Hospital Staff Stage Sit-In After Doctor Forced to Kneel

Hospital staff in Yueyang, Hunan, China stage a protest after a doctor was assaulted and the hospital disrupted by the angry familiy members of a patient that died.

Hospital staff in Yueyang, Hunan, China stage a protest after a doctor was assaulted and the hospital disrupted by the angry familiy members of a patient that died.

From QQ:

Hundreds of Medical Personnel in Hunan Yueyang Stage Sit-In Protest Because Family of Deceased Forced a Doctor to Kneel

Over two hundred medical workers of the Yueyang City Second People’s Hospital staged a sit-in in front of the outpatient building on the morning of August 21, protesting against a violent assault againt a doctor of the hospital the day before.


According to the medical staff, on August 20th, the hospital treated a male patient who had been stabbed and whom eventually died despite the hospital’s efforts. Afterward, the deceased man’s family members seized one of the doctors involved with the intention of forcing her to kneel before the deceased’s body. They also went on to vandalize the hospital’s office and block the entrance to the outpatient building, causing an eight-hour interruption in the hospital’s normal operations.

A member of the Yueyang City Second People’s Hospital administrative office confirmed the aforementioned description of the incident The Paper, and stated that they had already reported it to the police, determined to protect the legal rights of their medical workers. Mr. Huang Jianjun, Director of the Yueyang City Public Health Bureau, said the Public Health Bureau has already joined the investigation, and have already confirmed that this is a “hospital incident” [deliberate disturbance or harassment of a hospital or its employees by patients or their family]. He added that local police have formed a taskforce for further investigation.

As of this report’s submission, The Paper has not been able to get in touch with the deceased’s family. Mr. Liu Liwei, Director of the Yueyang City Public Health Bureau’s Administrative Office, says the deceased’s family has not contacted the Pulic Health Bureau, nor do they have a contact method for the deceased’s family.


A notice posted on a door entering the Yueyang City Second People’s Hospital. (Image source: Weibo) [The note explains that the hospital is halting service for a day due to a doctor's personal safety having been harmed.]
A notice posted on a door entering the Yueyang City Second People’s Hospital. (Image source: Weibo) [The note explains that the hospital is halting service for a day due to a doctor’s personal safety having been harmed.]

Comments from QQ:


Hospitals are indeed “black” [corrupt, unscrupulous], even a pregnancy test costs more than 50 [yuan].


First, you must respect life before other people will respect you doctors! You charge so much, yet refuse to take responsibility! This is the root of “hospital incidents”!


So the patients in the hospital are all waiting for doctors unable to find them, and the reason is because they’ve all gone to stage a sit-in? Is it an attitude of being responsible to patients???


When the man arrived [at the hospital], it had already been about an hour since he was stabbed. He could have died from the blood loss alone. Even a reincarnated Hua Tuo [141-203, a legendary surgeon at the end of the Han Dynasty] would not be able to save you, so they should not take it out on the doctors. You should go find the murderer. There is a murder case hidden in here, and it feels like this “hospital incident” is just an attempt to hide it.


A doctor will surely try his best to save a patient, as no one wants his medical skills to be looked down upon. There are many people in society whose mentalities/thinking processes are twisted, simply sick [perversely illogical].


How are hospitals nowadays like hospitals at all? Those who have family or friends who have been hospitalized all know. If you are hospitalized, you can pay 5000 yuan in advance to the hospital, and you will have little left when you get out. It is the same if you pay 2000 yuan. You get well in both cases. The more you pay [upfront], the more days they make you stay in the hospital, the more nutrient IVs and fees and tests they charge you. You don’t need all those tests and unnecessary expenses, but they make you pay for each and every one of them. Farmers/peasants usually can’t afford to go to big hospitals, unless it is really serious. Of course, those who deliberately cause hospital incidents are wrong too, but hospital bills are indeed out of control.


When one’s life is on the verge of death, is it still necessary to do a CT scan?

[Note: The remained of the article that was not translated explains that the doctor had patched up the man’s wound and ordered a CT scan before going to the ICU. This comment suggests the commenter doesn’t think the CT scan was necessary and thus suspects it was an unnecessary procedure.]


All nonsense. I’ve discovered that people nowadays just aren’t willing to trust others. The [world, overall society/country] is slowly getting better, so if youhave a problem, take your time in solving it. If you don’t trust doctors, then don’t go see them. If you don’t trust the police, then go solve your problems yourself, as long as you’re okay with going to jail afterward. Don’t just complain the moment you have a problem. Is that how you were raised at home?


Incomprehensible! Instead of going after the criminal who had stabbed him, the family members instead go after the doctor who tried to help! Is it because they can’t prevail over the killer, or is it because the savior is easier to bully?


Shouldn’t they be going after the killer? Why go after the doctors? The so-called patient’s family have probably made a profession out of using “hospital incidents” to scam money.


I wonder how ancient treated external injuries? Holy shit, if they had done more CT scans, [the patient] would be dead already! Who doesn’t know that you have to fight against time with external injuries! And you guys are staging a sit-in?! This is clearly an illegal gathering/assembly!


If you don’t respect doctors, doctors too can not respect you. People are equal. You are human beings. Doctors are too.


Instead of rushing to save him, you made him take scans, and now you know you made a mess of things, right! When they make you do so many tests just for a cold, how much worse it is after being stabbed. Doctors nowadays have no medical ethics and only know how to ask for money and kickbacks/commissions [from medicine sales].


Today’s doctors have no medical ethics at all. Last time, a pregnant woman died on the operating table. All the doctors fled the hospital. They did not notify her family either. Why didn’t those doctors stage a sit-in for that?


They should go after the perpetrator, not the doctor.
In such a situation, doctors will not refuse to save a dying man.
But for a hospital to halt service for a day
what are all those patients supposed to do?
We should first get rid of all the savage people in society.


You were stabbed and did not have the guts to take revenge, but instead go make trouble for the doctor? If you have the balls, go find the person who stabbed you. Or is your entire family only capable of bullying the weak and fearing the strong?


The main culprit here are those who proposed medical/healthcare reforms. They’re the ones who have made the relationship between patients and doctors so tense with their reforms, and it is getting worse! What causes “hospital incidents”? There are some specific “hospital incidents” that are wrong, but are all the hospitals doing what they should do? You have people to stand behind you to protect your rights. But who will patients turn to when they need to protect their rights?! They don’t even know where to go, and even if they do find someplace [to get their grievances heard], it’ll drag on for years.

Note: An earlier version of this translation had translated 医闹 as “medical disputes”. This translation has been revised to “hospital incidents” for more clarity.

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  • lacompacida

    A very positive story that will encourage PRC youth into the medical profession.

    • donscarletti

      Absolutely no upside to being a doctor in China. No respect, no money, nothing.

      I am always astounded that as a dude who makes entertainment products how many rungs up the socio-economic ladder I am from doctors here. And I don’t even have to really see or face any consequence of failure.

      It’s no wonder hospitals here are so terrible. Why the hell would you be a doctor if you could even sell egg pancakes on the street.

  • Brian227

    A scan to determine the extent of internal injuries seems quite reasonable prior to surgery. I doubt any surgeon would prefer going in blind.

  • jon9521

    In China it is normal to pay bribes to the medical staff to get good treatment. Maybe the family did not pay. Who knows the truth..

    • Guang Xiang

      Taiwan too. It’s not really a bribe per-say but more like a protocol. It’s like meeting people in business and bringing a bottle of whiskey as a gift.

      • mr.wiener

        There ain’t no red envelope going in though. If the doc has done a good job you can get him a gift after. The surgeon who saved my wife’s face after her accident has been getting presents off me for a while….but stuff like nice wine or homemade bacon, not money.

        • learnEngrish

          oh my – sorry to hear that – her face fixed up now?

          • mr.wiener

            All good now. Thanks for asking.

          • learnEngrish

            nw! been reading your posts, looks like ur not an anti-chinese troll after all. Apologies – you are a fair, good, white gentleman.. farewell!

            i’ll go hunt for another anti-chinese troll to say hello – give me a shout if you know of any..

          • mr.wiener

            Somehow, I don’t think your argument: “White people have pedophilia in their DNA”… is going to go down well with most people in the middle ground.

        • Probotector

          My sympathies for you both.

      • byunboy2

        Same in South Korea too!

        • chucky3176

          Say what? First time I’m hearing about this.

    • LuoyangLaowai

      What a Fucking sick society is when how well you get treated depends on if you bribe the doctor or now. Where are the morals. where is the sympathy. Oh. I still have to remind myself sometime. THIS IS CHINA. Although, I have to wonder if South American or African or Southeast asian Countries are the same way??

      • Probotector

        Do Chinese doctors take the Hippocratic Oath?

        • Fumanchu


          • Probotector

            Do you know why not?

          • David

            Because keeping it would mean giving up money I assume.

        • ElectricTurtle

          Most doctors don’t take the actual Hippocratic Oath anymore since it prohibits abortion. Which bastardized version is taken or whether it’s taken at all depends on the medical school.

          • Probotector

            Do you mean most doctors in the world don’t take it? Well they take an oath that the will do no harm surely?

    • Teacher in China

      Yep. I went in for surgery in Changchun back in April. We had to sign a paper saying that we understood that giving a red envelope was not necessary and that it was prohibited by the hospital. Yet every other patient we talked to gave a red envelope anyway, so we did too. And because we only gave one to the actual doctor that performed the surgery, the other doctor that advised got all uppity and perfunctory with us. Then when we tried to check out, there were suddenly unexplainable “problems” with our bill that took hours to resolve.

      On top of that, when I was recovering after the surgery, I was pestered several times to pay extra for a private room by hospital staff.

      It’s despicable how everyone involved only thinks about their own personal gain and taking advantage of people when they’re at their most scared and vulnerable.

  • 5000 years of history

    You should only live and work in china if you have medical insurance that allows you to go to the foriegn hospitals. They may be expensive, but your chances of living are higher than those giant people mill hospitals.

    BTW do all of you Americans know if you live in China, you still need to purchase obomacare crap that won’t help you in china?

    • Alphy

      It doesn’t apply till 2015, and even then, that only applies if you pay China and US income tax, which I doubt many people do.

  • mr.wiener

    I just can’t get over how much the authorities let the family get away with… I know in most places there is no way this would drag on for 8 hours,and I shudder to think of the way this would go down in the states.
    Point is people do this because even though there are legal repocusions later, at the time they do it ,they will get away with it.
    Responses anyone?

    • Honibaz

      It goes back to the notion that in the eyes of most Chinese people, their family is above everyone else.

    • Probotector

      The need to preserve harmony, and indifference because many believe that Zài zhōngguó shì zhèyàng.

    • David

      I was thinking the same thing. I think in any western country or even that crazy place called OZ, hospital security and than police would have been called immediately and they would have been arrested. Here there does not seem to be any desire by the police to keep ‘harmony’ unless it is a villager trying to stop his home from being destroyed. Seriously, in two years of watching crazy driving and incredibly reckless motobikes in China, I have NEVER, even once, seen police stop anybody for ANYTHING in Wuxi. The only think I ever see police do is sleep in their cars on the side of the road and occasionally use their lights to get through traffic. If people do not trust the law is being applied evenly they will become vigilantes.

      • firebert5

        My very first time in China was way back in 2006. I found out I had to register at the local police station, so a friend took me in the morning. While waiting for the officer in charge, I suddenly heard a lot of shouting. Down the stairs of the police station ran six officers at breakneck speed. They burst through the front door and turned right. My first thought was something was going down and they just got the call. Two minutes later they all walk back in carrying ice cream cones in their hands and laughing it up. Meanwhile, I was told the officer in charge of registering foreigners was on vacation for an undisclosed period of time and I would have to come back in a week. He wasn’t in a week later and I had to come back a few days after that. Then he revealed he wasn’t actually in charge of registering foreign residents. It turned out it was the job of an officer who had been there the whole time. This pretty much summed up every subsequent experience I had with the police in Harbin.

        • David

          Yea, I have been here a little less than two years and that has pretty much been my experience.

  • Amused

    Meh. All too usual. No Hippocratic oath and no security. What do you expect? China…

  • b duck

    no women on this site, too sad!
    no fun!

    • mr.wiener

      No one is forcing you to stay.

      • b duck

        do not be mean, ok?

        • mr.wiener

          Ok , sorry, I was being a bit of a douche.

          • learnEngrish

            and a fucknuckle XD

    • AbC

      1. How do you distinguish which users of this site are men/women?
      2. Why does it matter?
      3. Why would having no/few women in the comment section of a website make it ‘sad’ and ‘not fun’?

    • Probotector

      The used to be quite a few females frequenting this venue.

    • David

      Didn’t you tell me you were a young gay man at one point?

      • b duck

        no guy or girl would be interested in you, anyway!

        • David

          What are you talking about? Nobody else is on this foram trying to date.

          • b duck

            not really!
            i wanna date Fritz Vanderhoffen at least.
            never dated car racer, when think about it, it’s so cool!

          • David

            I will take your word for it, I have no clue who that is. Since I am married, I only date my wife.

          • b duck

            good for you.
            because i know several married foreign fkers cheating their chinese wives.

          • Teacher in China

            And I know of several hundred Chinese fkers cheating on their Chinese wives.

          • b duck

            good luck!
            i do not wanna deal with teachers. most are cheap diggers, bye!
            wish u a good stay in china at last!

          • David

            I always do find it funny that Chinese men get upset that foreign guys cheat on their wives with Chinese women. I mean are they mad they can only have a wife, a mistress and TWO girlfriends instead of three? I really don’t care from as a personal opinion, just admiring the selective hypocrisy from a sociological point of view.

          • vincent_t

            I am more amused when the white chicks find out i am not a pencil dick like what they’ve always been told.

          • David

            And I am always amused when the Chinese chicks find out that all penises are not 3″ long (see what I did there?) lol

          • vincent_t

            I am sorry to hear that, you should have tell them 2.9″ doesn’t make a huge different from the typical 3″. LOL

  • Fritz Vanderhoffen

    Doctors get scapegoated everywhere for the inadequacies of the healthcare system.

    • b duck

      ha, you again!

      • Fritz Vanderhoffen

        Haha. Itsa me again!

        • b duck

          you are in china?

  • AbC

    The medical profession in China is in shambles. Urgency to treat patients depend not on the severity of the injury/disease, but on the size of the ‘red pocket’.

    When you hear stories of people with stab wounds and head injuries in the hospital waiting area until their family pays the ‘deposit’, you know that all compassion has decipated from the medical field. It’s not necessary the people, but the system is like a sickness that isn’t improving with the economy.

    • Probotector

      Moreover, if you go into a hospital at an antisocial hour, there’s normally no one around to take your money anyway.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Trust me, it’s Lupus.

  • aasdf34sdf

    From what I heard a lot of doctors in China are overworked and underpaid, at least compared to what doctors earn in the US. It must really suck being a doctor in China and forced to deal with unruly families who don’t know their boundaries.

    • Probotector

      From what I’ve heard a lot of doctors in China are under-skilled and over-bribed.

      • Rick in China

        Haha exactly. Doctors in many western countries have like, a decade of education to pay off — Doctors in China just throw on a labcoat and make their assessments based on a 3 second glancing consult.

        “Looks like you have inflammation. Take this script down and buy all the 4 medicines on it, take as prescribed.” (NEXT) “Looks like you have inflammation. Take this script down and buy all the 4 medicines on it, take as prescribed.” (NEXT) “Looks like you have inflammation. Take this script down and buy all the 4 medicines on it, take as prescribed.”

        • Probotector

          You know, if “Dr.” Sun hadn’t gotten hacked he’d probably be wading in here telling us we’re all Nazis for defaming the integrity of the Chinese medical establishment.

          • David

            True. Although I think if he were being honest with us he HAS to have some real whopper stories to tell. I mean even in the most advanced and professional hospitals in the world strange shit happens (I was a Paramedic a life time ago before joining the military). I only did it for a year in a modern city and I saw strange shit so a doctor working in rural China must be blown away sometimes.

          • Rick in China

            You’re operating under the presumption that the story of “Dr” Sun is as written…

          • Kai

            Ever read World War Z? :D

          • David

            Afraid not. When you look at the night stand of any historian it is always piled with books (constantly being refilled) that need to be read. I don’t often get to read for enjoyment anymore, even during summer and winter break. If I am not reading something for research or simply for knowledge, I am re-reading old articles/books to refresh what I had learned a long time ago.

          • Kai

            While not a historian, I empathize. I have a lot of books on my iPad still waiting for me to get around to them (I got suckered into re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire recently and that’s what I’ve been working on in the moments before going to sleep).

            Anyway, my comment was alluding to the “strange shit” that must blow away doctors working in rural China. In World War Z, that strange shit was one of the first zombies of the story.

          • moop

            I got sucked into that one, actually that series got me reading fantasy. you should check out “The Kingkiller Chronicle”, “Chronicles of the Black Company”, and “The Stormlight Archive”. I think I liked them better than A Song of Ice and Fire

          • Kai

            Yeah, ASOIAF is really good. There was a series I read in college but I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me. Argh. BTW, the latest episode of Rectify was pretty awesome.

            I’m still kinda mixed about Teddy. He’s gotten more unsympathetic in the series after I first shared my thoughts about him, but I still find it hard to completely blame him. You characterized him as insecure and sure enough, he became obviously insecure though later on, but his insecurity about Daniel and his wife turned out to be warranted. That said, he does handle a lot of things in arguably low, sniveling ways. I really like his dad, though.

        • Teacher in China

          Yeah that’s exactly what the first doctor I saw told me – inflammation. Then later when I saw a real doctor (an older clearly more experienced guy) he mocked the first diagnosis, wondering how anyone could have thought my problem was due to inflammation. I tried to laugh with him, but then I thought how annoying it was to get to Changchun from where I live and how many fucking people were in the hospital that day and it made me sick….

          • Rick in China

            Yeah – they always seem to go with inflammation as a default (just by taking a glance at whatever area you say is unwell) and try to scribe up several types of medicine to treat it. Can imagine how many people get f’d by that…

    • SongYii

      And blame you for things far beyond your control. :-(

  • David

    Well, I know that happens in the west but I don;t know how much it happens here.

    • firebert5

      According to three of my friends, all of whom are doctors in different areas, it happens all the time. At least in Harbin anyway. Maybe things are a little more strict in cities like Beijing. Anyone else have knowledge on the subject? I’m curious to know whether this is the case in other places.

      • mopedchi

        Ex-gf worked for stent manufacturer rep in BJ. Routinely dropped off bags of cash or bring expensive gifts to doctors who use their products, even at 301 military hospital. She also had to sleep in OR several times when emergency surgery using stent failed (patient died) and family members occupied ER to protest.

    • Jon

      The west (I’m talking about the USA) doesn’t have that kickback anymore. The days of having all expenses paid “conferences” in Hawaii doesn’t happen anymore. One of the doctor I was working with got invited to a dinner at a nice restaurant by a pharm rep. He asked if he could bring his wife along and the medical rep paid yes, but we can’t pay for her. Things have gotten super strict in the USA.

      • David


  • David

    The one guy I actually WANTED to see a comment from, Dr. Sun (because he is a practicing physician in China) and I see nothing. Perhaps he is busy. Please let us know what you think about this situation.

    • Probotector

      Apparently, his computer got hacked or something.

  • Slade Sully

    No pharmaceutical company’s give kickbacks to the doctors. It’s further up the chain than that. Plus pharmaceuticals are much more heavily controlled in China. Not just opiates but simple things like antibiotics. What you are talking about is heavily abused in the US and more than a few other western countries, but not in China.

    • Rick in China

      What? In Sichuan, definitely, doctors receive money for selling more drugs. Specific drugs at that. They also receive little gift envelopes for surgeries and the like.. which often has to get ‘distributed’ amongst several staff involved in whatever operation or whatever it is that it was to pay for. Are you seriously trying to say that Doctors in China do not get paid more than their salaries? Absolutely not the case in Sichuan.

      • Slade Sully

        I’m saying it doesn’t work like it does in western countries where the drug companies hold a lot of sway over the doctors. Of course Chinese doctors get little red envelopes for things like surgery giving birth etc. That’s common tradition here. Doctors have actually gotten quite bold about that.

  • SongYii

    From what I can discern, it seems hospital staff stick with each other more than any other industry. There have been numerous stories about hospital staff backing each other up over the years I’ve been here, but not any others. Anyone know more about this?

    • Rick in China

      Maybe a week and a half ago my wife yelled for me to come look.

      The news was talking about something that seems like an insane scenario, not realistic, but was on the news in plain description.

      A family was waiting for a soon-to-be-mother to give birth. It turns out they were waiting way longer than the estimated delivery time for a baby, and at some point, they managed to get in to the delivery area to find out what was going on and why it was taking so long. They found the mother and baby both dead, and nobody around.

      All of the hospital staff who were working on that delivery disappeared, escaped. The hospital said they could not reach/did not know where they were, and the police said that an investigation is under way. The family was furious, of course, that they lost two people and everyone who could be potentially held culpable if it was due to negligence had fled. They fled together, apparently, and the hospital didn’t seem too interested in helping in any way.

      Insane. Hospitals here, man, fuck.

      • Kristy

        Actually, the controversy that had been spreading on the internet was that the wife/mother-to-be apparently had amniotic fluid embolism (which has an 80% death rate, and is the leading cause of maternal death). The hospital recommended a hysterectomy, but the husband’s family would not approve because they wanted the wife to be able to have a second child in the future. The wife then died, but the family ransacked the hospital, causing the employees to flee.

        The reason that the story circulated was due to women lamenting that when giving birth, it is best to have their own families (niang jia) around aka in laws can’t be trusted.

        • Probotector

          “it is best to have their own families (niang jia) around aka in laws can’t be trusted.”

          One of my wife’s friends also lost her baby recently, but she’s a waidiren where we are, so only her in-laws are around to support her, and of course, they blame this girl for failing to provide them with a son/male heir.

          • Rick in China

            Tell your wife to stop associating with backwards people man! Being close to that kind of ridiculous shit is not healthy. No-one in my wife’s family cared whether we had a baby boy or girl, whatsoever.. in fact, nobody even bothered to help us give her a Chinese name – everyone uses her English name exclusively. We had to pick a Chinese name just to get the paperwork sorted a month after she was born. This is how it should be. :D

          • Probotector

            Sounds nice. Round here in Henan, a lot of mothers have sons and daughters, and you can clearly see they love the boys more, spoiling them molly-coddling them.. their girls they just tell to shut up and ignore.

        • Rick in China

          You sure about that? I mean on how it was reported from your source.. my wife called me over to watch it on TV, so I suppose either:

          * The TV news broadcast was wrong in their reporting
          * The TV news broadcast was incomplete in the investigation as to what went down at the time
          * I totally didn’t get what they said and my wife’s comments didn’t correct me or I also didn’t understand them
          * The Internet source you got has it wrong

          I suppose what you mention makes feasible sense as to what could have went down, but my question here is: so, if the woman is about to die, in an emergency situation, the doctors will run out to ask her in-laws whether they agree with a surgery? Or would they not just *save her life* because she will otherwise die (along with the baby). Also, that version doesn’t really mention how the baby died?

      • SongYii

        I get sick more often in China than the US. A few girls Ive dated at times of being sick ask me why I dont go to the hospital. I say ‘i dont trust doctors.’ both replied ‘you mean you dont trust CHINESE doctors?’ ‘mm, yes.’ so… they get it. they know their hospitals arent so great.

        also, related to your comment… its not just the hospital staff that is fucked up. it seems an awful lot of people here dont know how to conduct themselves as patients/families of patients in hospital. etiquette in general is sorely sorely lacking in china, as anyone in this forum knows, and the problem is especially sensitive in hospitals.

        • Rick in China

          Yeah – typically people get sick more frequently when they travel anywhere distant, new common bacteria/virus everywhere. I have the same experience re: not going to hospital and following conversation, but, nobody really disagrees with it.

          • SongYii

            ive lived here for 4 years… i get sick from food, and congestion etc. actually, i spent 2 weeks of july in the US and had a head cold most of the time i was there. stepped off the plane in hong kong, felt just fine. :-D

  • Rick in China

    I don’t get it. “nor do they have a contact method for the deceased’s family.”

    So, did the family leave the body there? Or carry it away with them? How can they not have any method to contact the family, didn’t they provide some sort of identification when they get their paperwork sorted at the beginning? I know I need to provide some information at the hospital when I go..does this hospital not operate the same, or was the information false?

    All seems a little weird.

    • David

      I am glad I am not the only one that seemed very odd to. I mean the only explanation is they don’t WANT to contact them and so they make up this lame excuse (yea after being in China for a while you realize all these lame excuses are simply lies that they use to avoid awkward situations).

    • Dolph Grunt

      Wang number?

  • bprichard

    How can people blocking an entrance to a hospital not be arrested immediately? If someone failed to receive care and died because of this, they should be charged with murder.

    • Probotector

      Well the law isn’t enforced as indiscriminately or as vigilantly as it is in the West. Also, they wouldn’t be murderers, more like accessories to murder.

  • Karze

    Hypocrisy: Chinese will not do such things to party officials even if their family members are tortured to death by party.