Student Saves Computers, Cameras and Pet Turtle in Earthquake

From Sina Weibo:

@李思思思源: During the earthquake, this brother rushed out of the dormitory holding his dorm’s six computers in his arms, with three SLR cameras slung around his back, and carrying a single little turtle, single-handedly saving his entire dorm’s property. The admiration for him is like an unending river!

A Chinese university student saves his roommate's valuable belongings (notebook computers, SLR cameras) and a pet turtle during the 2013 Sichuan Earthquake in Ya'an city.

The above microblog post on the popular Sina Weibo social network was reshared over 400k times with over 52k comments 24 hours after it was posted, also making it onto other major Chinese websites, social networks, and discussion forums.

From Tianya:

Most Niu Roommate Appears in Earthquake Area, Rescued Dorm’s Computers, SLR, and Little Turtle

Girls, if you meet a young guy like this, you might as well marry him!

Comments from Tianya:


Their dorm room sure is rich, three SLR cameras!
Also, this young brother looks rather cute =3=
So close to him.


Deserves praise.
Not only did he think of running himself, he also brought along property to lessen losses.
Not only did he remember to bring along property, he also knew to help all of his roommates in bring along their valuables.
This makes uncle [referring to self] see the youth in a whole new light.
Not all children are becoming more and more selfish.
Especially since you also remembered to bring along the small turtle.
You have compassion.
You have responsibility.
I commend you.


This brother is wildly popular on Weibo.


Stupid! Wasting time over some belongings!


I came in touched by the little turtle. Every time I see news about the earthquake, the first thing I feel bad about are all those cats, dogs, birds, and other animals who have probably been left behind to die by their owners. If there is someone who at that critical moment doesn’t only think of their own lives and property and instead brings them along, that someone is people can admire and be moved by.


Taking these things during an earthquake is stupid, not only encumbering one’s own speed, but also possibly getting in the way of those behind. The magnitude of this earthquake was not as high as Wenchuan, so escaped with his life.


Not bad!
The key is being able to think of others~~~ Including the little turtle~~~

Really not bad~~~

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This is an upperclassman at our school. We’re in the media major. These computers hold very important work, and what more, the SLRs are his life.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Roommate brother, you valued a turtle over your own life! This…


China’s Good Roommate is born!


Just seeing that little turtle shows me [that he has] compassion.


The masters are amongst the people, is this an example of one being calm? How did you manage to carry it all down? I’m touched by that small turtle. Girls, if he’s suitable, might as well go ahead and marry him!


Good kid! [鼓掌] A roommate all the same, but how come the difference is so big.


Definitely positive, proving that in our vast China there are still good roommates.


We once again believe in roommates. Also, that this brother could at that moment also bring along the little turtle they kept as a pet, now that’s love…


Notebook computers and whatever are all passing clouds, the important thing is that he saved a life.


Don’t care if it is real or fake, all that matters is that I smiled/laughed after seeing it. [哈哈]


Simply unplugging these [notebook computers and cameras] already takes a lot of speed and time, but in the hurry, he also picked up that little turtle. Quite kind-hearted, definitely a Chinese good roommate.

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  • Prion

    truly chinese materialism is something to behold

    • Comebackkid13

      Well if the comment that he is a media major and the laptops and cameras are his and his classmates life, then it is quite understandable running out with them. I don’t see the hints at materialism in this article

      • Prion

        you’re right actually.

    • Chang Liu

      Don’t know whats it was like in your uni days but I had ALL my work on my laptop. Just sayin’.

  • Like the commentators, I commend him. This is the type to truly own a pet. Not the mofos that carry around a purse dog for only for materialistic show. He owns up to taking responsibility in owning an animal whether big or small. There are too many owners that don’t clean up after their pets or let them out into the streets when they no longer want them ahem…python owners.

    • moldavidian

      So sad but true. Buying a pet should be more like the adoption process of babies.

    • slob

      Just last night we had a guy in our building ask us to babysit his little pooch for hlf an hour. We gave the dog some meat and sausage and he tore it down so fast. After the guy came back we asked him if he had fed it dinner. “Yeah I gave it rice”. What about lunch/breakfast?. “Yeah rice too for that”. I felt so sorry for the poor thing and didn’t want to give it back.

  • Bugs Bunny

    cute boy,cool and stylish and neat! he looks quite cartoon style.
    nice boy! well done!

    • cartoon style boy huh. You must really like watching cartoon.

    • linette lee

      he is not cute.

    • BiggJ

      Bugs Bunny’s dream guy. lol

      • mr.wiener

        He has a machine gun in his arse.

        • BiggJ

          Ass rape prevention at its finest.

      • Bugs Bunny

        i never watched atom!

      • Bugs Bunny

        this is me last summer, do i look a bit cartoon too?

        • Taco Johnson

          Yes you do, like Miss Piggy.

          • Bugs Bunny

            you put out your pic let me have a look. guess your too ugly to show us…

          • Germandude


          • mr.wiener

            What are green and smell like pork?
            Kermit’s fingers.

          • DavidisDawei

            he’s a frog….
            (tastes like chicken?)

          • moldavidian

            That wasn’t very nice now, was it? Still, i wouldn’t post my photo here even if i thought i was good looking.

          • Pickle

            neither would I. But all the cute can!

          • Pickle

            Damn IPad is so prone to typos even with auto correct.
            Meant to say “all the cute girls can post their pics”
            Yep I’m that obsessed!

          • Germandude

            close enough…

          • Bugs Bunny

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          • Bugs Bunny

            do not laugh at pakis or arabs,shut up! you wanna insult me then just insult me directly no need to insult others like this.
            and again, i do not know you! do not bullshit to me.

          • Panda Banana

            why you defend the KFC Pakis? Seems they brainwashed you with all the free chicken and fries? in case you want to eat some real food and be invited in a real restaurant, then let me know. Don’t sell you body and youth for a half dozen chicken wings!

          • DavidisDawei

            Come on…that’s piling on, hurtful and being a bully.

          • linette lee

            You and rick should go hang out together. Jerk attract jerk. No class at all.

          • Alphy

            Geez… didn’t the moderator already warn you guys about personal attacks on the site? Try to keep it down a notch guys. And Bugs Bunny, you knew someone were going to say something when you posted your pic on here right?

          • Pickle

            I give that nick name to my fat pets. I’ll start using it on people too.

        • Rick in China

          Your mom was right…

          • Bugs Bunny

            put on your wife or gf photo let me have a look or yourself

          • Rick in China

            She’s *gorgeous* – by Chinese or western standards – and I’ve posted my own photo before. No interest in satisfying lil piggy’s desire to critique, though. :D

          • Bugs Bunny

            no pic you talk a dick!
            i wonder what match to chinese and western standards looks should be, come on!
            or fuck off!

          • Rick in China

            I’m not stupid enough to post pictures of my wife on the internet, especially not a place like _this_. I don’t really give a shit what you think, either.. so feel free to keep badgering – it wont make you look any less miss piggy-ish.

            I don’t get why you hang on ChinaSmack posting the same nonsense and ridiculous replies to everyone here – you like getting passed around that much in real life that you try to get passed around here too? Must be exhausting.

          • Bugs Bunny

            then you tell me why you bullshit here???
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          • Panda Banana

            honey, you should keep it real, the insults i mean……the point about your man being great and making money was unnecessary in my humble opinion, and makes you come across kinda…ya, you know…

          • MrT


          • Panda Banana

            no, but like someone with an inferior complex…i wouldn’t go so far to generalize that on a/one particular race alone! But its true, such behavior surfaces more often amongst people who haven’t achieved anything significant on their own as individuals….it can be observed all around the world.

          • linette lee

            Shut the f up rick. You are the meanest bastard. How dare you to talk to a woman like this. You have no class. If you do have a wife she definitely doesn’t like gentlemen. she likes bastard like you.

          • Rick in China

            Uh oh, linette doesn’t think I’m a gentleman. How will I ever live with myself.

            Listen, over-the-top bitch, read the conversation in chronological order – and see who starts the cursing and crying as usual. It’s not me. Get over yourself, you whine way too much and have way too little sense to merit much more of a reply than this.

            “How dare you talk to a woman like this” << HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Panda Banana

            darling, you talk about “Elijah”,the small fat ass loser who lived in HK and moved back to canada, who bragged all the time about his singer/model wife. Well i doubt that she was either one, but nether the less she was much better looking then him with his beer belly and fat ass.

            There are decent looking women who for whatever reason prefer ugly man like this fat fuck Elijah…..most likely they are afraid of man like me, or made “bad” experiences with us good looking ones, and from then on want to play the ball flat, not risking anything. An ugly man is much easier to control i guess, cause there is no female competition around eager to fuck him…

          • Bugs Bunny

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          • Panda Banana

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          • mr.wiener

            I saw photos of his wife. She is very pretty actually. Elijiah could use a bit of slimming down then hardening up then he’d be the perfect size for a hooker in a rugby scrum

          • Panda Banana

            i saw pictures of her too, and so did everyone else, since he bragged about her all the time…i never denied that she was pretty, compared to him anyway, no question….i just think that he had a hard time dealing with how the chinese looked at them as a couple.

            Having said that, I am sure he is a cool dude to hang out with, all power to him for his catch. He better care about her, cause its very unlikely that something similar will happen to him again during his lifetime…

          • Elijah

            You think I don’t know that? As if I wouldn’t kill and die for her?

            You’d brag too if you had an Angel.

          • Panda Banana

            oh i know that my man! I had my fare share of angels too, but since i treat all women equal, they still have to leave after i am done with them. Its just me, cause i see no sense to spend the rest of my life with one angel alone, when there are so many of them out there who want a piece of the panda…

          • mr.wiener

            How’s life treating you bro?

          • Elijah

            Very good actually, I have one stable day job and another night job for the National Arts Center Orchestra which gets me free tickets which is almost good enough to do the job for free. Also still doing good business, this time with baby milk powder from Canada and California wines. Saving up a lot of money while the immigration papers are going through for my Angel cause when she gets here, she’s going to start demanding a halfblood for real (her name and it just kinda stuck + Harry Potter, which is always cool) and those things cost a lot of money…

            How about you my finely intestine-capsulated friend?

          • DavidisDawei

            Our best “hooker” was built like a tree stump; One of the strongest guys in the scrum; could push the entire pile.

          • mr.wiener

            Most important to have no neck.

          • Elijah

            Silly Panda, you could romance her for a year and still be no closer to her than you are now.

            You think I win girls over based on how much I put others down? No I win them by how much I lift them up and make them feel good about themselves.

            I’ve never denied being average height and being able to lose 20 pounds, but it’s never stopped girls from going after me.

            Ironically, I’ve gotten as many girls after being married as I did before getting married because as you mentioned hot girls like control, except in this case, it’s the control over other girls who can’t ever have me to themselves.

            Maturity, confidence, humour, understanding and some experience will help you get your own girl.

            PS. As Mr. Wiener mentions below, you insist on calling me a “fat assed loser”, some people do. But what they don’t know is that I can lift my own weight with my body/arms and twice my weight with my legs. Or my wife with one arm (110 pounds on average, 175cm, not a model?).

          • Panda Banana

            i am sure you do that, but the question is why would a girl/women need to lifted up to feel good about herself? Wouldn’t that require that she is down for whatever reason? And in addition to that lets not overestimate your abilities, cause its questionable when its you who do the lifting.

            Like i said, i have no doubt whats or ever that you are confident and understanding and you for sure posses lots of humor, how else would you be able to stay calm like that?! Don’t understand me wrong, I am with you and i applaud you for your achievements.

            I used the term “fat assed looser” to impress eattot, thats the only reason. I dont think you ARE a fat ass looser. You are the one who is going back home every night to your angel to fuck the shit out of her, or she out of you, either way my friend, all power to you! She is cute…even for my own taste, the tattoos are too much, but hey, to each his own!’

          • Elijah

            A woman is like a vampire when it comes to compliments, they don’t need a reason to want more, they just do. Besides, I do it because I want to make her happy, simple as that. It’s why I do most things nowadays (although there are certain things I insist on doing for myself despite the costs or immaturity of it ie: delivery, laugh at farts, xbox, home theatre system, etc.).

            Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of the overbearingly large tattoos, I prefer small very meaningful tattoos. Canney and I share her only tattoo and it’s my favourite of the ones I have.

            As for your last thought, I agree absolutely. No matter what anyone says or does or thinks, I still get to fall asleep and wake up next to a perfect woman who loves me completely. Name one thing better than that.

            PS. Eattot the Retard isn’t worth impressing, she’s a bitter little person with very little prospects for a happy future and takes it out on everyone else.

          • Astaroth

            Are you a weightlifter or something?

          • Elijah

            No, never been to any gym, genetics I guess. Why?

          • Astaroth

            Just it seemed that lifting bodyweight stuff made you sound like you were strong, worked out.

          • Elijah

            Eattot the Retard strikes again!

            My wife is Japanese/Taiwanese born in Hong Kong. IE: better than chinese… Try again. Jealousy hurts eh?

            As for Linette, I don’t know why people are piling on. She’s not overweight or unattractive and even if she were, it would be inappropriate to mock.

            EDIT: My mistake, I thought it was Linette Lee who had posted her photo. It was Eattot the Retard. She deserves every joke for being the judgmental, hypocritical, stupid little twat that she is.

          • Bugs Bunny

            ugly is ugly, no need to mention where she is from…
            people already very unpicky about your wife’s looks because she is with you…i do not see japan or tawan any greater either…

            both shrinking down.

          • Elijah

            You seem upset Eattot. Is it jealousy? It is, isn’t it? I thought so.

            Didn’t you say you were pregnant or something? No matter it was an accident, you should still feel happy that you’re not completely dried up and unwanted. Yet. Just think, in a few months you will be controlled by an overbearing mother-in-law and start to accept your role as caretaker until you die. You’ll have no choice of course. No one will look at you anymore, your career opportunities will vanish, your husband (if you have one) will stop spending time with you and just pay the bills while ‘visiting’ KTVs a few times a week. It’s ok though, if it’s a girl, you can pass on your bitterness to her and if it’s a boy, you can smother him until he’s completely dependent on you, cause dependence means petty power for you. Don’t forget that you will probably never leave china and if you do it will only be for a quick vacation and then have to return to that lovely, safe, harmonious environment with bright happy futures everywhere with long lives and very high quality of life.

            I suppose that’s the difference between a happy life and yours, no need to always compare and point the finger, can just enjoy life.

          • Bugs Bunny

            is this your wife’s life ?oh, i feel so sad for her…

          • That would be elijah…now in his mums bedroom in cold canada somewhere presumably, chasing bears away, hahaha

          • harvz

            Am I missing something here? Is this a troll or does she deserve all the nasty comments?

          • mr.wiener

            Bugs Bunny/Eattot is 100% free range Chinese who tends to shoot from the hip and get some people here riled for it
            ,BUT she is also very genuine in her opinions and has an unexpected soft side. She gets a lot of shite [undeserved] from some folk here, but is well able to defended herself with her caustic Shanghainese wit.

          • linette lee

            I agreed. Bunny is genuine and in your face. She is cool. I don’t agree with most of of her philosophy but that’s fine. She is not a mean person. I don’t think so.

            and you wiener, I think you are one of the coolest person here on this site. You have lots of humor. So funny. I think you have a temper. Your wife is very lucky.

            I have very bad temper. I need to learn from you.

          • linette lee

            I mean you have a good temper.

            I always mistyped. So bad….

          • linette lee

            okay,,,let’s try again.

            I meant weiner has a good temper, and I don’t. there you go.

          • MrT

            All Kong Bongers have bad temper, being brought up on a cramped rock does that.

          • MrT

            visit the motherland and rest your paws

          • linette lee

            hahaha…you crazy. Yes, visit the motherland and inhale more polluted air. That will help calm me down. hahah… :)

          • MrT

            Linette i need to tell you something about the level of brainwashing you suffer (and many others)

            Beijing, Shanghai and lot of other big cites suck to high hell with pollution, rubbish and retard people(like HK), including most the expats who choose to live there for the money but then spend all the days on the web/bars moaning about it, like someone made them go there (well there own shitty countries probably did).

            But for me who grew up in the end of the industrial era of Great Britain where my lungs suffered from all the coal burning, Iron foundries pumping out red caustic dust out over the local living areas with not a word of complaint from anyone, probably because there was no internet back then, I have never felt so healthy till i started living here moons back.( a new lease of life in fact)

            I no longer suffer Hay Fever, I can breath clearly and actual run again, my blood is clean with no red warnings, my heart is pumping strong and i can shag for most the day .(wid da right bird)

            In fact I popped back to the UK last year and visited the doctors and had a check up because i didn’t believe what the Chinese doctors were telling me, which was there is nothing wrong with my health. But the English doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me also, I asked them to check my previous records and explain why Type II diabetes had disappeared when they told me before Im stuck with it for life and list of other red (bad) blood reading were now back in the black again, they no answer for it, but the doctor did say I better stick to China, it suits you a lot better, he said laughing, (f-tard).(clearly diet change and clean air was the reason)

            I do still take some painkillers because i suffer backache but that’s due to past accidents and i still ride motorbikes most days here, but in this climate i suffer far less pain.

            So China is a big place and there is a lot of room for movement and choose of places to live, most the expats coward together in the big shitty cities and the same shitty bars all day moaning about how crap it is here, but eh more fool them and good luck.There are far more better places to live then shit ones here.

            Me I have beautiful clean river, really big mountain ranges, excellent bicycle roads and motorbikes roads, beautiful wet lands and nice clean city, no air pollution at all and really good food restaurants every where, oh not to forget the endless supply of hot healthy girls to go out with.(not Shanghai KFC munching fat fcks)

            You can stay in New York and suck it up dear and never see the real beauty of China and instead live of the drivel that’s posted on here and else where to justify why your parents were right to bullshit you about the motherland.

            Oh there is also a lot Kong Bongers got there second homes here (very big ones) to escape the sht pit HK is now.

            Takes me 4 hours to get into the center of HK by the way hence the rest of the world, the worst part of that journey is traveling in Kong Bong and all the wogs grabbing you when you walk past.
            Have a crap day.

          • BiggJ

            HAahaha, China itself cured your type 2 diabetes?? Fuck that made me laugh.
            I agree though, China has some nice country side…and some town/cities that are not so polluted…the more east you go the nicer it is. I do notice one thing though, most of the people who love china to death are from the Great Britain….why is that? I’ve never been there…is it a fucking horrible place??Just curious what the reason is. I’m from canada and apart from high taxes it’s 10x better then anything china can offer. Mind you, being poor in canada would not be the best thing, while being”western” poor in china would put you upper to middle class. I don’t think too many people with some money or a good job would like to live in china. When they can live a better life in a some western countries…

            One more thing, from the foreigners I do meet in china are usually celebrity want a be kind of people. Who love the fact that chinese stare at them all the time. One guy told me when he goes to HK he misses china because no one notices him in You’re somewhat right about HK. It is a tight shit packed place…I like the way HK operates though. I like visiting HK…to live there… way in hell.

            Anyways, I guess china is great for some people and shitty for other people….I’m like in the middle…I like wife is chinese…but i enjoy my life in canada much more. China is a great place to visit for a few months….I would not want to live here for any amount of time…thats just my opinion.

          • MrT

            yea did I some research on the Type 2 after, my intake of chillies is massive now, in fact addicted, got to have or get the shakes. Biggest change in my diet and no intake of milk,cheese or butter now. couldn’t avoid in the UK no matter how hard i tried or all the processed food. Here the food is raw, i eat like Chinese with a chinglish food twist. I can eat chocolate again and sugar in my tea, great.

   some info there, I’m sure more about, i was on medication every day for 10 years and check ups once a month before here.

            So i think the chiles was the cure for me (but wait there is no cure!)

            yea Great Britain not all shit, also if you throw enough money at a problem I’m sure life is better anywhere..

            I can not knock Canada or Australia or the people.

            Something seriously gone amiss in UK now and well America, you know. So yea China i like, i like the attention of the women, yea HK they blind ignore you, like they do in the UK.

            So I make the most of it here, i been piss poor broke here caught out on money fucks up but she still preferred it to being piss poor broke in the UK, Ive had money in the UK and I got money here, still prefer to spend it here.

            I not selling the place, I’m quite happy people don’t come here, better for me yea? You will find the majority keep the fuck shut up about how good it is for them here, for good reason,

          • BiggJ

            Yeah for sure, being a “white” foreigner in china has it perks. I’ve had offers off the street to come teach english or do some class or whatever simply because im white and from canada.

            I could live better here in terms of cost of living. I could spend $1000 “6000rmb” a month and live in a really nice place in a tier 2 or 3 city. Where as in canada that would be a small 2 bedroom house/apartment in a city in canada. People say cost of things in china are going up, but its still far cheaper then canada. The only that is about the same is gas for your car. That is roughly the same. Free health care in canada, so we have china beat on that. Awesome human rights in canada….though I don;t notice the human right thing because im a foreigner and does not really apply to me.
            Here Is what I like and don’t like about china.
            Don’t like:
            The internet
            sketchy food
            driving in china

            Too much unwanted attention
            Language barrier” that’s not chinas fault…that’s my own really….but it hold be back from doing certain thing.
            Alot of scams
            The weed sucks. lol

            I get over charged when I’m not with my wife.

            Things I like:
            Pretty much cheap all around
            People for the most part are pretty friendly…if you are the first to smile/wave to them…to my face at least lol

            I like trains.:) First time I was ever on a train was in china….not subways, but like city to city trains.
            Night markets are cool, something we don’t have alot of in canada.

            There are more things but it about evens out for me.

            One other thing is the stupid fucking nationalist cunts in china. Being patriotic is cool, nationalism …makes people look like uneducated sheep. I mean come on…and japan…I mean…come on…let it go…china is like a broken fucking record sometimes. lol

          • Alphy

            Agree on the nationalism thing. I still remember the first week I was in China, eating with a co-worker, he went on and on about how he wish China would nuke Japan. When I realize he wasn’t joking, it just became scary. If humanity doesn’t transcend these type of hatred, there will be little hope for our future.

          • MrT

            “Too much unwanted attention”

            yea a real pain in the arse that from all the gays in China wanting to feel something other then a tickle. QQ nightmare;-!

          • linette lee

            I have been to london once. The weather is always shitty. Cloudy all the time and chilly cool. Hardly sunny and bright. It’s depressing. The food…..well I think the food in london is awful compare to NYC and Hk. But not many places in the world can compare to nyc and hk in terms of huge variety of foods from different countries, you will be able to find them in nyc and hk. In london I ate fish and chips for lunch and beans and sausage for breakfast and that was just gross. Beans for breakfast……

            They do have good tea and I like their cathedrals. Riding the double decker bus made me happy reminded me of HK. Their subways which they called the underground nothing special.(if you ask them where is the subways they don’t know what you are talking about. They call it underground) Went to Madame Tussauds and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Didn’t get into the Buckingham Palace. The big ben at palace of westminster and london bridge was photo worthy sight.

            I still like nyc and hk the best. Hk has many more nature areas like lamma island and lantau island. Many mountains and beaches. The seafoods are excellent.

            China I have never been to. I am sure it has the most beautiful countryside ,rivers, and mountain.

          • MrT

            waaaaaaaaaa i miss me fish and chips!

          • linette lee

            hahaha… ;)

          • Panda Banana

            “I have been to london once. The weather is always shitty. ”

            You have been the ONCE, but you know that the weather is ALWAYS shitty? And you know that the food is AWFUL?

            You once again talk out of your ass. You visited the place ONCE but already know so much? The fact that you can just afford some fish and chips, beans and sausage, means that all food which is available in London is awful?

            Seems you just went there with a very limited budget, with the very limited brain on your shoulders and limited understanding of life in general.

            Let me tell you something, you better have some money, then life is good everywhere. You can praise HK or NY as much as you like, but when you don’t have money there, then life is shit like everywhere else. I doubt that you enjoy a good enough life in HK, cause you bitch and complain all the time about how others can buy shit you can’t.

            Go feed some cage people…looser!

          • linette lee

            You are a loser. So sad. I won’t enough waste my energy talking to you. hahaha……lol. Let’s just say I live very comfortable and my family have properties and small business in HK and USA. Me myself I am financially independent. I have a good job and good earning power. I am very comfortable.

            You stick your ass in China and f more girls from poor areas. You are a moron. Someone should call the police on you if they want to keep their neighborhood safe. lol.

          • he does have a point you have only been there once how can you conclude that? last time I went to visit London it was sunny and lovely weather, did I went to a different London?. You have that symptoms many asian from asia have when they went travelling. They refuse to try the local things and always compare it to their own country or some other well known place….. sadly while missing the place own charm and experience. You should stop being so defensive when someone point out your mistake and learn from it.

          • linette lee

            Well the only reason why I said I like usa and Hk better was because Mr. T told me how shxtty is UK compare to China. So I said I like USA and HK better compare to UK. I enjoyed all my vacations in different countries. I wasn’t afraid to try local foods. I even tried rabbit in puerto rico. And it wasn’t my fault they had these big ass signs saying fish and chips in many places. They were fresh not bad at all. Better than many places in USA. I can skip beans for breakfast. I was there for only two weeks and I didn’t have good luck like you. It was cloudy most of the time. And I do know london is more cloudy compare to hk and nyc because my friends were studying over there.

            @gerhana…tell me what I can possibly learn from a pedophile like panda? He stated clearly in his posts that his intention being in China and HK is to f girls.


          • Panda Banana

            the funny think about girls like you and eattot is that when someone point out flaws in your post, then you both immediately start to get offensive, and point out how well you live, what you own, how much money/property your family/husband has….like small children, I doubt that anyone here believes you the crap you post. You girls should wash your dirty mouths, its no lady like to call people names, it just shows the many weaknesses you both have.

            BTW, i am here for the money. It just happens that where ever i am pussy is offered to me and sometimes i just can’t resist. You seem to be obsesses with pedophiles since you mention the term in so many posts. Any bad experiences you made in your childhood? Wanna talk about it? If not, then use your free time and go feed some cage people in HK!

          • Panda Banana

            ok, let me get this straight:

            you live very comfortable, have properties and business in HK and USA, financially independent, good job and earning power?

            But yet, when you are on holiday in London you can just afford to eat fish and chips for lunch and beans and sausage for breakfast? And in addition to that, you bitch and complain about mainlanders who can buy luxury goods in HK? Girl, you talk out of your fat ass: You ARE a typical HK looser, hypocrite!

          • BiggJ

            Hey hey…What wrong with fish and chips?Or beans and sausage? Rich people don’t eat that?

          • mr.wiener

            Awww shucks.

          • Mr. Wiener makes me want to be a better man.

          • Panda Banana

            she is not shanghainese, she just lives there…

          • A bizarre one indeed, but I find entertaining.

          • Rick in China

            It’s the slew of superficial and ignorant posts that warrant it. A recent example would be something like “I don’t know if I could love my baby if it were born ugly” — then that photo is posted, what do you expect? It reminds me of that “Sister Feng” shit, that unaccomplished horrible looking little toad woman demanding a list of accomplishments and materials from a potential husband..I don’t see much difference.

          • Alphy

            Ouch harsh comparing her to Sister Feng. I thought you like Bugs Bunny.

          • Panda Banana

            Eattot is NOT horrible looking, she has a nice little snapdragon mouth, and i heard that Pakis and Arabs love chubby girls. I too try one or the other, especially during winter time…

          • harvz

            Nevermind. After a bit of lurking, I can see why a few people took their jabs at her.

          • Rick in China

            After a lot of lurking, you’d quickly see that her repeated ridiculous drivel deserves more than jabs – but hard uppercut KO’s :D

        • cc

          Fat tart, i’d still do you up the poop chute though

          • Bugs Bunny

            you go die idiot
            your just like a piece of shit on this site old mfker

        • Pickle

          Is that really you? Not bad. Do you have any pics with long hair?
          Even though some people here were mean, behind closed doors, their tune would change if they could get with you.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah , I agree with you. If someone is brave/crazy enough to put a pick a on this website…I’ll give you points just for that.

          • MrT

            yea my tune would be a scream

        • BiggJ

          You must have known what would happen when you posted your pic on here? I’ll give you a high 5 for putting your pic on here. Don’t pay any attention to these haters. As long as you have dick keeping you happy, who cares.

          • MrT

            two i would think

        • Panda Banana

          you are sexy baby, don’t listen to all this losers on this site!

          I knew there was a cute little snapdragon mouth hiding bellow that face mask!

        • chama

          You are hot as hell…Do you happen to be in shanghai by any chance?

        • linette lee

          You look cute. I like those huge eyeglasses. They are very cartoonlike.

          • Bugs Bunny

            thanks, haha!
            so far, still mario is the cutest boy!
            i like 林更新,陈晓,i think they are very good looking young actors…

          • linette lee

            heheeh….they are cute, Then you should also like Wu chun.

            You should see his photos when he was young. A very good looking kid. Like a boy doll.


          • Panda Banana

            you obviously don’t need such huge lenses with your frog sized eyeballs you have. Take care when you cough, they could pop out !

            Having said that, you look cartoon like too, like the froggy gremlin in the buster brown show

        • MrT

          you like visiting KFC and McDonalds I see.

          • MrT

            and dodging the sun

          • James

            well dodging the sun goes without saying

        • Panda Banana

          i just had a more detailed look at your picture, and asked myself what is holding your sunglasses, they definitely do not fit on your tiny little nose. It looks like the wings of your nose and those fatty cheeks hold them in position. There is even a shadow visible on the bridge of your tiny little nose. All this KFC food the Pakis in Shanghai feed you with let you cheeks blow up, but your nose remains tiny little. Love that little snapdragon mouth of yours though….ear rings look ridiculous BTW!

  • Jahar

    Um. Was the dorm destroyed? Also, it’s not like he tried to save PEOPLE or anything.

    • Panda Banana

      you don’t understand my friend! This is CHINA, of course the dorm was not destroyed and there was no danger at all at any given time, but people there(even some naive foreigners) like to make a big fucking deal out of it. Its kinda “hope for the hopeless” shit which is going on in peoples delusional brains taking things for granted by simply looking at a picture and an article which doesn’t say anything. Guess most dont live lives which are satisfying enough, so they grab at every opportunity to see something good happening. I say he is a thieve, and he took the shit to sell it later, and the turtle to cook a soup!

      • cheong

        Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt,

        may our Goddess of Mercy(Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha, the compassionate s, have mercy on your soul, if you have one.

        Your thought is not “clean”

        ps: may I suggest that in future, even in utmost anger, please refrain from using profanity as it would makes you a better person.

        Wouldn’t you want to be a better person, eh??

        In our Taoism/Buddhism, we believe that inside everyone, there is always the good & bad sides of us and it is up to us, each & every individual to bring forth our goodness as goodness will do a world of goodness to all mankind.

        And henceforth the world will be at peace.

        have a nice day & god bless.

        • Panda Banana

          “In our Taoism/Buddhism, we believe that inside everyone, there is always the good & bad sides of us and it is up to us, each & every individual to bring forth our goodness as goodness will do a world of goodness to all mankind.

          And henceforth the world will be at peace.

          have a nice day & god bless.”

          and in MY dickism, ballism, moneyism, I believe that my dick can still grow to a certain extend to make myself and many girls even more happy! I have no bad sides, just good sides, and all the cute pussies out there bring out the best in me, and therefor the world is in harmony.

          have a nice day, and may my dick bless you in case you are a good looking girl!

      • Leticia

        Yes, obviously he was thinking of making soup and selling laptops when he was in the middle of a freaking earthquake. -_- You say we don’t know the facts, and in our ignorance, assume he’s saved all that stuff and the turtle, yet you are doing the same thing but seeing it in an extremely negative way.

        • Panda Banana

          thats what you so called good people will never understand, thats is, that life and success depends on taking given opportunities…..remember: life is defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss!

          I don’t judge the boy for stealing the things, I judge cause he was most likely caught. But i applaud him for keeping a clear mind, while others running away, he took the extra time to risk something. This is what business is about. I don’t expect everyone to understand that. I am sure, cause of the smart boy he is, that at the next earthquake he will be better prepared and increase his chances to score! this time he failed….

          So again, from my point of view the ONLY negative thing i saw was that he failed at the attempt to steal. I don’t, and would never condemn him for stealing(except shit i own), just for failing at doing so….I am a selfish and self oriented person, and i don’t give a shit about loss of others, i also don’t give a shit about others success. I just care about myself and myself alone, but i do like to observe what is happening around me and to see peoples reactions….

  • BiggJ

    Why did you guys leave out the rest of the title??

    “Student Saves Computers, Cameras and Pet Turtle in Earthquake, leaves his 5 roommates and girlfriend trapped in rubble.”


  • AngryBlackMan

    He wanted to save all the porn.

    • randy

      agree! lol..

    • Chang Liu

      Lol! This is why I love ChinaSmack :)).

  • BiggJ


    • Kuramano

      Damn she’s skinny!

      • BiggJ

        lol, I was thinking the same thing, looks like a couple of crack heads. lol The guy is skinny as shit too.

        • MrT

          no money for food i suspect, it is the US after all.
          Where as China now is full of fat fcks.

          • James

            they ran out of songbirds

    • moldavidian

      “Grab the beer, bitch, i got the meth!”

      • BiggJ


        • diverdude7

          that is one funny-ass poster ! thx.. :-p

  • Rick in China

    I grabbed my cats and chilled in a doorway WOW WHAT A FUCKIN SUPERHERO! MOST NIU LAOWAI IN CHENGDU!

    *yawn*.. lame story. There’s probably hundreds of better incidents of heroism out there to pass around.

    • the masters are among the people, the question is not what he grab… its how he grabbed it. I imagined qi is involved. Truly niu.

      • Rick in China

        I’d imagine it would be a better story if he had grabbed the turtle and ignored the computers/cameras..

        • it is a sensible thing to do, but I imagine there will be no story as it is common sense to put one life in priority over material possession. Besides…. Imagine if the article is about him saving his own life over anything else. The cS comment section will be fill with sarcasm.

  • the ace of books

    I say good for this kid. This isn’t materialism, however you want to spin it – this is saving the most valuable things* in the dorm, and it’s the kind of thing that comes with thinking of others. Take the turtle as an example: guy sees his rommate left the turtle, feels sorry for it/knows the roommate probably would regret leaving it, takes it.

    *by things I mean owned things, obvs not people

    No, it’s not a massive act of heart-moving heroism. But it’s still touching, since he took the time to help others. Good on you, kid.

    • Panda Banana

      how it comes that everyone seems to know about the true intentions of this boy…it could be that he just took the given opportunity/circumstances to go back to steal the shit, people saw him and then he pretended that he has gone back to save the items. Looking at the pic, he looked disappointed cause of a missed chance?

      Anyway, 6 laptops are most likely owned by 6 people which share the dorm? So what happened to the other 5, they just left everything behind? Not typical for chinese, cause it doesn’t matter how dangerous the situation is, they will run for their lives, yes, leaving the grandmother behind to die in a fire, BUT they for sure will take the valuables with them along the way. I say he most likely wanted to steal the things, and now makes the best out of the given situation since he missed to benefit from the given opportunity.

      Another point is, how it comes mainlanders can afford Notebooks and SLRs, AND a fucking turtle? Anyone? Linette, maybe you? Cause i have learned from Linette that they are oppressed by their evil government. Let me guess, they must be the children of some raping and mudering gov officials or business man?

      • mr.wiener

        During disasters people need heros. At the Boston bombing while some people were helping the maimed and dying others where looting the tent with the official marathon jackets. People like to focus on the former.
        I actually thought he might have gone in for a spot of earthquake discount shopping also , unworthy bastard that i am.

      • moldavidian

        Apologize to the turtle.

        • Panda Banana

          why i should, he most likely cooked it by now..!

          • cheong

            If it is cooked & eaten, then it is one of most sacrilege act.

            I suppose if you are an atheist, you would not know or understand what is sacrilege.

            Why on earth would you or anyone want to cook & eat a turtle??

            Are there not any other food to eat?? eh??

            Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt,

            My our goddess of Mercy(Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha, the compassionate bless the turtle if it was cooked.

            But i doubt it, i think it would probably be release into the wild or being looked after coz not everyone is so heartless.

            have a nice day, you all & god bless.

          • sacrilege can be eliminated with a correct application of spices and a sprinkling touch of hunger and curiosity. Voila, sacrilege eliminated.

        • cheong

          Yes, apologize to the turtle.

          But then again, apology is not in his vocabulary.

          But I think talking to a brick wall will be better coz there will be an echo from the brick wall.

          Hello, Hello ??

      • Alphy

        Wow, can I call you Mr. Negative? People probably do make too many assumption on this kid’s intention, I will give you that. However, I rather believe he is trying to save other’s property than trying to steal them. I mean really, why would you steal a turtle during a earthquake that is suppose to be from his dorm.

        I’ve seen college kid, spend 5000 RMB on a phone before, even though their parents only gave them 1500 a month. They just save it up. They also have credit cards. Banks for some reason like to give huge credits for kids here.

      • MrT

        next time i see you Bandana i shall kick you in the head with my new toe cap trainers and my Chinese police issue expanding batten i have obtained just for such use off.

      • cheong

        As an old Chinese Taoist/Buddhist, I find your comment very appalling.

        In a country that is governed by rules of Law, it is always, innocent until proven guilty.

        And there should no benefit of doubts.

        Anyway, if I was in his situation, I would have saved the turtle first as to us Taoist/Buddhist, the turtle is more than life.

        In our Taoism/Buddhism, the turtle is a very very very sacred being & I would value it’s life more than mine and nothing else matter.

        And for his action, he will deserve & would be given a merit from our Goddess of Mercy (Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha, the Compassionate.

        Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt

        may our Goddess of Mercy (Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha, the Compassionate bless them all.

    • Chingchangchung

      …..and then he saw the laptop and SLRs of his roommate and the roomate next door, felt sorry and took them, hoping his roommates will feel sorry that they left it behind and regret that all their stuff is burried in the ruins…..
      Thats what I call money orientated heroism!

  • moldavidian

    PETA, sign him up! China needs more people like this who care about the lives of animals. Too many being caged, slaughtered and eaten.

    • BiggJ

      What are you talking about? That was his lunch box with his lunch inside. :) lol

      • moldavidian

        Oh… then that’s really terrible but possibly true. How can anyone eat a turtle?

        • BiggJ

          I don’t know man, every wedding i’ve gone to in china they serve turtle. They just love it. I would eat it if my life depended on it…..other then that…no fucking way.

          • Rick in China

            Yeah – I think turtle is “traditionally known to have” magic sexual stamina inducing properties, so a classic wedding food.. somethin like that :D

          • moldavidian

            So they still eat it just in case this obvious superstition isn’t full of crap? I don’t know about you but i’d pass even if there was some truth to it. I wouldn’t want to kill just for that and anyway, it can’t be that helpful in bed.

          • I think turtle is eaten in a lot of cultures. Perhaps not as much anymore, but I’ve met a few here in the States that say they like it. I’ve never had it, but I assume it tastes similar to gator or frog legs. Educated guess.

        • Step 1: Open Mouth
          Step 2: Put turtle in mouth
          Step 3: Chew turtle
          Step 4: Swallow turtle

          • the ace of books

            Step 5: Spit out teeth :(

          • mr.wiener

            Chinese guy 5000 years ago talking to his business partner:

            “What are we gonna do? The pigs got taken by the tax man, the chickens all died and now the fish supply is drying up because those ta-ma-de turtles have infested the river”
            “Tell eveyone turtle meat is good for your ji-ji and quadruple the price.”
            …….”Man you are a f*cking GENIUS!!”

        • Chang Liu

          Haven’t u heard of turtle soup?

          • Kai

            Of course I have!

          • Chang Liu

            OMG brings back memories…

          • Kai

            LoL, totally.

            Wow, I got one downvote for that? Man, tough crowd.

          • moldavidian

            Of course but i had hoped that modern folks had moved on to something less primitive and brutal. That’s what i get for hoping.

          • Chang Liu

            Well FYI i consider the mass production of meat specially poultry more barbaric.

        • diverdude7

          hmm,, I ate some turtle down in the Cayman’s,, de lish us

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Sure the turtle would be thanking him, if it could talk…and was aware of how close it was to being squished.

  • gw

    A modern day hero? Obviously, the bar is not set that high.

  • Cool Nice is that what this young man do :)

  • I guess he loves that little turtle as much as he loves all that porn stored in his 6 laptops…lmao!

    • michael weiss

      The turtle was dinner that night…..

  • Mighty

    Some people take the opportunity to steal amid chaos and disaster. I’m glad this little brother’s intention was not.

  • What an excellent example of disaster preparedness.

  • Jin

    Banana boy, quit your full of shit comments, if you read the netizen posts you would see that those laptop is his and his roommates life, it got all their work in it. And seriously? Turtle soup? That small turtle wont even be enough for a 1 y old. Stop your pointless and tasteless retarded comments or just pure hate. You just make yourself look like a douche.

  • Whirly Pop

    i wish he was my roommate.

  • 에밀리 :3

    He’s cute. :)

  • Jing Li

    That’s one lucky turtle.

  • Good man

    – K&J Fashion)

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