“Zhejiang University Girl” Exposed By Human Flesh Search


Last week, there was a controversy about some comments a Zhejiang University professor made about Chinese girls who are willing to date foreign men:

The education system should help China have self-respect. However, these days when we see foreigners, we lower our heads. When girls see foreign trash or average foreign men, they all want to please them [become friends, attract]. Comrades, what lack of dignity we have in front of foreigners. Amongst those studying abroad at Japan’s Tokyo University, I was the only one who returned [to China], yet the Japanese people held me in high regard because I have soul/spirit and live with integrity.

When a netizen named “Zhejiang University Girl” responded and criticized Professor Zheng Qiang, the controversy became a very hot topic on many Chinese BBS forums. Many overseas Chinese also heard about the story through oversease Chinese media. “Zhejiang University Girl”  explained in her reply why the best Chinese girls seek foreign men instead of Chinese men. She talked about many things, but most people will probably only remember penis sizes and orgasms.

Here are some of the Chinese BBS topics about “Zhejiang University Girl”:

  • Mop (April 8): “University Schoolgirl Wildly Criticizes Zhejiang University Famous Professor — Zheng Qiang”
  • Tianya (April 10): “Fucked by Black People ‘Zhejiang University Girl’ Wildly Criticizes Famous Zhejiang University Professor”
  • NetEase (April 11): “Time For China’s Men To Speak — Discuss Zhejiang University Girl’s Unwillingness to Marry Chinese Men”

I was too sick to translate her response when I saw this last week, so here are some parts from the translation that ChinaGeeks posted on April 13:

At Zhejiang University, there are many girls who, like me, are dating foreigners. I’m young and beautiful, witch excellent grades, and many people pursue me, but I’m dissatisfied with Chinese men. Please tell me, is that not conducting myself with dignity? Loving whom we choose, is this wrong?

One of the most beloved professors at Zhejiang University suddenly said in the middle of a formal speech, “[Our] school has some girls who aren’t conducting themselves with dignity, as soon as they see a garbage, ordinary foreigner they want to be with them.” This sentence directly attacks me, and inconveniences me as those garbage, ordinary Chinese men are now attacking us because of this, and even going after my parents. Today I must post this challenge of authority to scold you.

Because of your speech, men curse and disturb me, saying, is it because the laowai can give you an orgasm more easily?

At other schools I don’t know, but at Zhejiang University all the beautiful, excellent girls are taken by foreigners. First class girls are all sleeping in villas, second class girls are sleeping in hotels and flats, only third class girls can accompany these wretched looking Chinese guys in their tiny dormitory beds, and facing a roommate, fool around a bit. If they’re not ashamed, I’m ashamed for them. Walking on the roads of our school you can tell, you won’t see even a single beautiful girl, the mighty pile of leftovers like half-cooked things, however you look at them they’re like un-evolved dinosaurs.

Don’t talk about loving my country, my country doesn’t love me, I love its ass.

You say Zhejiang University still has some good, studious Chinese men, yes! They have no standards, some of my female classmates boyfriends dump them as soon as they get into American schools, the tragic result of four years of washing clothes, paying out of pocket, sleeping [with the guys], that’s what’s really low! […] And as soon as they can go abroad they think their dicks are longer, long like a giraffe, their heads lifted, blindly looking forward to marrying whatever wealthy American maiden they can find who will hold their hands and lead them into elite society. They’re dreaming, of their darling America dancing ballet, [but] when you go abroad a toothpick is still a toothpick. Even filling a condom is a miracle, and they feel they’re really something. So, I’d rather marry an African-American and get a green card! Marrying an African-American is the same on the spiritual side, and on the physical side the orgasms are real. So marrying a black American is the result of us conducting ourselves with dignity.


Her post incited many comments from Chinese netizens.

Comments from Mop:


This girl criticizing this viciously, writing this much, but the main content is still: Sexual needs. It is fine as long as everyone understands [this]. Using other reasons, we would think she is rather niubi and bullshitting. She is just human, so using such a reason only proves further that she is a lowly woman.


Point of View One: First, this girl’s B [bi = 屄, vagina, pussy, cunt] is more satisfied being fucked by black people, so she has discarded the rest and chosen to remain under black JJ. She also hopes that she will be even more satisfied being fucked by other foriegners when she goes abroad!
Pointof View Two: This girl believes that because a portion of Zhejiang University boys do not like to study so they pick up girls, play games, and play basketball, she too can indulge YD [yin dang = 淫荡, in being lewd], at least she has orgasmed! Next, even if she found a boy who likes to study, that JJ is still only a toothpick, so to summarize, having her B fucked by foreigners is still better!!


Seems like there is some truth to it.


Only maybe after you have gone abroad will you think of how good Chinese men are. You are just fucking lowly/cheap. Those foreigners who come to China to fool around/waste time are all fucking trash, yet you fucking treat them like treasure. You bunch of lowly people simply do not have enough self-respect.
Learn well.


LZ, you are from Zhejiang University? How embarrassing, how did Zhejiang University produce garbage like you? In the future when you go out, please do not say you graduated from Zhejiang University, ruining our reputation!


Although I really want to slap you, what you say actually makes a lot of sense…


Within every person’s way of thinking is a portion of truth…
The reality of China’s society indeed appears to be very frustrating. In college, how many boys are wasting their time…I myself can be counted as one of them. Replying to this topic right now also counts.
So let’s be a little lenient.


This woman is begging to be told off. Your parents working so hard to raise you and provide for you to go to university was just for you to be fucked by foreign black people? Keep on cumming every day then. I think you should be taken to Japan, so you can be stuffed full of cum all day, fucked in the ass all day, so you can orgasm 24 hours a day! It is because universities these days have your kind of trash that university students are misunderstood as having poor characters. You lose face for female university students. Having attended four years of college the only thing you have trained is your lowly/cheap cunt. The rest you have not learned! I truly feel embarrassed for your parents, having given birth to you! Fuck.


Is this what a Zhejiang University student or a “young, pretty” girl with “outstanding grades” says? You can beat me to death and I still will not believe it. Many prostitutes also say they are from this or that university, so they can raise their prices a little more.


Sigh~!! Ignorant~! ~If your father saw you like this, he would regret not having shot your onto the wall instead!!~!


Listing to her tone, this is just a mental retard~~~


Go let Japanese men LJ you then~~


Comments from NetEase:


Everyone has their own way of thinking, let him (her) go!


Female university students can marry foreigners. Marrying black people is also okay. This is each person’s own business.

Male university students also can marry foreign women.

This is good for everyone, exchanging genes, improving the quality of the human species!


Not every foreigner is rich, so maybe she just likes long and thick!


Every person has their own choice/preference, but you still cannot say who who who is trash. People are all the same. Foreign men also have trash men, China also, nothing more.


In reality, China’s rise is its women’s butts…


Why is it that everyone wants to leave the country? This is an issue worth discussing…


The value of highly educated women is truly a problem/issue. This is also the reason for why there are so many highly educated “leftover women” within the country.
If white people (saying these men are trash is wrong, it is a little racist) can marry them, it could be a good thing.


Just passing by, everyone has their own way of thinking, and for women, marriage is a second reincarnation [a second birth, second chance at life]. It should be carefully considered and grasped. With a normal heart, look at the issue rationally.


Actually many Chinese women who marry foreigners are unhappy, many have divorced, and what more, China’s laws are unable to help them…

But it must be said again, who you marry is your own choice, and not as simple as Chinese men not being good, only that some women are prejudiced against Chinese men…


She can marry whoever she wants to marry, black devils is fine too, foreigners is also fine, it has nothing to do with us.
However, a female student attacking her teacher, with no regard for her elders/superiors, is extremely shameless. Belittling one’s own ethnicity like this, one can imagine and know what kind of low and vulgar [she] is.


Unfotunately, ChinaGeeks and Shanghaiist did not see the update to this story:

From KDS: “‘Zhejiang University Girl’ Was Exposed By Human Flesh Search, Turns Out To Be A Man”

On the evening of April 11th, through the human flesh search of netizens, the person who concocted “Zhejiang University Girl” came forward to apologize. The netizen passing as Zhejiang University Girl is “河谷渔风” [“He Gu Yu Feng”], from Jinhua in Zhejiang province, a male, born 1976 December 17. He admitted “Zhejiang University Girl” was fabricated.

Reporters contacted and interviewed “河谷渔风”. “Writing this post was simply a fenqing vent. In the beginning it was posted on Tianya, there was no intention to target Zhejiang University, and even less to point at Professor Zheng Qiang.”

“河谷渔风” told reporters that the intial reason for writing the post came during a trip in Hangzhou where, on the public busses, shopping malls, and other places, he continuously saw over ten pairs of lovers, all composed of foreign young men with good-looking Chinese university girls, that made him especially upset at the time.

“I was just expressing some of my own thoughts through the internet, and simply used the identity of a Zhejiang University Girl to increase the effect/reactions. Had I known before that this post would incite such a large averse effect, I definitely would not have posted it.” “河谷渔风” expressed, with regards to his moment of impulse, feeling very ashamed with his behavior.

“My telephone number, QQ number, mailbox, Tianya ID have all not changed, and I accept the criticism from all sides. I know that one must accept the consequences of doing something wrong.” “河谷渔风” expressed that the virtual world of the internet have given people the freedom of speech, but the consequences of that freedom of speech are not virtual.

This news was also on Sohu and NetEase. The article also includes Professor Zheng Qiang criticizing the mainstream media for failing to determine the authenticity of the incident:

“This false news report harmed Zhejiang University’s female students, harmed the current generation of female univeristy students, and harmed the common people.” Zheng Qiang expressed that Zhejiang’s mainstream media, through “false”, “slander”, and “defamatory” news reporting, has created a large averse effect for Zhejiang University.

“I hope the media can bear even more responsibility for society, and build good social mores.” Professor Zheng Qiang said this incident serves as a lesson for the media.


Note: These pictures are not related to the Zhejiang University Girl incident.


Written by Fauna

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