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Why You Should AVOID Travelling in China During Chinese Holidays: Crazy Scenes from National Day.

Thinking of travelling in China during public holidays? These photos of extreme overcrowding at popular tourist spots in China will change your mind.

Travel in China during public holidays has always been a bittersweet experience for Chinese people. On the one hand, people are looking forward to the long holidays so they can chill and visit other cities with family and friends. On the other hand, there is the inevitable “people traffic” pretty much wherever you go…

Here are some of the scenes of insane overcrowding from across popular tourist spots in China during the October National Day holidays:

Guangzhou Canton Tower during National Day holidays.

In Guangzhou, due to the large volume of tourists at Guangzhou Tower, No.3 subway line Guangzhou Tower station had to be shut down temporarily on October 2nd for safety reasons.

Local police and subway staff had to work overtime just to keep the subway station traffic under control.

Shenzhen Damei beach overcrowding.

Shenzhen Damei beach was full of people on October 1st, which felt more like a public bath rather than a holiday resort.

Of course, you may very well be trapped in your car for hours under terrible heat. The overcrowded beach seems like a much better option now…

#ShenzhenDameiBeach# is it really that much fun to go there? I had to get off the bus and walk home because of the traffic…

“No taxi driver would take my order because of the traffic, me and my friend walked for 3km. The long queue of buses is unearthly.”

“If you are not tall enough you may not be able to see the lake at all…”

The famous West Lake Broken Bridge in Hangzhou turned into a “people bridge”, people had to queue for over 5 hours just to see the music fountain in the middle of the West Lake. A netizen posted pictures of the famous tourist destination and said: “if you are not tall enough you may not be able to see the lake at all…”

The bund, Shanghai also filled with tourists. To better control traffic and keep tourists safe, Shanghai police had to deploy a “human traffic light” and “window wiper” traffic control system.

Beijing Badaling Great Wall had to limit its daily visitors to 65 thousand by deploying “one ID one ticket” online reservation system. According to its online data, for October 3rd the tickets were sold out before 9:40 am.

Chinese netizen reactions online:

Who else is enjoying full power aircon at work now? Let me know I am not the only one!


I am not stepping out of the door. It is best to enjoy the view at home!


There are two ways to solve the problem: extend the official annual leave to 10 days or make weekends into 3 days. Therefore, people can go whenever they want instead of all travel in the same week.


Seems like people have too much money and too few holidays.


I drove 2km in 2 hours on Zhuhai Lover’s road on October 2nd … The traffic almost made me cry…


Look at those sheep, I am laughing so hard now…

Young B

I don’t care, so many people can only mean these places are worth going… I definitely wanna go

You all knew this would happen, every single year. Why bother?

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