14 Differences Between Japanese Women & Chinese Women

Women: China vs. Japan.

Women: China vs. Japan.

This is not new but has recently spread on the Chinese internet again.

On China.com and cn.MSN.com:

Japanese women vs. Chinese women: A little mean, but makes some good points!


Japanese women often teach their children to bravely fight the forces of evil, and even if they lose, it is still infinitely glorious, the highest honor.

Chinese women often teach their children that when they encounter the forces of evil they must be good at hiding/running away/avoiding. They say that God will punish them [the forces of evil].


Japanese women believe Japan is the world’s greatest country.

Chinese women usually believe that the moon may be rounder abroad [“the grass is greener”].


Japanese women usually believe marrying foreigners is a kind of disgrace.

Chinese women usually feel that marrying foreigners is a kind of infinite glory.


Japanese women are normally lady-like, but dirty in bed.

Many Chinese women are lady-like in bed, but dirty out of bed.


Most Japanese women abide by the rules of a woman, supporting her husband, raising her children, dutifully.

China is the world’s number one country for one-night stands and extramarital affairs.


Japanese women are almost all very filial, seeing their mother-in-law as their own mother.

Most Chinese women are all too eager for their mother-in-law to quickly die.


Japanese wives treat their husbands with encouragement and concern. Returning home late at night exhausted at the end of a day, the wife will say “you’ve had a tough day.”

Chinese wives treat their husbands with complaints and scolding. Returning home late at night exhausted at the end of a day, the wife will roar “where the hell did you go this time?”


Most young Japanese girls will find a man who is around their age to marry, and make a life with him together.

Young Chinese girls always find a wealthy “old” man, and don’t mind even being his Nth mistress/wife.


Japanese mothers teach their daughters to look after their husbands, and diligently be filial to her parents-in-law.

Chinese mothers teach their daughters that they must keep firm control of all the man’s assets.


Japanese women can tolerate men without money [poor men], but definitely cannot tolerate cowardly and weak men.

Chinese women can tolerate cowardly and weak men, but definitely cannot tolerate men without money.


Japanese women see manly men as the most charming men.

Chinese women see manly men as male chauvinists.


Most Japanese women are very lenient towards men’s infidelity.

Most Chinese women are very lenient towards their own infidelity.


Japanese women almost never say bad things about Japanese men in public or in the media.

Chinese women always loudly curse and mock Chinese men on various media.


The first words of Japanese women on their wedding night is: “If I do not look after/service you well tonight, please be forgiving.”

The first words of Chinese women on their wedding night is: “Hurry and see how much money was received today.”

Comments from cn.MSN.com:

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Different countries have different cultures.


There are good things and bad things. Chinese people just have more bad things.


Japan has more virgins…


Japan has AV [adult video] women, China does not, this is the root.


Haha…I see it as just a joke = = Some definitely make some sense…though if women saw this they probably would be very unhappy…Some of it is different circumstances, some things result from different traditions and culture…society is the key, and actually women are innocent…


Many of them are not accurate, just ask those who have experience studying abroad in Japan, not a single one wants to marry Japanese women.


Seeing this makes me feel the lou zhu is Japanese. With the conditions being different in the two countries, there is nothing that is comparable. Using this post to put down a country is a bit too comical.


I bet the lou zhu was born in Japan. If not, then he must be sent by Japanese to stir up trouble with China.


Just as the LZ said, what cannot be denied is that it does reflect some characteristics of Chinese female’s.
But Chinese people have always been an arrogant people, unwilling to listen to our own bad side,
nor willing to search for the problems on ourselves, but instead will search for the shortcomings of the other party and fight back…
LZ‘s post can be very controversial, can be very explosive!


I think the “Chinese” and “Japanese” in the post should all be changed to “some”.

Taking a part as the whole will only hurt the majority of innocent people.

I trust that the two types of women in the post both appear in every country.

Everyone knows that China is a “large denominator” country, so, I am willing to say, China has more good women than any country in the world; At the same time, China’s also has the most bad women in the world. We must face ourselves.

This post is obviously being too extreme~


May I ask those who approve of these sayings, have you guys ever met/known/interacted with Japanese women before?


[I] only know that Japanese women are niubi in bed, the rest [I] don’t really know~~

A friend found a Japanese girlfriend, and he said that in less than 3 days, she had already said “I love you” and established their relationship. Then pretty much every night thereafter, the girl has “special requests”, truly has a big appetite…

Comments from China.com:

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Japanese AV female stars know to raise donations for Chinese earthquakes. Whereas China’s movie queen knows to exploit the earthquake to collect donations for herself and her own fame!
Japanese prostitutes don’t hide what they are, whereas China’s whores insist on their own dignity!


It basically speaks the truth, and speaking of just Southeast Asia, Chinese women are all ranked from the bottom.


As someone who really hates Japanese people, in comparison, I too believe this is basically in accordance with teh truth. *Sweating wildly…


Although, there’s something I forgot to say. With Japanese women being this good, this only increases my motivation to exterminate Japanese men.


Comrades must work hard, so we may seize/occupy Japan in the future, kill all Japanese men, and steal all the Japanese women.


Had I known sooner I wouldn’t have gotten married!! ~Too late now!!~


Do you guys know that those who make AV in Japan these days are basically Chinese women? I haven’t watched AV in a long time, so the ones you guys are watching are probably older ones…
And what more, they always have the Chinese perform the most obscene/dirty kind…


While it is true that Chinese women have relatively more shortcomings, Japanese women are far from perfect. Take for example them waiting for you at the door when you return home, helping hold your bag/briefcase and saying you’ve had a tough day. This is just Japan’s basic etiquette, there’s no real meaning/sincerity. After marriage, Japanese women often just stay at home and no longer work, not independent like Chinese women, and what more, they believe that if they still have to go out and work after getting married, they will be looked down upon by others.


Chinese women these days are seriously too dirty, too lousy, and too shameless!!!


All a result of education/upbringing. China’s education/upbringing cannot even be called “failure”. Using “shameless” to describe would be more appropriate.
Actually, louzhu only criticizing Chinese women is very unfair. It is not as if Chinese men are any better.
In today’s Chinese society, the men are thieves, the women are whores, the old are hooligans, the young are bastards.

Comparison of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese girls' faces.

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Japanese girls and Chinese girls. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • I voted for men and women as a stronger alliance,

    If I was truly bad ass

    I would say,

    all women are the same!

    but I wont,

    I will say,

    wu mao dang forever!

    • Bai Ren

      I support the bromance movement. Down with marx and his class system. Brothers of the world unite!
      The reason why it seems like so many foreigners are marrying Chinese girls is that the north american post 80s gen man has been passified by his mother and sisters’ womens lib and is eager to take shit. This blends nicely with the post 80s gen Chinese girls because they like all chinese children have grown up spoilt little empresses (emporers for the guys) and want things their way.

      • FYIADragoon

        Also because a lot of poor, ugly, old single Foreign men have recently realized that they can still make money and pretend that they aren’t failures by going to China to teach English.

        • bai ren

          yea poor=probably a student from a north american university most of which rank WAYYYYYYYYYYY above Chinas
          ugly= shit man you got me here, lots of fat balding guys, but you know most groups have their hotties and notties
          pretend they aren’t failiers= most probably have expensive arts degrees which are worth shit

          oh… wait… you said also alot, as in addition to my comment. Yea screw those old guys. but most of them end up with the kind of girl they deserve anyways. magnetic personalities always seem to gravitate

          • FYIADragoon

            Poor refers to the fact that these guys never get near 6 figures, I don’t know how money ties into education. Did you have to bribe your way into university or something? If the only thing you want to do with your life is go abroad and get easy women, I’d say you’re bordering failure. With a college degree? That is a failure. 3-4 years of hard work (I hope), possibly incurring substantial debt, and the best thing you can come up with is going to teach English for about 1-2K a month? And that isn’t a complete waste of all that time? I can tell you that it looks worthless on a job resume for anything besides a teaching job, so don’t try that either. And yes these guys usually get the women they deserve, regardless, so this argument probably doesn’t matter anyways.

          • Bai Ren

            Hey, mister negitive nacy.
            Master degree in public policy.. well preped with a ba in philosphy so that when i took a year off in between and YEAH taught english in china I was able to use it as field experiance for examining the effects of China’s education system.
            Got a friend teaching in Korea. MA in material culture and is using his year and a half to do pilot research for a phd on the discrepency between education practices and social values in society.
            Not good on a resumay my ass, works well on a cv my fickle friend.
            I won’t say that even 10% of foreigners teaching abroad are useing their experiances to improve their goals in life. But what profession really can say that?
            And about the easy girls remark. shit one neednt travel abroad for that you just need to goto the local uni bar. Traveling abroad and meeting new people, even falling in love, thats little more than going out into society and taking part.
            Come on… another personal attack? let me show you what lays outside a narrow scope.

          • roboboogie

            All those degrees and you can’t spell, “resume” or use proper grammar online. Just kidding, but seriously though

          • guest

            So l’esprit de l’escalier that the neighbours have long gone as well.

          • roboboogie

            so many years too late :) for all I know, this guy has multiple PHDs in being a professional douchebag by now

          • guest

            So professional douchebag, did you get your Ph.D?

            Just kidding, but seriously thought have you not thought that they are typing from a crappy mobile device in a second language?

          • FYIADragoon

            Doing things on the side isn’t a part of the “teaching.” We’re talking about teachers here. And what that job entails. Your friend used it to get something actually constructive done on the side? More power to him, he didn’t just dick around like the typical foreigner would. The only things you both researched were education related, so you’re both going for a job in the education field, or one that advises on it? I’ve already covered this point, if so. Try that on a CV for a business, management, etc. related field, and see if you even make it through the door. And what personal attack? I made a slight one at the start with the bribe remark, but the rest is rather generally targeted Most teachers are recent college grads, everything I said would hit a majority of the teachers, as you can see from all the kids raging below me. Yes, easy women every country has them, we’ve already been over this.

          • Bai Ren

            Okay I took the generalized atack on foreign teachers personally.
            However experiance is a item of consumption. People interact with consumed materials in a dialectical relationship of meaning and identity making (re Daniel Miller university college of london). Through the work of pierre bourdieu we find that experiance is part of developing personal epistimologies through experaince. This is consumption as identity is expressed as lifestyle though chosen commodities -ie experaince.
            Teaching is the core of it?! the experaince is the WHOLE OF IT. so many ‘losers’ spoilt kids etc. They make as much money as bank managers or there abouts and spend their days taking taxies eating out and getting drunk because they can afford this good life. This easily corruptible quality is what crtics of foreign teachers are focusing on… right?
            I think all learn from their experiances and bring it forward with them, I used two examples which you might morally find acceptible.
            But shit man lay off the bashing of groups

        • Like Chinabounder wrote in his blog that teaching English in China is the best way to earn easy money and sleep with local girls.

          • FYIADragoon

            True. Doesn’t change the fact that the guys who mimic his style are still essentially losers in their own countries. I’m surprised nothing has changed with the attitudes of foreign teachers since Chinabounder’s antics got the entire male populous of Shanghai to begin a manhunt for him. I’d think teachers would be a little more cautious now.

          • Johny-5

            well, i wouldn’t know about that @fyiadickhead. however, you seem to be the expert on what it takes to be a loser. perhaps we should listen to ur wisdom.

          • FYIADragoon

            Sounds like I hit a little too close to home for you, my bad ;)

          • TheOrz

            I don’t know about ‘easy money’, the pay is pretty shit if you ask me (I taught for a little over a year). However what is wrong with wanting to sleep with girls? I believe it is a consensual act between two adults.

          • The Anti-Racist

            Do you live in China? Have you ever been abroad? Do you know the pay of a teacher out of China in RMB? by the time you answer all these questions you will see for yourself that “Chinabounder” is a jerk. Because there is no “Easy money” in teaching in China.
            Do you really believe that Chinese “local girls” are that cheap to sleep with? (if yes then you yourself are, which is not something you should be proud of saying) Have you considered that some foriegn teachers in China are married and come along with their familly? Do you know that some foreigners don’t find Asian women in general as their taste? Have you ever considered that coming to teach in China is a way to experience and get to know the rich Chinese culture , language, and people? When you have the answers to all of these then you will understand that “Chinabounder” is just a frustrated blogger looking for fame using untruthful,sensitive,controversial and unverified postings to get it.
            With all that I wish you a nice reflection and brain examination.

        • Johny-5

          poor by who’s standard? i’m sure not by the local chinese standard. and alot..? would that be comparable to the ‘alot’ of chinese FOBs hitting up the shores of north america and europe with nothing in their possession but their black teeth and empty soup cans? the foreigners in china by in large pay their taxes, consume local products, obey the law, and then go home after a few years of fun. i wish we could say the same thing of the HORDES of chinese coming to our countries.

          • FYIADragoon

            Yes, it probably would be comparable. Don’t misdirect the point though. We aren’t talking about the FOBs right now, we are talking about the English teachers. And the point isn’t whether or not they disrupt the local community and government, stop misdirecting the argument. The point is that they are basically losers in their own country.

          • There are a lot of foreigners in China propagating the “horny laowai loser teaching English” stereotype, but there are many who take themselves and their vocation seriously, myself among them. Just like not all bank loan officers are devious cutthroats and not all priests are pedophiles. The bad eggs get all the attention.

          • Bai Ren

            Worked for 2 companies during my time as a foreign language teacher, met maybe 3 or 4 out of about 20 teachers who were respectible people and professionals. The rest were there for a little out of highschool/college abroad experiance (ie finding a way to afford a bar tab) this included boys and girls.
            But the big time losers. Either they were dirty old men, or didnt last for more than a month, because they lacked the adapability needed.
            And who is this hater dragoon guy anyways… a reject from the pile?
            Stop your whinning if this is something important for you and go out there and affect change.
            There are lots of koreans following english teachers in that country and letting officals know when they are up to no good, and letting communities know when they are having a chronic negitive influence. This isnt the best method but its a quick ready at hand example.

          • FYIADragoon

            I honestly don’t care, I have a real job in this country that doesn’t constantly involve teaching or translation. I don’t run into these kinds of people very often anymore. I just remember these teachers from my days studying abroad, when my friend would nag me into going to the smalltime bars and I’d have to watch this trash. All I did was make a valid comment on your post, and you seemed to get pissy with the answer. You just admitted it yourself, 3-4/20 were actually there to be teachers, and the rest were there to party. It seems more your problem as they remain “representative” of the English teachers. I really don’t care if it changes, if anything it finds a use for the easier women and the golddiggers. It’s a service of sorts. Don’t start hatin’

          • Johny-5

            u hit close to nothing fyiadoorknob. there’s just no point to argue with you, suffice to say, i believe ur a hypocrite, a loser urself and all the while criticizing others.

          • FYIADragoon

            Johny boy, you really sound mad. Why not step outside for a bit and try flying a kite or something? ^_^

          • BornInAmerica

            Speaking as a chinese loser who was born in the states and is currently attending MIT…

            Johny-5, you’re just fucking stupid.

          • Kai

            I wonder if Johny-5 ever gets angry about people bringing up other countries when he’s criticizing China.

        • crackedbamboo

          Speaking as foreign man who’s ugly and poor– at least by standards of China’s lot of nouveau riche: the brothers, sons, daughters of a vast, programmatic educational system that praises rigid compliance to an extremely limited set of ideologies– I would say that your comment is spot on. Let’s consider for a moment some of the obvious failures of English teachers in China, like failure to see how the world splits so simply between Chinese and ‘foreigners,’ at least until they get here; failure to think their national borders should define their education, or desire to educate; or failure to find value only in the piddling pay that the majority of them earn for their efforts.

          Then again maybe the most obvious failure here is your own in being able to communicate anything new, interesting, or informative. I can only assume you are threatened by the idea of so many foreigners coming to China to teach your peeps a language, which in your own hands, only reveals you as a moron. And despite the rumors, it’s expensive to live in China. It ‘costs’ a lot, for Chinese and foreigners both. Whoever denies this is either bragging or unconscious or both. In other words, you and your pals, who clearly lack the intellectual and creative capacity to measure success by anything more than your new money, your zhuangbi looks, or the spoils of your marriage contract. Consider this lesson a freebie. And don’t pout, you’re well on your way to a rich, ignorant and loveless life.

          • FYIADragoon

            When did I say I was Chinese?

            :/ Cool stereotype, bro.

          • Johny-5

            the foreign born chinese are the biggest loser group in china. their parents were FOBs running to america cause they couldn’t cut it back in the old country. those FOBs were the losers of their time. now, the decendents of those FOB losers are running back to the homeland cause they can’t cut it in their adopted country. They are the losers of our time.

          • Ron

            Immigrants, or FOBs as you say, are typically hard-working risk-takers who succeed (as measured by upward social mobility) more than the average. post-WWII and particularly since the 60s and the cultural revolution, the older chinese generation went abroad (HK, America, Canada, etc.) because these economies was booming at the time and there were vastly greater chances to succeed than in communist China. Since the post-reform 90s and 00s, overseas chinese return to the mainland, since that is now the fastest-growing major economy in the world. These migrating groups are not losers, actually the Chinese diaspora has formed this way for centuries, and created a very potent global network of successful, even dominant, chinese social and economic groups all around the world. Jews have a similar cultural experience, and like the overseas Chinese, typically succeed, as measured by education/income/social status, better than the local populations they migrate into. Also, in chinese culture parents are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the future success of their children. This is true for the early ‘FOBs’ that went to America, although not so much for the generation returning to mainland China, who live mainly as expats. I think your comments are better directed at this latter group, although gaining overseas experience, working in a challenging economic environment, having greater career mobility, and for many exploring and being with one’s own cultural roots or ‘extended family’ are factors you don’t seem to value.

          • Johny-5

            naw, on second thought, maybe they are the second biggest loser group in china. the biggest group has to be the hypocrite foreigners who try to establish themselves as a class above other foreigners in the country, by way of using any arbitrary set of standards for determing status which are favorable to themselves.

          • Kai

            Sounds like every immigrant and descendant of an immigrant is a big loser. Wait, does that mean anyone who ever does anything in search of better opportunities for themselves is a loser?

            Johny-5, why do I get the feeling you’re just as guilty of “using any arbitrary set of standards for determing status which are favorable to themselves”?

          • Johny-5

            you missed the satire in my comment. some clowns try to disrespect the foreign teachers working in china. they think somehow they are higher class cause of their purpose for being there or cause of their job or cause they speak chinese or something something.. if you want to say only the losers come to teach english in china, why can’t that argument be applied to anyone who leaves their homeland for another country?

          • Kai

            If I missed your satire, I apologize.

        • Reader


          I completely agree

  • zammo hung

    Chinese, Japanese – i’ve had some mighty fine rides from both :)

    I’ve found that the varience within a nationality is a large as the vairence between nationalities.

    • dude!

      that is F-ing deep!

      I mean your second sentence,

      that is totally anti – ”爱国人“ ‘patriotic’

      its Global!

      I love it!

      just like the…..


      song of the article,

      “woo hoo” by the 5,6,7,8’s


  • huh

    Women are the same everywhere. The same really goes for men. Most of the assumptions above are entirely false. The person who made this list obviously doesn’t know a thing about Japanese women.

  • anne

    This list looks like it was made by a sexist guy who can’t get any. Some of the Chinese girls points are examples of feminism, I think it’s better than some of the poor suppressed man-pleasing points of the Japanese women. Even though some of the points are stereotype/completely untrue. (points 2 and 3 goes both ways) Maybe the Chinese guy who wrote this and some of the guys who commented should think about points to improve the Chinese man too. Someone make a 14 differences Japanese men and Chinese men list.

    • aquadraht

      Enlightened comment. From my laowai perspective, asian females share much more similarities than differences, be they from Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, or China. All of them are somewhat conservatively educated to appear ladylike in the public, and even hold back their own desires towards male partners, at least openly, which does not mean that they do not have clear goals and an iron will. On the other hand, all of them are not crippled by Christian sexual morals, so that any man respecting and appreciating their desires can have really dirty and great NB sex.
      I do not know Japan enough to tell the author that all he wrote is goupi, but he is depicting Chinese women ways too negatively.

    • Nate

      Speaking of not being able to get any: only western women hypnotized by the academy would think it’s a bad thing to be “man-pleasing”.
      “East Asian” women are generally happier being women than western women are. I’d guess that’s because East Asian women understand some of the differences between the genders and haven’t been raised to think that they are failures if they don’t equal or surpass men in every regard.
      They need western feminism like they need American diets.

      • aquadraht

        Brother, I am with you :)

  • outcast

    We shouldn’t forget that in Japan women are still second class citizens, abandoned at home to a life of loneliness while their husband has multiple girls on the side. Also given that Japan has the lowest birthrates in the industrialized world, I really don’t think they are a good example to follow.

    • Nate

      We shouldn’t forget that the other end of the birth rate spectrum is occupied by such luminaries as the Congo, Gineau-Bissau and Liberia. Surely no one should follow the example of those low birth rate countries like Germany, Italy and HK (with a lower birth rate than Japan).

      Women = second class citizens is utter bull. Whatever part of you is threatened by the fact that Japan is a nice place, try to drink it away.

    • Centrist

      Wow, just wow.

      Are you saying that in China, women and men are treated equally? Did you even read what “aquadraht” wrote? I have never seen such an uneducated piece of writing in a long time. As someone who has lived in both China and Japan, I can tell you that both countries are equally guilty when it comes to treatment of women. Except remember that Japan doesn’t have orphanages full of unwanted girls. And only in China do people call women “38”, referring to International Women’s Day. So don’t pretend China is some women’s rights capital of the world, because it is far from it.

    • Marco Polo

      Outcast: Nonsense!!! Japanese wives who are ignored by their husbands find their own ways to have fun. I assure you – I know. Just like anywhere else. Loneliness, abuse, oppression only happen to those who allow them to happen, at least in a country like Japan.

    • David

      Conversely, all countries where the women have more rights have decreasing populations; the problem in Japan is not the sexism but the same is happening in occident. Young people dont want to asume responsibilities and tend to be indefinite teenagers.

  • MadeInChina

    another difference would be, japanese women like to cry in bed, to show their men are superior at love making. chinese women make men cry and then ask them to hand over their wallets.

    • keius

      In other words, Japanese women are better fakers in bed….
      Arguable whether this is a good or bad thing really.

      • MadeInChina

        ‘Japanese women almost never say bad things about Japanese men in public or in the media’

        japanese men renown for 2inch of hardrock. hmmm..maybe not faking in bed after all. lol

  • Disgusting Jap women sell soiled panties in vending machines and breastfeed six year old children for sexual pleasure

    • Also, disgusting Jap women give their teenage sons blowjobs so they can concentrate on study

      • jakees

        they give there sons blowjobs? Have facts to back this up?

        Thanks ~~

    • Nate

      Man, if things that one Japanese woman has done can be generalized to the whole country, then I can say some pretty unflattering things about all Korean women from first hand experience.

    • sai

      Korean women are prostitutes all over the world.
      In S.korea,”I wish Prostitution!!”
      Korean prostitutes have been daily protests by shouting.

      >South Korea
      >Developed country

  • Nate

    Wow! I never thought I’d see a post on ChinaSmack that was overly KIND to Japan. I’ve been in Japan 7 years, and am really fond of the place and the people, but for reals, the author is just China bashing and pinning his own ideals as a Chinese person on Japanese women.

    Numbers 6 and 9 in particular are ridiculous. Japanese men are famously “mama’s boys”. The conflicts between wife and mother in Japan are legendary. Suicides, murders, divorces, and all other shades of misery abound in the wife/ mother relationship.

    Also goofy is a list that heaps praise on foreign women then criticizes domestic women for fetishizing foreign countries and men. Still, heartening to see the comments a bit more subdued than usual.

  • Nate

    Also glad to hear that 最后红卫兵 halfway knows the score, sorta. Chinese men calling Japanese women whores is some funny shit, when you know who staffs the very bottom tier of the Japanese sex industry. Koreans occupy a middle tier, from my understanding. Both come on tourist visas to make a quick buck.

    That said, it’s totally economic. I understand the motivation, and don’t expect that any country’s women are “above” prostitution, give a lack of viable alternatives.

    • Nanning Rick

      While the women are attractive, Japanese porn is the worst thing ever. The men all have the same routine and it’s all degrading and this is not even going into the extreme forms of their movies. They approach the woman like it is some sort of scientific study “Ah, look here! See, when you squeeze the flesh you can see it’s softness and it bounces right back into place. Oh look, an opening, notice that when you touch the subject in the proper sequence a substance is secreted indicating her arousal.” And so on…

      • Nate

        I wonder if you know what “sex industry” means, as opposed to “adult video industry”.

        As far as Japanese porn goes, a friend of mine once pointed something out to me: watch how much longer they spend pleasuring the women than western porn. It’s a different world, and you don’t get it, but mainstream Japanese porn is a lot less extreme and a lot less dehumanizing that American mainstream porn.

  • Hoeness

    Have been in relationships with girls from both countries, gotta say: bullshit!

  • FYIADragoon

    ”…Japanese women…not independent like Chinese women…”

    Ahahahahahahahaha, that’s a good one.

    • keius

      Yeah…went bugeyed at that one myself.

      Both in general seem to go the housewife route…
      However, the Japanese actually do housewifing duties…
      whereas for Chinese, it’s the wife’s mother or mother-in-law who does all the work and child-rearing….and the wife who goes out to play Mahjong or find “entertainment” all day long….

      In Mainland China, that’s definitely how things work..can’t say about other regions of China….for the Japanese housewife thing…i’m basing my knowledge on Japanese drama’s i watched years and years ago :P lol

      • Kai

        THe Chinese wives that have the parents or parents-in-law do all the work and child-rearing while she goes out to play Mahjong or whatever are Usually only the some of the middle-class to much of the wealthy class women mostly in Eastern seaboard cities. For the majority of China, the couples and families can’t get by without double-income earners. Japan, by comparison as a more developed nation seems to have a higher percentage of stay-at-home wives/moms.

        Being able to earn enough so your wife doesn’t have to work is something of an age-old ideal in many cultures and societies, both Eastern and Western. In Japan, the economic situation allows that ideal to be attained more easily than in China, whereas in many Western societies, the feminist ideal of a financially independent woman with a career adds another dimension to how often we see this.

  • shirley007

    maybe it’s a part of chinese women.the country would’t be so disgusting as you said

  • I think women of different countries shaped by the culture and social norms of each country.

  • eattot

    LMAO!about chinese men the problem is: 民工的身份梦想着空姐!
    girls i know,work hard,try to find true love,have traditional value,very independent.even take a look at aged women,most still work.
    sure,there are lazyass everywhere.if we can stay at home after get married,we would behave 10 times better.but what kind of men grow what kind women.
    guess the guy who wrote this rubbish is a loser,no money no looks with a kid’s dick,that’s why he became a women-hater!hahaha!

    • Feminism “飞民” -ism 万岁


      which alliance is stronger?

      you tell me?


    • HaWu (AKA bleah)

      Learn to put a space after commas, esp. on sites with block justification.

  • David Thooi

    One major finding of the experts who conducted survey and study of Japanese women is that Japan holds the world highest rate of married women involving in adultery and illicit sex with other men after marriage.

    Also, a separate study on China shows that the country has the highest number of divorced women among her population. Among the married women, 35% are in either their second or third marriage.

    So, one is no better than the other! China and Japan should not laugh at each other.

    • Nate

      Yeah? Did the guy at the bar tell you about any other polls?

      Aside from the eloquence issue:
      1. No way does there exist a reliable global poll of adultery numbers.
      2. No way Japanese women top that poll. They’d be more likely to lie about it than western women.

      I’m wondering if you’re not another one of those people secretly informed by the Japanese adult film industry, where “married women” are a pretty common theme. (Mostly because that’s the only convenient and plausible narrative to work in women over 28)

  • Chris

    I’ve lived in China and Japan. Chinese wife, and dated Japanese women before.

    The list is absolute nonsense. Nothing true in it at all.

    • Hoeness

      Second that (not the Chinese wife – but the truth that lies in ur words!).

  • Wang Er

    This post is totally bullshit. I’m married to a Chinese woman and I can tell you she is nothing like what the post was trying to dipicit. This post must be written by a loser man who cannot find a wife thus hate all women around him. A loser is always a loser and if he is in Japan he would badmouth Japanese women and daydream Chinese women that he would never have a chance with.

    • keius

      The poster is generalizing and making some comparisons that are not exactly totally objective.

      But he does make some good points. A lot of it is based on social, economic, and cultural differences…which don’t make for great comparisons, but like i said, he hits on some sensitive nerves…even my wife agrees with some of the stuff said about Chinese women (she’s born and raised in China).
      A lot of the stuff on Japanese women are bs though…some of the stuff on Chinese women apply equally to Japanese women.

      • “not exactly totally objective”, “great comparisons”

        It sounds like you are defending the OP for some reason. C’mon. The list is not as simple as a “generalization” but actually a slander. There wasn’t even a single good one in it. He was either utterly blind to good women or having an agenda to belittle all Chinese women as a whole. That comparison with some imaginary women from another country made his purpose even more obvious. I can’t believe your wife could actually accept it if she knew the purpose behind it. Read this treasure, “The first words of Chinese women on their wedding night is: Hurry and see how much money was received today.” WTF is that! Did you wife do that to you? “Chinese women always loudly curse and mock Chinese men on various media.” Why I see full of cursing and mockery to Chinese women in the list? My wife was furious when I read the list to her and I think it’s not only an insult to Chinese women but also my wife. I would punch him in the face if he dares to say such things in front of us.

        • Nanning Rick

          Very well said.

        • keius

          “which don’t make for great comparisons”, word is DON’T :P
          and i did say that my wife agrees with “SOME” of the statements like…
          “Young Chinese girls always find a wealthy “old” man, and don’t mind even being his Nth mistress/wife.”
          “Chinese mothers teach their daughters that they must keep firm control of all the man’s assets.”
          “Most Chinese women are very lenient towards their own infidelity.” which is also true…and the same can be said of the men….

          Some of the junk on the list is bs of course but my wife is a realist. She see’s it like it is and has actually mentioned alot of the stuff on the list to me before. And as i said, the comparisons to Japanese women are just stupid but it hits nerves because there is some truth to it.

          • “Young Chinese girls always find a wealthy “old” man, and don’t mind even being his Nth mistress/wife.”
            “Chinese mothers teach their daughters that they must keep firm control of all the man’s assets.”
            “Most Chinese women are very lenient towards their own infidelity.”

            So your wife just agreed that it’s a pretty good summary of you two’s marriage, right? Give it a second thought buddy, on the “lenient towards their own infidelity” thing.

        • how would you do a comparison (out of curiosity) chart. I only know differences from J-pop, Japanese movies, and anime shows

  • elenore

    There is nothing wrong with Japanese Women.The problem is Japanese men.Who buy dirty panties?Who watches cartoon sex?Who buy Anime sex dolls?Who is it f*cking pillows with cartoons on them?Who wants a man who puts on lip gloss and looks feminine?Japanese men are ignoring Japanese women waiting for ultimate Sex Robot.Besides Japanese men are almost as big a p*ssies as European Men.

    • Nate

      I’ll say what I said above: Take this one rule to heart, and you will understand Japan better than half of the world: when you hear about stuff from Japan that seems totally crazy, it’s probably a gimmick.

      Japan isn’t an underdeveloped country rife with corruption and populated by
      There’s no hay to be made in the west by looking at boring old mainstream Japanese culture. It’s boring. (So boring that the Chinese and Koreans buy it, licenses it for reinterpretation and/ or plagiarize it outright.) Most Japanese people live stultifying lives of work and child rearing that would put you and the western media to sleep. Now, a zany Japan story, that’s how you make a buck: adhering to the western narrative.

      As for cartoon sex, familiarize yourself with rule 34, and search the name of any member of the (animated) Simpsons family + “fucking” + any other member.

      Most Japanese men are pussies, I’ll give you that. No more so than Korean men, but pussies nonetheless.

      • Nate

        “… rife with corruption and populated by uneducated interchangeable cogs, desperate to taste success.”

      • Oh my god! Apu and Marge Simpson! There are some twisted minds out there . . .

      • WOAH. Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball II? NO WAY!

      • elenore

        I never said their everyday lives were interesting I was pointing our their sexual fetishes are weird and they probably turn women off.There is way way more Hentai than there will ever be of a few Simpson sex cartoons for laughs and I wouldn’t even be surprised if those were made by the Japanese as well.Everyone know how boring the Japanese are and repressive.

  • mistyken

    i guess this is a response to all those “chinese girl seeking foreign guy” posts flooding around on the net. it even demonstrate the difference between male and female mentality. female loves long-winded story while male prefers bullet points and straight to the “fact”.

  • sigh

    Unfortunately I agree that in general these are true. Overall Japan > China in everything :/

    [Note from Fauna: Please only use one name.]

  • Knowing both countries, this is the only one that really struck a chord:

    “Most young Japanese girls will find a man who is around their age to marry, and make a life with him together.

    Young Chinese girls always find a wealthy “old” man, and don’t mind even being his Nth mistress/wife.

    I can testify that this is, if not true in every case, fairly true in most cases. However, it’s a result of China’s relative poverty and the traditional role of marriage as an alliance between families in which the husband/wife’s parents will do much of the heavy lifting, so the couple doesn’t actually need to have much in the way of love and affection to get them through.

  • wabdude95

    Hahaha, I actually agree on most of these things…

    But some of the traits here for Japanese women here are WAAYY too stereotypical and would only happen in rural areas or sometime ago. Japanese girls these days are a lot meaner than you think… =.=

    And about the Japanese women being very ‘dutiful’ when taking care of their children, it’s showing that Japan is still a developing country socially due to its sexist society.

    China is probably the only country in Eastern Asia that have somehow crawled out of a sexist society. We must thank Mao Ze Dong for that. :D

    Conclusion – Chinese women are awesome to have as friends or date, but may be problematic for marriage.

    • FYIADragoon

      “China is the only country in Eastern Asia that pretends to have crawled out of a sexist society.”

      Fixed that for you. You haven’t ever been to China if you actually believe the women there are elevated higher than the women in Japan or Korea. Mao merely brought them to the same level as the others.

      • David

        Bad idea!

  • Nate

    My work here is done. Carry on.

    • Xav

      Who cares about these shits…
      Love my Japanese wife and our beautiful son.
      Don’t know about china, but here most of the foreigners are stupid wankers. Most of them can’t speak the language and off course can’t read it. Most of them don’t even try to learn it.
      I’m tired of this and it gives a really bad image to the foreign community.
      Man we should kick out of the country all these worthless English teachers
      some of us ( few) have a (real) life here
      some of us (even fewer) have real jobs
      some of us aren’t hunting the easy English speaking girls
      some of us do respect the country
      some of us are hiding and running from 99% of the other foreigners
      oh I wish the imigration laws were more strict

      • Xav

        Forgot to say but, yes I’m full of hate and when Nova collapsed I was full of hope that most of those bastards would head back home.
        Unfortunatly most of them managed to survive.
        On a different note : 鳩山さん disapointed me again.

        • Nate

          Did the dummies come in and ruin your Japan? I don’t know, the English teachers I know work a lot longer hours than I do, and contribute more to society in some ways. In the end, I find it essential to have some foreigner friends. There’s nothing wrong with “going native” but it’s just not as rewarding as straddling the line.

          Not to wave my Japanese Language dick here, but you shouldn’t use san when referring to public figures you don’t know personally.

          • Weeaboos?

            What dat mean?

          • I have to say, I have heard him referred to as Hatoyama-san. Did I mis-hear?

          • Nate

            You might have heard one of his peers refer to Hatoyama as Hatoyama-san on a news show, but in general, it’s indicative of either condescension or a legitimate personal relationship.

            Weeaboo = the 4-chan semi-neologism for “Wapanese”

          • Xav

            Oh my boy you sure are an expert.
            I did use さん instead of 様 on purpose, I feel like he betrayed us again…Just an advice don’t be too jumpy, don’t brag about your Japanese abilities and simply don’t be the language dick you’re being…

          • Nate

            “Sama” is wrong unless you’re talking to him or his people directly. You just use his name, followed by his title if you wanna be formal about it. You don’t have the status to use “san” as a diminutive for the Prime Minister.

            My dickishness (which you’ve merely begun to taste) stems only from your arrogance. Don’t sweat it too much, I’ve gotten told a few times in my day too.

        • Hatoyama? Yet another example of the kind of leadership which put Japan in the hole it’s been in these last 20 years.

          You seem a bit touchy about foreigners not learning the language, whilst I’ve got to say I find it hard to take when people just blatantly don’t even try to learn the local lingo (one of my colleagues will literally speak to restaurant/shop staff in English as if he were back in Michigan – Americans seem especially prone to this) Japanese can take a few years to learn, and most foreigners simply aren’t in Japan that long.

          Me? I started out in China as a teacher/language student, did that for a couple of years and eventually got a job in IP law where I had to speak/read Chinese everyday. However, now I’m in Japan I have to say that, whilst I’ve picked up the basics and can read enough to understand signs etc., I haven’t actually been trying all that hard to learn Japanese. It’s not that I’m too dumb to learn the language (at least I hope not), it’s just that I can’t work up the same level of enthusiasm for it as I had for learning Chinese, especially given the hours I have to put in at the office here.

          • Nate

            Well… if you read Chinese, it’s not the toughest undertaking to learn to read Japanese. I’m doing the reverse now, and reading is the easiest part.

          • Same the other way, that’s why I end up with a pencil and a pad drawing characters whenever I try to tell someone something. It’s the speech that I’m not so hot on and need to improve. To be honest, I’m just not as keen as I used to be.

  • after reading these points (funny, but some are quite true), i did feel Japanese women is poor, seems they need to rely on men for living, and can’t easily be themselves..

  • Gloris

    It’s a kind of stereotypes. We shouldn’t take a small part of people to represent the whole. The immense majority of Chinese women are industrious, kindhearted, and graceful!

    • Thank you for saying that.
      I live in Vancouver, it has what seems like a 50% Asian population and it is my impression also. They are also very charming and usually more mature and sane than they caucasian counterparts.

  • ints

    I’ve been living in some countries, & all I can say is thread starter is an idiiioootttt niuB

  • Tristar

    It’s okay to make comparison to learn the differences but don’t take it too seriously. Like comparison between apple and orange, it is unfair to compare a developed rich urban population with a developing poor mainly rural population. Japan has a head start at least over 100 years ago while China just opened their door to foreigner in their own term 30 years ago.

    Current generation were influence by BAD role models since their parents and grandparents were poisoned by the the turmoil before 1949 plus the Cultural Revolution.

    Because of one-child policy, parents keep brain-washing their spoiled emperor/empresses children to find a rich husband hoping the only child can also support them in a country without social security.

    I have faith that China will change in two or three more generations. Besides, some of the points about Japan only true in the 80s.

  • Marco Polo

    I have noticed a lot of non-sense written about Japan in China but this one tops it all. Out of the 14 points only point 13 is unconditionally true (and this is simply because Japanese are too polite to bitch about anyone publicly). For some of the other points, the exact opposite applies. In fact, this particular post isn’t really about Japan at all, is it? This was written by a Chinese man who (ab)uses his fantasy J-women to goad the female Chinese audience, no? I first had that thought when I read item #3. This is completely untrue. Many Japanese women find a liaison with a foreign man (especially western) desirable. Japanese men also find the idea of bonking or even marrying a foireigner intriguing. Nobody badmouths a Japanese woman for having an interracial affair (well, as long as the guy is from an “acceptable” culture/ethnicity). Chinese men seem to have a real hang-up about Chinese women going “offshore”…

    • outcast

      What’s sad is how many comments appeared to agree with them. It proves one thing, the only thing stronger in chinese men’s hearts than their hatred of japanese is their hatred of independent, “non obedient” women.

      • Marco Polo

        Well, I can tell you this: if they think that Japanese women are obedient, they are in for the shock of their lifetimes should they ever get married to a Japanese. “Obedient” is not a characteristic I noticed in 12 years living in Japan.

        • Mick

          You’ve lived for 12 years in Japan and haven’t noticed that Japanese women are obedient?

          “Nobody badmouths a Japanese woman for having an interracial affair (well, as long as the guy is from an “acceptable” culture/ethnicity). Chinese men seem to have a real hang-up about Chinese women going “offshore”…”

          Chinese men have much less of a problem with chinese women marrying foreign men. It’s far more accepted to be a white man in China with a chinese wife, than to be in Japan with a japanese wife, both for the man and – even more telling – for the woman.

          A lot of the points in the post are generally true. Chinese women live in a materialistic country where they are taught from a young age to fend for themselves and never trust a man fully, while at the same time living in a culture where the man is expected to provide for the woman. This introduces a major lifelong conflict between men and women, since women are taught both to find a rich husband for security, and also never to trust that source of security (or their in-laws). This ‘semi-feudal, semi-capitalist’ system is what explains most of the points brought up in the post.

          I disagree with the observations about adultery.

  • Yin

    The grass is greener on the other side, if you know what I mean.

  • it’s funny how the poster seems to think that the fact that Japanese women think Japan’s is the world’s greatest country and consider marrying foreigners a disgrace is a point in their favour.
    I prefer people who disparage their country then people who think it is “the world’s greatest country” for no reason but prejudice.

    • Marco Polo

      EXACTLY! This is all about a Chinese man’s issues. As so often in life, what the person says tells us much more about them than the topic they talk about!

      By the way, Japanese people, when they talk appreciatively about their own country, rarely do so in patriotic or nationalistic tones. It is mostly about the convenience, the good food, the safety and the beauty of the land. And while I don’t think that Japan is the greatest country in the world (there simply is no greatest country), they are right to be pleased.

      • to be honest, I’ve always heard that the Japanese are very nationalistic, and not in a good way. But I’ve never been there.

        It is certainly true that they still refuse to recognize how badly they behaved during the Second World War.

        • Marco Polo

          This is a really big topic and has nothing to do with the original post. But let me just repeat what I said earlier: what I have seen said about Japan and the Japanese on the Chinese Internet ranges from the occasionally astute to the mostly slightly misguided to the occasionally completely deranged. I know Japan well. In other words, Chinese perceptions of Japan are mostly unrealistic. I speak, read and write Japanese. Have lived in Japan for twelve years. Most Japanese are very balanced in their views of their country and far from nationalistic. The most important feature of current Japanese “nationalism” is a desire to shut the world out. A very popular recent book argued for a new closed-country policy. That is Japanese nationalism of today. I don’t like it but I much prefer it to the loud, aggressive nationalism on the Chinese Internet. By the way, you are wrong about the WW2 thing. There is certainly a segment of Japanese society that refuses to face what happened. But it is not the majority. The majority really doesn’t know, sad as it is. Blame the political elites, not the people.

          • The majority really doesn’t know? Well that’s pretty bad now isn’t it. But after all they must at least know that Japan invaded half of Asia. That in itself should suggest to them that their country has done some pretty bad stuff.

            Anyway, there may not be loud, agressive nationalism in Japan today, but I can imagine that there must be the quiet, unspoken nationalism which you also get in Britain, for instance, according to which your own country is really the greatest place in the world, and foreigners are all a little bit weird and unreliable.

          • Marco Polo

            To “I live in China”. For some reason I cannot find a reply button/link to your latest post. So I reply to my own post. Yes, you are right, that is exactly the kind of nationalism you find in Japan. Exactly.

            On the other thing: trust me, most people in Japan have only the vaguest idea of what happened in WW2. The ones who are exposed to what happened in Nanjing for example are just shocked and often moved to tears.

          • Jane

            If the majority in Japan doesn´t know, it is the responsibility of their government and textbooks and the political elites are voted by the people. Poeple believe in what they want to believe in.

  • Shanghairocks

    Loneliness causes such comparison…

    • Raja

      Honestly I think Japanese women like foreigners more than Chinese do.

  • 练练英语

    Is Fauna joking?Always hear what is Japanese like,what is American like,…what is Chinese like.But What is a Japanese who raised in China like?

  • flyingapple

    Great post! I love it! But this must have been written by a Chinese man sufferring from his girlfriend/wife. Japanese girls are certainly more lady-like than their Chinese counterparts, but Chinese men are less man-like than Japanese. So don’t blame everything on women! Are you a courageous, brave and responsible man?

    • Jios


  • John

    This article is a pile of bullshit. I am a Caucasian man, and I married a Chinese woman. My brother is married to a Japanese woman. When he and I had a deep discussion about the issue, he said, “If I had to do it all over again, I’d go Chinese.”

    His wife is a nice lady, but there are traits that we Caucasian men really like about Chinese women. They are very strong, and don’t put on airs. My wife already has a master degree in literature and she is now attending university to attain a psychology degree. She is very fit and sexy and cooks amazing meals. She is also generous and a lot of fun to be around.

    There are lots of Chinese, Japanese and Korean where I live, so I’ve had experience dealing with all of them in some way or another. But Japanese women do sometimes come across as fake. They don’t seem sincere. Who knows, maybe they think they are the best Asian women on the planet and the thought has gone to their heads.

    I’m not saying all Japanese women are that way, but to each his own. Bottom line, this article is BS. The guy who wrote it must have been dumped by a Chinese woman. lol.

    • Inst

      I beg you to excuse my rudeness, but, do you ever wonder why your wife chose you? If you were ethnically African, for instance, would your wife have fallen in love with you?

      Aside from that, I think it’s also an access problem; Japan has been a developed country for 30 years and Korea has been a developed country for 20 years. The social strata you’re encountering, as an expat, in China, is different than the social strata you’re encountering in Japan.

    • FYIADragoon

      I’ve gotta be honest here, your bro sounds like a bit of a jerk. He marries her, and then judges her on something that she can’t possibly change? Sounds like a marriage that isn’t going to be so happy…..And I’m getting the impression you got with your wife because of the “Chinese experience,” not because you simply liked the woman she is. I understand culture is something that makes you who you are, but still not getting the best vibe out of how you’re wording this……And you’re judging them on stereotypes, yet you’re saying the article’s use of stereotypes is wrong. Contradictory, much?

      You’re right though about the article being written by some lonely Chinese guy.

  • Chen

    Oh, weird, I actually agree with most of the points there. Although I would like to stress that not all Japanese and Chinese women are what the points said. Let see some points made by the women towards men. Fair enough right?

  • meh

    this is the most retarded comparison.

  • fireworks

    This article is full of hearsay and bollocks.

    In fact, Japanese girls marrying foreigners like other Asian chicks. Maybe the ones who are still in Japan who are more pro-salarymen and patriotic. Once Japanese chicks goes abroad, they don’t come back but for holidays.

    Japanese women are usually subservient is because this is more of the traditional Japanese hierarchy in society. Higher context cultures with a mix of Confucianism. Japanese women must take their husband’s surname if they marry. This is not the case in China or in general Chinese traditions.

    Thus having face in Japanese society is also quite normal.

  • Mimi

    Its not true for all peoples in these countries, but there are alot of women of their countries whom fit the descriptions. I am Chinese yet according to this list, i fit more into the Japanese category, and i was born in the US :/ So this does not apply to everyone, also i do believe that many Chinese women in China are becoming very materialistic and scary…

  • the peasant

    No. 4…. Yes Please..

  • That article was funny as hell, and contained some truths. Here are many more deep truthful observations and cultural comparisons.



  • whichone

    I find it ironic that someone would criticize Chinese women for thinking “the moon is rounder aboard” while make sweeping generalizations about superiority of Japanese women and culture.

  • nkunkuma

    i like the number 10. so right. haha
    i would like to try the korean too and compare the 3.

  • YesMan


    在Google搜索关键词“丈夫” 然后加个空格…

    丈夫 希望他去死 妻子 生日礼物
    丈夫 讨厌 妻子 生日礼物 排名
    丈夫 零花钱 平均 妻子 礼物
    丈夫 口头暴力 妻子 歇斯底里
    丈夫 零花钱 妻子 称谓
    丈夫 称谓 妻子 打
    丈夫 死亡 手续 妻子 礼物 排名
    丈夫 打 妻子 敬语
    丈夫 失业 妻子 未婚妻
    丈夫 死亡 养老金 妻子 烧酒


  • ME

    Reason i married a Japanese and being a foreginer it not considered disgrace actually just some Japanese girls are cultural aware and have lived outside Japan like my wife.
    Chinese girls are driven more by wealth and marry foreginers 1) Money 2) to get out of China.
    Chinese girls just too ugly inside and out i would never have married one after spending 3 years in Shanghai.

  • Sky 2010

    Interesting article.
    In Sydney, I notice most Korean girls hang out with Indian Boys. Is this a new thing !!!
    Any comment guys…..

  • James trump

    Japanese and Chinese women have the same characteristic: they all dislike foreign men in their deep hearts, if one can choose, they’re likely to stick with their own type, poor and ugly ones may go out with foreign men for financial reason in short term.

    Unlike Western white girls who can easily love and have sex with men in the world, always wild on the(my) bed.

    • Yin

      Sounds like someone just got dumped by his Chinese/Japanese girlfriend.

  • SobuLine

    I’m in Japan right now and can say this list is a joke of course. I’ve dated a Chinese woman and 3 Japanese women (and 10 American women back home during my life there). Chinese woman was the best for character, loyalty, grace, respect, support, and sex. It took her a long time to get close to me and then allow us to share a bed. It’s super easy to get a woman in Japan by just being a foreigner. Anyone who suggests otherwise is a fool. But I cannot speak bad of Japanese women because they too were good to me. Japan has a much higher standard of living so you cannot compare the situations. Japanese women are not desperate to meet a man to get them out of serious poverty problems. Some Chinese women cannot help but to just need a rescue from a horrible situation. In Japan that does not exist. Many in fact choose not to even bother with men at all and there is a serious problem here with women not wanting a Japanese man (though it probably is the mans fault mostly) which lowers the birth rate. Japanese women love foreign men even if the say the don’t. That is the most ridiculous thing on the list. It is so easy to get a date in Japan if you are a foreigner. And they are not dirty in bed. Stop watching Japanese AV videos on the internet. Japanese women are not like that…they are not that stupid. haha

    • Sky 2010

      Live in Tokyo for 2 years & I totally agree with you.

  • Bando

    This is a joke, don’t take it too seriously. Try making comparisons with women of different other nationailties. Hell, try comparing between white women and black women.

  • Kai

    The poll on this post is pretty amusing. I’m not sure if brotherhood and sisterhood is stronger than nationality, much less race and ethnicity. Part of me wishes it was, but that’s only because I thought Gender Wars was a hilarious game.

  • jeff

    i really dont think japanese girl is like that.because im japanese.i know them well.some of them are really nice like that but most of them always talk on the back and always tease someone horribly.my chinese girl friend were really nice.