British Woman’s Foreign Nationality Protects Chinese Husband

Joanne and Xushuai.
Shandong young man Xu Shuai and his English wife

From QQ:

English Woman Who Married Shandong Man Encounters Forced Demolition, Relies on Foreign Nationality to Protect Husband


One day in 2011, Xu Shuai’s father received a land acquisition phone call from the district committee, 700 yuan of compensation for each mu [a Chinese unit of area = 1/15 of a hectare or 1/6 of an acre]. Xu’s father cherished his family’s first-class fertile farmland, [so he] haggled over the price: Each mu of land could earn 1,500-3,000 yuan in pure profit each year, so 1,500 yuan per mu would be better.

The request was denied. The other side left a message: Their land would be taken in 3 days, and if they refused to give up their land at that time, they would be arrested.

Xu’s father had a heart condition, and became afraid. He discussed with his son: We don’t have any connections, let’s just give up the land.

Xu Shuai began to complain. He called the city mayor’s hotline, the Public Security Bureau, the Land and Resources Bureau, but all their replies were the same: They say they’ll arrest you, do you have any proof? They say they’ll confiscate your land, but have they done so? “No, not yet, they say ‘in 3 days’.” “Then call us then.”

The only “proactive” reaction he got from his complaints was from Baidu Tieba. Xu Shuai wrote: “I’ve already called and told my wife: Stay and live well in London, England, don’t come back, raise our child, and find a good man to remarry. I’m already tired of living, so the day they forcibly take my land, I’ll fight with my life…”

At the time, because they had no “Certificate for Having A Baby”, they were worried their child would not get a hukou after being born, so Xu Shuai’s wife Joanne [Margaret Noble] returned to England to give birth. However, their status as an international family and Xu Shuai’s characterization [of the situation] as a life and death struggle attracted attention, and some foreign media called for interviews, resulting in the town leaders to hurriedly placate him: Stop making a fuss, the land requisition can wait for a while, we won’t take it for now.

“Suddenly I felt like the sun was shining, felt that there was still had a bit of hope in this social system, that it wasn’t that dark/black.” The other side yielding left Xu Shuai feeling embarrassed: “I think that land developer isn’t bad, having built a road for our village. I think development is a good thing, attracting businesses and money to develop the economy, improving the conditions of our village as well as providing jobs for our villagers. I’m a man of the modern age, my head isn’t stubborn [clinging to the past]. I said to my father, let’s sign it, because although the land acquisition is illegal, the advantages are bigger than the disadvantages…”

Still at 700 yuan per mu, Xu Shuai’s land was expropriated. The bonus was that Joanne no longer complains “there’s mud as soon as I step out the door”, but the cost was “your family is now on the blacklist, be careful in the future”. Xu Shuai’s classmate who worked at the village committee reminded him as thus.

Xu Shuai and British wife Joanne Margaret Nobel making dumplings.
Weifang city Fangzi district Dongwangsong village young man Xu Shuai married a Western wife! This is unprecedented in their village. 2010 March, this brown hair, blue-eyed young woman from London has already lived in the village for several months. Joanne experienced China’s many diverse interpersonal relationships and etiquette. [Photo: QQ]

One year after the land acquisition dispute, Xu Shuai’s grandfather wanted to build a house on his old house’s foundation. To make sure everything was done properly, they submitted to the village an application for building construction, and paid the 200 yuan fee. Xu Shuai says, the village’s response at the time was: The land is yours anyway, go ahead and build it.

However, when the house construction was half-way through, “some people came from the town and held my grandfather down, then demolished the house in front of him.” The people who came said this land had already been resold to others. The new owners were a mother and her daughter, who at the scene quarrelled with Xu Shuai and his family. During that time, Joanne was pregnant with their second child, and the other party verbally insulted her, which made Xu Shuai very angry, “was it easy for my wife to marry thousands of miles away from England into a village in Shandong, China? Can’t eat well, can’t dress well, and when in this village she suffers this insult and looks to me for help, am I not supposed to do something? So at the time I slapped that person twice, kicked her waist, and the (left) thigh, I kicked a few times.” At the time, 110 [police] had already arrived, they grabbed Xu Shuai, and the other party quickly left.

Xu Shuai’s grandfather coughed blood at the scene. Through examination, he had cancer, and from that point on became too sick to get out of bed, passing away two months later. Before he died, his grandfather only had 200 yuan left which he left to Xu Shuai, to buy things for the great-grandchild he wouldn’t have the chance to meet. After he said that, he coughed a blood all over the bed, and died.

Five days after the death of his grandfather, Xu Shuai’s son was born.


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Xu Shuai felt upset over involving his grandfather and causing him to die before his time, while his own problems also became more and more complicated. 4 days after the conflict at the scene of the house construction, Xu Shuai received a call from the police saying the woman whose waist he kicked had been determined to have a torn ligament, which is considered a minor wound, and “you are suspected of committing a crime.”

On the 8th day after the birth of his son, the more Xu Shuai thought of it, the rawer he felt about it. Taking his wife along with him, carrying his children, he went to the Letters and Visits Bureau of Weifang City.

“I told them the whole thing. But guess what (the Letters and Visits Bureau) said? [They said] since you’re so capable, you can just go to the British Embassy.”

Xu Shuai and his British wife Joanne Margaret Noble sit at home with their two children on May 2 in Weifang, Shandong Province.
Xu Shuai and his British wife Joanne Margaret Noble sit at home with their two children on May 2 in Weifang, Shandong Province. Photo: Lin Meilian

That night when they returned from making the petition, Xu Shuai’s family was beaten by a group of unknown people. Both parents were injured, and he was knocked unconscious by an electric baton. Nobody touched Joanne, she screamed and cried holding the children in her arms.

“We called the police. Guess what 110 said? ‘Xu Shuai, don’t seek trouble when there is none, you still have a minor injury case that hasn’t been settled yet.’… They arrived at the scene, what did they say? ‘We can’t listen to your side of the story. You say someone attacked you, but what proof do you have?’”

In the end, Xu Shuai signed the case-closed document—“internal dispute between fellow villagers”.


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As early as when Joanne was insulted at the scene of the forced demolition, she had raised calling the British Embassy, but was stopped by Xu Shuai. As a result of “causing minor injury” and “[being] suspected of committing a crime”, Xu Shuai unexpectedly received a call from the British Embassy instead, informing him that someone complained about him committing crimes, requesting the British government to take Joanne and her two children away, and have him serve a prison sentence. Joanne explained the situation of that day’s conflict to the embassy, and the British Embassy expressed that they would pay close attention to their citizens’ safety in China.

Afterwards, the British Consul came to Xu’s home for a home visit, leaders from the city, district, and town also crowded into their home. Xu’s family was so scared that they barely said anything. Joanne said that she couldn’t get used to the life here, that she wanted to go back. But ultimately she postponed returning to her country with the reason that she “was already nearly 8 months pregnant, and it’d be inconvenient for the airline to receive” her.

“Because my wife isn’t stupid, she knows after she leaves, I’ll definitely be arrested,” said Xu Shuai.

The petitioning visit on Qingming Festival forced the town leaders to promise that they would, within their powers, “suppress” Xu Shuai’s case. After Xu Shuai returned home, he received an notice saying that the prosecutor’s office has, as a result of the case in which he caused minor injury to another, filed charges.


As for the [option of ] emigrating abroad, Xu Shuai too has repeatedly investigated it, but today’s requirements are too high, and it’s impossible to hope to resolve his village problems through a normal emigration. And as for extreme measures such as running into the embassy seeking refuge, even if achieved, it would mean being hated by his clan/people, family, and friends for the rest of his life. He worries what if one day his elder sister’s children want to apply to be civil servants? Won’t they be rejected the moment they go through their political background check?

“I hope to still leave a good impression for the next generation, that our country is good, that our country is a society with rule of law. I hope the next generation will not repeat my mistakes. What I’ve suffered is enough. I hope my next generation, as well as the next generation of my family members, will all love this country, and be proud of being Chinese.”

Joanne and two villagers.
The village’s old women say this foreign wife is so beautiful, only they don’t understand what she says. (photographed by Xu Yanchun)

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 幽幽蓝冰:

Dreams are beautiful, but reality is cruel. Face it, bro, flee when you have the chance.

腾讯辽宁省网友 沙漠孤舟:

Seems like the government still cares a bit about how it looks, and restrained itself a lot in front of [Xu Shuai’s] foreign wife, but sooner or later they’ll show their true colors. For the sake of the children, I hope Xu Shuai will plan ahead, as circumstances forces one to leave one’s home, and the one who should be ashamed ought to be the local government. Law, justice, harmony, these beautiful words seem to be drifting further and further away from us…

腾讯网友 屌丝中年GY:

I don’t recommend seeking help at the embassy neither. Once you go down this road, there’s no turning back, and once you’re there, you’re just a political refugee, and how to provide for yourself will even be a problem when you go to a foreign land. But with reality so cruel, you go elsewhere and you’re a 2nd class citizen, and if you stay here in your own home, you’re just a cheap citizen. What to choose is truly really tough.

腾讯网友 惶恐:

What a kind and down-to-earth commoner at the bottom of Chinese society. He is patriotic, he’s a true descendant of the Yellow Emperor [Han Chinese]! But, what has the country given him? What has the government given him?

腾讯网友 肖申克的救赎: (responding to above)

99% of the Chinese people are patriotic. But the country only loves the other 1% of its population.

腾讯网友 /;!禽癫大剩:

I have a dream, to forever live in Xinwen Lianbo, where all the children can afford to go to school, where all the poor people can afford to see a doctor, where the common people live in low-rent houses that cost 77 yuan each month, their salaries rise 11% each year, and the employment rate for college graduates is 99%. I have a dream: To forever live in Xinwen Lianbo, where the price of commodities doesn’t go up, where there are no traffic jams, where the environment is improving, where the criminals will always caught. If one day I’m old and have nowhere to go, please bury me into Xinwen Lianbo.

腾讯网友 ?方向:

Now you know who’s more powerful, right? This is a Chinese-style tragedy. The Heavenly Kingdom, this is exactly how difficult the ordinary common people’s lives are. Open your eyes and see.

腾讯北京市网友 笨不点:

When a foreign woman wants to marry a Chinese man, she should many one with money and power, otherwise she’ll just suffer along with him in China.

腾讯网友 神舞: (responding to above)

How many foreign women do you think marry only for money like Chinese women do? They truly [marry for] freedom, dreams, and love!

腾讯哈尔滨市网友 汐王Y太:

I finally understand why when foreign powers were carving up China the Chinese people didn’t resist.

腾讯济南市网友 Symbol:

[This article has] Incisively and vividly depicted today’s China and Chinese rural society. People should plead for justice instead of discussing this individual case.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • slob

    You have a foreign wife, leave while you can bro.

    • No point, there aren’t any good Chinese restaurants abroad.

      “Boiled cabbages again? Man, the food made back in my village is so good, you barely notice the taste of blood in your mouth after my beatings.”

      • “Honey? The fish you made last time was good. But this time, could you please just dab a little cadmium or mercury on it? I want it to have that special taste from home.”

    • BiggJ

      I think they are trying to. I don’t think it says here but I read another place he has tried to get a visa 3 times to go to the UK but keeps getting refused.

      • 剑胆琴心

        nobody wants uneducated farmer to go…

        • BiggJ

          He could get a visa….just would take some time.It’s not like their marriage is fake or anything. Or just go to another country he can go to. He’s not stuck in that village.

          • 剑胆琴心

            already refused 3 times…unless they can wait till their kids are older.

          • Rick in China

            It’s not that easy – lots of things to show, financial stability being one – looking at his ‘village’ lifestyle, I doubt he’s got or making much cash with tax records to prove it….. and what does she do for work exactly – if she wants to ‘sponsor’ him, she needs to show financial stability also.. is she teaching english at random farms or something?

            What they goin to do when they go back to the UK? collect welfare?

          • BiggJ

            Yeah maybe the UK is out of the question…..but another country that chinese people can go would be alright…or even just another place in china. It seems like this village is not a good option for them. This story would make a great Jerry Springer episode.

          • mr.wiener

            Plenty of jobs in the west for people who want to work. I’ve hung out with folks in the countryside in China and those guys are as hard as iron.

          • Les Battersby

            Not anymore, waiting lists for even shelf stacker jobs at supermarkets the last I heard. A mate of mine, ex stockbrocker, was only doing part time work here and there, living with his mum, having sold the flat he had. Britain is very hard hit right now.

          • mr.wiener

            Forget the rotting hub of empire, head for the colonies.

          • Les Battersby

            Indeed my man, indeed.

          • When I was a crewman on a salmon boat in Alaska, I noticed a lot of Chinese working the canneries there. They seemed very much fresh off the boat, but there they were making quite a few bucks. It’s possible for anyone to find work, however un-glamorous that work may be. Or, he could go the less-profitable route and just work in a Chinese restaurant, laundromat or any of the other stereotypical jobs that don’t give a shit if you know what you’re doing or speak English (I assume he speaks English well enough, though)

          • mr.wiener

            A cat on a salmon boat? You must have been in feline heaven.

          • There was so much water, I was making that godawful howling noise cats make when they’re in hell.

          • James

            are you originally a texan or just reside there? I’ve heard various degrees of derision spent upon southern US citizens exposed to Alaska, by the locals. was it a seasonal job?

          • Yeah Texan by birth, Arkansan by choice.

            It was just for about a month and a half in the summer. I only went once. It was absolutely grueling work, and rather dangerous…but it was a free trip to a kind of remote part of Alaska and pretty nice pay. I don’t know how any of the locals I met could poke fun at anyone…I use to think we had meth-addled hicks in the south…but Alaska, man, they have some issues. But really, in the summer, the only real difference was that it’s bright out at 3am and there’s 50x the mosquitoes.

          • Les Battersby

            Don’t you need a work visa though? Pretty sure there are steep fines in the USA for employers hiring staff without a green card/work visa or so on?

          • James

            it’s called not enforcing the law, yeah we’re getting bad that way.

          • Les Battersby

            Given that the UK hands out passports like toffees to kids, I think the US is doing a lot better, just my wu mao…..

          • Yep, which I am sure they had one. I didn’t mean the guy should work illegally haha

          • Les Battersby

            Welfare is not possible for 3 months if you have been out of the country,,,,I can tell you that for a fact. Came back from China, was homeless, enquired, no governmental help for 3 months. There are always some busy bodies who tell you it is your right from day one, but they are talking utter crap. They want you to be back for 3 months to prove you are back, and are not just going to sign on for a month or two, before you piss off back to China or X country in general.

          • BiggJ

            I think too if you sponsor you spouse you can’t be on any government programs for so many years. Like welfare and so on.

          • Les Battersby

            You may well be right.

          • Rick in China

            It’s that way for Canada for sure – need to prove your income over last 12 months or something to sponsor – and can’t sponsor if you took part in some sort of welfare or disability program I think…so I’m guessing she’s been doing some random work in China, most teachers on their illegal visas don’t pay tax – hence can’t prove income – wouldn’t be able to sponsor anyone..

          • Do you need all that for a spouse visa? Well, for the UK, I don’t know. In the US, I think you just need a legitimate spouse who’s a citizen there (and then prove that you are actually married and not committing marriage visa fraud).

          • Rick in China

            For Canada you do, for sure.. need to show financial ability to support in order to apply *spouse* visa, as well as the normal stuff (like same registered addresses, marriage certs/translated) and can’t be on welfare or social benefit programs…also can’t have sponsored someone else before I think. The financial stuff has to be in the form of tax returns or something, not just like “here’s my bag of cash” :D

          • Maybe it’s the same for the US. I haven’t married any foreigners (or any Americans/legal residents) yet so I haven’t been through the visa gauntlet haha

          • Nefarious Laowei

            Similar for the US. Spouse must show 3X the poverty level income for a married couple for the past three years tax returns, or have that amount in the bank (~$54,000). Also must sign an affidavit of support for 10 years, so no welfare, food stamps, health insurance, etc from the state.

          • Les Battersby

            Landlords in the UK will not even rent property to brits who have been out of the country for a year or longer anymore, you have not been using a credit card in the UK, therefore no credit history (be it good or bad!). Ideally, the landlord is looking for you to have a good credit history, but any is better than well I was just in China for a few years and ergo I have squat credit history. Just maintaining a credit card in the UK would give you a clean credit history, so it was, you have to pay 6 months rent upfront, immigrants don’t because the landlord is afraid of being charged with racism or some crap, unfair, but thats the crappy UKSSR!!!!!

          • Jin Ch’in

            I hope they never grant people like him visa’s its bad enough with all the Indians and Pakis without poor Chinese farmers. Nothing worst then shopping on Bond street then have to see poor people makes the whole luxury shopping experience less enjoyable.

          • Winterbitten

            Why hope for something that’s already true? If it were easy for people like him to get a visa then China wouldn’t have a very large rural population.

          • Les Battersby

            Pakistanis please, or shall we say london is bad enough with all those arrogant chinks and towelheads on oxford road?

          • Barney Rubble

            Current UK immigration rules stipulate his wife would need to have earnt (and paid tax on) £18.5k over the past 12 months in order to successfully sponsor him for a visa. It must be the wife who earns the money, not the wife’s parents or any other relative.

          • Les Battersby

            True. But I can kind of understand the grievances of the chinese, we let in machete branding bomb making islamic nutters who kill and maim us, yet the UK border agency gets in a flap about a few chinese.

          • cheong

            Yes, how true, —- true true.
            Lee Rigby.

            Very very sad case & so young, in his prime of his life.

            May our Goddess of Mercy(Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha bless his soul & guide him to the heavenly world.

            Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt.

          • davidmacc

            The machete-wielding maniacs were British-born citizens, nothing to do with the UK Border Agency.

          • Les Battersby

            British born?! Certainly not in behaviour nor manners.

          • BiggJ

            One of my friends sponsored his wife from Peru or some south american country and he don’t earn shit legally. He just stays home and sells dope. He hasn’t worked in over 2 years before he sponsored her and he got her a resident thing….but that is canada…I don’t actually think you need to earn any certain amount….but he was not on any government assistance either. He just told them he was planning on going back to school and everything went fine. I think that is too easy. There should be some minimum money requirements.

          • Rick in China

            I recently went through documentation for Canada – I know it has changed in the last few years, so maybe your friend sponsored his wife before that was a requirement or something. Or – it’s possible he has enough hard assets on paper, or his wife does / or his wife has sufficient provable income, that they got through the process that way..

          • BiggJ

            Do you have kids? I remember him saying something if they had kids he would need to should stable income to be a sponsor….but without any children then I think all you need to be is canadian…but im not sure if its changed since then,

          • Rick in China

            On the way :D but no, I’m sure that right now, in order to be an eligible sponsor you need to meet certain requirements – and one is financial ability to ensure that the person you’re sponsoring isn’t going to arrive and immediately apply for social programs..


            Info is here. I suppose if you have assets but no provable income, it may pass as capable of sponsoring..but it says clearly: “Therefore, you have to meet certain income requirements.”

          • Les Battersby

            Therefore no chance of these mythical jobs mopping floors at oil refineries, with full access to Canadian benefits/healthcare for a brit national?!

          • davidmacc

            More than £18.5k (£22.4k because they have a child, or at least soon will have), and she must prove that she earned that last year, and will earn that amount next year too! That’s right, she has to prove her as-yet-unearned future income too.

          • Barney Rubble

            yup she would need to prove that she can continue earning more than £18.5k per year in future when in uk.

            I don’t think she’d be required to prove the extra for £22.4k as I’m guessing her kids have British passports, which would make them exempt.

    • jeffli

      I agree,
      I feel sorry for this family.
      leave China, Its not worth it.
      Even Solomon Islands would be better. definitely get the wife and kids out.

    • Zappa Frank

      you really love your motherland.

  • Nilerafter24

    Wow. What a story.
    Now this is true love.
    Life can only be so fair. Everything soon goes to shit here.
    Wish them the best of luck.

  • mr.wiener

    Much harder for a bunch of shit-heel village cadres to disappear a foreigner, not impossible though ,but it has given them pause.
    The scary thing about china is how much power the central govt does not have in these matters and they couldn’t care less. Officials in some villages quite literally get away with murder.

    • The Enlightened One

      Yes, it is true. A lot of them do… the only fighting chance the people have here is the media or guan xi, and that’s all.

      • linette lee

        ooh…enlightened one. That’s you wife? You two look lovely. I like your photo with your lady. :)

        • The Enlightened One

          Yup, thanks Linette I appreciate it.

    • Liumao dang

      I disagree they don’t have power, they just don’t care. They could stop this in a second by simply telling the local leaders to stop it or lose their position. I’ll never understand how so many in China actually believe the lies about how powerless the party is to stop the corruption…

      • Zhegezhege

        “I’ll never understand how so many in China actually believe the lies about how…”

  • wafflestomp

    Corruption and racism at it’s finest. A true masterpiece China. Well done!

    • Exman

      Not China. The Chinese government. Those two are not synonymous you dumb fuck.

  • moom

    This article was way confusing

    • The Enlightened One

      I agree, this story sounds like it was written by a some drunk mutt that is obsessed with drama, time travel and hates logic.

  • M.N
    • Les Battersby

      That video is sad in equal measure. Is that electric shock device thingymijig even LEGAL in China? Wait, brainfail, legal + you know where, doesn’t gel:D

  • Alex

    Haha, love it: 99% of chinese are patriotic(love their country), but the country only loves 1% of its people

    • Scott Chapman

      You could make a similar argument for America with all the successful political lobbying and shooting down of things in the public interest.

    • Exman

      It’s sad :(. We hardly ever get leaders who don’t mistreat the people and think about others. It’s as if they are never satisfied with enough power abuse.

  • 剑胆琴心

    why she married such a poor family??? why not just move out and find a job in city???
    i do not mean women should not marry poor men but just do not lower yourself. when my sister-in-law married my bother,they moved out early and rent a big good house,clean and nice then began to run their business,they had no any saving brought from my parents just.though she is woman from remote place,never give up the peruse of better life.their kids are pretty and clean all the time.she reads stories for kids at night too.i think women should not give up the peruse of better and more beautiful life.if you adjust yourself for a much lower level, people around will tease you and play with your dignity too.people are mean at this point, she is dumb, not social smart at all.they all thought she is white will make a much better life but they do,now it’s nice to tease her because she is white.

    every time i go back home,people are so nice to me,they like to talk to me some even flatter me,and i merely talk to these people.i just take my parents out eat,buy their good things and travel together.just show them,i am not easy to deal with and i have the ability to protect my parents.

    • Lord_Helmet

      “At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone is now dumber for having read your comment. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

      • BiggJ

        +1 for the awesome use of Billy Madison. hahahah Could not have been used any better. :)

    • PixelPulse

      This comment was so idiotic I had to stare at my wall for 10 minutes to think about life and my future.

      • MeCampbell30

        I lol’ed

    • Dave

      “i do not mean women should not marry poor men but just do not lower yourself. ”

      So, only poor women should marry poor men?

      Got it.

    • Jack

      lower herself? she fell in love, not with money, not with a nice house, she feel in love with a good man, chinese marry for money we marry for love, enjoy your loveless marrage and a cheating husband!

      • 剑胆琴心

        yes,she married a farmer for love but why can not just make a better life together???stay in lousy house,dress kids ugly,even do not have a nice bed…rent a big house in this kinda poor village is very cheap,no more than 2000 per year.
        you can marry for love,but do not go down with love.that’s what i mean.i do not expect a rich guy,but i won’t let myself live like that or my someone is not make someone go down.

        • firebert5

          If they lived in a just society, why would they “go down with love?” They just wanted to be left alone as far as I could see.

          • firebert5

            Of course, if they were truly smart, they would realize they are in China and just leave since “justice” means what’s best for the “people.” So, I guess, you made at least one valid point, even if it was indirectly and you didn’t mean it like that.

    • 剑胆琴心

      all i truly wanna say is: 恋爱不是扶贫!

      • ” 恋爱不是扶贫!”
        “Romantic love does not make up for being poor”

        Got it. Poor people should work harder, and not be concerned about concepts of love.

        Love is only for the rich. Same as having good taste, which can be seen in adding ice cubes to wine served with no main course, or drinking Pommery champagne directly from the mini-bottle.

        • 剑胆琴心

          see what this man advised his wife:find another man in UK also take care of kids,leave china!not think about find a way out or work harder just say this kinda shit.
          you do not know how hard to deal with uneducated people.also i hate to live poor with a useless man let alone make 2nd poor generation.

          • Whomever upvoted you has some explaining to do. As in “to explain what on earth you mean”.

            “English: it’s a tool for communication”.

          • Les Battersby

            eattot is back?

          • eattot tended to laugh more, but at the same time get angrier.

            this person seems to be using Baidu translate, where I think eattot just used her regular bad grammar habits.

          • mr.wiener

            If that is the case this man is abusing his tool.

          • linette lee

            It’s good to have only one child rich or poor. The second child can be adoption. There are so many kids looking for a home and someone to love. Plus it is just too lonely for a child growing up without a sibling.

        • linette lee

          no terroir. 戀愛不是扶貧 really means love is not for assisting the poor. The word poor is not only money but also means lacking in good personal characteristic or attributes. Sort of like saying love is not sympathy. They say that a good marriage is a marriage when both parties compliment each other on different areas. Like one is ugly and rich the other one is pretty and poor. One is hard temper but shrewd the other one is easy going and simple. One can cook the other one loves to eat. Both parties have to contribute and bring something to the marriage. A good marriage should make your life better and not worst compare to when you were single.

          “戀愛不是扶貧,不是你越弱,就越值得對方來愛你。過度依賴或控制都不是健康的戀愛關係,戀愛中 ​​,有些能力不能向對方索取.”

          • “Romantic love does not make up for being poor”
            “love is not for assisting the poor”

            There is a difference between those two, A bit.

            However, whenever someone corrects me, I always find that it takes my original intent and makes it that much stronger. I merely wanted to “have a merry” at the original comments, but now you have basically pointed out that “a marriage should be practical first, and love second”. So Chinese.

            Not what I wanted to say. This could be an okay sentiment by the Chinese if people directly stated this. Instead, people talk about love and 缘分 when they really mean someone who’s financially compatible to themselves.

          • linette lee

            Well I didn’t say that marriage should be practical first and love second. I was just pointing out what this phrase mean.

            But I do believe marriage should be both love and practical.

            You need to be practical when it comes to raising kid.
            You need to understand most of the time women get marry because they want to raise kid. To me marriage is just a piece of paper and I really don’t need it unless I am planning to have kid. That paper is a legal document that protect my child.

    • firebert5

      The bitter, “girlfriend left me for a foreigner” whiners are out in droves lately.

      • Les Battersby

        Indeed they are my man,

  • Call me crazy, but if I were in his shoes…I would just move to London with my wife and kids…even if there were no goons trying to beat me up.

    • Will

      your mother

    • Rick in China

      For 700 rmb/mu, doubt they’ve got enough cash to rent a flat for a month abroad..

      • BiggJ

        Maybe for a week.

      • Les Battersby

        What is mu? You don’t really need cash, not in the UK, housing benefits can help you out you see?

        • Jing Li

          “What is mu?”

          It’s how Chinese cows say “moo”

          Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ve been too serious today.

          • Les Battersby

            fair enough, I am amoosed. There is a moose loose aboot the hoose!

          • carmouflagger

            hoohohoohoh! :D

        • Jing Li

          Seriously though, 1/15 of a hectare or 1/6 of an acre

          • Les Battersby

            But he did not state that explicitly. I don’t care for all these stupid m2 slogans, say metres for fucks sake, if that is what you mean!!

      • True, but I always assume everyone has mom or pop that they can move in with for a little while, especially when considering there’s government goons on the other side of the world whacking everyone with cattle prods.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Who cares … beautiful children though

  • BiggJ

    “I’ve already called and told my wife: Stay and live well in
    London, England, don’t come back, raise our child, and find a good man
    to remarry. I’m already tired of living, so the day they forcibly take
    my land, I’ll fight with my life…”

    I mean come on. You don’t even own the land. The government owns it. Your just leasing it for so many years. Land that is not even yours is not so important to “fight with your life”

    “was it easy for my wife to marry thousands of miles away from
    England into a village in Shandong, China? Can’t eat well, can’t dress
    well, and when in this village she suffers this insult and looks to me
    for help, am I not supposed to do something? So at the time I slapped
    that person twice, kicked her waist, and the (left) thigh, I kicked a
    few times

    And then he beats up woman.2 wong don’t make a white. I’m sure she was being a bitch but thats not going to help your case any. But I guess after people held you grand daddy down and demolished the house and then he coughs up blood and you find out he has cancer…..I guess you might snap and slap a bitch.

    Then he says something right out commie 101 class.

    “I hope to still leave a good impression for the next generation,
    that our country is good, that our country is a society with rule of
    law. I hope the next generation will not repeat my mistakes. What I’ve
    suffered is enough. I hope my next generation, as well as the next
    generation of my family members, will all love this country, and be
    proud of being Chinese.” “facepalm”

    Here is what I think. If life is so fucking hard here in this piece of shit village then why stay? I understand you’re poor and cant go to England….but it does not mean your stuck in “commie town” the rest of your life. I would move to a country you can both go to. He has a white wife….which has already saved his life. Think of your wife and kids…they should come first…And no one wants to live looking over your shoulder for the next beating or whatever. You’re better off just leaving.

    • SS

      Agreed. I hate how melodramatic he was being, telling his wife to basically forget about the man who she loved, married and had children with just because of some stupid peasant land the government will take back in 70 years anyway.

      I understand he’s poor, but his wife has GOT to have some kind of family in England they can stay with until he finds a job. With some hard work, he might be able to get a degree and then find an even better job. And then send some money back to his family so they can move to a safer town.

      Also I was kinda under the impression that if you marry a westerner, you have at least SOME right to live in your spouse’s country. The hell is he talking about- “The requirements are too high”??

      • BiggJ

        I think different counties have different rules when it come to that. My mother married an america maybe 15 years ago and he a pilot for southwest airlines and they still had to go through a bit of trouble. And my mother was the manager at a fish plant. But one the things was he needed to make 100%+ over the poverty line to sponsor her. I don’t know the exact number but something like 130% over. He makes 150,000 a year and had to go though interview process and all that, and its not cheap…it’s over $1000 dollars just to apply. But maybe england is different. I think they are fucked though. lol I think their best bet would be to leave. Go to vietnam or some place and just live a simple life. Thats too much bullshit to put up with for nothing really.

        • James

          sounds like eatot pretending to be biggj lol
          bong packed too full?

        • echo1o1

          Your father who supposedly makes “150,000 a year” sure wasn’t able to teach his son basic english grammar.

          He must be quite ashamed at how you turned out.

      • Mr Nightcat

        As has been said above, the non-European spouse of a UK citizen has no automatic right of abode or visit in the UK. The UK citizen must have a yearly income of £18,600 or £22,400 and whilst there is no stated requirement of abode, it’s generally said that a property or rented accommodation may also be necessary.

        The income requirement is the kicker. Alongside this the UK citizen must be able to prove that the husband/wife can be supported in the UK without resorting to public funds (i.e. benefit schemes) during any period of his/her unemployment, e.g. the initial arrival and organising a job. If successful, the applicant will be given 2.5 years residence in the UK as an evaluation period – at the end of this the application must be repeated to gain a second 2.5 year evaluation period. After 5 years of evaluation, the applicant will finally be able to apply for permanent residence.

        If the UK citizen cannot fulfill the financial requirements, the husband/wife must do so him/herself. As we can see, even if one marries a relatively well-off Chinese person, this is well out of almost everyone’s reach. Us UK citizens have the Conservative Party to thank for this shitwreck of a spouse visa system. It passed through quietly since it only bothers a minority amount of people who marry non-Europeans but it generated a lot of anger among those affected. The previous spouse visa/residence system was hardly as strict.

    • Kai

      Farmers (rural residents) generally actually own their land. This is different from the “70-year” land-usage rights you’re familiar with that urban people have when they buy a house or apartment, and something that gets mentioned a lot when urban people complain about rural people migrating to cities competing with them for jobs and urban welfare.

      Him physically attacking the women definitely doesn’t reflect well on him. We don’t know what that woman said to insult his wife. We’re left to assume it was nasty enough for him to flip out.

      I don’t think what he said comes out of “commie class”. He wants his country to get better. Everyone has gripes about their own country but most people have good reasons to wish it well. Even if he has no genuine reasons to feel that way, not writing your country off in a public news article is also good common sense if you want public sympathy and want to avoid giving people the excuse to just write you off. Don’t interpret what he said with your biases against China or “commies”. He’s basically saying, “I know China is a country with laws, so I trust that this will be handled lawfully” which is a snipe against all the illegal things he’s being subjected to, such as beatings and threats.

      When people leave, they’re often criticized for not staying to make things better, that they’re running away, the moment they can, abandoning everyone else to continue suffering, instead of reinvesting and improving where they are. I don’t think these criticisms are always fair or practical, but they’re not uncommon. Many changes and improvements in society have come from people who refused to run away and instead chose to fight for what they believe in, for what they believe should be.

      A lot of us hate it when our complaints about China are greeted by defensive “then why don’t you just leave” retorts. Consider that this guy might have his own good reasons for staying too.

      I don’t see how the last part is him having his head in his ass. He’s being realistic and doesn’t want to cause trouble for his family members, and their future prospects. The “clan” thing is just a translation issue, running into another country’s embassy seeking asylum is a pretty drastic step that does connote a lot of negative things. It isn’t about saving face, it’s about not doing something that’s going to have a lot of potentially negative consequences not only for yourself but for the people you care about.

      • BiggJ

        Hmmm…well i guess most of what you say i agree with. I think the ONLY reason this guy stays there is because he can’t get a visa…period. That it. And this couple seems like they can’t make it without help from family…that’s just my opinion. So their choices are pretty much England or China. I would bet any amount of money that if these people had some money behind them they would be long fucking gone.

        And about the “commie” comment. Sorry I could not have hope for my country after something like this happened. It would be one thing if I was wronged but they made it right after…then maybe I could forgive. The only thing that saved him was his foreign wife and the chinese not wanting to make international incident out of this. If this just was 2 local chinese farmers….well god only knows what would have taken place. If this same thing happened to me I would condemn the country and the government who did that to me. Not another good word would ever be said about them.

        And I still think he has his head up his ass. Sure running to a country’s embassy is a bit much. But this guy is just talking bullshit. Not wanting to do anything because maybe his sister wants to join the same people who did this to him? That’s like the Gestapo taking away taking away your mom and your dad wants youto to grow up to join them. To me this guy cares more about what his village and friends think then the safety and well being of his family. That’s saving face.Sure he may not want to cause trouble for them and I give him credit for that….but nothing is going to change the situation they are already in no matter what he does. The only single thing he has is a wild card by having a white wife….other then that his hand sucks and so does the rest of his village. No matter how the cards are played they will loose. His only hope to win a hand is to play his wild card and walk away….because if he keeps on playing…he’s going to loose a lot more. I know thats a negative outlook…but that just being realistic.

        • Kai

          Most people still have emotional ties to their country of origin. It may not necessarily be the concept of the country itself, but the fact that they grew up there, that so many of the people and experiences that have been part of their lives, that they love, are there, and simply uprooting and leaving wholesale with that entire life of connections and relationships is not realistic.

          Time and time again, the victims of horrible atrocities and circumstances have held hope and expressed desire for their countries to become better. A lot of terrible crap happens in China, but it seems rather unrealistic to think people will so easily give up on it, just as few people elsewhere have, especially when you know neither country nor government is a monolithic entity where every member is one and the same forever unchanging to be damned for the actions of another. If you can tell the difference between a good person and a bad person in your own government, between one who has wronged you and another who hasn’t, why shouldn’t this guy?

          I don’t believe you don’t recognize the holes in the things you’re saying. There’s nothing to suggest that the possibility of his sister’s children one day taking the civil service exam to join the government means joining the exact same group/department people who are bullying him around here. China is a big place and the government is a big bureaucracy. This is like not caring about inadvertently preventing your nephew from ever having the option to join the postal service because you have gripes about the police infringing upon your human rights.

          Maybe there aren’t many options for him to change his situation, but he does have some power to mitigate the impact on innocent people he cares about, such as his sister and her children.

          I’m not arguing with you on what he should do. I’m just defending him from being criticized unfairly for choices and remarks that may very well have legitimate reasons behind them.

          • BiggJ

            I understand his feeling for where he grew up. You say it’s not realisitic to get up and leave whole sale but is that not what he is trying to do by applying for a visa? I assume his plans were to get the hell out of china. The reasons may not be because of what is going on in this story….it could be his wife wants to back ect…..It’s not a visitor visa this guy wants. He wants to move there. But since he can’t I understand he is trying to make best of his situation for him and his family. I understand why you want to defend him for the choices he is making. He’s making them these choices because he has no choice in the matter. He’s pretty much stuck here for now so I guess just try to make the best out of a shitty situation.

            Your response to me was great and I was wrong on his sister maybe. Talking serious…. i’m sure he just wants his sister to have the best future she can have or whatever. And in china a government just is pretty much the best thing you can do.

            Now this is what I disagree with you on….I’m sure this guy wants his country to change and all that. You make this guy sound like a hero of people or something. Like he’s in china to make a difference and help is community and family and all that and stand and fight for the hope of a nation or whatever. No…he was denied a visa 3 times. That’s all. For example if the first time he applied for that visa and he was excepted, do you think he would be up in arms with china and fighting for the right of his family back in china? I don’t think he would. He would come home maybe for spring festival and head right back. He’s doing what is doing now because he is forced to, not because he wants to. Just put yourself in his shoes…if all this shit happened to you, If you had to live in fear for you and your kids…would you want to stay and try to make it right? Or take the option of going to place where things would be better for them? If he stays…well things will still be shit for his relatives….If he leaves…still will be shit. So you might as well look out for your wife and kids instead of dragging them down with you. Why should they suffer for problems his family has? When it gets to the point where you could be beaten or killed….then it’s time to make a choice. I tip my hat to him since he has to stay then he might has well try to take away some of the shit from his family and help them the best he can.

            Just because we disagree on this don’t mean i’m trying to put you down or anything….just a friendly debate. ;lol

          • Kai

            My statement about “uprooting and leaving wholesale” was in response to your statements about his sentiments being “right out of commie 101 class” and then that you would not have any hope for your country if you experienced the same, that you would condemn your country, and never say a good word about it ever again.

            I don’t agree with your sentiments and I doubt most people would in life. I was trying to illustrate that by pointing out how most people can’t divorce themselves from their country so completely (wholesale), because they can’t move (uproot) all of the family, friends, memories that hold them to that place out with them. So long as you have ties to your country, so long as you have people you care about, I don’t think you would so casually dismiss your country, lose all hope, and have nothing but condemnation.

            The guy merely expressed hope for his country and hopes that its people can be proud of their country and of being Chinese. You immediately insinuated that he was brainwashed by “commie 101 class”. Why would you say that? What is wrong with having hope for one’s country, where one grew up in, where one has so many relationships, memories, and ties to?

            I’m not defending him for the choices he is making. I’m defending him against unfair criticisms. There’s a difference between me saying “he’s making the right choice” and me saying “wait, the things you’re saying about him seem unreasonable to me.”

            I wasn’t trying to make him sound like a hero. You rhetorically asked why he doesn’t just leave and I responded by pointing out possible reasons why someone might not. We know he isn’t able to emigrate to the UK, but as others have mentioned, that doesn’t preclude him from emigrating to other countries or even other parts of China. I also commented on a common social criticism people make about people who leave, one we’ve seen on this website and in many discussions about immigration, the motives for immigration, and the effects of immigration. As I said the first time: “Consider that this guy might have his own good reasons for staying too.”

            You think it’s only because he can’t go to the UK, but that doesn’t explain why he doesn’t opt for other destinations.

            We can speculate about his reasons but that doesn’t make sense to me. All I’m trying to do is point out that it’s kinda rash to judge him without adequately considering the possible reasons.

            Don’t worry, I don’t get the feeling you’re trying to put me down.

  • MrT

    Chinese men really do get the sht end of the stick when it comes to foreign women.
    Where as Chinese women so lucky!
    0 0


  • Jin Ch’in

    This guy sounds like a head case and making drama out of nothing. First no one owns land in China they all leased even developers only lease the land. He has two children but then go saying he wants to give up live for money..what a fucking loser. Even if he is sick of life he has to live work and make sure his kids are looked after. His wife is not attractive and looks very old i would say this is why she can only find a husband amongst the poor Chinese farmers.

    • Ricky Beijing

      You are…incredibly fucking stupid, arrogant, racist, egostisitical and just an all round bad person.

      You will never give anything positive to the world and all you care about is your fucking self.

      Shanghai should suit you perfectly, you can only be defined as a negative force on anything you touch and any form of interaction with.

      You’re like King Midas’ bad side, enjoy a loveless, lifeless existence where everything that defines you comes from the apple store.

      • Les Battersby

        Hoorah, give that man a cee-gar!!

        • mr.wiener


      • Jin Ch’in

        I’m saying saying what everyone is thinking but wont say it. Interracial marriages or relationship usually have one who is much older and uglier then their partner..usually the one 3rd world who are the younger better looking one. Old ugly westerners have been using poor countries to marry people who they can not get in their own country.

        • 剑胆琴心

          i think they are at the same level in this case.

        • Les Battersby


        • You must be an awfully sad, frustrated person in real life. Everyday gritting your teeth, living out an agonizing existence of hate and fear.

          • Jin Ch’in

            I’m not hating on whats ur issue?
            I love my life thanks but its very kind of you to be concern

          • Yes. So concerned with your habit of grinding your teeth, Whiskers is advising you to wear a mouth guard to bed.

            That’s what he is doing.

          • Poor Jin, either it’s a bad case of denial, or he’s desperately trying to get us to believe that he actually does love his life, a life where any mention or sight of a westerner (especially one in a relationship with an Asian) sends him into a frustrated, raging rant on the internets. It’s one of the saddest cases one ChinaSMACK so far.

          • qefq

            While you live a happy and proud existence of judging and commenting.

        • SS

          That’s because you’re looking at her appearance from a western perspective. In the Chinese opinion, she’s got pale skin, big eyes, a defined nose, tall and not fat. Therefore- attractive. I’m also not exactly a 10/10- but with the way Chinese people treat me here, you’d think I was some kind foreign supermodel.

          • BiggJ

            You should see her brother.That was not nice…i’m sure she is a sweet woman….just when I first seen that her pic that is what I thought of. lol I’m going to burn in hell for this.

          • Jin Ch’in

            That photo of her is not the worst..the worst would be the first one with that farmer husband. She could be cast in the next hobbit movie and they save a lot of money and time on make up.

          • Chinaprat

            She’s hideous…. she could never marry a British guy…

          • mr.wiener

            Because all British guys are so attractive right? Am I missing your incredibly subtle sarcasm or are you just really superficial?

          • I was under the impression, judging on what all the girls around here 15 to 20 years old say, that they’re all Prince Williams and Daniel Craigs.

          • James

            the funniest shit was some local chick hearing a low class limey accent of some guy thinking it was a classy one.

            1/2 them seem to talk like Elmer Fudd when pronouncing L’s anyway

          • g32g

            Could you upload your own picture and have people here rate?

          • qwrg

            Could you upload your own picture and have people here rate?

        • NathanB

          I’ll also say what everyone is thinking. Your argument only works for Chinese women, not men, because 99% of Chinese men are short, frog-faced chuds with tiny pee-pees. This British women is definitely fugly, but look at the guy – that’s gotta be love.

          • Jin Ch’in

            OK lets say she is stunning do you think she would have come to china to marry? what sane person would come to china and marry a poor Chinese farmer unless no other option was open to them? Maybe its love because she had no other choice?

          • James

            I think she’s probably just nuts

          • wef

            Why can’t all people be not nuts like you…

          • Jing Li

            I seem to ask you this question on every thread. What does any of this have to do with the article?

        • Germandude

          And unfortunately, fucking low-lives like you belong to the species that we call “the most advanced one”.

      • mr.wiener

        He will never know what it is to be human. So self infatuated he has numbed himself to the real world.
        If he cannot find beauty in the small and the humble he cannot love and will live and die unloved leaving the world no better for his passing.
        I’d call him a c*nt, but he lacks the warmth and the depth.

    • Lord_Helmet

      No way this guy is getting laid, he is constantly on here posting garbage. You know how they say “there is someone for everyone”, in your case no freaking way. I am actually surprised you are able to type, figured your keyboard buttons would be stuck together.

      • Jin Ch’in

        I wish there wasn’t someone for everyone..specially the poor unemployable people. And love is no reason to marry and both must come from families with money and resources otherwise whats the point of living in rubbish and shit like this couple?

        • Lord_Helmet

          Of course you need people like this, who else is going to pick up your cigarette butts off the street, clean up your childs shit on the side of the street, help you park on the sidewalk, sort through your garbage and recycle for you and most of all grow food for you.

          • Jin Ch’in

            1- i do not smoke and i hope they start banning smoking in every country. 2- I do not have children yet but if i did they have a English nanny not a poor farmer. 3- They all can not be street cleaners so just keep enough for such job and destroy the rest.

          • Lord_Helmet

            What need do we have for you? What service are you providng this world? So you do need the people to park on the sidewalk and for the recycling. Though we can burn and destroy all the Chinese farmers and excess street cleaners. Ladies and Gentleman the next chairman of China Jizz Ch’in.

        • Mark

          PEOPLE!! it’s obvious: seriously “Jin Chi’in” – I love your comments and you’re sense of humor, keep up the good work – comedians like you keep forums interesting.

          sincere gratitude from my side

          always yours


          • Mark

            I mean it!!

    • 剑胆琴心

      your as me, just telling the truth but people hate to listen and know.

      this couple are truly losers.useless man and helpless woman,even though she is white.

      already so poor but keep on making two kids,visa got refused 3 times still dare to make two kids…sigh!what else i can say!

      • Jin Ch’in

        Its not about telling a “truth” its about having your own opinion and be allowed to express them without being ganged on by internet do-gooders.

        I don’t give a shit if my opinion is not to their liking and they can abuse and bullied me all they want its not going to change anything.

        • Jin Ch’in Obligatory Phil Collins reference:

          “So take a look at me now,
          ‘cos there’s just an empty space
          And there’s nothing left here to remind me,
          just the memory of your face ”

          – Against All Odds

          • BiggJ

            hahahaha. I have one for Jin too.

            “Well, If you told me you were drowning

            I would not lend a hand

            I’ve seen your face before my friend

            But I don’t know if you know who I am

            Well, I was there and I saw what you did

            I saw it with my own two eyes

            So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you’ve been

            It’s all been a pack of lies.”

            – In the air tonight- Phil Collins

          • Jin Ch’in

            you both must be over 45..i do not know anyone who listen or even know who this singer is he sounds like a douche tho..talking about douche what happened to that mighty guy?

          • Les Battersby

            Bullcrap again dear boy, im well under 45 and listen to him. Maybe this douche of a singer has more money than you, by shock horror, from singing. But even if he does, he still does not feel the need to buy a 1,000 us dollar shirt, that is for only classless nouveau riche peasants (you and your kind!), the rest leave that to you unsoaped lot, and buy proper shower gel and towels, hahaha

          • Jin Ch’in is… Phil Collins.

            “How many heartaches must I stand
            Before I find the love to let me live again
            Right now the only thing that keeps me hanging on
            When I feel my strength, ooh, it’s almost gone ”

            – You Can’t Hurry Love

          • Les Battersby

            Great tune man!!!

            Your the only one, who really knew me ……

        • Jing Li

          The superior man is all-embracing and not partial.

          The inferior man is partial and not all-embracing.

      • Dave

        Douchebags who insult people then say “I’m just being honest, you can’t take away my opinion!” are still fucking douchebags.

        You are a douchebag, and I’m being honest.

      • Jing Li

        So much for intelligent conversation…

        You know, the thread starts off interesting. There are some questions, some debates, some observations, some opinions…

        Then… BAM… here come the mindless, irrelevant comments that serve as vain attempts to be “shocking” and “provocative”… but they’re nothing more than imbecilic blather.

        The only thing these comments accomplish is making the Chinese point of view irrelevant, which I personally find embarrassing.

        Sorry, just telling the truth.

        BTW, “…helpless woman even though she is white,” sounds an awful lot like you think the majority of white women are powerful.

        • Well, Janet Reno is a white woman…

          This is Janet Reno’s party! Turn the music on!

          • Jing Li

            Shameless plug, but funny!

          • Oh, I don’t own have any part in SNL, so promoting it wouldn’t really benefit me in any way…

          • Jing Li

            Okay, wrong word. Just shameless.

        • 剑胆琴心

          no,i just mean she seems another loser too.
          seems no degree either.or at least she can teach english and live much better in city not stuck in this kinda poor village being a joke.

          • mr.wiener

            Screw you and your “this person is a loser” mentality.
            #1. What gives you the right to decide this?
            #2. If she is happy what f*cking business is it of yours?

            This article is about land seizure and a foreigner being involved, not an outlet for you snobbish pronouncements and insecurities.

          • James

            wiener, you’re po’d
            did you expect many cn ren to take a different viewpoint?

          • mr.wiener

            You are correct, I ate too much red meat and played too much rugby this week.

          • 剑胆琴心 = bugs bunny

            to expect otherwise from her is for your own disappointment. She’s writing a book. Play a game with me, guess what the book is about?

          • James

            foreign reactions to chinese viewpoints?

          • I am also uncertain but judging from her personality and comments, it is likely to be a philosophical view with regards to Men, Money and Love. There will be a mention of Fan Bingbing, plastic surgery, Korea, Japan, class flower, rich men, poor men, exclusivity of love… and sentences to cater for her own insecurity. Who will publish her book I wonder.

          • linette lee

            If you write a book, what will it be about? I am just curious. Will it be a very passionate and heartbreaking love story? Maybe something like romeo and juliet. :)

          • 剑胆琴心

            i can write something better…
            love story is already not funny for me at all…
            maybe: bitches get better man???

          • James

            use chinese next time
            your yingwen is worse than a 1st grader
            no one understands it very well

          • linette lee

            ………bitches get better man………….

            hahaha…that’s funny. Or bitches 101 how to marry a rich man. Wait, I think that book is already published by Elin Nordegren. lol.

          • James

            no that was ‘;how an insignificant model whoring herslf out becomes rich’

          • Oh Linette… if that is the kind of story you like, I will write about our unconsummated love, from all of our previous life. It will detail our journey, our deception and sins in the middle of the night when the world is asleep. Away from their judging eyes and their envious hand. It will detail our agonising separation and forceful masquerade….For our love is timeless and passed on from one body to another. Despite hell fire and death, we are destined to be one and the world will never be able to stop us

            The book is not to be publish, it is only for us to read, before our two broken soul, our incomplete body, binds and becomes whole and one. To celebrate our joining, to release us from all of our anguish and frustration, because we are fated to join and love only once, and suffer forever.

          • James

            jesus what a load of bullshit

          • ahaha, perhaps.

          • James

            if it works for ya..

          • linette lee

            hahaha…you are good. :)

          • linette lee

            I would like to be in love with a man I am not supposed to. lol. Now that’s exciting.

          • 剑胆琴心

            sister feng is a good choice for you, then you can get some fame she is in usa doing nails.
            good luck!

          • James

            a sz ktv is a good choice for you, on your back & don’t need to try to use your brain

          • linette lee

            uh? I don’t go to nail salon at all. So I guess I will never meet her. I cut and nail polish my own nails. Nothing fancy. I like them short, clean, and simple.

          • mr.wiener

            Ummmmm….a beautiful shanghai girl finding a rich husband and having a bit on the side with her foreign dance instructor?
            Thanks for the heads up.

          • James

            from another post link, they met in poccia, go look

      • mr.wiener

        I think you’ve said quite enough.

    • firebert5

      Yes, “his wife is not attractive” is certainly a valid reason for giving up his home. I’ll bet the women are just falling all over you, you hopeless romantic you.

      • Jin Ch’in

        I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with ugly people marrying someone who is poor..just stating the fact from these photos. Sure hes no oil painting either and i could smell his bad breath oozing from the monitor but he looks much younger then her. Women like her would be old spinster in their own country if she didn’t come to marry in china.

        The main point is this guy is just all about drama..fighting for compensation for something he doesn’t own hes lucky they even offered him something if i was the government i would just take it.

        • firebert5

          I agree that he’s fighting an ultimately pointless battle over what he nor anyone in this country outside the “Glorious Party” can ever truly own, but if saying “His wife is not attractive and looks very old i would say this is why she can only find a husband amongst the poor Chinese farmers” has nothing to do with the earlier argument, then it seems to be out of place in your paragraph.

          • Jin Ch’in

            Well it would be the reason why she married this guy and got herself into this situation which is part of the story. If she was Chinese i don’t think this story have have been reported.

    • Rick in China

      I actually agree with your comment.

      • BiggJ

        Actually I do too right up until the last bit. I know plenty of ugly white woman who don’t need to resort to chinese farmers….way way way more ugly this this woman…and this woman is border line Quasimodo. And they seem to be able to find men in their own race….Maybe they just like each other….that never seems to cross peoples minds when it come to interracial relationships…like there always has to be some kind of ulterior motive.


        • James

          I lost sympathy with the guy when he had to start kicking away at some woman who made fun of his wife

          maybe she went in there looking like Jessica Alba & this is what living in a CN pigsty/hut will do to you

        • Poor girl, she’s probably really sweet, but just a failed weeaboo that had to go to China. China was full of failed weeaboos when I was there. Weeaboos that failed Japan, then Korea, and so they had to settle with China.

      • Jin Ch’in

        Maybe there’s hope for you yet Rick.

      • mr.wiener

        I bet you want to have a bleach shower now.

      • Les Battersby

        Which comment pray tell? It seemed a few days ago you were railing against him as a nationalist, correct me if I am wrong? I’m tired of hearing about his upper class snobbish xenophobia. He can go to hell without a handcart for all I care, and piss right off!!!!

        • Rick in China

          These small parts of the overall comment:
          * Guy in article making way over the top drama re: the issue at hand
          * The loser going on about ‘giving up his life’ so freely to fight over a little bit of dirt rather than focusing on what now should be his #1 priority in life: taking care of new f’in lives brought into this world.
          * Wife is ugly / looks pretty old

          I don’t agree with Jin on much, but these 3 points are accurate, no? He is an overly defensive douchebag, but that doesn’t make these points incorrect.

          • Les Battersby

            Agree about the wife, but let’s face it we all age, and our young chinese lotus blossom in her 20s or 30s won’t look so great anymore in her 60s or 70s, will she now? As for the other two points, you are dead right.

          • Rick in China

            Right – I don’t think her being ugly / aged is important here at all – just saying I agreed with the point :D It’s irrelevant to the situation..

          • Les Battersby

            I agree, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder surely. I’ve met far more confident 30 something chinese women, who would be considered “ugly” by chinese men, than screaming 20 something mei mei’s with a chip on their shoulder so big you could fit xinjiang into it.

          • Rick in China

            We’re in agreement :D

    • zi_ni_ma_13

      i by no means agree with what you just wrote. i actually just have a question…. i heard that even graves in china are leased, and that after 50 or so years they can dig you up and use the grave for someone else, or redevelop the land for something else.

      i am too lazy to google this ….

    • Jing Li

      You know, I agree with you. You have actually made an interesting point and articulated yourself quite well without name calling or insulting or —

      “His wife is not attractive and looks very old i would say this is why she can only find a husband amongst the poor Chinese farmers.”


  • Beijinger

    I was gonna say, wow, this must be really emasculating for the Chinese guy to have his foreign white wife save his ass. Then, I remembered the most emasculating thing ever for Chinese men is their fucking joke of a government.

    • echo1o1

      The fucking joke of a government in this world is the US government and their eurotrash lackeys. Not the CCP which raised half a billion people out of poverty and oversaw the most incredible economic miracle of all time.

      I bet you feel real emasculated, being led by a black man in your own country, western dog.

      • Probotector

        Hundreds of millions of Chinese are still in poverty.

        The CCP’s is incredibly corrupt.

        The Chinese ‘economic miracle’ is based on simply putting together western products for us using Chinese workers, because at the moment it’s cheaper to do so.

        China doesn’t innovate or come up with anything useful to humanity at all, they simply copy what’s already been done, or steal ideas and intellectual property from other countries.

        How exactly id the US govt and it’s “eurotrash lackeys” a joke? Can you explain?

        “I bet you feel real emasculated, being led by a black man in your own country, western dog”

        Well, you’re just racist.

  • Me

    They say the heart wants what the heart wants but why would any heart want an uneducated, unstable, violent , suicidal ass-backwards thinking Chinese farmer? You say she married for true love but what is lovable about this guy, he seems like every negative stereotype of Chinese men there is wrapped up in a neat man shaped package.

    How could you leave the free world and move into a Chinese village. Have any of you been to these places? They are filthy. Judging by the pictures it isn’t even one of the rare nice villages It is just another pile of rubble in some shitty valley along a river filled with garbage.

    Look at those haggard old women pulling on her hair. Why is she smiling? Its as if she is still in that “oh look how cute and quaint these villagers are” stage that wears off within a few weeks of arriving after the non stop gawking,poking , prodding and hair pulling quickly reveals itself within your dreams at night as the abuse that it really is. Makes me think its a fake story since she has supposedly raised two children among these people. After a few years you wouldn’t be smiling anymore when another disgusting old lady pulls on your hair like you are a monkey in a zoo.

    The people in the Chinese countryside are mostly angry and racist and there is no future for her children there. It is like a form of child abuse to raise kids there. Bad enough for local children but for kids who are half ‘white devil’ it would be hell. Part of me thinks this is some kind of fabricated story it is so unbelievable to me that a woman would actually make this choice.


    • Have you tried General Pao’s chicken? So good. It’s part of Chinese cuisine, which is all part of the Chinese culture as lived by Chinese people who live in China and around the world. And are humans. With feelings and thoughts and hopes and fears and are good and bad and everything in between. Just like yourself.


      • James

        is that like a combination of kung pao(gong bao) & general tso/tsao/gao/gau (however you want to romanize his name)’s chicken?
        I’ve read several claims general xxx’s is a product of chinese restaurants in America not a traditiuonal chinese recipe

        • All part of the vast diaspora that is China.

          Also: I got downvoted? For defending China? Against a racist? Like, did someone actually think I was being sarcastic?

          • mr.wiener

            It is in this thread that we realized that Jin hates the majority of his countrymen [well…. his countrymen once removed] more than any white troll fucktard could hope to in his most lucid waking wet dream.
            Being liberal is the Rodney Dangerfield of positions to take.

          • Jing Li

            I used to think he was prejudice. Now I realize, he hates everyone.

          • Trolls don’t troll each other. They just want to propagate hate and fear. There’s nothing wrong with loving your country (“how could something so wrong, feel so right?”), , but for all his patriotic fervor, Jin doesn’t reply to the racist, but to the racist’s responder.

            For all the inclination Jin has towards salty talk, Jin has none of it here. Not even a “I disagree” or “you’re wrong” or “racist” and then just never respond again. Hey, you’re a defender of China; you’ve got trolling of your own to do.

            There’s a war going on: a war for opinions. But it’s not a war of propaganda that can be “won”, or even to have winning as a “objective”. Wumao like Jin needs the racist to justify their own existence of being the “defenders” of China, but conversely, they don’t need to actually engage them – you defeat your enemies, but you don’t defeat your meal ticket.

    • Nilerafter24

      To be honest, as much as I detest the guy’s loser attitude, I genuinely
      admire his compassion and understanding. Maybe there’s more to him than you assume.
      And I guess some foreigners are just… well… different.

      Interracial relationships are never easy and in this particular
      situation, borderline insane given the variables (1.China 2.A poor part
      of China 3.A poor husband)… The second worst scenario of an
      interracial relationship I can think of.
      (The worst: Replace the wife with a very dark urban black woman).

      Being a black guy in China, I know how insanely cringe-y/embarrassing/ frustrating the rural parts can be. I avoid them at all costs. ALL COSTS.
      No matter how beautiful people tell me the country-side is, I’d rather stay in my polluted-ass Beijing than go somewhere like that.
      The staring/poking/insulting/questions is just too much for comfort.
      Though maybe once the people get used to you, it becomes better, like in this couple’s situation.
      Her love for him is obviously stronger than her dislike for the place so maybe their relationship will thrive.

      So somehow, this story seems too odd to be fake. You just can’t make this kind of stuff up.

      • Jin Ch’in

        So you think if a Chinese person was placed in a remote village some where in Africa where they never seen another race before they would not act as these Chinese?

        • winterbitten

          The Chinese person would be treated in a similar manner to white westerners are in China, unless they already have some specific reason to hate Chinese people. Not as some devil reincarnate.

        • Nilerafter24

          After 100 years of colonization in almost every part of Africa, you’d have to search wide and far for that place.
          There so many interracial couples and foreigners (White people, Persians, Indians (a lot), and loads of Asians) in my home country for example, no one would even spare a thought on foreigners.
          We have mixed, white, Indian politicians even.
          Seriously, you have to go deep into the equatorial rainforests where there’re no roads and electricity to find a village like that. I’m very serious.

          And even then, I highly doubt they’d be harassed by police or neighbours like this couple have. Rural Africans consider Chinese to also be ‘thin eyed’ white people, which is a good thing because people will respect you or wonder about you but will almost never harm or insult you.
          What insulting thing can a poor African say about a white person. Nothing. In fact, there no curse words for foreigners in my native language unlike Chinese which has ‘yang guizi’, ‘heiguizi’,’bangzi’.
          I think you get my point.

          • James

            yeah why didn’t she go marry a pygmy trtibesman instead of a chinese farmer, she’d be much better off & higher status

        • Phil Collins,

          you are responding to the wrong person. Are you seriously more interested in what Nile-Highclub has to say rather than this person that has denigrated China?

          For shame. China’s honor has been besmirched (besmirched!), and yet you do nothing? Think of the millions of hurt feelings! Nay!

          For that, on behalf of China I hereby demand that you start flaming this guy that I rebuffed before you. Me. If we two were to have a “China defending contest”, I would be ahead like about “50 pandas” to your “zero pandas”.

          Yo bro, I can’t do this alone. We each have to do our part. Man, they way you refuse to talk to this guy, it makes me suspect like you’re working together…

    • mr.wiener

      Can you claim to know this woman’s heart? We can guess at who she is and her motivations, but at the end of the day he decision is her own and not for us to pick apart.

      • donscarletti

        Nah, let’s speculate a bit first. My hypothesis is that this dude can get it up for her because he’s got like a super obedient penis. Or maybe she’s from Glasgow and the surroundings are a step up.

        • “super obedient penis”

          You mean like a Lassie dog, but only understands the word “come”?

          • mr.wiener

            Lassie was a girl.
            “Come bitch!”

          • “I’ve got a well you can drown your little Timmy in”

          • moop

            she made his pinky all stinky

        • James

          if she were from glasgy she’d most likely have torn into the guys attacking her inlaws with a pocketknife in one hand anda shoe in the other & probably have scared the local cadre’s bullygang away & then passed out after downing a quart of kaoliang in celebration

          • mr.wiener

            …all the while with a baby held on her hip.

        • Heibei44

          >Or maybe she’s from Glasgow and the surroundings are a step up.

          This is why I love you white people

          You make me laugh so damn much.

  • leave that filthy place and let those maggot rot in their own waste.

  • Chinaprat

    Bitch i fuckin ugly! And, she lives as a peasant? What the fuck kind of job does she have? What kind of visa?

  • lonetrey / Dan

    The farmer certainly has done some dumb things, most of which are pointed out on Chinasmack. But under the circumstances, when he’s trying to hold onto something, reacting to and/or relying on the words of others, how many of us can actually keep a cool head?

    I mean, people came to attack him physically in his own home. Officials are not doing their duty and protecting him. In America, I’d also freak the heck out if that happened. In his shoes, I don’t think I would’ve done any better.

    • Atlas

      ” In America, I’d also freak the heck out if that happened. ”

      In America, I’d take out my guns if thugs came unto my property to intimidate me and cops would shake my hand and wish me well.

      • mr.wiener

        America is at at one extreme as they are too well armed, but if the common folk in China even owned flintlocks there is no way a cadre sponsored posse of arseholes would head around to anyone’s place to bust their doors down and evict them.

        • If I had to use firearms to defend myself from thugs, I would really love to do it with flintlocks. Imagine the news reports, how badass you would look standing there, gun smoke everywhere, in your pantaloons and tricorne hat, looking majestic in your white wig. Now imagine if it was some random Chinese farmer wearing all of that with some flintlocks.

          • mr.wiener

            How do you say “don’t tread on me” in Chinese?
            I heard that he got the settlement he wanted in the end

          • James

            jia you mofo! damn that’s awesome.
            use lots of loose dirty rusty nails next time they come to beat you up

          • Jing Li

            That was awesome! But did you notice one of the links on the right?

            That was even more awesome (not related, but awesom!)

          • James

            not really awesome it’s about par for the course for most older plan subs too

          • Jing Li

            I just thought it was funny. I guess it was my expectations. I was expecting to see some ingenious farmer build a functional submarine. Then I watched it slowly sink and a bunch of guys in their underwear scramble.

            It just, sort of, reminded me of a Chinese version of Trailer Park Boys.

          • James

            trailer park boys? not familiar with it. I tried watching some crap cable program about guys building guns, it was like hitting yourself on the head with a pipe
            even some of the ideas they were saying were new were decades old
            btw thanks for the update about cannon guy, I’m glad he made out

          • Jing Li

            My video was the sub, and Trailer Park Boys is a really funny show about the lower class of Canada.

          • Thor

            His bamboo bazooka looks exactly like Duke Nukem’s in the Carribean sequel of the game.

          • mr.wiener

            …but no pickled eggs.

          • mr.wiener

            Ha ha! I’d give him points for substance over style, but what is that god awful accent they are speaking in? by the piratic rolling of the “R”s I deduce it is a northern accent.?

          • Jing Li
          • mr.wiener

            Cool thanks bro.

          • James
      • lonetrey / Dan

        LOL but I’m not a gun user. I’m just a normal guy living in a small town in Jersey. We’re not known for guns…

        I have a butter knife, at best. :'(

        • All sorts of insane ways to take the law into your own hands and dish out justice. Strip down naked, paint your body up in battle paint, shave your hair into a mohawk or something cool like that, and come wailing out of your door with your sharpened butter knife in one hand, twirling barbed wire above your head in the other, and screaming the best war cry you can. Throw a few petrol bombs. The sky is the limit, lonetry/Dan. All that matters is that you believe in yourself.

          • James

            petrol bombs? you sure you’re american?

            nj, I guess his family couldn’t leave pollution behind

          • It was an honest mistake, ok?

            I kind of have a hick accent if that helps. Sounded something like “petrowl baawmb”.

          • Nick

            What did he say wrong?

        • Nick

          No steak knife? Or meat cleaver?

          • lonetrey / Dan

            I’m sure there is one, but I don’t think I would be anywhere near it; I think, honestly speaking, I’d be downstairs on the computer, so I would probably have to grab a vacuum cleaner tube or a light stand as a weapon… >_>

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤

        This story is one sided and does not necessarily tell the truth.

        I’ve seem it from other sources that he was trying to build his home on the land which belongs to other people. When the rightful owner, a women and her daugher, came to stop him, he beat the women up and caused injury.

        If you do this kind of thing in America, and take out your gun when government personnels come to accompany the rightful owner, The best guess is that you will get a bullet in your head.

      • Zappa Frank

        .. if you have a gun resonably thugs have more guns.. cops would find you and your family dead.

  • Jing Li

    I have to confess, I had a difficult time reading this in English, which is not a usual thing. No offense, but I found the translation a little “off” in some parts.

    The whole story stopped making sense (logic, not translation) when he attacked the person that insulted his wife. Anyone in a mixed marriage or relationship in China is bound to run across the occasional bigot. And, as I always seem to be saying, it’s not restrictive to China. I get bigoted comments from people that have simply looked at my name.

    But as far as having a leg to stand on in this, that was the point he lost his leg.

    It’s strange how a township’s government reacted to the threat of having an international story on their hands. I also find it unusual that the British government even stepped in at all.

    I feel for the people when I hear stories like this, don’t get me wrong. Land grabs generally happen with little notice and no options. Even though I am very familiar with these situations, it’s still hard to imagine what it’s like to have your life turned upside down so quickly. It’s almost surreal.

    As for the “rich man/poor man” argument that I’ve seen spewing out of control on this thread. Well, it doesn’t really interest me. It’s ignorant. But I will remind people that
    a) obviously, no one chooses the life they are born into,
    b) if the “poor” were removed from China, the country would collapse. China is already facing some economic uncertainty from the dwindling amount of migrant workers (aka cheap labor) and
    c) I’ve always thought of it less about money, more about power, and there is no guarantee that you’ll never be on the wrong side of a power struggle. There have been quite a few “rich & secure” Chinese that have suddenly found they weren’t quite so secure in the first place.

    • Kai

      In this story, it seems the grandfather wanted to build on land that the town government initially said he could because it was his land. When the grandfather did, suddenly the town government said he couldn’t because the land isn’t his. That’s when the supposed new owners of that land, the mother and daughter, appeared. Somewhere in that confrontation, they insulted the guy’s wife and that’s why he assaulted her. We don’t know what was said but we can probably assume it was also a pretty heated moment with tensions running high, which may have contributed to his reaction.

  • Harold Janson

    What the hell… alternate story time:

    They didn’t own the land, they have usage rights and the land was reallocated with compensation. He kicks up a fuss and causes drama, only in the end to settle for the initial offer.

    Enter phase 2: They apply to rebuild a house on land they don’t own anymore. Now, land rights might be gone, but as long as the house is there, they have the rights to the house without question. Tearing that down results in far more compensation. However, once you tear it down, that’s it. You have no rights to rebuild it if you do not have the rights to the land underneath it.

    Said land had been sold to someone else, who shows up, pissed that this guy is building on their land that they are now in full capacity to take possession of.

    Guy freaks out and beats the crap out of a woman in front of her child and keeps it up till the cops show up.

    So, woman who just got seriously assaulted wants charges pressed (duh).

    Guy goes off to file a petition about this, but since he already brought the brits into his drama before, guess what, screw him.

    Well, duh, they got the crap beaten out of them. And again, what proof is there? Who did it? All of it’s p much speculation.

    So, in short, here’s the story of a nongy farmer who stirs up drama, beats up women and goes crying to foreigners but fails to pull the trigger on the follow-through.. and his sad sad wife and children who for whatever reason sit there and watch it unfold.

    • Jing Li

      “They apply to rebuild a house on land they don’t own anymore.”

      When did they own the land? Now that would be a story.

      • Harold Janson

        they signed over the rights to the land. that’s it, end of story. it’s one of the main reasons why out in the countryside, if the kids go off and get a better hukou, they build a giant house on the land that uses up virtually everything. so when the land is redistributed, the house stays in the family, or a much larger compensation has to be paid to tear it down. if you tear it down to rebuild once that land no longer is connected to you however, that’s it, you have no right to rebuild.

        • Jing Li

          I missed the part where they signed over the land. I gotta read this again. I don’t see it. The father suggested it was their only course of action but the son protested.

          Anyways, no one owns land in China except the government and land developers, so the point is moot.

          • Harold Janson


            And boom it’s done. In a village you just flat out don’t own the land. The community owns the land and you have the rights to be productive on said land. It’s also fairly common for those land rights to be handed down.

            Here’s the place they are talking about:

            If I had to venture a guess, I’d say it prolly has something to do with the development going on up north (actually it does). The problem is that they managed to get attention, involved foreign media… and didn’t stick to their guns. Backing down like a coward in the end after pissing off everyone in charge? Good luck getting any favors! It’s like going over the head of your boss, making him look bad, and then going to him for a favor. Not gonna happen. You can’t spit in my face one day and come begging to me the next as if you never spit in my face.

            The issues here: He didn’t agree to the taking of land, the land is being used incorrectly according to the contract… but, locals are getting jobs, economy is getting better and everyone is lining their pockets.

            Other issues.. most of the land claims in China are undocumented. Everyone just knows whose land is whose and that’s that. All land is farmed or used, regardless of actual rights. So is the 700 fair? Depends. Is it actually their land with a valid claim… or is it a token compensation for land they never had any legit right to at all? I advise reading the original story, as chinasmack has a long history of “selective translation” to support a narrative, and it also happened here as well.

          • Jing Li

            Trust me, I’m very familiar with land grabs. And believe it or not, this is pretty tame compared to fifteen years ago.

            As for the original story, yes I read it, just because I couldn’t get through the English version. There were too many holes.

          • Kai

            We actually do our best not to be selective in our translations to support any particular narrative, and this is one of the first things we stress to every contributor and translator.

            Since translation isn’t exactly the most thrilling thing to do, we do let contributors and translators know that they can translate just parts of a particularly long article, focusing on the parts that are central to the story and the focus of the Chinese netizen comments and discussion that is subsequently translated. As with many cS translations, the comments/discussion or the amount of it gives an idea of why something is popular and thus appearing on cS, and then you understand those comments by understanding what they are reacting to (the story/photo/video/article).

            I reviewed Peter’s translation here and I believe he simply excerpted what he felt was the crux of the story and what readers here need to know in order to understand what the Chinese netizens have in mind when they wrote the comments Peter translated. I checked the parts he left out (indicated by ellipses) and they include some more details and events but I didn’t really see anything that would suggest a different narrative to the one presented. If you feel there are, please help us by highlighting them so we can reconsider.

            While reviewing Peter’s translation, I had thought about adding a link to a Global Times article about this story that I felt presented a very different narrative. I ultimately decided not to because the Chinese netizen comments here aren’t in response to that GT article but in context of this article. I think it’s important to read comments based on what they were in response to, and I worried that including the GT article would confuse readers about why these Chinese netizens commented the way they did. I counted on a commenter linking to the GT article and sure enough, Jing Li did. Please see my comment in response to Jing Li as well.

            One of the more common remarks here in the cS comments is about why the guy just doesn’t go to the UK. I think if Peter included the paragraph in the original Chinese article that mentions him having applied for visas three times but being rejected all three times might have helped, but at the time, I thought the part he did include about him being unable to emigrate due to not meeting the UK requirements was sufficient. A lot of good comments about immigration requirements came out of it from cS commenters though as a result of this.

            The central story in the original Chinese article is that this guy’s case is getting attention and being handled differently from what many expect because it involves a foreign national, but even so, this guy is still caught in between a rock and a hard place. I don’t think Peter’s choice of excerpts to translate from this very long article was intentionally selective to support a narrative that isn’t in the original. I don’t think that characterization is fair.

  • Jing Li

    Two more articles that articulate the story a lot better. However, I’m not really a fan of either source, as they tend to glorify negative Chinese stories. They’re kind of like the Toronto Star and China is Rob Ford.

    • Les Battersby

      Wasn’t he the guy involved in some crack cocaine scandal or other?

      Either way toronto people need to watch this, this guy has a bee in his, er, bonnet about it all:

      He’d be a good teacher in China I reckon:-)

      • James

        lol how’d he get the hair off my 7th grade art teacher’s head?

        • Les Battersby


    • Kai

      The interesting thing is that the Global Times article doesn’t necessarily articulate “the” story better, but actually articulates in many parts a very different story. Compare the original Chinese report to the English rewrite on GT, there are very substantial differences in tone and presentation of the characters involved, especially Joanne and her position/feelings on the whole affair. You’re left asking questions about which story is more authoritative and if each story is intended to illicit different reactions.

      The Epoch Times version resembles the same narrative seen here as translated from the original Chinese report, except with one difference on who was kicked by Xu. The ET article says it was a man who was kicked, but the original Chinese article says it is a woman.

      • Jing Li

        Global Times, China Forbidden News, Epoch Times. Epoch is the most reliable, but they’re all little more than tabloids. Completely biased journalism at it’s worst.

        If you get a chance, you should watch China Forbidden News on Youtube. It’s hilarious. Every day the revolution is upon us. Every day the government is about to collapse. Doesn’t matter the story.

        “Today, Shanghai had a record rainfall. Our experts have speculated that this will be the downfall of the corrupt Chinese government.”

        Western news isn’t much better. Seems like today, the only way to get the real story is to research the crap out of it.

        • James

          are they all falun dafa ? or just epoch never read the others afaik
          of course western news isn’t much better, the censors haven’t been able to influence it as much unless N Korea is acting up & America needs China’s help or Feinstein or some other blackmailed puppet is holding something over people

        • amy

          Global Times is completely different from China Forbidden News and Epoch Times. Global Times is an internal newspaper that’s operating under the Communist Party and government policy. The story represented in the Epoch Times and Global Times are going to be completely different representations of reality.

          • Harold Janson

            Mainly being that epoch and anything connected to it in any way shape or form is 100% bullshit

          • Jing Li

            Thanks for that. I really didn’t realize that. Funny though, Global Times tends to have pretty extreme stories for Chinese media…

  • wafflestomp

    I guess he married ANY foreigner he could find, a dog face. Sad story tho.

    • Elf Queen

      Maybe he married for love,not for looks!

      • Chinkicide


  • Pickle

    She looks quite a bit older than him. In fact, she even looks too old to bear children but still obviously did.

  • Pickle

    Some interesting comments from the Chinese. I like their spirit.

  • Monkeekong

    my god english people are ugly

    • mr.wiener

      …said the person with no avatar.

      • James

        o well I thought it was kind of funny

  • Rick in China

    I didn’t see many posts about this part, which on re-reading, seems extremely important:

    “So at the time I slapped that person twice, kicked her waist, and the (left) thigh, I kicked a few times.”

    So, he beat the shit out of a woman – because the woman insulted his wife? *Shouldn’t* he be charged with criminal assault? He’ll *never* get a visa to go abroad – not only that, but his wife/children would likely be better served leaving to England – let him stay here and rot.. who knows when he’ll be insulted, and beat the shit out of them too.

  • Cauffiel

    “I think that land developer isn’t bad, having built a road for our village. I think development is a good thing, attracting businesses and money to develop the economy, improving the conditions of our village as well as providing jobs for our villagers. I’m a man of the modern age, my head isn’t stubborn [clinging to the past]. I said to my father, let’s sign it, because although the land acquisition is illegal, the advantages are bigger than the disadvantages…”

    Never ceases to amaze me how many Chinese openly make excuses for the people who fuck them over. Maybe he’s just being diplomatic? Is he really such a huge asshole that he would give the developer a pass like this? Rewarding developers for bullying and theft will NOT be advantageous to your precious village, buddy.

    • echo1o1

      Hey american retard. I know it’s hard to understand for you independent minded self-centered egocentric americans but asian people like the chinese and the japanese think about their community foremost and then themselves. This is why they are willing to endure hardship and make sacrifices for their community and society as a whole.
      The difference in these philosophies was the difference you saw when a hurricane hit New Orleans and a tsunami hit Japan.

      Americans in New Orleans looted, raped, killed, turned their environment into a cesspool of trash and filth. The japanese on the other hand were the exact opposite, calm, helpful, willing to spend all their time looking for survivors, cleaning up and rebuilding their towns.

      • Probotector

        So Chinese are caring and “willing to make sacrifices for their community”? Okay, so is that why most of them drop garbage everywhere, break the traffic rules, make shoddy, unsafe construction because it’s cheaper and walk on by without a care in the world when when a fellow member of the “community” is homeless, injured or dying? Don’t preach about Chinese civic responsibility or moral superiority; Chinese these days are largely selfish and narrow-minded, driven by the pursuit of wealth and materialism, and we all know that.

        Clearly you’re just having sour grapes because you don’t like “foreigners” or “Americans” (come on now, not everyone who speaks English is an American, dumbass) saying how it really is here.

        btw, are you actually trying to say that being independent-minded is somehow wrong? I guess that’s why the Chinese are the ones who come up with all the bright ideas in this world.

      • Cauffiel

        Ah ah ah… no sir! Chinese like to SAY they care about their communities and well being, but…. what the hell am I answering you for? Look at Chinese neighborhoods, most are strewn with trash and filth, people shove each other to get on/off buses, cut in line…. exactly what China are you living in where people put their communities ahead of themselves?

  • Greenieweenie

    Should’ve gone to the embassy earlier. If your basic human rights are being violated (eg beatings by state), they have an obligation to act. Protect yourself when no one else will. And FFS, move to the UK for a while.

    • Rick in China

      The husband claims to have been beaten – and his family (his parents), but not the UK citizen/children. The embassy wouldn’t get involved in some dude trying to apply for a UK visa’s local charges against “unknown assailants” – nor should they. The only proof of any beating here is the one he administered – to a woman no less – and it may be very well deserved that he got his ass beaten after shit kicking a woman. If he got a beating, it was probably from her family/friends, not “the state”.

  • Greenieweenie

    Also, cute kids but the wife looks like Mr. Bean.

  • Eattot’s Boyfriend

    Normally I’d get angry about a white woman dating a non-white man, but I feel sorry for this girl.

    I also respect the man for defending his wife’s honor.

    Women need to be protected and taken care of like that. But I would feel like such a failure if I couldn’t provide for my wife on one salary, that’s why I work so hard. I want my children to be able to have all the things I couldn’t.

    But sometimes I feel women are too demanding, it’s right to want your husband to earn well/work hard and be good with money to enjoy a better life BUT, a lot of Korean women for example demand that their husbands be able to afford them $10,000 pairs of shoes and things like that.

    Isn’t that overkill?

    • Les Battersby

      Sick amoral material culture that is also prevalent in modern day you know where!!

    • Jing Li

      Normally I get angry at civilized people dating non-civilized people. Same thing I guess.

      • 剑胆琴心

        no worry.
        he is not my bf, and we never dated.
        i know who he is,but this fucker only dares to play game online.

    • Jing Li

      By the way… Korean women? You ever been there? Wrong country to pick on women. Go to downtown Seoul and make that statement.

    • echo1o1

      So you think it’s wrong for white women to date non-whites but you obviously have no problem dating non-white women?

      What a fucking retard you are.

      • Probotector

        When did he say he’s dating a non-white woman, just because his call sign is “Eattot’s Boyfriend”? I think that’s meant sarcastically man. Also, how do you know if he’s white or not?

        • echo1o1

          What other reason do white failures have to come to asia? To find cheap third world wives who can’t say no.

          • Probotector


    • 剑胆琴心

      your not my bf,we both know.
      and i do not know you suddenly changed into a generous man online?
      this mfker never called me or dated me and always hided up.
      so, no worry those who dislike me,i do not deserve such a miser. now you are happy !

  • Jing Li

    If you ain’t white, you ain’t right.

    • Average Joe

      One could also say “if you’re white, you ain’t right”. However both are are one in the same. Anyways this woman is old and unattractive. Chinese men must be very thirsty for white women smh. I suppose these are the only kind of white women they can pull. Same thing can be said about chinese women and old unattractive white men. It’s easier for chinese women to pull your average joe because at least they have a hole between their legs.

  • Mighty

    Half way thru the 4th paragraph I just lost interest in reading.

  • David M

    This is common I went to court with a handicap boy in Quanzhou that was told by a Gym owner he could not go to the Gym (after they took his money and saw the missing limb) the judge ruled they violated Chinese law and he was entitled to go. When he returned the next day he asked 3 foreigners to join as witness (an American, a Brit, and an Aussie) the gym owner physically assaulted the Aussie and the American and the Brit recorded the entire encounter. The police said video evidence is not sufficient the owner doesn’t want him there so he must leave, China law and a judges order have no place in civil matter or the matters of the police. They also threatened to file assault charges on the foreigners even though the video clearly shows the foreigners only blocking swings and never swinging themselves. So one bigoted gym owner attacking a handicap boy and 2 foreign woman, Quanzhou police back him up and refuse to enforce the law.

    • Probotector

      As they say: 中国欢迎你!

  • Misiooo

    Well, every nation got what it deserves.

  • jessica

    This is interesting… However if it was an African american women this would be a different story and the comments from various people would be very offence. I am here to endorse negative of any kind for this matter. But its said that society tends to embraces other yet degrade the rest.

    • Average Joe

      well if you’re a black woman 99% of chinese men will only deal with you to get their dicks wet. the other 1% will deal with you because of genuine love. I suppose this also applies for every other race of men who deal with black women. by far the majority of chinese men are too obsessed with white skin(hence why they go with old ugly white women) to date a black woman for something other than jungle fever cure or easy hole to stick their penis in because we all know black women are everyone’s women. just to clarify, by “black women” i mean the awful majority of black women. so of course there are exceptions to this.

  • cha cha cha cha

    why is she called Joanne and then Margaret Noble?

  • Black_Man_Winning

    He couldn’t pick a better looking woman? Damn that woman is uuuuuugly? Send her back to England.

    • Average Joe

      he couldn’t. white women are picky when it comes to penis size. this is however no different from black men going with fat ugly white women. a lot of men are just too damn thirsty. this is why women can bend them like a fking rubber band using the hole between their legs.

      • Black_Man_Winning

        I don’t know which Black men you are speaking of. The only Black men that I see with fat ugly white women are those that could only get fat ugly Black women. Nevertheless, not many Black men go for white women. Quite the contrary. All the Black men I know are either married or in a relationship with an African woman. Sorry, to say your “talking point” does not fit reality.