Cheating Wife Murder Mystery Photo Scares Chinese Netizens

A husband took this photo of his wife and then killed her. Why?

A husband took this photo of his wife and then killed her. Why?

From Sina Weibo:

@孤祣: A man returning from a business trip took this photo of his wife, and then killed his wife. When police asked him why he wanted to kill his wife, the man said he saw from this photo that his wife had cheated on him! Are you able to find what the man saw in the photo that made him realize his wife had been unfaithful?


WARNING: The answer is present in the translated Chinese netizen comments below.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Don’t upvote me, I have EXO, I will kill one for each upvote I get.


Motherfucking! There are eyes in the lower-right corner of the mattress! I pissed myself when I clicked to enlarge the photo! Fuck!


I spent half the day looking without seeing anything, but after reading the comments, I no longer dare to look at the photo. Do whatever you please.


I’m reminded of a joke, about a Mr. Wang returning home after work. Upon seeing his wife at home, he told his wife a joke. His wife didn’t laugh, but out from the closet came the sound of a laugh!


There are eyes at the corner of the bed’s mattress, scared me to death. [悲伤][悲伤] I want to cry. [泪]


Hidden at the head of the bed is the male adulterer, you can see one of his eyes as well as his nose. I personally think it doesn’t look realistic. There is too little room there, it can’t hide an entire person. It’s just an illusion. It’s just like when we look at clouds. The clouds look like whatever we have in our heads. The entire thing probably is like this… some diaosi, after jacking off, accidentally saw what looks like a person’s head in this photo. He made up a story about a murder, then posted it on the internet to get eyeballs [attention].


Tell me honestly, you guys, whether you really saw what it is. Making the mood/atmosphere so heavy [scary] is so mean to those of us who don’t even dare open the photo. [失望]


Before I looked at the comments, I had guessed there were two mobile phone chargers.


Fuck, looking at the photo isn’t actually frightening, but looking at the comments have me trembling.


That person’s eye was Photoshopped on. It’s a photo of the male lead actor [Anthony Hopkins] in The Silence of the Lambs. Everyone can stop being scared now.


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