Student Saves Computers, Cameras and Pet Turtle in Earthquake

A Chinese university student saves his roommate's valuable belongings (notebook computers, SLR cameras) and a pet turtle during the 2013 Sichuan Earthquake in Ya'an city.

From Sina Weibo:

@李思思思源: During the earthquake, this brother rushed out of the dormitory holding his dorm’s six computers in his arms, with three SLR cameras slung around his back, and carrying a single little turtle, single-handedly saving his entire dorm’s property. The admiration for him is like an unending river!

A Chinese university student saves his roommate's valuable belongings (notebook computers, SLR cameras) and a pet turtle during the 2013 Sichuan Earthquake in Ya'an city.

The above microblog post on the popular Sina Weibo social network was reshared over 400k times with over 52k comments 24 hours after it was posted, also making it onto other major Chinese websites, social networks, and discussion forums.

From Tianya:

Most Niu Roommate Appears in Earthquake Area, Rescued Dorm’s Computers, SLR, and Little Turtle

Girls, if you meet a young guy like this, you might as well marry him!

Comments from Tianya:


Their dorm room sure is rich, three SLR cameras!
Also, this young brother looks rather cute =3=
So close to him.


Deserves praise.
Not only did he think of running himself, he also brought along property to lessen losses.
Not only did he remember to bring along property, he also knew to help all of his roommates in bring along their valuables.
This makes uncle [referring to self] see the youth in a whole new light.
Not all children are becoming more and more selfish.
Especially since you also remembered to bring along the small turtle.
You have compassion.
You have responsibility.
I commend you.


This brother is wildly popular on Weibo.


Stupid! Wasting time over some belongings!


I came in touched by the little turtle. Every time I see news about the earthquake, the first thing I feel bad about are all those cats, dogs, birds, and other animals who have probably been left behind to die by their owners. If there is someone who at that critical moment doesn’t only think of their own lives and property and instead brings them along, that someone is people can admire and be moved by.


Taking these things during an earthquake is stupid, not only encumbering one’s own speed, but also possibly getting in the way of those behind. The magnitude of this earthquake was not as high as Wenchuan, so escaped with his life.


Not bad!
The key is being able to think of others~~~ Including the little turtle~~~

Really not bad~~~


This is an upperclassman at our school. We’re in the media major. These computers hold very important work, and what more, the SLRs are his life.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Roommate brother, you valued a turtle over your own life! This…


China’s Good Roommate is born!


Just seeing that little turtle shows me [that he has] compassion.


The masters are amongst the people, is this an example of one being calm? How did you manage to carry it all down? I’m touched by that small turtle. Girls, if he’s suitable, might as well go ahead and marry him!


Good kid! [鼓掌] A roommate all the same, but how come the difference is so big.


Definitely positive, proving that in our vast China there are still good roommates.


We once again believe in roommates. Also, that this brother could at that moment also bring along the little turtle they kept as a pet, now that’s love…


Notebook computers and whatever are all passing clouds, the important thing is that he saved a life.


Don’t care if it is real or fake, all that matters is that I smiled/laughed after seeing it. [哈哈]


Simply unplugging these [notebook computers and cameras] already takes a lot of speed and time, but in the hurry, he also picked up that little turtle. Quite kind-hearted, definitely a Chinese good roommate.


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