Hospital Staff Stage Sit-In After Doctor Forced to Kneel

Hospital staff in Yueyang, Hunan, China stage a protest after a doctor was assaulted and the hospital disrupted by the angry familiy members of a patient that died.

Hospital staff in Yueyang, Hunan, China stage a protest after a doctor was assaulted and the hospital disrupted by the angry familiy members of a patient that died.

From QQ:

Hundreds of Medical Personnel in Hunan Yueyang Stage Sit-In Protest Because Family of Deceased Forced a Doctor to Kneel

Over two hundred medical workers of the Yueyang City Second People’s Hospital staged a sit-in in front of the outpatient building on the morning of August 21, protesting against a violent assault againt a doctor of the hospital the day before.


According to the medical staff, on August 20th, the hospital treated a male patient who had been stabbed and whom eventually died despite the hospital’s efforts. Afterward, the deceased man’s family members seized one of the doctors involved with the intention of forcing her to kneel before the deceased’s body. They also went on to vandalize the hospital’s office and block the entrance to the outpatient building, causing an eight-hour interruption in the hospital’s normal operations.

A member of the Yueyang City Second People’s Hospital administrative office confirmed the aforementioned description of the incident The Paper, and stated that they had already reported it to the police, determined to protect the legal rights of their medical workers. Mr. Huang Jianjun, Director of the Yueyang City Public Health Bureau, said the Public Health Bureau has already joined the investigation, and have already confirmed that this is a “hospital incident” [deliberate disturbance or harassment of a hospital or its employees by patients or their family]. He added that local police have formed a taskforce for further investigation.

As of this report’s submission, The Paper has not been able to get in touch with the deceased’s family. Mr. Liu Liwei, Director of the Yueyang City Public Health Bureau’s Administrative Office, says the deceased’s family has not contacted the Pulic Health Bureau, nor do they have a contact method for the deceased’s family.


A notice posted on a door entering the Yueyang City Second People’s Hospital. (Image source: Weibo) [The note explains that the hospital is halting service for a day due to a doctor's personal safety having been harmed.]
A notice posted on a door entering the Yueyang City Second People’s Hospital. (Image source: Weibo) [The note explains that the hospital is halting service for a day due to a doctor’s personal safety having been harmed.]

Comments from QQ:


Hospitals are indeed “black” [corrupt, unscrupulous], even a pregnancy test costs more than 50 [yuan].


First, you must respect life before other people will respect you doctors! You charge so much, yet refuse to take responsibility! This is the root of “hospital incidents”!


So the patients in the hospital are all waiting for doctors unable to find them, and the reason is because they’ve all gone to stage a sit-in? Is it an attitude of being responsible to patients???


When the man arrived [at the hospital], it had already been about an hour since he was stabbed. He could have died from the blood loss alone. Even a reincarnated Hua Tuo [141-203, a legendary surgeon at the end of the Han Dynasty] would not be able to save you, so they should not take it out on the doctors. You should go find the murderer. There is a murder case hidden in here, and it feels like this “hospital incident” is just an attempt to hide it.


A doctor will surely try his best to save a patient, as no one wants his medical skills to be looked down upon. There are many people in society whose mentalities/thinking processes are twisted, simply sick [perversely illogical].


How are hospitals nowadays like hospitals at all? Those who have family or friends who have been hospitalized all know. If you are hospitalized, you can pay 5000 yuan in advance to the hospital, and you will have little left when you get out. It is the same if you pay 2000 yuan. You get well in both cases. The more you pay [upfront], the more days they make you stay in the hospital, the more nutrient IVs and fees and tests they charge you. You don’t need all those tests and unnecessary expenses, but they make you pay for each and every one of them. Farmers/peasants usually can’t afford to go to big hospitals, unless it is really serious. Of course, those who deliberately cause hospital incidents are wrong too, but hospital bills are indeed out of control.


When one’s life is on the verge of death, is it still necessary to do a CT scan?

[Note: The remained of the article that was not translated explains that the doctor had patched up the man’s wound and ordered a CT scan before going to the ICU. This comment suggests the commenter doesn’t think the CT scan was necessary and thus suspects it was an unnecessary procedure.]


All nonsense. I’ve discovered that people nowadays just aren’t willing to trust others. The [world, overall society/country] is slowly getting better, so if youhave a problem, take your time in solving it. If you don’t trust doctors, then don’t go see them. If you don’t trust the police, then go solve your problems yourself, as long as you’re okay with going to jail afterward. Don’t just complain the moment you have a problem. Is that how you were raised at home?


Incomprehensible! Instead of going after the criminal who had stabbed him, the family members instead go after the doctor who tried to help! Is it because they can’t prevail over the killer, or is it because the savior is easier to bully?


Shouldn’t they be going after the killer? Why go after the doctors? The so-called patient’s family have probably made a profession out of using “hospital incidents” to scam money.


I wonder how ancient treated external injuries? Holy shit, if they had done more CT scans, [the patient] would be dead already! Who doesn’t know that you have to fight against time with external injuries! And you guys are staging a sit-in?! This is clearly an illegal gathering/assembly!


If you don’t respect doctors, doctors too can not respect you. People are equal. You are human beings. Doctors are too.


Instead of rushing to save him, you made him take scans, and now you know you made a mess of things, right! When they make you do so many tests just for a cold, how much worse it is after being stabbed. Doctors nowadays have no medical ethics and only know how to ask for money and kickbacks/commissions [from medicine sales].


Today’s doctors have no medical ethics at all. Last time, a pregnant woman died on the operating table. All the doctors fled the hospital. They did not notify her family either. Why didn’t those doctors stage a sit-in for that?


They should go after the perpetrator, not the doctor.
In such a situation, doctors will not refuse to save a dying man.
But for a hospital to halt service for a day
what are all those patients supposed to do?
We should first get rid of all the savage people in society.


You were stabbed and did not have the guts to take revenge, but instead go make trouble for the doctor? If you have the balls, go find the person who stabbed you. Or is your entire family only capable of bullying the weak and fearing the strong?


The main culprit here are those who proposed medical/healthcare reforms. They’re the ones who have made the relationship between patients and doctors so tense with their reforms, and it is getting worse! What causes “hospital incidents”? There are some specific “hospital incidents” that are wrong, but are all the hospitals doing what they should do? You have people to stand behind you to protect your rights. But who will patients turn to when they need to protect their rights?! They don’t even know where to go, and even if they do find someplace [to get their grievances heard], it’ll drag on for years.

Note: An earlier version of this translation had translated 医闹 as “medical disputes”. This translation has been revised to “hospital incidents” for more clarity.


Written by Zhang Qishan


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