Man Shot to Death by Police in Train Station

Heilongjiang train station shooting

Qinganxian, Heilongjiang

On the afternoon of May 2nd, a man in Qinganxian county’s train station waiting room was shot and killed by local police. Xu Chunhe, 45, had been traveling with his mother, son, and daughter, when an altercation broke out with police. Harbin railway police claim Xu was noncompliant, threw his 5-year-old child at the police, and then snatched a pistol from an officer. Another officer then drew his pistol and shot Xu to death.

On May 5th, the railway’s Ministry of Public Security compensated the family somewhere between ten to thirty thousand RMB. On May 7th, representatives of Xu’s family stated that they’d reached an agreement with the government, however, on May 10th, the family authorized two lawyers to act on their behalf, calling the previous settlement invalid.

Video of the shooting was ultimately released and reflected the police report. Still, this incident has ignited a controversy regarding reasonable use of guns by the police.

Source: Netease

Comments from Netease:


[The father is shot to death in front of his son! The son is shot to death in front of his mother! The police are too humane!]


[Since the deceased is so terrifying, why also will [they] compensate the family money?]


[Release the video from that time!]


[[If they] don’t release the entire video it means there’s something fishy, [they] don’t dare release it.


[Release the security recordings, let truth come out. [If the] truth is [he] stole a gun, he deserved to die. But if it was an intentional murder, then [they] must compensate a life! What do you dare not release, what are you afraid of!]

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  • mr.wiener

    I’ve seen the vid… this guy had it coming.

    • Vance

      Sounds like it. Threw his 5 year old son at the police? I can’t believe they actually then compensated the family. The guy stole a gun from an officer and drew on him. Here if someone draws a gun on a cop, he’s asking for it and most of the public will say good riddance even if it is an unfortunate waste of a life.

      • firebert5

        I haven’t actually seen the whole video. Did he actually throw his kid at the cop? Because I read some commenters saying he was actually trying to shove his kid out of the way to protect him. Did the video show him shoving the kid?

        • Tristan Sapp

          No, he literally picks the little girl up, raises her to around the height of his head, and then throws her onto the ground right in front of him, full-force. He also shoves his mom, who starts hitting him with a stick after he’s shot and lays there dying.

      • mr.wiener

        It was someone else’s daughter he threw.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Wow, he must’ve been a classy guy.

      • Robin Tedlock

        The powers that be are trying to start up CLM (Chinese Lives Matter) movement to destabilize society and the government.

    • Dolph Grunt

      Where’d you see the video? Any links?

  • videmus

    Month old story, where are you Chinasmack?
    Guy was crazy, suspect family problems.
    Blocked entryway, resisted arrest, threw water bottle at policeman’s face, fought police, threw daughter at police (missed and threw her face down on concrete) stole police baton (which was huge for some reason), beat police with baton, got shot.

    Not sure if he actually grabbed for the gun, though.
    His own mother beat him with the police baton as he laid dying, which says a lot.
    Not saying he should have been shot, but then again that’s not a situation I’ve ever been in.

  • David

    Two stories in April, two stories in May and now we have one in June (it is an old story but it is still a story). How nice.

  • Nick

    I don’t want to be a dick, but I used to look at your website everyday. Lately it sucks. I miss the comments from netizens. The new format really kills this site. Sorry. Just some constructive criticism.

    • donscarletti


      The week before last I was translating the comments… honestly, it was taking me about 10 minutes per article, of which 7-8 minutes was copy editing and proof reading. Netease, which is the only site these articles come from these days, will collate the top 3 comments on the front page. Read them, write them out in English and there they are.

      I stopped doing it when I realized that the summary had “summarized” the top 3 comments, meaning that they had read them and actually decided NOT to translate them. It’s just pointless.

      Thank you Philip for your article and I will read more if you post them, but by and large, Chinasmack has been abandoned. Fauna obviously doesn’t give a shit any more, not to blame her, considering the amount of fucktards who comment here (if you are offended, please assume I’m not referring to you). Sad, this site was really good… apart from the 3000 comment threads after the ‘something-something “laowai” foreign males’ posts.

      • Throw Away

        I’m guessing the site doesn’t make as much money as it used to, and/or she found a better job.

      • Dolph Grunt

        I guess it’s really nobody’s business but there’s never been (to my knowledge) any explanation at all about what’s happened to the site. I’d really be curious and it might give someone a step up to try to remedy the situation. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the donation drive of a few months ago had something to do with it.

        Lately I’ve taken to Shanghaiist. The site is quite different (and frankly not as unique as Chinasmack once was) in that they just find interesting stories (not necessarily trending in China) and they don’t offer Chinese netizen reactions. Not to mention that their Disqus thread isn’t modded and you can post anonymously (which leads to a lot of fucktard posts).

        Still, there’s quite a few in that community, including CS’s own Weiner, who I enjoy reading and chatting it up with.

      • ClausRasmussen

        >> Fauna obviously doesn’t give a shit any more

        She’s growing older; priorities and responsibilities change

    • Tristan Sapp

      Yup, I agree. A huge bummer; I had been checking this site for a couple years before I moved to China, and it helped me cue into trending stories here so I had something to talk about with my Chinese coworkers over the least year and a half… but now, I check Shanghaiist more often.

    • Joey

      To be honest, the ‘Amanda project’ is pretty interesting and if I had an iOS device, I’d be all over it to improve my Chinese. Unfortunately it isn’t.

  • crimsonarmor

    I saw the video on YouTube. The man first pushed what looked like his own mother towards the policeman and then threw a little girl at the officer again. Next he started beating the cop with a staff and finally the officer drew his gun and shot him. The video is quite disturbing, how could he throw a child so high and with such force. He deserved to be punished but I do feel the cop could have just shot him in the leg or had been issued with a taser gun or rubber bullets. But what the man did to that little girl was unforgivable.

  • Balkan

    Can anyone tell me what actually happen to Chinasmack? Why did they destroy it?

  • mike921

    Hmmmm, maybe a market for Taser International….. No need for temporary insanity to reach a permanent conclusion.

  • Gerhana

    is there any Chinese netizen reaction to the legalisation of same sex marriage in the US?

    • Vance

      I don’t know what they think they won. Nobody gives a shit about marriage here anymore. So gays get to have a partner just “decide” one day they don’t like them anymore and just leave, and take everything and ruin their lives. I know they want to “normalize” their relationships, but, truth is, gay relations will never be “normal”. It wasn’t designed that way by God or nature. Humanity would die out quick if this were the norm. So no. Not natural. Not normal. But why do they have to be “normal”? Let them love who they want and be proud of who they are without forcing everyone else to act like they are just like a man-woman couple. I would think maybe the Chinese don’t think it is all that big a deal. It seems that homosexuality is accepted there.

      • tomoe723

        Homosexuality is tolerated by society to a certain degree all across Asia, but it’s not really accepted as normal. Legalizing gay marriage here will most likely not happen that fast (or at all IMO) contrary to the comments I’ve been reading that say that if America has done it, maybe “other” countries will follow suit. Lol. I just really found those comments really funny.

        Personally, I have nothing against gays or anybody in the LGBT group. I’ve had gay friends before at work, hanged out with them for some drinks and some work activities, but I just don’t consider it normal. Just that Asian societies are less scrutinizing of their existence than Western counterparts. However, I think any indecent acts, if publicly made known or reported, will suffer severe penalties because some governments still have such laws against them. And they are subtly outcast.

        • Vance

          I agree with you on the LGBT group. I have had several such friends and coworkers in the past and enjoyed knowing them. I was rather surprised at the apparent indifference or acceptance of it by Chinese netizens given all the strick traditions I always hear about.
          It isn’t so simple as all the news makes out. The states here hate it when a few guys on the Supreme Court dictate social policy to them. The Court did that with abortion in 1973 and people are still sore about it and constantly trying to get around that decision. IF people don’t like it, they don’t like it. Now we will have more protests and resentment towards gays. I don’t know what this does for institutions like the Catholic Church, but they are not going to accept gay behavior no matter what. We have communities and places where the LGBT community is accepted, and many states had already legalized it. I don’t know why they needed to force blanket acceptance across the country. And the president that celebrated with the colored lights has one of the lowest popularity ratings ever. So it will be interesting. Americans don’t like to be forced on things like this. LGBT were not being oppressed. They just have a self confidence problem and wanted to be called “normal” so they could feel better about themselves.

        • Gerhana

          yeah thats true I just want to know what the Chinese netizens think about it, I remember a while back there were some article about homosexuality in China. As for other country will follow suit, I also think not…. Perhaps Thailand for tranny getting married.

          • tomoe723

            After many days, still no trending topic on CS, I suppose that answers your question of what they think. Most likely throughout Asia, people just don’t bother with it.

      • Gerhana

        from biological perspective I agree, its not normal.

        • Vance

          RIght, now, that doesn’t mean a few people can’t deviate from the norm. Everyone is their own individual but, gees, they need to be proud of who they are. If one is a man that likes other men rather than women, then don’t marry. It’s not for them. Don’t force everyone else to call whatever it is they have a “marriage” if they don’t want to. Call it a civil union. They already have everything everyone else has. they don’t need to call every relationship a “marriage” just to feel “normal”.

  • M8

    you guys should just stick to a format like, just flood a bunch of Chinese gossip or interesting news.

  • jimmies

    OT: What are those pickled green beans at the noodle shops called? I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE

  • yi_ge_yi_jian


  • Germandude

    Wow, this post is 1 month old and has attracted 32 comments. R.I.P. CS

    • FOARP

      Yeah, pretty much. The Smack was dying a slow death before they stopped posting regular translations, but it’s double dead now.

      Sad. Back in teh day this site would get 300 comments on a post within a day or two of it being posted.

    • Joey

      It’s 3 months now. I’m cancelling my Patreon, I used to like ChinaSmack now I’d rather go to WhatsOnWeibo.

      • Teacher in China

        Thanks for the tip. Didn’t know about that one.

  • 十月码

    Note that the railway system in China has it’s own plice and judge department.


    Have Fauna and Kai said anything about what’s going on with this site? No real posts in a month, just summarizing of stuff on Netease. I can understand if they want to ditch this site, but it would be good if they want to say something about why they’re doing it.

  • Turnip

    Any medical or psychological problems? Seems very one sided from both views.