Man Shot to Death by Police in Train Station

Heilongjiang train station shooting

Qinganxian, Heilongjiang

On the afternoon of May 2nd, a man in Qinganxian county’s train station waiting room was shot and killed by local police. Xu Chunhe, 45, had been traveling with his mother, son, and daughter, when an altercation broke out with police. Harbin railway police claim Xu was noncompliant, threw his 5-year-old child at the police, and then snatched a pistol from an officer. Another officer then drew his pistol and shot Xu to death.

On May 5th, the railway’s Ministry of Public Security compensated the family somewhere between ten to thirty thousand RMB. On May 7th, representatives of Xu’s family stated that they’d reached an agreement with the government, however, on May 10th, the family authorized two lawyers to act on their behalf, calling the previous settlement invalid.

Video of the shooting was ultimately released and reflected the police report. Still, this incident has ignited a controversy regarding reasonable use of guns by the police.

Source: Netease

Comments from Netease:


[The father is shot to death in front of his son! The son is shot to death in front of his mother! The police are too humane!]


[Since the deceased is so terrifying, why also will [they] compensate the family money?]


[Release the video from that time!]


[[If they] don’t release the entire video it means there’s something fishy, [they] don’t dare release it.


[Release the security recordings, let truth come out. [If the] truth is [he] stole a gun, he deserved to die. But if it was an intentional murder, then [they] must compensate a life! What do you dare not release, what are you afraid of!]


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