn general observation is, they are not correct!

        • BeetFarmer

          Shut up.

      • 侯火

        Linsanity is a negative, not a positive.

        Only are 台湾/大陆 so audacious in claiming the citizen of another country, especially his accomplishments. You do not see Germans claiming the accomplishments of German-Americans, or Italians claiming the accomplishments of Italian-Americans, etc. etc. But somehow, it is acceptable for Greater China to claim such things when the only link is genetics?

        No, that is 50 kinds of stupid. I am sorry.

      • Xing

        Dude, Taiwan is not a country. He is a part of China who is administrated by another party!!!

        • Yaoooo

          Taiwan IS a country. Just because it is SAID to be part of China, it does not mean it is not a country.
          It has it’s own flag. No?
          It has people, hence population. No?
          It has it’s own stable economy. No?
          Own government, own president. No? Okay, he is from China but so what? The prime minister of Australia is ACTUALLY a non-Australian if you talk in terms of who is a real Australian. The real Australian would be the Indigenous Australians (not to be racist, but the dark skin people) because they were there first! The white ones came from over seas.

  • dilladonuts

    get ready for all the hater comments.

    • There’s a 90% match on the girl with the glasses being the same one as the one that’s featured in every thumbnail tab bearing the genre name “Azn’s”. Also seen in the “my girlfriend’s breasts aren’t large enough” CHINAsmack story.

      Don’t know why there aren’t more stories like this with the positive comments to come. [see below, including my new word of the day, “front-bum”).

      • mr. wiener

        I’d like to see a few more “maps of Tasmania”. If it were summer, I’m sure they’d be wearing more sheer materials.

      • donscarletti

        I bet those glasses are 0.00D, I guess she exhibits your namesake the best out of all of them.

  • Nillig

    Why no Chinese netizen comments? I can see this story on Shanghaiist if I just want the pics. I come here for the Chinese netizen comments.

    • donscarletti

      Check Joel’s profile, “Former editor of Shanghaiist”.

      Fauna: if you have time, could you give this “Joel” guy a lecture about how things are done here? You don’t have to use profanity, but if you raised your voice at him a bit that would be lovely. Thanks!

    • themig

      its because chinese are like the saudi arabians of mainland asia especially shanghai. the only thing racy i’ve seen is jerry springer style fights on tv

      • Alan

        its because chinese are like the saudi arabians of mainland asia

        That’s smart but pretty much on the money!

    • Xenon

      It would be good with some background checking as well. This event didn’t even happen last week, it happened last year:


  • donscarletti

    Very enjoyable, though that guys voice killed it for me.

    Special thanks to the girl who went that bit extra and wore high-cut briefs.

    • mankouzanghua

      the blue ones? She was definitely the stand-out for me, one of those girls who is sensitive about her weight for some reason but actually is looking very fantastic.

      • donscarletti

        Oh, the girl in the blue boylegs is adorable and with lovely, straight legs.

        But no, I was referring to the one in the tiny pink panties. About average amongst the crowd on looks, but she is worthy of applause simply that she is the only one actually showing more skin than the two girls that passed the camera wearing miniskirts.

  • Dat Ankle

    You know what they say, sex sells well. Im all for no pants day in the name of anything :D

    • cc

      There should be a no knickers day as well, get that beaver out in the fresh air.

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    How come there are so many stories being uploaded without netizen reactions? I thought thats what the point of the site is?

  • Doug

    What would really do the trick is to have this the same time as a no panties day

  • dim mak

    Every day should be no pants day :3

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  • Jay K.

    I’m thinkin Arby’s for their 5 for 5 Roast Beef!

  • James Stanley

    Tomorrow is no panties day.

    • Choonage

      Age restrictions apply.

  • Alan

    Going to work in taiwan looks more,er, attractive….

    creamy white thighs *hmmmmmm*

  • Cool Matt

    This post is still relevant to my interests.

  • staylost

    So many Godivas, so many Toms.

    And you better believe I would be a Tom-and-a-half.

    C’mon, Mainland, don’t let them show you up!!!

    • Roger

      LOL I don’t think they can do it here in China. Have you seen how crowded the subways are in Shanghai and Beijing? There will be so many “accidents” that the girls may not even have their panties when they leave the station. Though the “white glove” officer who push them in during rush hour will have fun though.

  • Feces Masticator

    Some decent front-bums in the bunch. I’d hit.

    • Thank you, sir. I learned a new thing today.

    • Rod

      Front-bum…is that like camel-toe?

  • mr. wiener

    I love Taiwan, and the MRT is definitely the best place to be girl-watching, no-pants day or not.

    • pervertt

      Not entirely sure about that. To quote the Singing Detective:

      “Oh, cock, do not crow. Poor cock, do not stir.”

  • Brett Hunan

    It was a success!!! All I could think about while viewing the pics was “save the environment!”.

    • Xiongmao

      Yeah! I was all “I’m gonna grab that girl, hold her tight and whisper sweet environmental things in her ear!”. I’m a changed man.

  • boku

    did i see camel toe on the last picture?

    • Ryo

      Not sure about camel toe but if you look closely, the blue panties look wet!

      • notorious

        wow you guys are studying those panties really closely.

        • Brett Hunan

          Never underestimate a man’s will to uncover the important mysteries in this world.

          There are also 4 girls with the same black and pink tennis shoes on.

          • Brett Hunan

            and at least 3 with the same white Reeboks

        • staylost

          C’mon, we aren’t ALL gay.

      • Alan

        hahahaha, too funny…..

    • [email protected]

      I still can’t believe someone said there were ‘front-bums’ in those pics. go to America if you want to see what a real real front-bum is. Confusing a pelvic bone with a front-bum screams ‘virgin’ to me.

      • Rick in China

        I don’t see the word “front bum” — but some girls have camel toes simply due to the genetic shape of their vagina/lips. I would say that thinking skinny girls can’t have camel toes is more of an indicator of lack of vaginal knowledge. Toes can be made more or less visible by the type of material making up the panties, the tightness/relative size/shaping/texture of the panties, and the quality of shave on the muff.

        • mr. wiener

          “front bum” is just indicative of the mound of venus and not a judgedment of the prominance (fatness)of said area, or the tightness of the panties resulting in a frontal wedgie.

          • [email protected]

            I only ever associated front-bum with obesity. Never heard it used in a non-derogatory way.

      • Young Man

        I think ‘front bum’ or ‘front bottom’ is a English primary school thing. I remember calling them ‘front bottoms’ when I was about 8 or 9. The guy who originally posted the phrase was probably making a joke.

        Camel-toe is a horrid term and when you google it much of what you get are ungulate feet which is not sexy.

  • Jeff

    Such nice firm buttocks!

  • Queeny

    Well. Cultrual tolerance and should also be enhanced in mainland, China. But it seems more like a show instead of an activity to raise public environmental awareness.

  • ThirdSense

    Why are Asian Pussies always “swollen” while the male folks have that region “flat”?

    • cc

      They don’t shave so it creates a mound

      • notorious

        maybe it’s not lack of shaving but that some women’s vaginas hang (like a ballsac, sorry for lack of other description). i saw that in a picture once and never knew that there were different types of vaginas. doesn’t matter the race of the woman because I looked at my best friend and told her, and she said “oh yeah mine is like that” LOL

        and I know this is TMI (too much info) but why do women shave there anyway? If hair wasn’t meant to be then it wouldnt’ grow there in the first place.

        • cc

          Some shave because they feel it is more hygienic, others like a little bit of a trim and most lesbos just like being smelly hairy bitches, I prefer the pissflaps to be shaved as I get sick of picking the hairs out of my teeth after I’ve been down stairs munching

          • Young Man

            At least you assume you would.

    • [email protected]

      Yes! and why are male chests also flat when Asian bosoms are swollen? Why? Why?

      You fucking moron

      • cc

        Who are you calling a moron? You wanker.

        • [email protected]

          hehehe. Oh Brother. I was replying to the original poster. Can’t you see that? man this site is thick with dummies today. And now it’s your turn. Well done.

          • ThirdSense

            I know it pains to be “appalled” and obviously my post got the hit on you. You must be really flat down there. It appears to me an anomaly in the natural order of things when pussies appear “swollen”. The guys should have it “protruding” and not the ladies.

            I know your JJ is just an inch long at fullest erection. Go get a life!

  • Xiongmao

    Asian girls (generally) have the best looking legs. Done in America there’d bound to be 250 pound women called Shaniqua and LaBronte flaunting their stuff, practically ensuring vomit in the trains.

    • Rick in China

      I would argue that.

      I’d say that many eastern european/russian girl legs are nicer on the whole, for one main reason: length. Chinese girls in general have a longer body shorter leg than their eastern euro/russian counterpart, but moreso than most other nations I’ve experienced both are more slim and well shapen. Chinese get the benefit of being generally naturally hairless on the legs.

    • eattot

      a lot of girls even do not know how to walk, pretty legs in asia?hahaha!
      disagree, too short!walk along in the street, either too skinny, either no any right curve only fat…
      asian women, no waist line, and body too long, leg too short.

      • jin

        are you talking about yourself?

      • Muay Thai guy

        True that, in most cases. But SE Asians are much better in that regard, better body:leg ratio.

      • cb4242

        Lol!! So now you are generalizing the ENTIRE asian race? I guess that means, there are absolutely NO such thing as a beautiful asian woman with nice legs by your standards. If you think you are sooooo much better or have a better body overall, how seeing your leg shots and let us men be the judge if they are too skinny, too fat, too short, no curves, or waistline and we’ll get back to you promptly.

      • notorious

        eattot, there’s no such thing as legs being too short. By whose standards? I think too often, people in China rate themselves according to european standards of beauty whereas the men here simply appreciate asian beauty as it is, and quite in enjoy it.

      • mr. wiener

        I quite like the typical asian girl figure. A thick waist isn’t a problem and short legs are fine if they are well muscled. huge fun bags’ novelty wears off soon and I’ve always thought more than a handful is a waste.
        The only critique I could really make over all is the lack of arse, as whilst the shape is nicely flared a typical asian girls arse is sadly flat.
        This is just my opinion and opinions as we all know are like arseholes…..besides which I’m hardly an Adonis myself :)

    • notorious

      I’m voluptious and men love it. Those same women carry themselves with so much confidence and compared to women of other races can still appear sexy despite their weight issues. only men with small penises are scared of women with big bodies.

      • notorious

        that comment was @xiongmao

    • Dat Ankle

      I disagree big time. Asian girls legs are waaaaaay too skinny/thin for my taste. Not enough definition on the calf’s and thighs makes them look like bean poles to me. Course not all Asian girls are like that but eh, I think its a look a lot of them try to get.

  • notorious

    the girl in the blue undies… why does it look so puffy in the crouch area?

    • Rick in China

      She prefers pad to tube.

    • cc

      She’s a katoey

      • cb4242

        I just hate when they wear pantyhose with shorts, just isn’t right! Talk about a fashion arrest!

    • donscarletti

      Just up the page you were wondering why the gents of this site studied this region so closely. I know exactly why I was studying them closely and can take a pretty safe guess why “boku” and “Ryo” were too, the question is, why were you?

    • mr. wiener

      She has a mr. wiener.

  • Rick in China

    Nothin’ special in Taiwan, can see this shit at any little bin lang girl road.

  • The Shadow Knows

    Yeah, I could get behind that….

  • hanyucha

    Blue pants has got a little baby camel toe going on.




    Chinese girls from the Mainland have that cheesy look about them that makes me wanna puke……

    • eattot

      you should puke at your mom and sisters first!
      snobish dogs full of this sites, some should call white trash or china haters…
      japneses school girls sell for money called 援交,taiwanese girls do sex business in streets called 槟榔西施,white sluts stick to black NBA plays…everywhere,why you do not dare to say a word,because they have a better state background, right?
      you should puke yourslef for being so snobish at first. sob!

      • Alan

        snobish dogs full of this sites, some should call white trash or china haters…


        Why the hate for white people, eattot?

        • notorious

          alan, why the hate? look at the awful thing this guy just said. It has to hurt to hear comments like that. it does get a little exhausting reading so many mean spirited comments about mainland chinese people. Many of those comments from foreigners.

          • hashimoto

            notorious you know damn well the only reason why you agreed with what she said cause she did not say anything about black women and eattot grow up you are obvious doing the same thing he did and yes it does hurt to hear comments like this but why stick other races into this that will hurt other peoples feelings as well i get you are trying to defend you’re kind but you are only makeing things worse

          • Alan

            I respect your points.

            But having been cheated and lied to by chinese girls in the past, there is a need for those girls to look inward, at themselves.

          • Nyancat

            eattot’s a tad bit weird in an earlier post she said there are no asian women with the ‘right’ proportions and now she’s trying to defend them? Hypocritical much? My wife is Chinese and she has all the right proportions so yeah her earlier point is moot.

          • notorious

            @hashimoto, actually someone did criticize, and quite meanly my own people. If you scroll up to read it. im not overly sensitive, it depends on what is said. whether eattot could criticize me or not, doesn’t make her comments any less true. people come here and make shitty comments about mainland chinese people (which was really shocking to me at first) because they can — because they feel like those women don’t have any rights so f-ck ’em.

            shit, i can empathize with her resentment since, black women are criticized regularly and mostly over stereotypes. And why would she rope us into it anyway as we don’t pose a threat to anyone as far as competiting for men or in the beauty department.

            despite how people perceive us, we have a strong sense of ourselves and our beauty. i do find it particularly sad though. so of course she lashed out.

      • notorious

        eattot, I see your point. I think there is a bit of “attention whoring” going on in the pictures too. Guys like it so no big deal. And as far as the girls, you can included NFL and NBL players too.

        • hashimoto

          (you can included NFL and NBL players too) might i add you are hypocritical too oh its hurts feelings to talk about a persons race like that yep keep dissing on whites and others hun and while you are at it why dont you bleach you’re skin more btw you are not asian so stop trying to so hard with the eyeliner see not so fun when you get insulted is it

          • notorious

            wtf bleach my skin? Are you fucking serious? You actually managed to pull me out of my calmness. I’m as black as a black woman can be and proud of it. For you to make a comment about my complexion and accuse me of bleaching myself to look white (or any other race) is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. I was raised to be black and proud. I’m a socially conscious BLACK POWER fist pumping BLACK WOMAN and would never stoop so low as to hate myself enough to bleach my skin. Lord have mercy… why would I want to look white, be white, or emulate anything white? I have no problem with white people – they are who they are I appreciate them for that. I am who I am, and I appreciate myself , LOVE myself for who I am. If you and I were looking each other in the eyes, I would have dragged you out into the street for insulting me like that. Thank you for managing to annoy me, you are brilliant! I’m sure you are an even bigger asshole in person.

            Addressing your other comment, where did I say anything about WHITE people? I don’t even see the word “WHITE” in my comments. I merely agreed with her that yes, american women do cling to athletes (or their money) and that any girl who would walk around in their underwear for a “cause” is just an attention whore.

          • notorious

            and furthermore, you are one jealous bitch, by the way to study my eye makeup so closely. I suggest you pick up a fashion magazine, because last time I checked, wearing eyeshadow or eyeliner doesn’t mean you’re trying to look asian (or any other race). In fact, it’s quite common actually that women wear eye make up and lipstick. But for a dumb piece of trailer trash who can’t rub two nickels together to buy a tube of one dollar lipstick, i suppose it might actually appear exotic to someone like you.

            Since you got beer muscles, being on the internet and all, let’s see your picture, you disgusting piece of trash. I really don’t appreciate you taking the time to create a FAKE “race” argument in order to justify your jealousy over the way I look. Get a life you stupid bitch. I don’t pretend to be anything except who I am , you don’t have to like it, nobody here has to like it, I’m happy and I can put my picture where I want, you whore.

          • notorious

            Apologies@ everyone for going way off topic here, and for beating a dead horse but something has bothered me about this ad hominem attack from Hashimoto.

            What ticked me off is this. As black women we get criticized for being black and now I get criticized for not being black enough.
            I really wish this web site had a delete button, because I would not have responded to hashimoto’s comments about my appearance in the manner I did. Especially after I realized how she diabolically CONTRIVED an argument as an excuse to make derogatory comments about the way I look when the conversation wasn’t about appearance. First, attacking my natural complexion as “bleached” then accusing me of wanting to be asian simply because she doesn’t expect a black woman to have an interest in international matters or situations on an Asian news blog. Guess what? I’ve counted at least four or five other black women reading and ocassionally posting here. Two of us with pictures. None of us look remotely asian nor ever would want to be something we are not.

            Accusing a Mocha complexioned AMERICAN black woman of bleaching her skin is just plain stupid and worse, implies that being dark is bad (enough that someone should want to bleach their skin). I’m sorry, I don’t share your sentiments on dark skin and I’m not michael jackson. Hashimoto, American racial politics don’t belong on china smack. You are an embarrassment to our country.

            Ironically, I wrote the comment below on here a day ago, and feel it applies to this situation perfectly:

            The first weapon in the racists’ arsenal is to deny that his racism or any form of racism exists (as this would hurt his own credibility and bring his own dubious actions to light).

            The second weapon is to ruin the victim’s reputation (ie, the victims are either a danger to the world at large or inferior physically, mentally, or intellectually). This is to create apathy in any witnesses or others who might otherwise intervene. This would also create an environment where the witness or bystander identifies more with the racist than his victims.

            the third weapon is to deny the worthiness and humanity of their victims (similar to the second weapon but on a grander more systemic scale).

            Ultimately, this results in death, genocide, and crimes against the victims, who are not only tarnished permanently, have lost face, but are broken and globally reviled long after they are rescued or won a battle for their freedom).

          • Nyancat

            @notorious dont get riled up by the trolls here, judging by your reply it seems he struck a nerve, ignore personal attacks cause you don’t really need to prove yourself to anyone on the internet out of all places. :)

        • tomtuttlefromtacoma

          What? no love for the NHL? Plenty of puck sluts out there.

          • notorious

            I swear I can’t name one hockey player… except wayne gretzsky.

      • PUFF PUFF…

      • Dat Ankle

        I dont understand you Eattot. First you make a comment talking trash about Chinese girls and now you get mad when someone else does it? I totally agree with there being a lot of snobs and trolls here but man, you gotta pick which side youre on. Dont get so uptight when non Chinese people start talking trash when you do it too.

    • themig

      chinese girls i know don’t like black guys but said they don’t mind watching taiwanese girls like these having sex with black boys

      • cb4242

        Yeah, yeah, they say that in the open, but behind closed doors, many Chinese girls do quite the opposite, seriously.

  • j.lo

    Nice shoes!

  • Rod

    Not to be gay, but why were there no pics of the dudes in their boxers?

    And why does every chick in every photo have to prop her leg up – are they all models looking for attention?

    • staylost


  • Hongjian

    MRT station Zhongxiao Dong Lu, directly infront the entrance to the fucking weeaboo japanese owned ‘Pacific’ department store…

    As if Taipei has no other things to be proud of, other than a place that shows them being japanese rape-babies more than anything.
    I’d like them more if they did this on the (“freedom-“) square infront the CKS memorial hall and get their ass kicked in the process by pan-blue supporters for desecrating the great Lord General’s memorial. Which is justified, for being fucking sluts.

    • mr. wiener

      She’s baaack!! Any chance of you putting a front bum picture in your avatar Frau Hongjian? [seriously you like general Cash My Check}?

    • Pete of Perth

      Love your work sheep shagger

    • Money Is Power

      Another “China” Patriot, who on the surface loaths anything other than Sino-supremacy but deep inside, he’s got a lot of love for Japanese Imperial masters…he probably even got a full set of kimono dresses at home where he/she plays cross-dress…

  • burntmetal

    Bunch of desperate attention whores.

    • dilladonuts

      Fag alert


    Pants means undergarments in Britain… so this is not “No Pants Day”. Everyone has got pants on!!

    • mr. wiener

      No this is “no pants day” in Taiwan, wingnut.

    • cc

      Only if your male you homo, all the gals I know intimately wear knickers or go commando

  • Christina

    lololol kudos to these girls for being so brave! they’re going to have to deal with the disapproval of their parents for months afterwards.

  • MindLikeNoOther

    Its ironic how its the people who are causing such harm to the environment who participate in these rallies. The amount of make up they put on on a daily basis is horiffic, and they are using this event to show off… if any of those girls were rich you will see another spoiled bitch riding a lamborghini and sporting a lv purse. You will never see a real activist doing such a useless cause taking off there pants. “the women (and some men) bared legs and smiles to a sea of gawkers in order to raise environmental awareness” bull fucking shit, as if you are saying if you want me in short shorts keep polluting the environment. ROFLMFAO!!! On a serious note, people who act like this are primarily the ones who couldn’t give a fuck about the rest of the world.

  • ThirdSense

    I know it pains to be “appalled” and obviously my post got the hit on you. You must be really flat down there. It appears to me an anomaly in the natural order of things when pussies appear “swollen”. The guys should have it “protruding” and not the ladies.

    I know your JJ is just an inch long at fullest erection. Go get a life!

  • Irvin

    Stupid people never cease to entertain, next we’ll see them trying to get to the moon by drinking more water.

  • they look japanese….so hot

  • Almond

    Why is a Taiwan based story popping up here? O_o Especially since it doesn’t seem to include any comments from a Chinese netizen viewpoint…

    • Because it was a popular story on the Chinese internet and many Chinese netizen paid attention to it.

      • Almond

        Ah I see, I was just more curious about their comments on it I guess.

    • Joe

      Because Taiwan is a SAR of of the PRC.

      • Almond


  • Uncle Sam

    This country, that country, whatever… did all of you completely miss the fact that there are half naked women on this page.

    Seriously, you know, having a political debate in the presence of beauty and social ingenuity… how is that not gay.

    • blackflagnation

      exactly…high-five to that. people getting all riled up in here. let’s all have a beer; the weekend is here!

  • MadeInChina

    No Ass Day

  • LDWill

    Did anyone else notice that the video said nothing about this event being for the environment. It said it was for a Reebok event.
    Not sure who is wrong…..

  • tasty tender meat. likes

  • Olrik

    Yummie, boil their panties to make soup!

  • [email protected]

    Legs… No matter the reason, legs are good.

  • Andy

    Eh ? “No pants day” ? And they are all wearing pants !!

  • fiona

    They want to be famous, this is just a kinds of speculation.

  • fiona

    This kind of activies become more and more popular.

  • Jack

    haha, i am here only for you guys’ comments..
    they are so amusing…haha

  • Derek Xu

    Those legs need more exercise.