‘Old Boy’ by Chopsticks Brothers

Chopsticks Brothers: Wang Taili and Xiao Yang
Chopsticks Brothers: Wang Taili and Xiao Yang
Chopsticks Brothers: Wang Taili and Xiao Yang

“Old Boy” is the theme song of the popular Chinese short film “Old Boy” that was co-produced by and released on popular Chinese online video-sharing platform Youku in late 2010 and quickly became a viral hit with tens of millions of views. The music video below includes scenes from the film, but you can read our original report and watch the original here.

Song and Music Video:

Composer: Takuya Ohashi
Lyrics: Chopsticks Brothers (Xiao Yang & Wang Taili)
Singers: Chopsticks Brothers (Xiao Yang & Wang Taili)

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

na4 shi4 wo3 ri4 ye4 si1 nian4 shen1 shen1 ai4 zhe de ren2 a
That was the girl that I thought of day and night, longed for and deeply loved with all my heart

到底我该如何表达 她会接受我吗
dao4 di3 wo3 gai1 ru2 he2 biao3 da2  ta1 hui4 jie1 shou4 wo3 ma
Just how should I confess my love? Would she accept me?

ye3 xu3 yong3 yuan3 dou1 bu2 hui4  gen1 ta1 shuo1 chu1 na4 ju4 hua1
Perhaps I will never tell her those words,

注定我要浪迹天涯 怎么能有牵挂
zhu4 ding4 wo3 yao4 lang4 ji4 tian1 ya2  zen3 me neng2 you3 qian1 gua4
destined to wander the world. How can I be attached to anything?

梦想总是遥不可及 是不是应该放弃
meng4 xiang4 zong3 shi4 yao2 bu4 ke3 ji2  shi4 bu2 shi4 ying1 gai1 fang4 qi4
Dreams are always beyond my reach. Should I just give up?

花开花落又是一季 春天啊你在哪里
hua1 kai1 hua1 luo4 you4 shi4 yi2 ji4  chun1 tian1 a ni3 zai4 na3 li3
Flowers bloom and wilt, and another season has come and gone. Where are you, my Spring?


青春如同奔流的江河 一去不回来不及道别
qing1 chun1 ru2 tong2 ben1 liu2 de jiang1 he2  yi2 qu4 bu4 hui2 lai2 bu4 ji2 dao4 bie2
Youth is like a running river, rushing by and never coming back, without a moment to say goodbye

zhi3 sheng4 xia4 ma2 mu4 de wo3 mei2 you3 le dang1 nian2 de re4 xie3
I am left only with numbness, without the passion of the past

看那漫天飘零的花朵 在最美丽的时刻凋谢
kan4 na4 man4 tian1 piao1 ling2 de hua1 duo3  zai4 zui4 mei3 li4 de shi2 ke4 diao1 xie4
Look at all the flowers falling from the sky, wilting at their most beautiful moment

you3 shui2 hui4 ji4 de2 zhe4 shi4 jie4 ta1 lai2 guo4
Who will remember that they came to this world?

zhuan3 yan3 guo4 qu4 duo1 nian2 shi4 jian1 duo1 shao3 li2 he2 bei1 huan1
In the blink of an eye, years go by. How many ons and offs and ups and downs have been witnessed by this world?

曾经志在四方少年 羡慕南飞的雁
ceng2 jing1 zhi4 zai4 si4 fang1 shao4 nian2  xian4 mu4 nan2 fei1 de yan4
Once ambitious youth, admiring the wild goose flying southward

各自奔前程的身影 匆匆渐行渐远
ge4 zi4 ben1 qian2 cheng2 de shen1 ying3  cong1 cong1 jian4 xing2 jian4 yuan3
Our respective silhouettes rushed forward, hurriedly drifting further and further apart

未来在哪里平凡 啊谁给我答案
wei4 lai2 zai4 na3 li3 ping2 fan2  a shui2 gei3 wo3 da2 an4
but how was [the past] pedestrian? Who can give me an answer?

那时陪伴我的人哪 你们如今在何方
na4 shi2 pei2 ban4 wo3 de ren2 na  ni3 men ru2 jin1 zai4 he2 fang1
Those who were with me back then, where are you today?

我曾经爱过的人啊 现在是什么模样
wo3 ceng2 jing1 ai4 guo4 de ren2 a  xian4 zai4 shi4 shen2 me mo2 yang4
The girl that I once loved back then, what do you look like today?


当初的愿望实现了吗 事到如今只好祭奠吗
dang1 chu1 de yuan4 wang4 shi2 xian4 le ma  shi4 dao4 ru2 jin1 zhi3 hao3 ji4 dian4 ma
Have those dreams come true? Or have things gotten to the point where we have to bury them?

ren4 sui4 yue4 feng1 gan1 li3 xiang3 zai4 ye3 zhao3 bu4 hui2 zhen1 de wo3
Time has withered my dreams, and I can no longer find the real me

抬头仰望这漫天星河 那时候陪伴我的那颗
tai2 tou2 yang3 wang4 zhe4 man4 tian1 xing1 he2  na4 shi2 hou4 pei2 ban4 wo3 de na4 ke1
I raise my head toward the Milky Way, to see the star that stayed by me on those days

zhe4 li3 de gu4 shi4 ni3 shi4 fou3 hai2 ji4 de2
Do you still remember the stories that we had shared in this place?

生活像一把无情刻刀 改变了我们模样
sheng1 huo2 xiang4 yi4 ba3 wu2 qing2 ke4 dao1  gai3 bian4 le wo3 men mu2 yang4
Life is like a ruthless knife, that changed how we look.

未曾绽放就要枯萎吗 我有过梦想
wei4 ceng2 zhan4 fang4 jiu4 yao1 ku1 wei3 ma  wo3 you3 guo4 meng4 xiang3
Are my dreams to wilt and wither before they’ve blossomed?



如果有明天 祝福你亲爱的
ru2 guo3 you3 ming2 tian1  zhu4 fu2 ni3 qin1 ai4 de
If there is a tomorrow, you have my blessing, dear

old boy 01

old boy 02

old boy 03

old boy 04

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • Nyancat

    my sofa’s made of chopsticks :|

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      careful where you set your bong then

  • Nyancat

    hmmm advice noted :D

  • Li Peng

    I really do not like modern Chinese music because the men are so pussy.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      What era do you live in?

  • Fu ZhiGao

    The “Chopsticks Brothers”?

    Catchy name

  • Andao

    Once upon a time, there was a lawyer. He was blind.

    I want to talk about this instead.

    • Steve

      Lawyer – checked
      Blind – checked
      Enhanced senses – checked

      Real life Daredevil

    • Notorious
    • coala banana

      yes, and its kinda strange that MOST of this self righteous foreigner people out there which scream for human rights never ever lived and worked in china, and don’t have any knowledge about it.

      Truth is, he was disturbing the peace ! China is the way it is CAUSE of chinese people being ignorant selfish and greedy and treat each others like shit. The CCP knows that and that the reason THEY are the gov. chinese people deserve, period !!!

      Too many of this guys like this lawyer, and CCP giving up to “standards” set by foreign liberal assholes, which in fact just care about their own personal habitat, and china is going right away into chaos and anarchy, resulting in millions of deaths !

      Liberal foreign assholes need to shut the fuck up and let chinese people solve their problems by themselves, WHEN the time is right. The time might never be right in this case, but again, thats now our problem.

      Like to solve some problems and care about human rights, then watch out in front of YOUR house first. I am sure there is ENOUGH shit going on where you live ! Bunch of liberal hypocrites !

      • Foreign Devil

        CB you’ve been in China too long man. Defending the CCP and putting down heroes fighting for their civil rights. What a sad sight! Well I guess it’s all good for you as long as your making your money off Chinese backs.

        You want the Chinese to solve their own problems? Well the fight for civil rights is how people make change and improve their lot. Are you going to be one of the fascists who stands against that fight?

        Chen should have probably gone to HK rather than the Capital of the CCP. But he chose to take refuge in a US embassy in Beijing. I hope CCP gets thoroughly embarassed on this one. You stand on the side of the hired military thugs putting civil rights fighters and their families under regular beatings under house arrests. Let everyone see that. You are against change in China.

        • coala banana

          I am not against change in china, I am against change which is forced down the throats of westerners based on information from western media sources !

          I am against changes which will definitely put lives of millions of chinese into jeopardy, just cause some liberal dumb fucks think with their liberal assholes and not there brain !

          Changes which will for sure bring the whole region into danger and let a system collapse and give rights to a society which is NOT ready for democracy and freedoms !

          This is not my fight, and its not the fight of westerners, and its not the fight of chinese which live overseas. Its the fight chinese people have to fight when the time is RIGHT ! and not when liberal dumb fucks think its right ! Changes must come from the society within ! What we have now is 1 dozen guys out of 1.5 billion, which are known, to stand for what they believe in. There might be many more, BUT my point is that i very much doubt that all you self righteous assholes could name 3 out of this 1 dozen ?

          You guys hear about a “blind” lawyer and go nuts, yeah he must be really blind when he could find the way through a multi million city right to the a american embassy …..

          I am not against change. I am for the lesser of the 2 evils, and i am definitely against changes which will result in the loss of million of lives based on the destiny of dozen people in china, and millions of westerners which prefer to think with their liberal assholes instead their brains !

        • coala banana

          I would never deny that such things are happening in china. People are put into secret jails without trials, people are beat up, people are ignored or forced to shut the fuck up. But you think that this things are not happening even in western societies ?

          I would even go so far to claim that per capita !, they occur less frequently in china then in most of the western countries ! so whats the big deal ? should we all be now fucking surprised and upset cause they happen in china, while at the same time basic human rights are violated in so called free western countries ?

          are we now going to provide weapons to tibet “freedom fighters” or “freedom” seeking Uighures ??? So they can fight for their fucking “rights” ??? haven’t we done enough in the past with arming Mudschahedin and Taliban so they can fight the “evil” soviets ? and we still support all kind of “freedom fighters” all around the world, pretending that we support freedoms and democracy movements while the real agenda is to bring instability to whole regions so we can manipulate with them later on ?

          Ever had a closer look how Syrias opposition and freedom fighters look like ? armed with Khalaschnikows and Quarans ? Arab spring my ass, truth is that Muslim Brotherhoods are taking over ! And now we are pissed cause the “evil” Iran is not bowing down to us, so we have to threaten them hoping for a short sighted reaction which will give us a reason to attack them ?

          Every half intelligent person should be able to look through that. Are we now putting foreign relations and trade agreements with china into jeopardy, cause of a dozen “human rights activists” in china ? and of course they appear even more sympathetic knowing that this particular guy is Blind ? does that make a difference ? the funny things is that the very same people which are protesting about house arrests of chinese human rights activists couldn’t name any 3 of them, not to mention showing in a map where the particular province is. Same like this dumb fucks which supported the war against Afghanistan and Iraq but couldn’t show on a map where this countries are.

          It reminds me of the leftist germans i saw while i worked there protesting against their “racist evil government”, fuck, a country where you don’t even have to work to get your monthly cheque, free medical care for everyone, free housing and everything else. But this fucks still have something to complain, they go onto the streets and demanding “rights” and pretend that they fight for the “working class”. Truth is that the working class is most likely working, while these dumb fucks, mostly benefiting from social welfare, are “fighting” for workers rights throwing stones and mollotow cocktails at the police, but themselves have never set a foot into a factory and most likely never will. Its all hypocritical ! Its a human weakness to see problems where are none, or at least not up to the scale which would be worth to risk stability.

          now what is the CCP suppose to do, let a bunch of internet bloggers come together on the street protesting ? which will then result in more and more people coming together and riots to start, cause a blind fuck lawyer and his bunch of colleagues are fighting for more rights ? Would that change anything ? i am sure it would, chaos and anarchy would be the result. Are we now ready to pay this price and sacrifice all the accomplishments of the last decades, so a bunch of liberal fucks which ignore to see the bigger picture, can feel good about themselves ?

          fuck them all, clean the dirt in front of your doorstep first before you point to someone else’s doorstep ! left behind by society ? feel unfairly treated ? then stop complaining and realize that we don’t live in lala land, we live in societies which honor, value, and reward people which work their asses off, which are fucking creative, with create turnover and create jobs, by now that should be clear to everyone ! Apparently it looks like that this isn’t the case ! Looser ? then stop fucking complaining and make something out of your time on this planet, no one is responsible for you lazy ass if you are not ready to take over action yourself to make a change ! how easy it is for all losers to find millions of excuses when necessary to justify their own incompetence !

          If nothing else, lets blame all the rich fucks of this world ! Rich people are rich cause a good bunch of others are “poor”, otherwise it wouldn’t work. If you want all to be equal and live in such a society, then go to fucking north korea and live there !

      • pervertt

        Utter bullshit, Coala. There are many well-informed Chinese, both inside and outside of China, who sympathise with Chen. All you have to do is to read the Chinese press in places where there is no censorship by the Chinese government. He is not a cause celebre only for liberal leaning westerners with nothing better to do.

        Nobody, least of all the Chinese, deserves a government that is not transparent, unaccountable, repressive, and tolerant of corruption and nepotism. Unlike you, the Chinese are stuck with the government they have and there is no easy way for them to instigate change. You on the other hand, don’t have to put up with the shit that passes for government in China. All you have to do is pack your bags and leave behind the shithole you despise so much.

        Was the word “hypocrite” somewhere in your last post?

        • elizabeth

          He doesn’t despise the government (who can make or break his business), but the peasants he uses. Building guanxi with the former and getting into their good books is vital to his business, latter are disposables that can do nothing to him. That explains his stance…in order to be able to maintain his ivory towers from which he entertains himself by throwing contempt on the common man.

          He is as real as he can be. He’s no hypocrite, not at all.

          • coala banana

            why so self righteous ? what have YOU done for china ?

            dare to ask 500 of these, what you call “peasants” who is paying for their salaries every month, for the last 6 years ??? Would it be better, just to satisfy your own self righteousness and ego maniac liberal thinking, that they would have no jobs ? Then you could again celebrate your liberalism by claiming how poor this chinese people are without jobs.

            Its true, I very much benefited from laws and politics. But so did also this 500 people. But take into account that during the last 2 to years, and especially when the new labour laws were implemented that things became more and more complicated in china. All this price increases for raw materials, food, and the re evaluations of the chinese RMB, are results of western foreign policy to put china more and more under pressure to have more power when it comes to renegotiating new business ventures. Its never about the chinese people !

            You liberal hypocritical dumb fucks want to buy your products for a certain price in your fucking walmarts, but complain about living conditions and denied rights in the country which make 95% of the shit you buy…..you can’t have it both ways i guess ??!!

          • elizabeth

            How am I self-righteous? By hitting some raw nerves? Unlike you, I do not need to boast about how I have helped the peasants. And unlike you, I do not boast about ‘helping’ them (by paying wages that rightfully belong to them anyway) and then condemn their ways at the same time. In fact, I think you need those peasants more than they need you. Did you, for once, think that the those who can fend for themselves would actually subject themselves to working for someone who pays a miserable wage from the millions he makes out of them?

            I don’t claim to do charity when it’s not charity.

            What about you?

          • coala banana

            your way of thinking is exactly the reason why a true democracy can never be accomplished, not even in western societies. Truth is just for people which can handle the truth, and not every word is for ever ones ears. Our western leaders know that, and thats the reason we are NOT provided with certain truths or all truths. They are denied to us, cause of obvious reasons ! You being a good example of such reasons ! Keep on living in your liberal illusive dream world and complain about all kind of senseless BS you have no power about whats or ever, and again, you have no power about it, cause you are not given the power, cause you lack certain basics, one being the ability to handle truths which might hurt you, shock you and feeling uncomfortable !

          • elizabeth

            Sorry to disappoint you but you are the one who cannot handle the truth – that you are exploiting the helpless and defending the powers for you own ends.

            Go ahead and leave ‘cos that’s the only way you can show it’s not your business you are protecting.

            As for democracy, it’s people like you who oppress the poor with your exploitative ways that make it difficult for them to effect change. If you really care for democracy, you will help them to rise above their circumstances with your power and wealth, not despise them.

            And guess what, when all arguments fail, all you can do is to flaunt your line…I have power, you don’t…eat your heart out.

            Unfortunately, I am not your average peasant CB. Chew on it.

          • coala banana

            i never said that i care for democracy, truth is I DO NOT ! I admit that. More then 20 years traveling this world and working in all kind of environments and cultures showed me that people are not ready for such a thing like democracy, so I don’t believe in it and i am not delusional about it. Again: there are NO rights, there are just privileges !

            Another thing i have overcome was to feel pity for the “poor”. Truth is I do NOT feel pity for poor people. I go even one step further and would, based on my experience (and myself being poor at one point in time) consider them DANGEROUS ! Yes they are dangerous, cause they act irrational and out of control, bitch and complain about all kind of crap, and just being pissed about the fact that they are losers. So ALL the negative virtues like greed, jealousy, racism, selfishness and ignorance are to a higher degree discoverable in so called “poor people”. I exclude sick and disabled people, but the rest are a bunch of life losers which are pissed cause of their own incompetency ! They are ALL potential snitchers, which wouldn’t hesitate to lynch even the one(s) who cared about them ! I just care and respect people which can care about themselves and have some self-respect , short and simple !

            Why is it for you people always “care about them”….fuck em ! Thats the typical liberal BS ! There are no rights, you must first show that you deserve certain privileges. You can’t help anyone who is not ready to help himself first. You can’t love someone when you dont love yourself first. I judge people by their actions, and then decide how close i let them come, and i also pay people based on that !

            There are people which can get things done, and there are the ones which complain cause they can’t do shit, BUT they know that they “deserve” all the privileges they are (based on their actions) NOT entitled to ! Again: fuck em all !!! and fuck all their liberal hypocritical supporters who just pretend to care about the world, when in fact they just care about their own personal habitat at home. Claiming rights for all the poor suckers of this planet, but wouldn’t want them to be their next door neighbors ! That i call convenience out of arrogance !

          • elizabeth

            I see your point CB, only that you tend to be too cynical about people’s intentions. It is not true that whoever cares is a hypocritical liberal who only looks after his own habitat. I also do not agree that there are absolutely no rights.

            How would you expect someone who is born in a humble lot to rise and help himself if he does not even have the right to, say, education? Perhaps only when they get to meet someone like you who helps those who help themselves. But how many of the 1.5 billion will have that chance?

            For the rest, how would their voice be heard and their plight address if no one who has the ability bothers to speak on their behalf?

            Speaking up does not always mean rebellion. It is communication. How else would you act if you feel frustrated and no one is listening? Yes, throwing tantrums is infantile, but would anyone actually want to be that way if they have a choice? Some, but not all.

            Also, your (and some others’) assumption that those who speak up do not appreciate what the government has done so far is fallacious. I would not see anything wrong in fighting against what I feel is inequality (the rich get the ‘privileges’ and the poor get dung), especially if one does not have control over where or to whom one is born. And the system (which is not unique to this country) is such that you would have to try much much harder and still might not get your share of the pie compared to those born with a silver spoon in their mouth who do not have to sweat at all.

            I find there is a lot extremes in these comments. There are tones of gray instead of just black and white.

            But I would give it to you for being honest about what you do and think about others although your perceptions are sometimes a little warped.

        • Alan

          Unlike you, the Chinese are stuck with the government they have and there is no easy way for them to instigate change.

          A good post, but I do not agree.

          Who would have though East Germany could have thrown off the yoke of a tyrant, and reunite with the West?

          Who would have thought the USSR would split, although it seems authoratarian regimes have took over, in place of communism, so I will give you the former USSR is not a pertinent example.

          Gandhi and the british in India?

          They choose to put up with it while there is prosperity, once that runs dry, then what?

          • the facts right now is the CCP would rather the Chinese focus their attention on bo xi lai than on blind lawyer

          • donscarletti

            China is special though. China is a special country with special heroes.

            Who can forget Sima Yan who brought an end to the chaos of the three kingdoms, Zhu Yuanzhang who drove out the Mongols, Chiang Kai-Shek who put down the warlords or Mao Zedong who drove out the corrupt and entrenched bureaucracy and turned it over to the people.

          • coala banana

            changes require a certain level of civilization ! and a certain percentage of people which are civilized and ready to appreciate and value those changes !

            Worldwide there is no such things like “rights”, there is just the illusion of it. The only thing we all have, are certain privileges, but not rights. Even in our western democracies we are denied “rights” on a daily basis, we are feed with all kind of illusions which makes us feel special and taken care off, but the opposite is truth.

            None of the examples, from east germany to ussr can be used as an example for china. China is a whole different game, cause of their people, not cause of their leaders. China has improved significantly in the last 20 years. They are still improving, but a little bit slower. But lets not base that and talk it down based on the actions and treatment of a group of lawyers. There is NO real opposition in china, and the CCP has good reasons to surpress any form of opposition.

            2 days a go some flight were canceled in GZairport and one could see people rioting cause of it. they tried to break down the customs barrier to somehow make it to the gate. Senseless violence and uncivilized behavior, BUT THAT is exactly what we can expect when the world and the chinese CCP would bow down to the requirements of brainwashed western liberals which live in another world and far from any reality, definitely far from the reality in china !!!

        • coala banana

          wrong ! you get the government you deserve, period !

          My bags are packed already BTW !

          Its sad to see how the CCP was forced to give up based on pressure from foreign governments which FOR SURE don’t have the prosperity of the chinese people in mind. Western hypocrites, just think about themselves but always push their “common good” in front of them, pretending that they care about people. FUCK ! Its just a tool which is used in diplomacy, putting a country under pressure just to have better cards when it comes to asking for “favors”. Sadly china must play along, cause it relies on foreign investments ! You bow down and play along, and no one in diplomatic circles will put you under pressure cause you violate human rights. You refuse to play along and suddenly western countries create a dirty media campaign against you, which makes you look like the bad guy. China is bad when it comes to certain points, no question, but its a country with 1.5 billion people, so please get real. One can’t keep such masses peaceful, by giving them all kind of rights and freedoms, and definitely not by bowing down to a blind lawyer who doesn’t seem to understand that there is no such things as “rights” in the world, not in western countries and definitely not in china !

          • Alan

            Its sad to see how the CCP was forced to give up

            I like your posts CB, but I do not believe they have ever given up, and will ever willingly give up, short of death or revolution.

            If anything I think 2012 is even more tighter than ever.

          • coala banana

            times of “death or revolution”, are long time over my friend ! They died with great people and humanists like Che Guevara !!! (BTW died cause of the greed and snitch from a poor farmer, yes the same type of folks he fought for in the first place, risking his life so they can one day live a life in dignity) Fuck !

            That idea is long gone, and china is by NO MEANS a communist or socialist society ! Its a pure capitalist society, full with people which don’t care about revolutionary nonsense, they want to get fucking rich ! We are now living in a globalized world full with globalized societies ! Wars are now a days just fought against countries which are not under globalized capitalistic control and which are still not members of WTO and no credit from the world bank, or which refuse to bow down and to accept to borrow money and open their borders for foreign “investment” which will enslave them for the rest of their lives.

            China saw that coming ! So they opened their borders to prevent to go bankrupt, playing quit pro quo, let me be your factory and let me provide you my people as your slave labour, and i will send some of the money i earn back to you buying off your dept. With this way you can be sure ( for a particular amount of time) that there will be peace with each other, cause we need each others. But what china underestimated is that western countries are not short sighted like chinese people. Westerners think in the long run, they make decisions which are questionable on the first sight, but you can get sure that they will fuck you over later on ! China being the USAs biggest debtor is one of the things. This money is not invested to be claimed back at any time, its invested to keep the dog silent, so i can keep on doing all the nasty as shit i want to. Each time he ask me to buy more of my debt and i refuse he finds means to put me under pressure so i reconsider our relationship and do what is best in my own interest. This games are the perfect example how to rule someone else without him knowing it !

            Truth is china is doomed, her destiny is decided in Washington, Berlin, Paris and Brussels. As long as the money keeps circulating it will be business as usual. In the moment you want to become more independent and do whatever you like to, I don’t even have to invade you or risk the life of my own people, I just remove my investment and switch them to your neighbors like india. Your factories will run out of bus nines, they will be forced to fire their workers, me knowing that you can not feed all this masses of 100s of millions of people, which will then start a revolution, which will end your regime after millions of deaths, and then i will step right on the stage again with my suitcase full of money YOU gave me in the first place. I win a war without going to war, without shooting one bullet out of my gun, and the best thing is I will buy your fucking country with your own money you borrowed me over decades !

          • Peterpan

            I never post anything on Chinasmack but this is too tempting.
            I would have to agree that CB is right. Western liberals just sit back in their ‘safe zone’ and make the fire bigger, just for their own gain. It’s always been like that. And then, when some countries(Venezuela, Iran) does not kneel to their so called human rights claims, they impose sanctions. Interestingly though, they don’t have a pair, to do that with China.
            There is no such thing as “human rights”. I, for one, think the government has been doing a hell of a job providing and controlling it’s population. How would some western countries handle that kind of population, and at the same time develop into a country that all other countries need?!
            It’s basically like a father of 2 giving advice to a father of 12. The father of 2 would probably never need to raise a finger on his kids, where as the other takes much stricter measures to make sure his kids never cross the line.

          • Alan

            That idea is long gone, and china is by NO MEANS a communist or socialist society ! Its a pure capitalist society, full with people which don’t care about revolutionary nonsense, they want to get fucking rich !

            Bravo! Coala is on fire today!

            I like your posting just now, sorry I only just got around to reading it all.

            It always makes me laugh when socialism with chinese characteristics is trotted out, everyone knows they have adopted full on american capitalism but with very little of the philanthropy, but I guess even that took time to develop in the USA.

            Question is me old mucker, where to from here?

          • coala banana

            “Question is me old mucker, where to from here?”

            thats quite obvious, but without going into another lengthy post, let me take a passage from Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, which goes like this and can explain much better what will most likely happen:

            “Mit meinen Thränen gehe in deine Vereinsamung, mein Bruder. Ich liebe Den, der über sich selber hinaus schaffen will und so zu Grunde geht.”


            “With my tears go into your isolation, my brother. I love him who wants to create over and beyond himself and thus perishes ! ”

            kinda like the small baby boy in my avatar !

          • mr. wiener

            Careful CB. You start quoting to much Nietzsche and you’ll have Hongjian’s ovaries bouncing like ping pong balls.
            Not someone I’d care to have turned on at me considering what she said she’d do to you with a bayonet. I fear for your arse >.<

        • Hua

          Innocent Idiot who thinks he knows China, and will make the world a better place based on the value he believes, Im in Beijing, 100% native Chinese, try to understand my English and come and save me please~~~

      • hanyucha

        CB’s comments just get better and better. I elect CB for next chairman of China!

        • mr. wiener

          That should be interesting,but I believe we’d have more chance of “electing” him the chairman of chinasmack,just to piss Anon , Terrior and Hongjian off.
          But no…I fear CB wouldn’t be interested in the job unless there was a stack of Renminbi, blow and arse in it. Besides which the great helmswoman ,Fauna, would cramp his style. Somehow I just can’t see CB wanting to work under a woman…….then again?

          • coala banana

            we all work for someone. I tried my whole life to become independent and not to rely on anyone ! After some time i thought that i accomplished that goal after i opened some successful businesses, just to find out that i was still a whore, expensive whore, but still a whore. No longer to some boss, but to the tax department ! Then it took me some more time to find a way get rid of the tax department. Haven’t paid ANY tax in years, in fact get more back by the end of the year then i pay into the system over the whole year. However, i feel free for years now, but still like to be bellow someone from time to time. Preferably a nice girl with a clean ass which i let sit on my face….i think that could be called “working under a women?”

          • mr. wiener

            For me it’s always been the case of working out whether the fucking you are getting is worth the fucking you are getting.

      • choloboy

        well said cb

  • 印度杰

    like the song and movie both , this guy have one another short movie I am finding since from long time but can’t get through someone please help….

  • I barely ever comment on ChinaSmack too, but, as Peterpan puts it, this is too juicy…

    To be bluntly honest with everyone, I do agree with much of what CB said, especially after doing business in China (originally born there with the language and culture also helps). However, such a malevolent tone certainly brings out the most defensive egos among other commenters…

    Still one thing is certain. The CCP has done a hell of a job managing the extraordinary growth of PRC without collapse. While the country is far from perfect, I see China today as parallel to the U.S. in the Roaring 20s, when that country, too, had much corruption, economic growth, and the chase for wealth. WW2 certainly further helped America’s positioning among global powers, eventually stabilizing into a nation more sensitive to civil liberties. Hopefully, that day will come for China (if even culturally possible), but with or without war…? 没有物质文明这么能有精神文明。。。?

    BTW, does anyone else see CB’s resemblance to a character out of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged? Maybe John Galt? LOL…

    • Alan

      I see China today as parallel to the U.S

      I am afraid I do not.

      There is none of the founding fathers spirit here. The USA developed from an ex british colony into the worlds number 1 country in 250 years. No mean feat. Obviously the economic and political system left behind by those wise old white guys left a lasting legacy.

      China has had 5,000 years with and without communism, and has yet to produce a world leading brand, and has a gdp lower than Thailand, so I am still holding on for this so called superpower status to arrive.

      Just my two mao, regards….

      • mr. wiener

        Damn good point Alan.

  • 骂人的是孙子

    Holy shit people need to chill the fuck out. “Yeah let’s overthrow CCP, then somebody somewhere will magically make things better. What if everything goes to shit? I don’t care, it’s not like I’m supposed to be responsible for the future of China or anything, I’m just saying we should destroyed the evil empire and turn it into a utopia.”

  • Haha, Elizabeth does make a good point about separating the CCP’s performance from civil liberties, at least whatever one’s perspective of those are…

    Moving away from that, I don’t believe it’s necessarily a government’s job to equalize all opportunities and resources (e.g. education, credit lines, etc.) among all citizens – it’s simply not practical. However, the other extreme is also deterrent… LOL

    I have noticed that many post 60s Chinese who did receive the minimal education available and still “made it out” of the countrysides are the 牛B-est. It’s the same logic behind why so many immigrants are entrepreneurs in the U.S., even under harsh conditions.

    I guess my point is simple: while it is certainly a utopia-like ideal to make resources fair to everyone, it is not necessarily realistic nor healthy for the development of a nation overall, especially if a country seeks those top minds to lead it, minds of individuals who had to struggle a bit socially before getting there…

    God I sound like someone out of Ayn Rand’s books… Hahaha

    • elizabeth

      This is a balanced perspective I am agreeable with. I do not think people are asking for utopia but just what they need to survive on, even rice on the table, and that is their right.

      I believe it’s the government’s job to ensure citizens have access to basic necessities. Credit lines and luxury cars aren’t, but education and health care are. Equal opportunities in the basics do not necessarily mean equal allocation of resources, which I do concede, is not realistic nor practical.

      But reading the Chinese netizens’ comments and the stories of harsh lives on one hand and wasteful extravagance on the other leaves me wondering if more could have been done to address the unnecessary inequalities.

      I suppose whether it is time or not really lies in the hands of the Chinese themselves. We’ve seen how governments are overthrown by grossly deprived masses and a smart government would take care not to ignore the warning signs.

  • BTW, in terms of the American concept of ‘rights’, I will validate one thing: the large majority of Chinese citizens would prefer to have food on their table and economic development over ‘rights’.

    While this sounds like people are forgoeing personal liberty for economic prosperity, it’s a phase most developed nations have faced at one point in their history. Hence I do agree with CB that it’s not the right time to push China for all these yet, if at all even right…

    • Alan

      I will validate one thing: the large majority of Chinese citizens would prefer to have food on their table and economic development over ‘rights’.

      I agree. But indifference because of having food on the table, a fancy apartment and a car is no excuse.

      Nine commentaries has a lot of truth, other countries have done surprisingly well post communism.

      • coala banana

        i think what will most likely happen is that it will go the other way around. Our western societies will move to a faster and larger extend towards socialism/communism, then china moving towards our current systems. Either that transition will happen or the second option will be that china will be fucked over by western powers. It all depends on how china plays along. In the distant future china will either be seen as an example OR a threat. I would suggest they keep the balance, slow down and keep on growing with healthy baby steps, while the west will be forced to move towards socialism, reducing “rights” to its citizens. As we know, they can sugar coat their reasons for reducing our “rights”, which were anyway just a delusion. The secret is to keep and let people dreaming and sell the the great idea, that the next year everything will be worse for them, but for their OWN GOOD !

  • Yea I hope things don’t topple with “poor people” rebelling, which was the practical beginning of the CCP. Otherwise, I’m also in agreement with the more moderate tone.

    It is a good point about excessive spending and excessive misfortune. But keep in mind that such cases are the utter minority in a huge wealth distribution drawn across 1.3 B people… Hey it’s always that one egg that spoils the dozen~

    BTW, I’m in the China-U.S. education industry and will attest that education is one thing the goverent has greaty reformed to be equalized among all… Though the access to the best extra-curricular tutoring / extra learning is not. But hey, there must be balance… Somewhere, somehow…

    Wait… Are we still talking about human rights and that blind dude? LOL

    • elizabeth

      Were we talking about that blind dude? Lol!

      Too sensitive.

  • Wait… Why are we commenting all this under an Old Boy post… Did Fauna ran out of topics to share or is the blind man too sensitive of a topic to post…?

  • Haters gonna’ hate~

  • cucumber

    eh shut da fuck up all yas with these political bullshit. im tryin to enjoy a song here.